EDITORIAL: Russia, Nation of Sociopaths


Russia, Nation of Sociopaths

The news out of Russia on August 20, 2011, was truly nauseating.

Russia stood alone to support mass-murdering Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad while the rest of the world condemned his latest blood orgy.  Russia even went so far as to seek to fan the flames of Arab nationalism across the region.

It invited mass-murdering North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il Kim Jong Il for a friendly visit.

It loaned billions to mass-murdering Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez so he could buy even more weapons.

And it ratcheted up its foreign policy initiatives to assist the mass-murdering dictator of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

And remember: That’s just one day in the life of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, an nation of sociopaths that takes pride and pleasure in joining forces with the world’s worst maniacs and which has chosen to be ruled by a proud KGB spy, a representative of the worst mass-murdering group of psychopaths ever to tread the earth.

In any civilized country, large numbers of citizens would be absolutely mortified by this outrageous misconduct of their own government before the eyes of the world. There would be protests, and there would be serious criticism from the opposition parties in the legislature.  There would be talk of ouster, recall petitions, scathing editorials, public rallies. There would be, in other words, citizenship and love of country.

But not in Russia.  Because in Russia, you see, the vast majority of the population actually approves of this barbarism.  Just as in Soviet times, they want to destroy the rest of the world, they want to see innocent people murdered, just so long as Russia comes out on top as the ruins of the world are smoldering.

Russians do not think or care about the way their country is seen by foreigners, since they want to destroy those foreigners. They do not consider even for a second what will happen to Russia when these same foreigners adopt the same attitude towards Russia that Russia adopts towards them, assisting Russia’s enemies to destroy Russia utterly. They ignore the collapse into rubble of the USSR, which followed the same policies, they ignore Russian weakness and they ignore the vastly greater strength of the NATO countries who are arrayed against the likes of Assad, Il, Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

A nation this barbaric cannot long survive.

22 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia, Nation of Sociopaths

  1. One can see in the link references to “imperialists,” “foreign intelligence services” and “Zionists” being a cause of uprising in Syria. Of course Russians support Syria, Iran etc, and in fact every anti-Western regime you can think of, because Russia is itself a semi-authoritarian dictatorship. Birds of feather flock together.

    One can almost devise a test. Is a country an anti-Western, anti-American dictatorship? Is it run by a leftist, “anti-imperialist” government? Is anti-Semitism its policy? If answer to any of this is yes, you bet Russia will be the best friend of such a country.

    • RV, Russia is pathologically obsessed by one thing only; to destroy the USA by supporting the bloodiest and most corrupt regimes on this earth; those pathetic attempts make russia not only a laughing stock of the world but also the most barbaric country with total disrespect for the basic freedoms not only for its own people but also for the unfortunate close neighbors, e.g., ex-soviet republic.

      There is another equally important obsession; to play a ‘global superpower’ while being a third world country that is going through a slow motion civil war that can turn bloody and deadly any moment.

      This is called a desintegration of the old ’empire’ – russia is heading the same direction as the good old mongol empire – where is mongolia now????

      • I don’t know about Mongolia but I agree with your other points. They (and actually some people in the West too) had this illusion that once the U.S.S.R. is no more and the Communist Party no longer rules, total happiness and prosperity will immediately, or at least quickly, ensue. As the unfolding events have demonstrated, it turned out it is essential to get rid of Commies but doing just that is not enough

        • RV,

          I too thought like you just wrote. However, on all of my visits to ‘post disintegrated U.S.S.R.’ the various Ukrainians I discussed this topic with disagreed with me saying it would take at least a 100 years, as they argued that the old communist indoctrinated cadre, nomenclatura, etc must first die out. Which surprised me no end, but sadly I now agree with it wholeheartedly.

          What is that old, old saying, namely that “old habits die hard.” Besides what did the communist brain washed thugs teach the unfortunate comrades of the U.S.S.R. – only how to lie, steal, suppress and where necessary murder its citizens to ensure they toed the official party line to ensure a life of luxury for the communist elite while they the peasants worked their hearts out for little or no gain.

          • Well Bohdan, those Ukrainians you talked with were wise men and women. But I don’t think the majority of the population are that sophisticated and were prepared to wait 100 years. And while the old apparatchicks are leaving the scene, the new ones replace them, and the new ones are just as vicious as the old ones if not actually worse. They do appear to be more rapacious.

            They keep stealing and keep building palaces and keep arresting protesters, and keep “arranging” the elections results, and keep the population poor and meek and frightened. Just as their Commie predecessors did, only at a grander scale. And the population says “never mind” and shouts “Heil” to the new ones and curses America just as they used to do it before. Why don’t we see George Orwell today to describe it all?

            So, it remains to be seen by our progeny if even 100 years is going to be enough.

  2. Is there really a difference between “Socialist” and “National Socialist”?
    Versus Trotsky, wasn’t Stalin a National Socialist too, just like Hitler?(While Trotsky wanted to spread the poison faster) Pretty much all socialists are Anti-Zionists, a code word for Anti-semite…Can you see any difference between the policies of the Imperialist Red Chineses and Hitler’s world conquest? The only difference is China and Russia realize the incompetence of their military while Hitler’s army was very capable.

    • I think there is some difference between Socialists and National Socialists. Many countries in Europe now are Socialist (e.g., Scandinavian countries, Holland) but certainly not National Socialist. Also, the Chinese are Commies but not anti-Semitic, I think.

      • There are very few non-assimilated Jews in China nowadays (many have even converted to Islam), and there were of course anti-religious campaigns (targeting all religions), but since they’re corporate capitalist it’s like that:

        Starting in the 1980’s, China reopened its doors to the West. Now, China is longing for change more than ever. For example, a 1995 article stated: “While Shanghai eagerly opened its arms to welcome Jewish investments from all over the world, Kaifeng, the city which once had a small Jewish presence, also declared itself to be a ‘Jewish economic zone’ [Youtai jinggi tequ] in order to attract ‘Jewish money’. (130) Even the government’s attitude is changing. “More recently, the so-called ‘Jewish descendants in Kaifeng’ have been given a monthly allowance from Beijing and have been freed from China’s birth control policy.” (130) Hence recently, Zhou Xun has claimed that “a new ‘Jewish minority’ is about to be invented in China.” (132)

  3. Yes, it seems that Putin enjoys sticking his thumb in the eye of the West. Any person, like Putin, that thinks Stalin wasn’t that bad has some serious issues.

    Most Russian people can’t see that they are starting to experience some of the same conditions that existed just prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia has entered a pre-collapse state.

    Here is a problem: When Russia goes, who will it take with it?

    America, Europe and Japan have entered an economic pre-collapse state. Russia and China have entered a pre-collapse state. The Middle East is starting to collapse. If Russia goes then the world we know today will go with it.

    • matt, try to think if you can; russia is still in the process of desintegration; if you think that russia can keep chinese siberia, finnish karelia, german konigsburg, or ANY of the non-russian territory forceably incorporated into russia, you must by drinking that contaminated russian samogon..And believe me the world will be perfectly OK without russia’s brutal, barbaric, kleptocratic, idiotic policies…One can only get a fiendish pleasure to see pathetic attempt by russia to play a ‘global’ power. Thank you russia for a cheap thrill to see you humiliated….

  4. Why ruin a distinguished career at HRW, RFE/RL, CPJ, UN, Soros Fund, with this blog Catherine?


  5. So how to cut through the baloney? As you know there is still a very large, myopic strain within US politics who only perceive the world through the ultimately short-sighted us-vs-them mentality. This kind of thinking, whether from Russia or the United States or any other country, leads to massive amounts of wasteful spending on arms, chronic war, and impedes progress on such issues as global climate change, resource depletion and poverty. And, well, keeps us all from partying like its 1999. There are so many amazing and beautiful things to experience in this world instead of wasting time on paranoia and animosity. Got any great suggestions as to how to promote a constructive dialogue “across the Pacific Pond”?

    Best regards & hoping you are living your bliss,

    • picoBee, DO NOT PUT russia and the USA on the same par. Just in case you still don’t know; russia is a third world country in the process of desintegration. There is nothing that can save russian ’empire’ – you probably saw a celebration of the last day of ramadan in moscow; it was horrifying and truly prophetic – millions of muslims on the streets of moscow. To control that russia might use ‘russian army’ which is already 50% not only muslim but also central asian. So a constructive dialogue ‘across the Pacific Pond’ doesn’t include russia. Got the idea????

      • ‘russian army’ which is already 50% not only muslim but also central asian.I have to say it, You comment regularly and in you comments you start mentioning that Russian army have 80% of Muslims than it is 60% now it 50% make you mind already.What is central Asian it is new religion this days?

  6. http://www.sana.sy/eng/21/2011/08/20/365061.htm

    @a massive conspiracy concocted by the world’s imperialistic and Zionist forces.

    I see the Muslim Brotherhood and/or al-Qaeda are no longer convenient boogeymen.

    @In a similar statement, Deputy Chief of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with Syria and Libya Oleg Fomin said that the visit shows solidarity with Syria and the rejection of any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs, stressing that Syrian-Russian relations date back to hundreds of years.

    Wow. Is it this fellow: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0284454/ (“I’m not a KGB man, I just play one on TV”)?

    @For his part, Oleg Kripkov from Voice of Russia radio said that his duty as a professional journalist is to relay what he sees and hears


    @A Russian delegation including political, social, drama and media figures on Saturday visited the martyrs’ cemetery in Besnada town, Lattakia province. The delegation’s members laid wreaths of flowers on the tombs of the martyrs who were killed by armed terrorist gangs. The delegation was briefed on the way the martyrs were killed and the mutilation they suffered at the hands of the terrorists. Members of the delegation expressed their deep shock at the way those martyrs were killed. Veleri Ostrovsky, professor of international relations at Petersburg University, described the brutal acts the martyrs had undergone as barbarous and inhumane, considering the martyrs as “heroes” as they sacrificed their lives for the sake of their homeland and its stability and security.

    …stressing that Syrian-Russian relations date back to hundreds of years.

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  8. Dear Kim! I see the great progress in your understanding of Russia`s problems that unfortunately are not restricted to Putin,but are the problems of the big people who have almost lost its empire and whose “intelligentsia” are doing everything to preserve this empire. tThank you!

    • You mean the one that could not even take off at a recent airshow due to equipment malfunction, that has to use existing engines because the design engines are not ready and are having significant design problems, that has no 5th gen avionics ready due to the backward nature of Russian avionics design, and that is copied from a US design that LOST the ATF competition?

      Also note that it is 20 years behind in designe compared with the new F-35 JTF….

      By the way, there is only one prototype currently flying, thats a superimposed image, ie, a fake, like most Russian propaganda.

  9. Wow…so many “experts” ))) More clever to refer to F-22… because F-35 is not an argue to PAK-FA 50 project/prototype. Other words “F-35” has no connection to “5th generation fighters”. At all ! “F-22” – yes ! But it costs same as being made from pure gold. For “F-35″ russians have other 2 competitors: MiG-35 & SU-37(SU-37). Pardon…”SU-35” looks to be good opponent even to “F-22” (but costs 10 times less). So…if russians succeed to get proper engine for their PAK-FA (and not f’k it up as US with F-136 engine, by closing the project last April – whet job was done by 80%? already), it will be absolutely unbeatable benefit for them. To realise the real pucture on the issue it’s enough to see how many “clients” wish to buy F-22 or F-35…

  10. Comparison is here (table in the middle – in russian):

    Characteristics given: max weght / max engine power / max speed / combat range / price…

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