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EDITORIAL: Is Russia Blog’s Charles Ganske a Kremlin Agent?

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Is Russia Blog’s Charles Ganske a Kremlin Agent?

On May 28th the British newspaper The Guardian reported that Alexander Sternik, a senior diplomat at the Russian Embassy in London, had launched a full-bore public relations offensive trying to convince the West that Iran did not pose a strategic threat.  His argument came in connection with what The Guardian called a “blistering” attack on the proposed U.S. missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

That very same day, almost as if they were reading from the same playbook, Russia Blog editor Charles Ganske left a long comment on the Streetwise Professor blog arguing that Russia can’t be expected to have any influence over Iran and therefore can’t be pressured into using any.

Coincidence? We don’t think so.

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EDITORIAL: That Neo-Soviet Ape Charles Ganske, at it Again


That Neo-Soviet Ape Charles Ganske, at it Again

We don’t know of anyone in the Russia blogosphere who makes any claim of significance without having some form of deep and direct ties to Russia itself, either in terms of living in the country, mastering the language or both.  Nobody, that is, except that moronic pretender over at Kremlin shil Russia Blog named Charles Ganske, whom we have repeatedly exposed for gross incompetence here on this blog (plug his name into our search engine if you’d like to view the carnage).  Ganske’s only real connection to Russia is that he works for a Russian citizen educated by the Russian state who acts as a shameless Kremlin agent, working closely with the state-sponsored Russia Today propaganda network to undermine American national security by inducing us to drop our guard on neo-Soviet Russia.

And now, he’s at it again.

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