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EDITORIAL: Putin’s Lost Weekend

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Putin’s Lost Weekend

“He has a discussion there about Big Russia and Little Russia — Ukraine. He says that no one should be allowed to interfere in relations between us; they have always been the business of Russia itself.”

— Russian “prime minister” VladimirPutin, quoting White Army Commander Anton Denikin last Sunday while laying a wreath upon his grave

There he goes, again. Is he drunk, stupid, a maniac or simply evil? Any way you slice it, he’s a venal enemy of Russia’s future.

It must be so nice to live in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, mustn’t it?  Everyone is a hero!  It would be like living in the USA and feeling that Martin Luther King and David Duke both made equally important contributions to American success — just different, that’s all.

Josef Stalin, Bolshevik; Anton Denikin, Tsarist.  Great Russian heroes, one and all!

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