EDITORIAL: The Brutality of “Normal Life” in Vladimir Putin’s Russia


The Brutality of “Normal Life” in Vladimir Putin’s Russia

In our issue today we republish two stories about ordinary life in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. One story involves an adventure with an elevator, the other with childbirth.  They are absolutely required reading for anyone who is interested in understanding what is going on in Russia today.

Anyone who has spent any time living a real life in Putin’s Russia will instantly recognize the truth and the horror reflected in these stories. And nobody who has not lived in Russia can truly appreciate how awful it is to experience so-called “life” of this kind up close and personal.  This is what it means to live in a neo-Soviet state ruled by a proud KGB spy.  It sucks.

But let’s be perfectly clear:  The people of Russia are not the innocent victims of this type of horror.  To the contrary, their reckless and irresponsible behavior is the root cause of it.

Instead of demanding that their government spend its limited resources on solving problems of this kind, Russians have chosen instead to allow their government to focus spending on outrageous cold-war provocations of the West, and on a neo-Soviet crackdown designed to strip away the rights for which many Russians risked their lives when the USSR collapsed.

In doing so, Russians are condemning their children to live the lives of their grandparents.  There is nothing worse that a human being can do than to sentence children to relive the mistakes of their ancestors.  In no way are the two stories we publish today any different from what was experienced in Soviet times, and things will only get worse as Russians blithely allow Putin to take power as a “president for life” such as those in places like North Korea, Libya and Egypt.

In other editorials in today’s issue, we show how Russian foreign policy and aerospace policy have resulted in catastrophic failure.  And the story is no different when one turns to the intimate details of Russian life.  No matter where you look, in fact, you see failure.  You see a regime of unqualified KGB maniacs implementing policy without regard to the interests of the people of Russia, and failing miserably even to attain their own malignant goals.

12 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Brutality of “Normal Life” in Vladimir Putin’s Russia

  1. “Everyday life”, and death, in Russia:


    “Thousands of people in the Russian Federation, civilians, representatives of armed and security forces and other persons who took part in military actions got lost as a result of armed confrontations and other cases of violence in Northern Caucasus. There are also people missing since the military actions of 2008 in South Osetia. Millions of people disappeared during Word War II and over 200 Soviet servicemen got lost during the war in Afghanistan”, a statement of the Committee of the Red Cross received by the “Caucasian Knot” runs.

    According to Jacque Barberis, Head of the Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Chechen Republic and the Republic of Dagestan, the gage of the problem of missing people in the Russian Federation is great.

    “The problem is known in this region since the period of World War II: millions of people still remain missing. The fates of many of those who took part in the war in Afghanistan is unknown, too. Their families are still waiting for them, he says. – As for the latest events in the Caucasus, they are also extremely grave. Thousands of people got lost here since 1992. Over 2000 people who are on the lists of the Red Cross in Chechen Republic only are considered missing. This is quite a lot. Beside civilians, over 700 representatives of armed forces and law enforcement bodies got lost during the conflict”.

    Speaking of major problems the families of missing people come across in their everyday life Jacque Barberis said that in 2009 ICRC undertook a special research as a result of which it became clear that most of the families experienced psychological and social problems. Based on this research ICRC launched a program of psychological support of the missing people’s families.

  2. The problem of missing people in Russia`s conflicts has the connections with the authorities` desires of hiding the criminal causes of the peoples missing with the “siloviki`s” participation.
    The second cause is the authorities unwillingness to fight the organized criminality that flourish there.

  3. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia spends €100,000,000 on his pet vanity project of a “Russian Cultural and Spiritual Centre” at Quai Branly in Paris (actually conveniently close to the main French Government offices, and excellent as a base for high sensitivity microphones). That €100m would go a long way towards Christian mission in his own country. If the Church is so corrupt, what hope is there for Russia?

  4. Your views are vindictive, pathetic and border on nothing less than primitive and racist hate speech. I will cheer the day when a Russian lawyer drags this reeking filth of a website even lower to the depths than it already is. Coming from a country where crazed, stressed-out Americans are gunning down their fellow citizens at mind-numbing rates (“24 New Yorkers killed in a 24 hour period,” wrote the NYT), you have absolutely no right to preach to Russia about violence. Talk about “missing people.”

    • Why stop there? Why not urge that we be killed, just like Politkovskaya and Estemirova and Markelov and Starovoitova and so many others who dared to criticize the malignant Putin regime and the people of Russia who support it?

      By supporting the crushing of dissent, you become Russia’s worst enemy. You ask Russia to walk down the same path of failure and collapse followed by the USSR, led by a relic of the Soviet past. That is real hatred of Russia, pure and simple.

    • You wrote: “I will cheer the day when a Russian lawyer drags this reeking filth of a website even lower to the depths than it already is.”

      This sentence makes no sense. What does it mean?

    • This site is owned by Jews.

  5. Yes, you are right. Nobody has ever been abused or even wrongly killed in an American prison – or beyond. And Tim Russert, you know, the late talk show host who dared ask about Bush and Kerry’s joint membership in Skull & Bones, the secret Yale fraternity, of course he dropped dead not long after that chair-squirming incident of “natural causes.” And Hunter S. Thompson, said to be working on “the best thing he ever wrote” (on the circumstances involving 9/11, btw) as well as having just started his Fourth Amendment Foundation, which aimed to combat excessive gov’t intrusion in our lives (illegal wiretaps, search and seizures…), just happened to put a bullet in his head with a silencer at a youthful 67. Yes, Amerika is certainly in the position to preach. Keep up the work, hate mongers!

    • JR, why so many words, keep it simple for us simpletons:)
      West conquers, because it has to eat, and far too long ago forgot how to produce anything.
      Imported workforce, imported goods, imported resources, imported minds – exported debt.
      This policy inevitably leads to wars. All who disagree go to jail, just as inevitably.

  6. In the countryside outside Moscow, an army of cement mixers is droning, churning and, quite bizarrely, helping to turn Russian fields into an English town.

    They’re building 200 “British-style” houses here and they’ve called the compound Hyde Park. It’s one of several UK-themed residential areas popping up around Russia, for rich Russians with a soft spot for Britain.

    On a tour of the village, I’m shown rows of big brick buildings with tall chimneys and English lawns. Each house has its own stylish title, like Dorchester, Park Lane and Windsor.


    • LOL, 1st comment @ BBC:

      “Really, they are emmulating England??? There are much better countries they can copy then the UK, this coming from an Englishman.”

      Me: “Emmulating”, aha.

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