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EDITORIAL: How low can you go, Russia?


How low can you go, Russia?

Russia sank to an unfathomable new low last week.

Reuters reported that the Kremlin was begging fugitive solider Sergeant Alexander Glukhov, who defected across the Ossetian lines to Georgia, to return to Russia.  Reuters quotes  Colonel Igor Konashenkov, aide to the commander of Russia’s Ground Forces, sating:  “Russia’s military command has no disciplinary complaints against sergeant Glukhov, and if he returns to Russia he will continue his service, but in a different unit.”

Now we ask you, dear readers, to tell us which is more pathetic and wretched:  If Konashenkov is telling the truth, or if he’s lying?

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EDITORIAL: Sgt. Glukhov goes to Georgia


Sgt. Glukhov goes to Georgia

Last week we reported on the defection of Russian conscript Sergeant Alexander Glukhov from Russia’s imperial forces of occupation in Ossetia over to the Georgian side.  Russia claims Glukhov had no reason to be unhappy in Ossetia, and therefore concludes he must have been “kidnapped” by evil Georgians looking to make Russia look bad.

There is only one word for this contention, and that word is:  Nonsense.

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Russian Soldier Defects in Ossetia

The Moscow Times reports:

A Russian soldier said Tuesday that he deserted from his unit in separatist South Ossetia and sought asylum in Georgia because of unbearable living conditions, including poor treatment and scarce food.

“I wasn’t captured by Georgian police,” Alexander Glukhov said in an interview at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.  “I ran away because I couldn’t stand the conditions I was living in,” he said. “I want to stay here.”

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