EDITORIAL: FPS Russia vs. Russia Today


FPS Russia vs. Russia Today

FPS Russia is a guy in Georgia named Kyle who shoots things with automatic weapons in his back yard and then blows them up. Meanwhile, he talks about it in English with a fake Russian accent and refers to himself as “Dmitri.”

Russia Today is an official state-funded propaganda television network which employs hundreds of people and spends hundreds of millions of Russian tax dollars on production and advertising. They talk with weird, stilted accents in English, too.

Both FPSR and RT have YouTube channels to display their handiwork. Comparing their performance is interesting.

FPSR has over 1.5 million subscribers to its channel and ranks #17 in the category.  RT has barely 200,000 and ranks #442.

FPSR has over 17 million views of its channel and ranks #135 in the category. RT has less than 9 million and ranks #331.

“Dmitri” of FPSR has a Twitter account. He has over 100,000 followers.  RT has one too. They have less than 40,000 followers.

However, RT does whip FPSR handily when it comes to total views of its videos on YouTube.  RT claims over 530 million views, while FPSR has less than half as many, “only” 232 million.

Why does RT do so much better than FPSR in just this one category?

We believe there is a simple two-part answer to that question.

First, RT spends a massive amount of money to artificially drive its YouTube videos into Google search results so that they will be thrust into the faces of Google users worldwide, want them or not. A Google “view” only requires that you turn a video on, not that you watch it to the end.  Playing this kind of game with Google is big business, and runs on the golden rule:  Whoever has the gold, make the rules.

Then, we can’t prove it but we believe RT likely spends a massive amount of time and effort gaming the system in an even more corrupt manner.  It probably has a whole legion of minions in Russia whose full-time job is to program computers to click RT videos at random, driving up their view counts so it can brag about them and generate more publicity.  Or, who knows, maybe the Kremlin’s hackers have even come up with a computer program that will do this automatically.

Because the viewing of RT videos isn’t genuine, interest in RT on Twitter is very much lower (and even at that, it’s also probably very much inflated by illicit means). People aren’t talking about RT, its “news” stories aren’t repeated across the globe and its editorial stance isn’t noticed.  That’s not really very surprising since most people in the world couldn’t care less about Russia, and in fact RT even stopped referring to itself as “Russia Today” and adopted “RT” as its actual name for that very reason, so it could seem less parochial and therefore try to attract a wider audience.  And in order to have video content that can be driven high enough into the search engines to generate a large number of views, RT has to cover a great deal of material that goes far beyond Russia, and indeed has nothing to do with it.

The Democratist blog notes that while RT brags its video views exceed those of the BBC and CNN, the latter has five million Twitter followers and the former has one million, while RT isn’t even close to 50,000 even though it churns out Twitter messages at just as furious a rate.  In Democratist’s words:  “Rather odd no?”  It’s only odd until you understand that the world is fascinated by the BBC’s and CNN’s news coverage, while it couldn’t care less about the gibberish and junk broadcast on RT by the ragtag crew of freaks and losers it has collected under the “journalist” rubric.  One can’t point to a single international news event where RT has played a leading role, and that’s because its coverage of Russia is so stilted. Russia is a country of bad news, and RT can’t report bad news about Russia. So the things its says about Russia are flat, stale, boring and of of no real interest to anyone.

13 responses to “EDITORIAL: FPS Russia vs. Russia Today

  1. And they don’t have “weird, stilted accents”, most of them are native speakers, hired by the London RT studio. Not that it makes it any less weird, maybe just a little disgusting.

    “Russia is a country of bad news” – I like that, my kind of style :)

    PS. The world is not fascinated by the likes of BBC and CNN, or any other leftist radial media channels. Their credibility is gone, after they refused to report on Obama’s ineligibility and fake birth certificate/SIN issue.

    • This is off the topic and I am really getting tired of it, but if you claim that Mr. Obama’s birth certificate is a forged document, please produce the proof. If you are saying that BBC or CNN have had such information and suppressed it, please prove that. Let’s have some facts.

      I am not an Obama supporter, didn’t vote for him, don’t plan to in the next election, and do not care for him or his politics. But fairness should prevail regardless. He is bad enough president and you can say so, without spreading this canard about his Kenyan birth time and again.

      So, again, either put up or shut up

  2. I don’t really need to prove anything, it has been done already by many independent and respected experts in the field. Multiple reports, FBI complaints filed, and there are at least 4 court cases going on right now based on that ‘document’ alone. wnd.com and the Birther Report cover the whole story in great detail. You can find all the reports and all the updates there, if you like.

    And if that is not enough for you:

    “Barack Hussein Obama II is NOT a natural born Citizen of the United States by virtue of his recognized allegiance to a sovereign foreign nation inherited from his father who was a British subject. Therefore, according to Article II, Section I, Clause V of the United States Constitution as defined in the United States Supreme Court case of Minor vs. Happersett 88 U.S. 162 (1875) which set binding precedent, Barack Obama II has usurped the Office of the President of the United States as an ineligible candidate. Subsequently all Laws and Executive Orders he signs are null and void”.

    So, again, you might be tired of it, you can even ignore it alongside other dependent “media sources” — it makes no difference to how Obama (or whatever his real name is) will end his political career :)

  3. The ”301″ thing is actually a YouTube glitch, it stands for a while at 301 when this number of views is crossed.

  4. @Dr. Otto von Ras
    Theorist all! Still no tangible proof. If there were…..he would be out. Do you assume the entire American population is conspiring to keep him in office? I doubt when you start a count on his dissenters. If that is the worst condemnation you can come up with for an American President…..rave on.

    • Exactly JT. All those lawsuits do is keep repeating these allegations but cannot prove any. At first, it was all about that birth certificate. Now, that it has been produced, the hysteria is revolving around two points: (a) that it was forged and (b) that President Obama is not the same person as the one to whom the certificate belongs.

      They keep raving and repeating this nonsense ad nauseum, but still no proof

  5. Only a somber cretin will believe in these fakes…but all these “Hope and Change” big government socialists are not very sharp knives, aren’t they?

    • Whether they are socialists or not is a matter of interpretation, but we cam all agree they are terrible. That does not make the President a foreigner though.

      Talking to conspiracy dunderheads is the same as addressing a brick wall.No matter what evidence there is, Lee Harvey Oswald was still a CIA man to them, or alternatively, a Cuban agent, or a KGB operative, or LBJ’s secret admirer, or what have you

  6. LR, “a guy in Georgia”, or “a guy in Georgia (country)”?

  7. Conspiracy theory solved: British interpreter missed Cameron’s note
    permalink email story to a friend print version Published: 14 September, 2011, 18:57

    Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev (R) and British Prime Minister David Cameron (L) speak during their joint press conference as they meet in the Moscow’s Kremlin, on September 12, 2011. (AFP PHOTO/MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV)
    TAGS: Meeting, Medvedev, Russia, UK, Thrills&Spills, Politics, Mass media, Cameron

    The Kremlin has said a communications glitch which sparked controversy following British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Russia was due to an interpreter’s error.
    Excitement broke out among some journalists and bloggers over the absence of a key statement by Cameron from a transcript of a joint media conference which appeared on the Kremlin’s website.
    The missing statement concerned the need for Russia and Georgia to fulfill the ceasefire agreement reached following the August 2008 conflict.
    On Tuesday, the BBC’s Russian service reported that the Russian translation of the speech, which was posted on the Kremlin website, lacked the British Premier’s statement. Nevertheless, the phrase is present on the English version of the Russian President’s website as well as on the Downing Street’s web-page.
    Speaking at Monday’s media conference on the outcome of the first Russian-British summit in six years, David Cameron said, among other issues, that “We discussed the need to ensure security and confidence for Georgia and Russia implementing the 2008 ceasefire in full.”
    The Kremlin argued that since the Russian translation was made by Cameron’s official simultaneous interpreter, the Russian side was not to blame for the missing sentence.
    “It is an established practice that we consider the way the words of a foreign guest have been rendered by his interpreter to be the official translation,” the president’s press service told Interfax. “A possible explanation of this discrepancy is that Cameron’s British interpreter did not translate that sentence into Russian. He apparently missed it out by mistake.”
    The Kremlin underlined that there is no hidden agenda behind the missing sentence.
    Meanwhile, the transcript published on the British Prime Minister’s official webpage lacks (at least at the moment) some important statements made by David Cameron. For instance, he began his speech expressing his condolences over the deadly plane crash that killed over 40 people, including the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl ice-hockey team last Wednesday.
    “First of all, I want to express my condolences to the families of those killed in the plane crash in Yaroslavl,” Cameron said, as cited on the Kremlin website.
    In addition, the Downing Street website omitted President Medvedev’s answer to a question from a British journalist. The reporter noted that Cameron had earlier suggested that the KGB tried to recruit him on a visit to the USSR in 1985 and wondered if Medvedev thought Cameron would have made a good KGB agent.
    “I am sure that David would have made a very good KGB agent, but then he would never have become prime minister of Britain,” Medvedev answered, as posted both on the English version of the Kremlin website and in Russian translation.

  8. RT is a way better news source than FOX. RT is being grabbed by our generation because they actually broadcast the news that the mainstream media does. I put RT right up there with Democracy Now, AAA caliber journalism.

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