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EDITORIAL: Once again, Russia rapes Poland


Once again, Russia rapes Poland

Any poor souls benighted enough to believe the gibberish published a few weeks ago that Russian relations with Poland were actually improving despite the recent plane crash on Russian soil that killed a large number of high-ranking Polish government officials received a splash of cold water right in the face last week.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk moaned that with the investigation entering its final phase, cooperation with Russia is worse now than it was at the start.  The Kremlin is frustrating Poland’s effort to get to the bottom of the crash at every turn.

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Another Original LR Translation: Poland and World War II

Translator’s Introduction

Knowing one’s history helps avoid repeating errors made in the past and thus makes one better able to control the present and better take one’s country in a chosen direction.

The Russians, inventors of the Potemkin village, under Stalin wrote a Potemkin past for themselves themselves and therefore lost track of the present, leading to the creation and eventual collapse of one of the most evil societies the world has seen.

Lilliputin and his Teddy Bear are, of course, apples off the same tree. So what better way to get Russia off its knees and back right at the bottom of the ditch where it has been for most of its history than by re-writing recent history instead of getting down to some real thinking!

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Lipman on Russia’s Invasion of Poland’s History

Masha Lipman of the Carnegie Center, writing in the Washington Post:

The Russian government has intensified its attempts to perfect the nation’s past. The Defense Ministry posted an academic article on its Web site arguing that Hitler’s territorial claims on Poland were “moderate” and “can hardly be referred to as unsubstantiated.” After Poland rejected these claims, seeking “to gain a great power status,” the article went on, it was only natural that Germany would attack — starting World War II. When the article became the subject of news coverage, sparking discussion at home and abroad, it was removed from the site.

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The Mailbag: Poland and World War II

Letters, we get letters, we get lots of cards and letters every day!

Dear La Russophobe,

This letter is in response to the article “Russian military historian says Poland started WWII: Defense Ministry posts revisionist paper” put out by the Associated Press.

Nothing could be more absurd or further from the truth.

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EDITORIAL: Give Poland her Missiles, Mr. Obama!

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Give Poland her Missiles, Mr. Obama!

Polish leader Donald Tusk is practically begging the Obama administraton to give his  country the Patriot missiles it needs to protect itself from Russian aggression.  Having seen Russian tanks rolling into Georgia last August, every man woman and child in Poland is on edge, remembering only too well how it feels to look down the business end of a Russian tank barrel.  The horror of Russia’s Katyn massacre of unarmed Polish officers still fresh in their minds, and a proud KGB spy ruling Russia, Poland knows it needs to act and act fast in order to protect itself.

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Remembering Katyn

The Poland Blog Beatroot touts the activites of Russian human rights organization Memorial to remind the Russian people of one of the world’s most shocking incidents of mass murder, the Katyn Forest killing of thousands of Polish officers by the Red Army. The post has generated three dozen comments, click through to read them.

The Russian NGO Memorial has pledged to pursue all legal means to get Moscow to recognize Soviet responsibility for the deaths of over 20,000 Polish [soldiers including 8,000 officers] in the Katyn massacre of 1940.

This is a turn up for the (history) books. A group of Russians are fighting to get Putin and others to face up to Soviet war crimes.And for a group of Russians to campaign on behalf of Poles is truly refreshing. Reuters (no link) reports that Director of the Memorial NGO, Arseny Roginsky, has said that, “A Russian court, specifically a Russian court, must examine all aspects of the crime of Katyn and give its verdict.”

So far, Moscow has failed to acknowledge the extent of the crime, even though the rest of the world thinks it’s self evident. In November, 2005, after years of investigation, Chief Russian Military Prosecutor Alexander Savenkov announced, to Poles disbelief, that the criminal case was now closed because investigators didn’t find any evidence of genocide in the 1940 Katyn killings. And in March, 2006, Moscow informed the Polish government that they would not recognize the massacre as an act of political repression.

In April and May 1940, the Soviet secret police (NKVD) executed over 20,000 Polish officers and policemen imprisoned in camps Kozyelsk, Ostashkov and Starobelsk as well as Poles imprisoned in the Western regions of Belarus and Ukraine. When the Nazis found evidence of the massacre they blamed the Soviets. The Soviets blamed the Nazis. But it soon became evident that, this time, the Nazis were right. In 1990, Moscow finally acknowledged that NKVD officers did commit the crime, but claimed it was not a ‘political crime’. But a memo sent by Stalin refered to the Polish prisoners as ‘counter-revolutionaries’, and ordered his, by then, usual remidy to get rid of the problem.

Katyn is a location a few kilometers off Smolensk city where the burial site of one group of victims was first found. There is something about modern day Russia whch makes it incapable of coming to terms with its past. So it’s good to see this Russian Memorial group trying to change that. There is a link to more photos like the one above taken by Nazis as they uncovered the remains of those who were murdered here.

See a translation of Stalin’s order to kill the Polish prisoners here.

It’s a no-brainer, Moscow. Own up now! What couild it have been but genocide? And if something is a war crime then somebody has to be prosecuted.
See Memorial NGO web site here.

The City of Baltimore, which has a large Polish community, has erected a memorial (created in Poland) to the outrage. Click here to read about it. A commenter has pointed out that there are two Russian memorials to Katyn, you can read about one in English here.