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EDITORIAL: Russia’s Barbaric, Shameless Racism


Russia’s Barbaric, Shameless Racism

The Russian language is bizarre and crude, a perfect reflection of the people who speak it, people who turn their backs on a torrent of annual race murders or, even worse, participate in them.

Take the image at left, for instance. It’s a snapshot of a billboard that hangs in many Moscow subway stations, the kind you’re forced to look at as you take interminable rides up and down endless escalators, which are so long because of the subway’s dual purpose as transit and bomb shelter.

The text reads:  “Your country needs your records.  Every minute in Russia three new people are born.”

It’s totally shameless, barbaric racism.  The billboard is saying:  “Lots of babies are being born in Russia, and way too many with dark skin. What are you going to do about it, white woman?”

Russia is not only losing population fast, but the Slavic population within Russia is doing the worst job of all, leading to projections that Russia will soon become an Islamic country.  The Kremlin, to put it mildly, is panicking.

The same people who publish and read such blasphemy, of course, who deny the citizenship rights of dark-skinned “Russians,” who believe that only white-skinned Slavic people can properly even be called “Russian,” these same people refuse to let places like Chechnya be independent.  Instead, using blood violence, they insist that such dark-skinned people remain under Russia’s thumb, enslaved.

But is the word “record” really the best that the Russian language can come up with to convey this idea?  It’s not even a “Russian” word, of course, even someone who doesn’t know a word of Russian could recognize it, if they could get past the Russian script.  Seemingly, Russians lack the initiative to invent their own words for things like “hamburger,” even when the word has a sound like “h” that doesn’t exist in Russian.  So Russians just call it a “gahmboorgehr.”  Even many Russians would have to do a double-take to figure out just what “record” is supposed to mean in this context.  Unfortunately, upon figuring it out precious few would disagree with the idea.

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EDITORIAL: Russia’s Disappearing Children


Russia’s Disappearing Children

In 1995, according to the Russian Kremlin’s own data, Russia had 38 million children.  Over the next five years, it lost 5.5 million of them, and over the ten years following, the years of the so-called Putin “presidency,”  it lost seven million more.  Over the past 15 years, Russia has lost nearly one-third of its children, well over half of them during the Putin years.

That’s right, seven million children lost from Russia’s population on Putin’s watch.  And that’s the statistic the KGB Kremlin is willing to admit. Do you dare to imagine what the real facts would show?

It gets worse. The Moscow Times reports:  “Babies are also sicklier now than in 1996, the UNICEF report said. The percentage of babies born sick or who fell sick soon after birth reached 37.3 percent in 2008, compared with 28.5 percent in 1995, the report said. The most widespread children’s illnesses were those that affected their respiratory systems.”

What more emphatic proof of a failed civilization could one imagine than that it is liquidating its children at breakneck speed?

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Demographic doom for Russia

Paul Goble reports:

Moscow officials this week have been celebrating figures showing that for the first time in 15 years, Russia’s population did not decline in 2009, but a leading Russian demographer warns that this statistic, while true, is neither the result of President Dmitry Medvedev’s pro-natalist policies or the harbinger of an end to the decline.  Instead, Anatoly Vishnevsky, director of the Moscow Institute of Demography, says, this year’s figure reflects a conjunction of positive developments that will not last and that within five years, Russia will again see its population fall, unless Russian can attract and are prepared to accept more immigrants.

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EDITORIAL: Russia and its Children


Russia and its Children

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a merciless abortion factory. For every child that is born, one is aborted.  That rate is four times higher than that of Italy and double that of Hungary.

In May of last year, a poll showed that only 5% of Russian women planned to have a baby in the next two years.  The Kremlin’s response has been a ridiculous attempt to bribe women into having babies and to consider imposing a massive new crackdown on the right to abortions.

We have two questions.

First, if things are going so swimmingly with Russia’s population growth, as Vladimir Putin recently bragged, then why is it necessary to undertake a new effort to slash abortions?

And second, if Vladimir Putin has brought so much hope and progress to Russians over the past decade of his rule, then why does Russia still lead the world in both abortions and suicides?

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EDITORIAL: Russians, Facing Extinction


Russians, Facing Extinction

According to the Russian government’s own propaganda network, RIA Novosti, in 2009 200,00 more people perished in Russia than were born.  If that’s what the Kremlin is willing to admit, just imagine the true horror of the real facts.

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EDITORIAL: Barbaric Russia butchers its Women


Barbaric Russia butchers its Women

Domestic violence kills 14,000 women in Russia each year, which amounts to almost one woman every hour, or about the same number of Soviet soldiers who died fighting in the 10-year Afghan war. And at the moment there is no law to protect them.

There are 365 days in ayear, and each one has 24 hours, for a total of 8,760 hours per year.  Each hour has 60 minutes, which means each year has 525,600 minutes.  Divide that number of minutes by 14,000 murders of women by their husbands, and you get one such killing every 37.5 minutes, not every hour.  It’s more accurate to say one Russian woman is murdered by her husband every half an hour.

Knowing that such a stupid error was made, it probably will not surprise you to learn that the speaker was not some wild-eyed Russophobe but the Kremlin’s own propaganda project Russia Today, back in February of 2008 — some six months before the worst financial crisis of the past decade smashed into Russia like a tsunami.  If the Kremlin itself admits that 14,000 Russian women are murdered every year by their husbands, do you dare to imagine what the real figure is? Do you dare?

In 2003, “only” 9,000 women were killed by their husbands in Putin’s Russia according to government statistics. That means that over the course of the next five years, while Putin governed, the murder rate increased by a shocking 55%.  This figure is ten times the number of women murdered by their husbands in the United States, a country with twice Russia’s population.  In other words, the per capita murder rate of women by their husbands is twenty times lower in the USA than it is in Russia. Yet, Russian government officials claim the problem of domestic violence is no worse in Russia than anywhere else, and the city of Moscow does not have one single shelter to house women fleeing domestic violence.

Not one shelter.  Our lead editorial today, regarding the barbaric arrest of 82-year-old human rights activist Lyudmila Alekseyeva, shows in perfect microcosm Russia’s attitude towards women:  It simply doesn’t care.  The picture of this frail old woman in the clutches of a hoard of Kremlin thugs is truly worth a thousand screams.

Compared to many an ordinary Russian housewife, however, it was a walk in the park for Alekseyeva.  Just listen to the horror.

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SPECIAL EXTRA: Russians killing Russians

In neo-Soviet Russia, they give themselves the flaming finger.

It’s ironic indeed that Russia is so inflamed by hatred of foreigners, because it is Russians, not foreigners, who are the real danger to Russian people. 

Just days ago, we reported on a the terrorist bombing of a luxury (by Russian standards) high-speed train halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg. At least two dozen Russians were killed by these home-grown terrorists. 

But they were small thinkers.  Late Friday evening on the other end of the country, in the city of Perm in Siberia, a massive explosion rocked a nightclub and killed at least 100, perhaps four times or more as many as the terrorists had claimed.  Half again as many were injured.  And these killers were not terrorists in the traditional sense; they were simply ordinary, reckless Russian citizens literally playing with fire.

The Russophile rats will try to rationalize this atrocity by saying that nightclub disasters have occurred in other supposedly more advanced countries like those in Europe or North America.  True enough.  But it’s Russia that does not rank in the top 130 nations of the world when ranked for adult lifespan, not them.  Russian is one of the most dangerous places on the planet for a human being to be, especially if he’s unlucky enough to be a Russian.  Russia has one of the world’s highest murder rates and Russians are far more likely to be killed by vehicle or fire than the people of any other nation on the planet.  For this reason, Russia’s birthrate is unable to keep pace with its mortality rate, and the country is quite literally going extinct. 

Nice work there, Mr. Putin!

Russia’s Collapsing Cities

Leon Aron

Leon Aron

Leon Aron of the American Enterprise Institute, writing in the New York Times, details the horrifying collapse of Russian cities from within:

Viewed from the outside, things have been going quite well for Russia recently. The United States has scrapped, at least for now, the plan to base missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic. Germany and Russia seem to have overcome opposition in Europe to their Nord Stream pipeline, despite fears that it will solidify Russia’s dominance of the European natural gas supplies. Oil prices have recovered from the disastrously low — for Russia — levels of last winter. And, far from buckling under pressure from the United States over sanctions against Iran, Russian leaders felt confident enough to concede almost nothing to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to Moscow this week.

Yet on the inside the country remains dangerously close to a serious breakdown of authority. In addition to the Muslim North Caucasus, which is already barely governable, the most vulnerable places are the company towns, which could catalyze a nationwide explosion of political turmoil.

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EDITORIAL: “Living” in Russia



“Living” in Russia

The image above, courtesy of the Moscow Times, is a photograph taken from the Moscow subway.  It shows two advertisements plastered on the wall next to each other.  The one on the left is an ad for “Domestos” cleaner, and boasts that it wipes out germs of every kind, including those that cause the dreaded Swine Flu.  It warns gravely: “Don’t economize on the health of your child!”  The one on the right comes from the Moscow City Council, and urges voters to turn out on election day, October 11th.  It advises voters that “City Council will decide how to guaranty health and safety” and that “Moscovites will decide who sits on the City Council.”

The juxtaposition is profound. 

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EDITORIAL: Vladimir Putin, Mass Murderer


Vladimir Putin, Mass Murderer

Last week, we reported the appalling fact that in Vladimir Putin’s Russia the tuberculosis infection rate is ten times higher than in the United States, and the fatality rate from the horrible disease is nearly one hundred times higher.  Russia has been placed on a list of shame next to barbaric third world states like Zimbabwe, Uganda, Bangledesh and Pakistan as one of the 22 most dangerous places in the world for contracting and perishing from the disease, which has been liquidated in civilized countries like the USA and Western Europe.  Make no mistake: If you are a tourist in Russia, you are at risk just like the rest of the population.

What this means in simple terms is that over 100,000 people contract tuberculosis every year in Russia and over 15,000 of them lose their lives to the disease. Let us repeat that: Each and every year fifteen thousand Russians are killed by tuberculosis.  Many Russians called for the impeachment and jailing of Boris Yeltsin for “genocide” because of results like these during his term. Where are those calls in regard to Putin?

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Russia’s Appalling Soviet Medical Legacy

There are some mendacious Russophile lunatics out there who will tell you democratic reform caused Russia’s demographic crisis.  Remind them that (a) Russia has yet to do anything seriously democratic and (b) the USSR caused Russia’s demographic crisis.  Then point them to economist Yuri Maltsev of the Mises Institute, writing on their blog:

In 1918, the Soviet Union became the first country to promise universal “cradle-to-grave” healthcare coverage, to be accomplished through the complete socialization of medicine. The “right to health” became a “constitutional right” of Soviet citizens. The proclaimed advantages of this system were that it would “reduce costs” and eliminate the “waste” that stemmed from “unnecessary duplication and parallelism” — i.e., competition.

These goals were similar to the ones declared by Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi — attractive and humane goals of universal coverage and low costs. What’s not to like?

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EDITORIAL: Russia Stabs its Heroes in the Heart


Russia Stabs its Heroes in the Heart

Russia is firing 200,000 of its military officers, having suddenly discovered they are superfluous.  Why? Because the government has run out of money to pay and house them, much less all the enlisted men they would supposedly manage.

Yet, to avoid a mass insurrection by destitute military men who know how to use guns, Russia has promised each of them a $400/month pension and a free apartment.  That pension alone would cost the Kremlin nearly a billion dollars each year to pay, with another gigantic sum being tacked on in monthly rent.  It makes no sense, of course, for the Kremlin to make such a claim when the reason for the firings in the first place was lack of funds, but sense has never been an obstacle to the Russian government.

So the officers are being relegated to tiny, moldy, disgusting trailer parks along with their families. 

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EDITORIAL: Russian Drivers are Undisciplined and Criminally Careless


Russian Drivers are Undisciplined and Criminally Careless

Russian drivers are undisciplined and criminally careless. As a result, they are inflicting barbaric homicidal damage on their country which can be found no place else in the civilized world.  There is no domestic movement to make the roads safer, no capacity of local government to address the issue, so the national leader has no choice but to police the nation’s roads himself.

Now just hold your horses!  Before you go accusing us of “racism” against Russians, those aren’t our words. They are the words of an entirely different Russophobe, by the name of Dima Medvedev, who just happens to be the so-called “president” of Russia himself.

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Russia’s Killing Girls

The New American blog reports:

Sad though it is, man has seldom had much trouble killing his youngest fellows. If the ancient Spartans perceived any imperfection in a child, for instance, they would “expose” him, which amounted to leaving the child somewhere, perhaps a hillside, to die.

Of course, while not all civilizations held their offspring to the strict standards of the Spartans, infanticide was common in the pagan world. Despite this, it’s hard to imagine an ancient society that murdered its young on the magnitude of the modern world with its abortion-on-demand culture. And in this modern world, the culture of death is nowhere more intense than in Russia.

This is one of the facts we learn in the DVD documentary Killing Girls, a work about the lives of Russian women and, something that occurs all too often, the deaths of their unborn children. The documentary presents the stories of Anna Sirota, the narrator of the work, and three girls, Valya, 15; Nastja, 17; and Sasha, 16; all of whom had abortions. It also features the Family and Reproduction Center (such places are always euphemistically named, aren’t they?) in St. Petersburg, Russia, which offers late-term abortions to teenage girls.

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Putin’s Russia brings us “Menocide”

Paul Goble reports that Vladimir Putin is wiping out Russia’s male population far more effectively than Adolf Hitler ever dreamed of doing:

Extremely high mortality rates among Russian men in prime child-bearing ages, far larger than those in other developed countries and largely the result of alcohol consumption and drug abuse, are undercutting not only Moscow’s efforts to solve the country’s demographic problems by pro-natalist policies but its hopes to modernize the Russian economy.

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Annals of Russian Corruption, Part II

Paul Goble reports on yet another spectacular, humiliating failure for the Putin regime:

After three years of effort, Moscow has succeeded in attracting the return of only 8800 of the more than 300,000 “compatriots” abroad whose resettlement in Russia it had counted on, an outcome that should not have surprised anyone familiar with Russian conditions or with poll results showing that many Russians would like to live abroad.

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EDITORIAL: Good News for Russia?

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Good News for Russia?

In the space of a few days recently, Russia had two bits of genuinely impressive good news on the athletic front.  On the other hand, it also learned that it is going extinct at breakneck speed.

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EDITORIAL: Putin Scams the Elderly

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Putin Scams the Elderly

An recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald headlined “Russia a better place to grown old” complains that elderly Australians are being victimized by their government, being treated more roughly in terms of pensions than their counterparts in Russia. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth, and the article turns out to be one of the shoddiest excuses for journalism I’ve seen from mainstream media in quite some time.

The author, one Tom Reilly, claims the value of an average Russian pension is $75 per month. To start with, that’s simply false.  In 2008, an average pension was almost twice that, $140 per month.  And even though the article understated the value of Russian pension by half, its conclusion that Russians were somehow better off is still hopelessly bogus. 

In his lifetime, an average Australian will collect pension benefits worth more than six times than what the Russian government will pay to an average Russian, even taking so-called “purchasing power parity” currency adjustments into account. In straight nominal terms, Aussies are paid ten times more than Russians in their lifetimes where pensions are concerned.

Let’s look at the details.

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Russia Cannot Feed Itself

The always brilliant Leon Aron, writing on the American Enterprise Institute website’s Russia Outlook section:

Although it contains millions of acres of some of the world’s most fertile soil and has implemented the world’s largest land privatization reform, Russia imports food in amounts that are inordinately high for a country of its size and per-capita GDP. The reliance on imported meat and poultry is especially large. Already under strain from rampant inflation, a very significant proportion of Russia’s population will find its access to food further diminished by deep depreciation of the ruble as well as such inevitable consequences of the crisis as unemployment and still higher inflation. While widespread hunger is not likely, the constraints on food consumption could add yet another perilous dimension to a political crisis that is bound to unfold alongside the economic one.

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Putin Condemns Siberia to Exile

Paul Goble reports:

For the first time in more than a century, a Moscow-based politician and scholar from the Altai says, Russia’s central government has “cast aside” Siberia, a region that is not only rich in natural resources but whose unique spirit is critical for reform, thus putting the future of Russia as a whole at risk. In an interview in Baikalskiye Vesti yesterday, Vladimir Ryzhkov, currently a professor at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, says that “Siberia, which for the course of a century was celebrated not only for its natural but its human wealth has been converted into an ever poorer kray, forgotten by God and Moscow.”

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EDITORIAL: The Incredible Shrinking Country


The Incredible Shrinking Country

Early Monday morning, a 32-year-old Russian man named Denis Yevsyukov hitched a ride to a supermarket in a southern district of Moscow.  As he got out of the car, he shot and killed the driver who had been good enough to offer him a lift. Then he walked into the market and shot nine more people, including a market cashier.  Three of them were dead and four more in critical condition by Monday evening.  As is so often the case with Russia, the most shocking fact about that crime was not the brutal way it was carried out, nor the number of people killed, nor the fact that it occurred in Russia’s capital.

It was this:  Yevshyukov was the district police chief.

It’s hard to think of a more emphatic demonstration of the fundamental corruption of Russian law enforcement agencies than this horrifying incident.  If this police chief was that unbalanced, how many more such officers, working for slave wages and being ordered to carry about barbaric and illegal arrests of their fellow citizens, may be out there? Such questions hint at the fundamental failure of the KGB regime that governs Russia, a regime which routinely claims Russia is somehow “different” from the outside world and immune to events of this kind, therefore not needed normal civilized government and democracy like other countries have.

And there is a great deal of evidence that the Kremlin’s polices have failed at an even deeper level. 

The United Nations Development Programme, for instance, has published a new report called “Facing Demographic Challenges” by Anatoly Vishnevsky, Russia’s leading demographer, which basically concludes that Russia is a racist nation that is literally destroying itself because of its pathological hatred of all things not Slavic.

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George Will on Potemkin Putin

Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter George Will, writing on Real Clear Politics:

America’s “progressive” president has some peculiarly retro policies. Domestically, his reactionary liberalism is exemplified by his policy of No Auto Company Left Behind, with its intimated hope that depopulated Detroit, where cattle could graze, can somehow return to something like the 1950s. Abroad, he seems to yearn for the 1970s, when the Soviet Union was rampant and coping with it supposedly depended on arms control.

Actually, what was needed was not the chimera of arms control but Ronald Reagan’s renewal of the arms race that helped break the Soviet regime. The stately minuet of arms negotiations helped sustain U.S. public support for the parallel weapons spending.

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Drunken, Dying Russia

According to the U.S. Census Bureau International Data Base for 2007, Russia ranked 164 out of 226 globally in overall life expectancy. Russia is below Bolivia, South America’s poorest (and least healthy) country and lower than Iraq and India, but somewhat higher than Pakistan. For females, the Russian Federation life expectancy will not be as high as in Nicaragua, Morocco, or Egypt. For males, it will be in the same league as that of Cambodia, Ghana, and Eritrea.

That’s a quote from the following long piece by Nicholas Eberstadt, who holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute and is Senior Adviser to the National Bureau of Asian Research, writing in World Affairs Quarterly and exposing the ghastly demographic nightmare that Vladimir Putin has cooked up for Russia.  Here’s the full text:

A specter is haunting Russia today. It is not the specter of Communism—that ghost has been chained in the attic of the past—but rather of depopulation—a relentless, unremitting, and perhaps unstoppable depopulation. The mass deaths associated with the Communist era may be history, but another sort of mass death may have only just begun, as Russians practice what amounts to an ethnic self-cleansing.

Since 1992, Russia’s human numbers have been progressively dwindling. This slow motion process now taking place in the country carries with it grim and potentially disastrous implications that threaten to recast the contours of life and society in Russia, to diminish the prospects for Russian economic development, and to affect Russia’s potential influence on the world stage in the years ahead.

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Russia as Wasteland

Paul Goble, writing in the Moscow Times:

Russia’s population will continue to decline over the coming decades, threatening first some regions and then the country as a whole with depopulation, a trend whose consequences are both more immediate and more widespread than many now assume, according to a leading Moscow demographer.

In an article titled “The Social Consequences of the Depopulation of Russia,” Olga Lebed of Moscow State University argues that “the demographic situation that has arisen in Russia over the course of recent decades has achieved such a critical point that it is impossible not to pay attention to it.”

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EDITORIAL: More Epic Russian Failure


More Epic Russian Failure

It would be hilarious if it were not so very horrifying.

Three years ago, the Kremlin implemented a new program of the Federal Migration Service designed to lure ethnic Russians back home  from abroad, and regardless of their current citizenship fasttrack them towards Russian passports.  Last year the program was funded to the tune of 8 billion rubles (a quarter of a billion dollars) and its goal was to bring 300,000 Russians back “home” by the end of this year.

It was an utter failure.  To date, only 12,000 Russians have returned home under the aegis of the program, and the revised federal budget all but abolishes the program and admits defeat, slashing its funding by 75% to less than 2 billion rubles this year.  At the current rate, it would take about 100 years to reach the 300,000 target.  By that time, “Russia” will be China.

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