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An Open Letter to Robert Amsterdam

Dear Bob,

It’s becoming clearer to me with every passing day that, where you are concerned, it really is possible to judge a book by its cover.  It seems that you are exactly what you appear to be — just a lawyer representing a client whose mission is to free that client (jailed oil oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky) from prison by any legal means possible, regardless of the collateral damage.  That’s a disappointing conclusion for me to reach as one who played a key role in bringing your blog to prominence several years ago, and one who would have liked to think we shared a common mission.  Your client has very clearly said that if only the Kremlin will let him out of prison, he’ll suddenly have no problem with its barbaric anti-democratic crackdown and may even help facilitate it.  I can’t help wondering, and worrying, whether the same is true of you as well.

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