EDITORIAL: Here Come the Russian Rapists


Here Come the Russian Rapists

Russia and its Real Men

Russians are fond of working themselves up in to a state of high outrage whenever they hear stories about Russians being abused in foreign lands (like the recent incident in which a Russian adoptee was made to drink hot sauce by his new mother, or the incident where a mother returned her adopted child to Russia).

But good luck getting Russians to manage as much as a yawn when they learn about shocking acts of abuse by Russians against foreigners — that is, if state-sponsored Russian media even report such incidents at all, which they usually do not.

Take for instance the brutal gang-rape of a young Malaysian student at Bellerbys College in London, where tuition is £30,000 ($50,000) a year.   The wolf pack of four Russian students who drugged and then attacked her over the course of more than two hours, filming the savage assault with a cell phone and “celebrating like footballers” as they mauled the helpless fellow student, showed “callous disregard for (the victim) as a human being and a callous disregard for her as anything other than an object” according to the judge who sentenced them to prison in Woolwich Crown Court.

Oleg Ivanov, 23, Norayr Davtyan, 22, Armen Simonyan, 19, and 23-year-old Gregory Melnikov were found guilty of rape and showed no hint of remorse during the trial.  Though the video footage clearly showed the woman was helplessly drugged, they still tried to maintain that she had consented to brutal acts the four of them inflicted upon her, and called their fellow student “a machine for f***ing” and a “slut.”

The barbaric attitude of Vladimir Putin’s Russia towards women has been well-documented here on this blog.  One Russian woman is brutally beaten to death by her husband every forty minutes. It’s virtually impossible for a Russian woman to make a claim in court for sexual harassment, and as a result of the legal impunity the circle of violence only expands and intensifies.

The Moscow Times reports:

In a study conducted by the Council for Women at Moscow State University, 70 percent of those women surveyed said they had been subjected to some form of violence — psychological, sexual, physical or economic — by their husbands. Ninety percent of respondents said they had either witnessed scenes of physical violence between their parents when they were children or had experienced this kind of violence in their own marriage.

So this wolf pack of inhuman Russian thugs probably forgot which country they were in.  They probably thought they were still in Russia, where they would be free to grab and brutalize any woman they might see, with no consequences, just as they had seen their fathers and grandfathers do before them.

And good luck finding evidence of any effort by Vladimir Putin or Dimitri Medvedev to stop them.  Hardly any women have been placed in positions of real power in the Putin dictatorship, and neither Putin or Medvedev has chosen a woman to serve as prime minister or to head one of Russia’s major business entities that are controlled lock, stock and barrel by the state.  We don’t hear speeches from either man urging their fellow men to treat women with more respect.

And the reason for that is obvious. Putin and Medvedev are no different from most Russian men, and treat women with the same unbridled contempt.  Not long ago the wire services were burning with stories about how Putin had hired a totally unqualified young beauty so serve as his “personal photographer” and in this one act alone everyone could clearly see his cynical attitude towards women, hardly indicative of leadership and progress for Russia.

We condemn Russia’s outrageous, barbaric mistreatment of women and we demand that the people of Russia, especially the mothers, rise and stand together to demand something better for their daughters, who are the future of Russia. A country which views and treats women the way Russia does has no future.

33 responses to “EDITORIAL: Here Come the Russian Rapists

  1. “They aren’t Russian, they are Georgian Jews!”

    • Funny, Wal, but it’s hard to make such a case for a person with the name “Oleg Ivanov” Is there a more Russian-sounding name than “Ivanov”

  2. There is one name, that for me, sounds more russian that ivanov – the kgb man called vasily staroduptsev [ it means old arse in russian] one of the kbg ‘heroes’ that instigated the coup d’etat… HA

  3. Yes, Russian society is very violent. Rape is one of good examples of this. The problem with many Russians, they don’t understand that living in freedom is much more fun than being “above” somebody. This is still very much vertical society, like in medieval feudal times. There is also lack of respect for individuality of other human being. Having said that, there are also perfectly normal non-violent people there as well.

    • They might be non-violent, but they do nothing to protect the victims of the violent, and in that way they are guilty along with the rest. It is how Stalin was able to be so violent for so long, top killer of Russians in history.

      • Well, how can you do it in such political system? It is the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg. You may be Lybian but what can you do to remove Kaddaffi during his 40 years reign. Maybe there were hundreds of thousand of brave people in Lybia as well as in Russia who tried to change it. You hear about Anna Politkovskaya but you don’t hear about millions and millions of those who were killed by the regime. Take Second World War for example. You may say that majority of those who went to the war were sheepish stupid slaves and the deserved their pathetic fate, to be killed in millions and Stalin would agree with your point of view as well. But you may also say that there were millions of romantics and very brave and honest people who went to war voluntarily but they died because of Stalin’s mismanagement because this is Stalin who was former-slave and barbarian who made bloodbath after he got to power. People in Russia had absolute monarchy before Stalin, so they were used not to ask too many questions about the guy at the top. It does not make all of them sheep. So many people died and run away during 20th century, I am not sure you can even find many real Russians in Russia now. More luck if you try Canada or France…

        Russia is the place where more countries would emerge. It is old empire in process of collapse. People there feel it. So nobody in Russia will go to protect Russia until it will collapse. Then when people will see the country which they associate themselves with, then they will unite better and build more modern state. When Russia will disintegrate nobody knows. I have a feeling that it might happen in next 3-4 years but it will be only the beginning of quite long and quite violent process.

        • So, what you are saying is that there is nothing people can do and they are not responsible if they happened to have a dictatorship and so on, especially if they are “romantics.” I have a problem with this view which I’ve heard expressed before. In my opinion, people are responsible for what happens to them, and those dictators were not shipped to them from Mars.

          Almost every old country had some kind of dictatorship in its history. Some cultures and nations (England, France etc.) had revolted and freed themselves. They did not say it was too risky and there was nothing they could really do, they just did it. And then there are some who had not…

          • People can do something. For example, run away. Or try to fit in. When you see a tank, you can’t fight it with the fork.

            Most Russians now don’t know what Russia is. There is no national identity. No ideas what one Russian have in common with another Russian. If you ask Russians what unities them, it is probably only – “We live in the biggest country in the world”, which is old empire idea.

            When critical mass of people is big, then you can do something. All 20th century in Russia active people who tried to change anything were killed, imprisoned or had to run away. Mevdeleyev predicted that if Russia will not exceed 300 millions by the end of 20th Century, it will collapse. In 19th Centruty Russian population was the same or sometimes more than population of USA. So what happened in 20th century is catastrophe. Most Russians do not think, like Americans or Europeans think, not yet. I think before it happens, there will be another dramatic event in Russia’s history. Very big.

  4. Even in medieval times, I guess, many places were much better, maybe even Russia itself. Society in Russia is clearly degrading. The best go West. The worst remain. This process was only partially slowed by closing borders in 1937, but in 1991 it resumed with even greater passion…

    • You mean the borders of the U.S.S.R were open before 1937?

      • I was not the witness of those event. But officially they were closed in 1937. It does not mean that it was easy to go before 1937, however, there still was some real chance I suppose for someone with determination to do it. However, after 1937, it would become much more harder even comparing to already great risks before. De-facto they were probably closed for many people even before 1937, however, official closure makes it much more effective to control more completely. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Very interesting, thanks. The fact that the year when the borders were closed was 1937 is very remarkable. If I am not mistaken, that’s the year of the Great Terror, at least according to Robert Conquest.

          But I’ve read somewhere that in the 1920’s Stalin’s own secretary fled the U.S.S.R. by clandestinely crossing the border. Why would he do it if it were possible to leave legally? Perhaps, it was still next to impossible to do it legally for a man in his position?

  5. LR, your article is quite correct but quite emotional too.

    It is quite scary but there is a lot of abuse of women in Russia. However, there is also a lot of abuse of men in Russia by women. As well is abuse of children by parents and parents by children. The list is long… this is the way society operates very often. As well as the way political system operates is via corruption.

    What I wanted to draw your attention to is how the West treats Russia. Why UK institutions take all these scum to their private schools and universities? Just to get their money. I was shocked when I found out that London School of Economics gave honorary PHD to Kaddaffi’s younger son. You can check video on Youtube where he try to claim that they have great democracy in Lybia at LSE conference.

    Russians get this illusion that they can buy everything with the money. And western countries often support this illusion. Majority of Russians will never read this blog and how can you reach Russian women from here is not clear for me.

    What I find extremely strange is that after such rapes cases which happened in those private school in UK, you never see any journalists writing anywhere or asking questions Why the hell those idiots were in these “prestige” UK school in the first place? The same goes to LSE. I wanted to get degree from LSE but after I saw some of their PHD “students” I had some reservations.

    Sooner or later Western countries will have to change too. Globalization and “global village” demand change of some rules. You must be tougher and must apply moral rules to yourself much more often. You must provide expertise and knowledge base for young people in countries such as Russia to understand how country can really develop and not label all countries “developing” simply because you want to sell them cheap goods. You must put pressure on your institutions and politicians to make black lists of visa-banned Russians. You must put to shame those schools and universities which allow children of Russian criminals to study there. Children are not responsible for their parents but I am sure those rapists were not very smart individuals and the only reason they got to UK is money. “Money don’t smell…” Well some Russian money are clean, but many are covered in blood. But LSE would still sell PHD to Kaddaffi family for 200K pounds…

  6. By the way, Kim, have you seen this historical video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kpDHKmXQFA

    It shows a lot about abuse and also how Russian women can really well defeat themselves (with what they can).

    • It’s inappropriate to link to such a ridiculous video under an article about rape. It makes you look like a maniac.

  7. Kim, my point is that violence is not only directed to the women. The problem is not isolated to rapes. For example, you rarely see contract killing of women but men all the time. So there is general feeling of fear in the society. Which in turn stimulates violence. When people are not sure of their past and the future, when they used to live with fear, they are much more violent generally. Man afraid of his boss, wife afraid of his husband, older son afraid of his parents, younger son afraid of his older brother…

    This video is no ridiculous. When you try to understand something, you are not necessary restricted only to smart books and experts. Different things help…

    I support your work and I support drawing attention to rape in Russia. Little advice, next time please choose better image. Your image is in hentai anime style and victim there looks like a whore. She is wearing very hot underwear and picture in general looks quite maniac to me. You could use image of upset woman woman in tears or broken flower, something like that, I think it would have been more appropriate.

    Regarding my comments to the ukranian girl – I was just kidding. It was not like she was raped or anything. I don’t support those policeman but I also not a big fan of Femen when they go naked everywhere, it looks stupid and it would have never worked in a developed country. And I don’t think they are sincere to be honest. It looks like they do it for money. I don’t support Yanukovich by the way.

  8. Here you write at the end “A country which views and treats women the way Russia does has no future.” – I could not agree more.

    And before this you write: “we demand that the people of Russia, especially the mothers, rise and stand together to demand something better for their daughters, who are the future of Russia.” – I could agree with you in theory if I did not know Russia quite well. But I can’t ask people in Russia to stand against anything unless their risks are reasonable. Can you propose concrete things, how can they rise and stand against violence? It just very hard, next to impossible to unite and stand against something in countries like Russia, China, North Korea. I think it’s even easier in China because they have courts at least. Yes they are not democratic courts but they often do justice. In Russia – NO! If your ex-husband is rich and you are poor, he would bribe the court. If you try to unite with other women on your local square, you will be beaten or you will loose your job. Plus the country is slowly collapsing, there are fraud elections very soon, authorities are really nervous. It is quite easy to write such things on the blog but how would you imagine doing it? Why don’t you register your blog on http://www.echo.msk.ru and write there your concrete proposals in Russia? Why not?

    And the passion with which you condemn tennis player – Sharapova, I can’t understand it. This is maniac, Kim. Why don’t you devote your free time to more important issues, like writing something in Russia media, like Novaya Gazeta or Moscow Times instead of writing infinite number of articles about Sharapova been so stupid and ugly… ? Do you think Sharapova really deserves so much of your time? Everybody knows that she may be stupid as hell. The only reason she is discussed so much is because males worldwide look at her ass more than on others tennis asses on average. It does not mean that they think that she is smart or she gets a lot of respect. On the contrary, she will be remembered for her ass in many minds, I would say 99% of people who know her don’t give a sh$t about her personality, her religious views, her values, etc. Just forget about her, that’s my friendly advice.

    • Maksik,

      LR is not the only one that says the truth about Sharapova, who should be called “Groaning Minnie”, and her antics on a tennis court are disgraceful.

      I only watched her opening match in the first round of the US Open under sufferance only because I wanted to see the other player win, and which I thought she could, but this sadly was not to be.

      • You were quite right! She almost did lose, and committed more than FIFTY unforced errors.

        • Really, LR? It’s just outrageous!

          Meanwhile, in the lesser news about non important people:

          August 29, 2011
          Dagestan: Extrajudicial Executions Continue


          Before the burial the relatives have recorded a video which shows that he was tortured before his death: his arm closer to the clavicle is broken, there is a bruise on his left eye, his toe fingernails are green, his thorax is blue-green, there is a knife cut near his groin.

          (and so on)

      • Bohdan, seriously. Is this really important? At all?

        • Well Robert,
          I was replying to Maksik’s comment in his last paragraph. He is the one that raised Sharapova first. So if you have trouble comprehending this little point I suggest you try rereading his above comment.

          And in case you still missed the point, I’m saying “engage brain, before putting mouth into gear, i.e. ‘pen to paper’ “.

          • Cool, now tell me how this tabloidish chronicling of life and career of some tennis woman is any helpful in “recording the rise (and hopefully fall) of the Neo-Soviet Union … to see Russia become a prosperous, democratic, contributing member of the world community”.

        • Sure, he just put it under the wrong post ;) we have one elsewhere about her.

  9. She was abducted and taken to a training base where she was kept locked up and under armed guard with 10 other young women. They were kept naked and raped daily by militiamen who also beat them.

    At least one of the girls was shot dead by her rapist after she sought help. Others suffered miscarriages and two became pregnant and gave birth at the base.

    After surviving four months in captivity, Israilova fled with the help of a guard who took pity on her. Deeply traumatised and terrified that her former jailers would find her and kill her, she lived in St Petersburg and briefly abroad.

    Then in April this year, when her brother reassured her that she would be safe and reunited with the daughter she had seen only twice in five years, Israilova, 33, returned home.

    Shortly after going back, the young mother was killed and buried in an unmarked grave, sources in Chechnya told The Sunday Times last week. The crime has not been reported and officially nobody is searching for her.

    “Israilova’s story is deeply shocking,” said a human rights activist who met the young mother last year. “But the horrible truth no one dares talk about is that in Chechnya such crimes against women are becoming more frequent. They’re simply hushed up. The perpetrators are above the law because often they are members of Kadyrov’s security forces.”

    Those deemed to be dressed improperly have been attacked in the street. Honour killings, in which men murder female relatives thought to have brought shame on the family by violating the republic’s moral codes, are on the rise. Such killings have been publicly endorsed by Kadyrov.

    “Women branded by our men as being of loose morals are condemned. Stray dogs are treated more humanely,” another human rights activist said.


  10. “Rich Russian students”:

    Judge Murphy told the court that the men had arrived from Russia “a mere number of days” before they staged the attack, and had no ties with the UK.
    They also bragged that they would show the footage to anyone in Moscow, the court was told.

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