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EDITORIAL: The Further Misadventures of Anna Matveeva


The Further Misadventures of Anna Matveeva

Anna Matveeva, Russophile Rat

Anna Matveeva, Russophile Rat

We’ve written twice before about the scurrying Russophile insect Anna Matveeva, and now it’s time for installment #3.

We love Radio Free Europe, but nobody is perfect.  RFE’s Roman Kupchinsky, for instance, lauded Vladimir Putin’s doctoral dissertation just a few weeks before it was exposed as shameless fraud.  Yet Kupchinsky looks like Walter Cronkite next to Farangis Najibullah, who recently quoted Matveeva as if she were a military expert and without telling RFE’s readers a single thing about her virulent background in pro-Kremlin propaganda (she blogs for the Kremlin’s “Russia Today” propaganda network).

Najibullah can’t claim ignorance:  Just Google Matveeva.  The third hit is one of our editorials.   

Readalong with Anna Matveeva, Russophile Idiot

Anna Matveeva, Russophile Rat

Anna Matveeva, Russophile Rat

The freakishly weird looking individual at left is described by the Guardian newspaper’s website, in their “Comment is Free” blog section, as  “a visiting fellow with the Crisis States Research Centre at the London School of Economics.”

Remember Olga Ivanova?  Well, let us introduce you to her counterpart across the pond, Anna Matveeva.

In a recent blog posting, she declares that “anti-Russian stereotypes have become commonplace in the west. It’s up to the media not to spoil a vital relationship.”  It’s such a classic bit of neo-Soviet propaganda that we can’t help reviewing it line by line.  Read along with us, won’t you?

First, a few general observations.  Though Ms. Mateeva is a Russian citizen, she doesn’t say so to warn her readers, nor does she make any effort to examine her own bias.  She doesn’t say a single word about the possibility that “russophilia” might be a bad thing, nor does she spend a single word criticizing any Ameriphobia that might be found in Russia.  Worse, she doesn’t acknowledge the slightest possiblity that Russia might have done anything to provoke “russophobia” or might need to reform in any way.  Apparently, she thinks its totally irrelevant that Russia is governed by a proud KGB spy.  Finally, though she claims the West’s relationship with Russia is “vital” she doesn’t give one single scrap of evidence to substantiate this point.  There’s nothing remotely like research or journalism to be found anywhere in her ridiculous nationalistic tirade.

With those damning faults in mind, let’s take a look at the text, in boldface followed by our commentary in normal typeface.

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