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EDITORIAL: A True Russian Patriot Speaks


A True Russian Patriot Speaks

Dmitri Muratov, Russian Patriot

Dmitri Muratov, Russian Patriot

When asked his dream, he answered:  “To see no more of my reporters killed.”

When asked why he continues to risk his own life, he replied:

Because we think that a newspaper is a service provided to a fair people. Because I don’t want the world to think that my country is a country where the gene of Stalin will live forever. There is a question why today in official text books in Russia – on a number of official sites, including the ministry of defence – Mr Stalin is called ‘an efficient state manager’, when what they would like to say is that efficiency in management is the same as violence. Why would the ruling elite do that in Russia? What they probably mean to say, and what they try to make us believe, is that the state, the government, is the supreme value of our life, the sun, the god. And corruption is the special profession attached to this god.

When asked about the motivations of those who govern Russia, he answered bluntly:  “They want to rule as Stalin did and live as Abramovich does.”

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Muratov’s Speech to the IPI World Congress


Editor-in-Chief, Novaya Gazeta, Moscow

Delivered at the Opening Ceremony of the IPI World Congress and 58th General Assembly upon being awarded the ‘IPI Free Media Pioneer 2009’

7 June 2009

 This morning by the way, the shareholder of our newspaper, Mr Gorbachev called me.  And Mr Gorbachev asked me to transfer best greetings to all of you.  And I asked him back, Mr Gorbachev what do you think would be appropriate to say in the speech today.  Mr Gorbachev replied that unfortunately you know yourself the answer to this question.

We are aware that this award is a tribute to Anna Politkovskaya, to Yuri Shchekochikhin, to Igor Domnikov, to Anastasia Baburova and to Stanislav Markelov.  And this will be placed in our newspaper in front of their photos.

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