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Russia teems with Anti-American Venom

Megan Stack, writing in the Los Angeles Times and reporting from Moscow, documents Russia’s frenzied, pathological hatred of America and its values just in time for Barack Obama’s meeting with Putin, a timely reminder for the new president of the nature of the evil he faces:

When President Obama visits the Kremlin, he will face the task of trying to reset relations with a government that has built its power base and defined itself by its anti-American, neo-Cold War stance.

It’s an opportune moment for the United States to warm up a frosty relationship. Moscow could help on some of Washington’s most intransigent foreign policy troubles, including Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea. But in Russia, there is scant evidence of a desire for a fresh start.

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EDITORIAL: Impossible Russia!


Impossible Russia!

The IKEA Corporation’s slogan is:  “Impossible prices!”  That’s in the outside world.  Where Vladimir Putin’s benighted, barbaric country is concerned, the slogan is now:  “Impossible Russians!”

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EDITORIAL: How we See Things


How we See Things

There are those who think that the sort of direct confrontation of Russians practiced by this blog is counterproductive. They naively think it will only make Russians recoil into their nationalist shells like turtles, giving them confirmation that the world really does hate them and justifying their rabid xenophobia.  They think Russians need kindness and understanding from the outside world to coax them out of their shells like timid forest creatures to nibble at the tender morsels of civilization in our outstretched hands. 

This is how Chamberlain saw Hitler.

To the extent these are folks who actually know the Russians, as a result of living cheek-by-jowl with them (we think precious few such persons are among them), as opposed to abject fantasizing morons with no more idea of the real Russia than of the real Mars, they’re entitled to their own opinion.

We, however, beg to differ.

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A Fairynightmare: Russia and the Golden Goose

The Moscow Times reports on how Russia is pathologically savaging the last vestiges of its credibility among foreign investors:

A lawyer for Farimex Products said Friday that it did not want Telenor to sell its stake in VimpelCom, a perhaps surprising admission given that Farimex has spent the past few months fighting in court to make Telenor pay close to the very value of that stake.

The now three-year saga, which has drawn comparisons to the attack on Yukos and the drama last year at TNK-BP, stands alone for the questions it has raised regarding the hierarchy of competing verdicts — and the might of individual shareholders.

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Exposing Russians’ Hatred of Americans

Susan Richards, writing on Open Democracy’s website shows that unlike Americans, Russians are not hostile to the “American government” but to the very notion of America itself, the same way Iran is hostile to Israel:

Russian attitudes to the West are known to have soured in recent years. But it may surprise Western readers that the majority of Russians now express a positive dislike of the West in general, and particularly of America. Nor do most of them regard liberal democracy as a model towards which Russia should aspire any more, either.

These are the findings of an ambitious new socio-economic study entitled ‘Are Russians Moving Backwards?’ by Sergei Guriev of the prestigious New Economic School in Moscow, Aleh Tsyvinski of Yale University, and Maxim Trudolubov of the business newspaper Vedomosti. The research is based on the findings of regular opinion polls and on a mass of data on values, attitudes and perceptions between 2003-2008 which have not been drawn into the policy debate before. [1]

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EDITORIAL: Exposing Russian Hate


Exposing Russian Hate

We report today on the horrifying case of Tang Quoc Binh, just the latest in a long string of barbaric lynchings that are sweeping Vladimir Putin’s Russia.  We condemn not only the apelike clan of race murderers themselves but also those who fail to take any action to stop or even protest their crimes, and this includes the Russian government and the vast majority of Russia’s cowardly, craven, silent denizens.

An article last week in a West Virginia newspaper called The Journalrecounted how local resident Marina Yax was organizing a festival of Russian culture at the county library.  Russia food was prepared, lectures on Russian culture were given, Russian crafts were for sale and there were presentations by various residents of Russian extraction regarding their family members and their history.

One presenter stated: “I think there is a little bit of a misunderstanding about Russia. There are similarities between the cultures in Russia and the U.S., and we have more in common than we think.”

Unfortunately, as with most things involving Russia, this well-intentioned exercise was tragically and fatally flawed.  In fact, it should be counted as being among the best evidence there is of just how very different from Americans Russians really are.

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Russian Hatred of America, on Film

The Moscow Times reports on how deep-seeded Russian hatred of America expresses itself on Russian movie screens?

Russian filmmakers are not known for their glowing portraits of American culture. From the 1948 Soviet propaganda film “The Russian Question” about a communist-bashing American newspaper editor to the immensely popular film “Brother 2,” in which a young Russian man rampages through back-stabbing hoodlums in Chicago, there is no shortage of anti-Americanism in the country’s cinema.

Now in 2008, filmmaker Yury Grymov adds his film to the genre. Americans “place themselves higher than all other peoples of the earth,” said Grymov in an online journal written during the shooting of his new feature “Strangers,” which opened in Moscow on Thursday. “They forcibly attempt to inculcate their morality and their modes of behavior. And what is most frightening of all, they sincerely suggest that they are committing a charitable act.”

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