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Putin, Bugged


Courtsey of Amnesty International.

Into the Russian Darkness

Under the headline “Misery, thy name is Russia,” reports on an art exhibit at the Alice Austen House Museum in Staten Island, New York (follow the link on the artist’s name to view the full body of work):

Purges and pogroms, famine and war, Lenin and Stalin. Misery, thy name is Russia.

There’s an ironic upside, naturally. Bad luck and trouble are a far better wellspring for playwrights, novelists, composers and photographers than good fortune and happy times.

In “Russian Archive,” contemporary photographer Donald Weber locates Soviet junctures where the awful past flails at the present.

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Medvedev the Dwarf

0_2fb2e_1a20e283_XLMedvedev the dwarf, a true work of cartooning genius from Sergei Yelkin, better known as Ellustrator.

Oleg Kozlovsky’s Wedding Photos

That Oleg Kozlovsky is one cool dude, and he has married a fabulous babe. Some postcards from his wedding album. Chew on these, Mr. Putin:  Jail him illegally as many times as you like, he just goes on.

going to the chapel

Going to the chapel and they're gonna get married!

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Five Pictures are Worth Five Thousand Screams


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The Sunday Photos: Another Russian Inferno

Yet another towering inferno in Russia, as photographed by a Live Journal blogger. Russia has the highest rate of fatality by fire of any industrialized nation in the world, ten times higher than in the United States. Note that this is a brand new building, not a Soviet-era tinderbox, where the risk is far greater and the Russians drop like flies.


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Biker Putin (Sometimes, you Just Gotta Crack a Skull)

Vladimir Putin visits his leathery pals in Sevastopol in early June
Vladimir Putin spends a few carefree hours with his leathery pals before they depart for a major nationwide conference in Sevastopol in early June

The Wolves welcome One of the Their Own.