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Russia’s Coming Fascist-Racist Nightmare

Last week, a black American teenager, a tourist from Rhode Island, was stabbed in Russia, in just the latest in a long series of brutal and barbaric racial attacks in which Russia leads the world. In another, a 20-year-old Tajik worker had his head cut off and stuffed in a dumpster. These events continued apace even as the Russian economy was supposedly flowering. What will happen now as it collapses? When will dark-skinned people, of any nationality, realize that they have no future in Putin’s Russia?  Paul Goble reports:

Rising unemployment, cuts in the size of the military, drug abuse and alcoholism, corruption, and increasing attacks on ethnic minorities “have created [in Russia] a very favorable basis for the development of fascism,” according to one of the leading foreign policy commentators in Azerbaijan.
Indeed, the situation is so dire and Russia is so “pregnant with fascism,” says Vafa Guluzade, that ethnic Azerbaijanis – and presumably members of other groups from other post-Soviet states – now resident in the Russian Federation should “leave there before it is too late”.

Guluzade, who earlier served as Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev’s Arabic translator and as the late Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev’s national security advisor, said that the situation in Russia today resembles the one in Germany in 1933 which brought Adolf Hitler and the Nazis to power there. “God forbid that Russia will repeat the fate of fascist Germany,” he continued, a danger that could prove threatening to a large number of states given Moscow’s nuclear arsenal. As a result, he said, the entire world should be paying close attention to what is taking place in the Russian Federation now. 

“The present leadership of Russia has led its people into poverty,” the Azerbaijani analyst added.

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