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EDITORIAL: Domashnaya Klassika

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Domashnaya Klassika

Anyone who has spent any appreciable time living in Russia knows only too well the haughty contempt Russians express for American convenience foods, especially soups.  Taking (for God knows what reason) great pride in their (often repugnant) home-brewed borschts and shchis, Russians look with condescension upon “poor Americans” who are forced to consume soups out of cans.

Of course, it was easy for them to say when it was impossible to buy canned soup of any quality in Russia.  So it will be quite interesting to see what happens as the Campbell’s Soup Company opens a full-bore marketing offensive in concert with Coca-Cola to find out whether Russians were serious or not about making their own soup (Coke, by the way, another American convenience product supposedly disdained by Russians, has become the largest beverage distrubutor in the entire country, it’s products — and others like Lay’s potoato chips — available on every streetcorner in Russia).  It will give its new product an in-your-face name:  Domashnaya Classica (Classic Homemade).

From the way Russians have lapped up American cheeseburgers from Mickey D’s for more than a decade now, Campbell’s prospects have to be pretty good.  That’s to say nothing of American movies, pop music, blue jeans, chewing gum and every other aspect of American culture that Russians so self-righteously condemn even with their mouths full of Twix candy bars.