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Piontkovsky on the Rise and Fall of Vladimir Putin

The always-brilliant and courageous Andrei Piontkovsky, Russian political scientist and a visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, writing on the Taipei Times:

The history of authoritarian rule in Russia displays a certain depressing regularity. Such regimes rarely perish from external shocks or opposition pressure. As a rule, they die unexpectedly from some internal disease — from irresistible existential disgust at themselves, from their own exhaustion.

Czarist rule withstood many harsh tests during its long history: peasant revolts, conspiracies and the alienation of the educated class.

In January 1917, from his Swiss exile, Lenin noted with bitterness and hopelessness that: “We, the old, will hardly live till the decisive battles of that forthcoming revolution. But … the young maybe will be lucky not only to fight, but finally win in the approaching proletarian revolution.”

By the following March, however, Czar Nicolas II was forced to abdicate.

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