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Russian Barbarians smoke themselves into the Grave

Radio Free Europe reports:

Five minutes on Moscow’s streets would be enough to convince any visitor that smoking is a way of life here. Every second person seems to be holding a cigarette.

Waiting to cross the street at a traffic light, cigarette in hand, Sergei Golikov says people should feel free to light up wherever they want.

“It’s everyone’s personal decision,” he says. “If he wants to smoke fine, if not, fine. No one’s forcing anyone to do it.”

Russia has one of the world’s highest smoking rates. The government says 44 million Russians smoke. That’s a third of the population, including more than 60 percent of all males.

It’s having a major effect on the country’s health. Up to 400,000 Russians die each year from tobacco-related causes. But as health campaigns in the West encourage growing numbers of smokers to give up the habit, Russia is becoming increasingly important for international tobacco firms, and the number of Russia’s newest smokers — women and teenagers — is skyrocketing.

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Russia has cure for Swine Flu!

The next time you are wondering how Russia can have such a horrifyingly high mortality rate, despite being able to launch a rocket into space, that it does not rank in the top 125 nations of the world for adult lifespan and loses up to 1 million people from its population every year, just reflect on this news report about how a Russian government doctor is advising his citizens to respond to the outbreak of swine flu:

According to Russian doctors, spicy Indian curries could prevent swine flu and common cold just like any prescribed medicine available with the chemists. “You can strengthen immunity by consuming spicy foods like curries, as spices like turmeric, ginger and zeera also posses excellent therapeutic effect,” an unnamed official of Moscow city sanitary and anti-epidemics committee was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

According to PTI, as panic grips Muscovites over the spread of seasonal influenza and swine flue in the eastern parts of the country and neighbouring Ukraine, authorities are focusing on prevention and have ordered the use of masks at work place. Besides the intake of spicy food, people have been advised to consume raw onions and garlic, which also are said to contain good anti-viral properties.

EDITORIAL: “Living” in Russia



“Living” in Russia

The image above, courtesy of the Moscow Times, is a photograph taken from the Moscow subway.  It shows two advertisements plastered on the wall next to each other.  The one on the left is an ad for “Domestos” cleaner, and boasts that it wipes out germs of every kind, including those that cause the dreaded Swine Flu.  It warns gravely: “Don’t economize on the health of your child!”  The one on the right comes from the Moscow City Council, and urges voters to turn out on election day, October 11th.  It advises voters that “City Council will decide how to guaranty health and safety” and that “Moscovites will decide who sits on the City Council.”

The juxtaposition is profound. 

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EDITORIAL: Putin lies as the Nation Dies


Putin lies as the Nation Dies

Once again, instead of facing a dangerous threat to the health of the Russian people, the Putin regime’s only response is lies and coverup. Well, what else can we expect from a clan of proud KGB spies whose forefathers have liquidated far more Russians than any foreign enemy ever dared to dream of doing?

The Wall Street Journal reports:

A top Russian virologist’s charge that health authorities are drastically understating the number of cases of H1N1, or swine, flu — a claim that senior health officials fiercely rejected — has raised questions about Russia’s claims to be relatively unaffected by the pandemic. The controversy started late Sunday, when state television carried an interview with Dmitry Lvov, head of the government’s Institute of Virology, who reported what he said was Russia’s first death from H1N1 influenza, saying his institute had tested a sample from the victim. Dr. Lvov, one of the country’s most prominent health specialists, also said there were “tens of thousands” of H1N1 cases in Russia, far more than the 381 the government officially reports.   In his TV interview, Dr. Lvov accused Dr. Onishchenko’s agency of trying to cover up the scale of the outbreak to conceal the failure of their efforts to keep it out of Russia. Dr. Onishchenko rejected those allegations.

Tens of thousands.  Once again, just to be clear:  Tens of thousands. And the government has reported what?  381.

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Tuberculosis ravages Putin’s Russia

The Washington Post reports:

Russia’s severe tuberculosis problem is about to get much worse, increasing the risk that the dangerous drug-resistant strains that are common here will spread, causing outbreaks elsewhere, local health officials and other experts warn.

Preliminary surveys have recorded an uptick in infections, which experts say could be the start of a surge fueled by declining living standards and deteriorating medical care resulting from the country’s worst economic slowdown in a decade.

But Russian officials and health specialists also blame the government’s failure to order supplies of key medicines last year, a blunder that could strengthen antibiotic-resistant forms of TB and threaten wealthier countries that have all but eradicated the disease.

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Russia’s Appalling Soviet Medical Legacy

There are some mendacious Russophile lunatics out there who will tell you democratic reform caused Russia’s demographic crisis.  Remind them that (a) Russia has yet to do anything seriously democratic and (b) the USSR caused Russia’s demographic crisis.  Then point them to economist Yuri Maltsev of the Mises Institute, writing on their blog:

In 1918, the Soviet Union became the first country to promise universal “cradle-to-grave” healthcare coverage, to be accomplished through the complete socialization of medicine. The “right to health” became a “constitutional right” of Soviet citizens. The proclaimed advantages of this system were that it would “reduce costs” and eliminate the “waste” that stemmed from “unnecessary duplication and parallelism” — i.e., competition.

These goals were similar to the ones declared by Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi — attractive and humane goals of universal coverage and low costs. What’s not to like?

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EDITORIAL: An Ugly American Visits the Dentist

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 An Ugly American Visits the Dentist

buck-teethSo, it seems some American idiot named Kyle Keeton has married a Russian babe and moved to Russia, setting up an inane blog called “The Windows to Russia” to record his experiences. 

He doesn’t speak Russian, so it’s dubious for starters as to how much of the country he’s actually experiencing.  Here’s a disturbing example of the embarrassing consequences when one is that oblivous of his surroundings, as our friend Mr. Keeton spends a day at the Russian dentist’s office.

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