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Russia’s Killing Girls

The New American blog reports:

Sad though it is, man has seldom had much trouble killing his youngest fellows. If the ancient Spartans perceived any imperfection in a child, for instance, they would “expose” him, which amounted to leaving the child somewhere, perhaps a hillside, to die.

Of course, while not all civilizations held their offspring to the strict standards of the Spartans, infanticide was common in the pagan world. Despite this, it’s hard to imagine an ancient society that murdered its young on the magnitude of the modern world with its abortion-on-demand culture. And in this modern world, the culture of death is nowhere more intense than in Russia.

This is one of the facts we learn in the DVD documentary Killing Girls, a work about the lives of Russian women and, something that occurs all too often, the deaths of their unborn children. The documentary presents the stories of Anna Sirota, the narrator of the work, and three girls, Valya, 15; Nastja, 17; and Sasha, 16; all of whom had abortions. It also features the Family and Reproduction Center (such places are always euphemistically named, aren’t they?) in St. Petersburg, Russia, which offers late-term abortions to teenage girls.

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EDITORIAL: Russia and its Abortion Apocalypse


Russia and its Abortion Apocalypse

According to United Nations data, last year Vladimir Putin’s Russia had truly a stunning 53.7 abortions per 1,000 women in the population.  The United States, by contrast, had fewer than half as many abortions per capita, just 20.8 per 1,000 women.  Even with a population twice as large as Russia’s, the American tally of abortions was still much lower.  In Ukraine, the rate was 27.5 and  in Georgia just 19.1 women per 1,000 had an abortion in 2007.

No other nation was remotely close to Russia.  Kazakhstan and Vietnam, two erstwhile Russian allies, were in second place at 35/1,000. Belarus, Russia’s kissing cousin, was close behind at 31.7.  Russia is, in other words, the world capital of abortions by a wide margin.  It is, in fact, an abortion factory, butchering over 2 million fetuses each year, more than 5,400 per day, more than it has live births — a situation virtually unprecedented in human history. Every ten years, Russians kill more of their own people simply by means of abortion than did Hitler’s invading Nazi hoardes in the whole of World War II.

There are only two possible explanations for this reality. One is that Russian women are terrified of bringing new lives into the neo-Soviet atrocity being created by Vladimir Putin.  The other is that Russians are recklessly heedless of contraception, and using abortion to address the situation after the fact.  It’s hard to say which would make Russia appear more barbaric, and in our view it is likely that both are operating, since neither alone could account for such a massive difference between Russia and the rest of the civilized world.

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