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In Putin’s Russia, Sex Slavery is Booming

CNN reports:

Young women in bright miniskirts and high heels line up to sell themselves in the dingy back streets throughout the Russian capital. Moscow’s illegal flesh markets are flourishing, with up to 30 women at each pickup point, or tochka, standing in order of price for the night. Customers light up the lines with their car headlights and are asked to pay between $100 and $700 for a woman.

Aid workers for groups fighting for women’s rights say Moscow is witnessing a surge in prostitution, including forced prostitution, as a result of Russia’s booming economy. They say thousands of young women are made to work as sex slaves on the city’s streets, unable to escape from the ruthless and violent criminal gangs who traffic them. “It’s because of the economic boom they are brought here,” said Afsona Kadyrova of the Angel Coalition aid agency, which rehabilitates trafficked women and children. “The fast pace of development in Moscow has fueled demand for a range of cheap workers, including prostitutes.”

To investigate the thriving trade, CNN went undercover posing as potential customers and gained access to speak directly to the prostitutes and their pimps. “Take your pick from any of the girls,” the female organizer said at one location, lines of women all around. “The expensive ones are on the right, for $600 and $700 a night. The women on the left are $100.” Aid agencies say many of the women working here are tricked into coming to Moscow on the promise of an education or a good job. They say others are simply kidnapped from their hometowns and forced to work as prostitutes in Moscow. Watch one woman describe how her uncle duped her into prostitution »

Russian police acknowledge that human trafficking for sexual exploitation is a major problem, saying they do what they can to fight it by raiding brothels suspected of forced prostitution and arresting gang members who run them. But the problem, they say, lies elsewhere. “First of all, we have virtually open borders, and badly controlled migration flows from nearby countries,” said Alexander Krasnov of Russia’s Interior Ministry Police. “Secondly, we still don’t have a basic law that defines victims’ rights. At the moment, it’s mostly aid agencies that deal with it.”

Aid agencies say they are handling a growing number of deeply traumatized victims rescued from brothels and pimps in the Moscow area. One U.N. organization, the International Organization for Migration, recently opened a treatment and rehabilitation center to cope with the large numbers of sexually exploited and trafficked women who come for help. At this center, Christine, a 27-year-old Nigerian woman, tells how she acquired a painful 4-inch scar across her right cheek. She says she was lured to Russia from Nigeria four years ago by her uncle. He promised to give her a college education, she says. But instead, she says, he sent her to a Moscow brothel. He told her “the kind of job I’m going to be doing is prostitution.” “I ask him, ‘Why prostitution? Why not another job to pay the money?’ He says I didn’t speak the language. I cannot do any other job.” She added, “It made me feel very bad. I felt that I’m not going to do it over my dead body.” But when she tried to run away, her uncle cut her face, says Christine, who asked that her last name not be used. “He made me know that if I don’t cooperate with him, something bad will happen to me — that if I made an attempt to run away, it would end in taking my life. So I was really scared about that,” she said.

Aid workers say Russia has become a prime destination for trafficked women from Africa, the Far East and former Soviet states. There are no exact figures, but aid agencies estimate that thousands of trafficked women are on Moscow’s streets. “Before, it was just a country of origin for Europe and the U.S. and elsewhere in the world,” Kadyrova said. “But right now, we see that Russia has become a destination country also.” According to the group’s Web site, human traffickers “prey on the dreams of impoverished women seeking employment and opportunities for the future.” Most women are young and single with little education; some are orphans and college students; others are married with children. “All of them are lured by advertising images of a beautiful life beyond the borders of their homelands — making them easy prey to the thousands of traffickers advertising in newspapers, on radio, television, in the metro and on the streets for wonderful work abroad with no experience necessary,” the group says.

For millions, Russia’s new economic prosperity has been a blessing. But for those caught up in the sex trade, it’s a curse. Christine managed to escape after meeting a woman from a church who helped her. “I was crying all the time, telling her, ‘I don’t want this kind of job,’ ” she said.


Me so Horny II: Annals of Cheap Russian Prostitutes

Some readers (well, moronic apes) have expressed interest in knowing further details about the availability of attractive Russian women selling their bodies on the cheap after our first post on the subject a while back. A few idiots have even suggested that despite Russia having an average wage one-third that of America’s minimum wage, it might be possible that Americans (and other Western foreigners) would still not see Russian prostitutes as inexpensive. On her side, La Russophobe has heard that Russian whores are so popular that mentioning such things can cause a sudden temporary surge of traffic on a website as numerous horny weirdos are apparently trolling the internet looking for such opportunities as Russia is famous for offering them. Hence, if you click here you will find a listing of prostitutes from the city of St. Petersburg Russia who charge no more than $50 per hour (from just one pimping agency, in Russia there is a vast profusion, and St. Petersburg is the second-most expensive city in the country; go into the hinterlands, and prostitutes would become virtually free for Westerners with normal incomes). If anyone knows of a European nation offering a better bargain, do please inform La Russophobe. Albania, maybe? But they probably wouldn’t offer such a wide variety of models to choose from, in so many styles and colors, would they? After all, it’s a small country. In a nation where the average wage is $2.50 per hour, there’s obviously considerable pressure on young women to pursue this mode of “employment.” This is well documented in a film we’ve previously recommended, Lucas Moodysson’s “Lilya 4ever.” In Seattle in 2002, the going rate for a prostitute was $120 (undoubtedly inflation has bumped the rate to at least $150 since then), so one can find a prostitute in St. Petersburg for 1/3 the price. If one consumed prostitutes heavily enough, one could pay for the cost of a flight and even have a net profit by indulging in the Piter sex trade.

Russia is also a world leader in hosting affordable child pornography for the consumption of Western aficonados, as a recent bulletin from CBS News reports.

Me So Horny ;)

Let’s check in on the Russian sex scene and see how wonderfully well the “oil-rich” and civilized country is doing, shall we? Let Malina introduce herself, won’t you gentlemen:

Приветик. Я маленькая, легкая и нежная девушка. Живу в марьино недалеко от м. братиславская. Классический секс, глубокий минет, за анал+3000р, за минет без резинки тоже допл$. Выезд 2часика 4500р,ночь-9000р

Oh, you don’t speak Russian? Well, let La Russophobe translate:

Hi baby. I’m a little girl, soft and easy. I live in Marino, not far from the Bratislavskaya Metro Station in Moscow. I do straight sex and blowjobs. $75 for an hour, $125 for two hours and $300 for a whole night. $50 extra per hour outcalls, and there’s an extra charge for blowjobs without a condom or anal sex.

Malina (well, her pimp) has her own web page (children are welcome to visit any time, but they have to promise to be 18 before they enter) and an ICQ account (312771739). She doesn’t mind if you bring your video camera. Malina promises she’s 18 too but . . . well . . . you know. Russia does have its standards.

If Malina is not to your taste, just ring up her pimp at 8-909-955-6551 and there’s undoubtedly no shortage of other choices for your amusement.

Unabashed, well-publicized child prostitution — just one more reason to love the Neo-Soviet Union. Not.