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SPECIAL EXTRA: Andrei Kulagin Found Dead


Yet another Russian human rights activist has been assassinated, again with direct and obvious involvement of the Russian government.  Andrei Kulagin, who disappeared two months ago  in Petrozavodsk, near Finland, has been found brutally murdered and dumped in a quarry. He founded an NGO called “Justice” (“Spravedlivost“) and focused on prisoners rights, confronting authorities with demands for humane treatment of incarcerated persons, and was heading up their office in northwestern Russia.  The Russian government has been at war with prisoners’ rightst activists in recent months, prosecuting them on bogus criminal charges and forcing them into exile or silence, as we’ve previously reported..

Andrei Kulagin follows Natalia Estemirova into the Grave!

Andrei Kulagin follows Natalia Estemirova into the Grave!

Meanwhile, the Kremlin has banned an UN investigation into the murder of Natalia Estemirova just days ago (just as it has ejected UN and OSCE observers from Ossetia).  What does the Kremlin have to hide? Everything!

The Kremlin is on a bloodthirsty rampage, striking down its perceived “enemies” in exactly the same manner as Stalin did, with little or no public outcry from ordinary Russians — just as was the case in the time of Stalin. Russians are watching — or helping — as the USSR is brought back to life like some obscene Frankenstein.  The horror is unspeakable.  Russia is descending into unholy barbarism.