One Photo is Worth a Thousand Screams

A Ukrainian Gestapo goon pulls down the pants of a helpless FEMEN protester for a little peek at her anatomy while dragging her down from the roof of a vehicle as she heroically protested the clearly illegal prosecution of Yulia Tymoshenko in Kiev last week.

33 responses to “One Photo is Worth a Thousand Screams

  1. What was that? The birth of the La Ukrainophobia? Congratulations! By the way, Russia supports Tymoshenko.

    • So you’re criticizing us for criticizing a country other than Russia? Nice, idiot.

      By the way, Russia AGGRESSIVELY supported the election of the Ukrainian leader who is responsible for this policy and AGGRESSIVELY attacked Tymoshenko when she held power. Oops!

      By the way, we reported LAST WEEK on Russia’s support for Tymoshenko.

      Ouch, ouch! You don’t have the slightest clue, do you?

      • I”not criticizing, I”m asked. I want to remind you that you used to say that this blog is discussed only by Russia. Or are you already moved away from these words. Apparently, you’re not beautiful idiot.

        • Uh, stupid dumbass, wasn’t it YOU who wrote: “Congratulations! By the way, Russia supports Tymoshenko.” Apparently not even you read what you write! Clearly, this story has EVERYTHING to do with Russia. Please fall back into your drunken stupor.

    • Russia supports Tymoshenko because Medvedev’s administration is afraid that Yanukovych can denounce natural gaz supply agreement signed in 2009 if the court proves that Tymoshenko had no authority to conclude such an agreement.

    • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Russia’s Fake “History”

      August 18th, 2009 by Blackminorca


      Seventy-five years after the most brutal ethnic genocide in history,
      Russia’s goal to eradicate all things Ukrainian remains.


      In a flash, Ukrainian independence proved all the old predictions about the Russian Empire. Without Ukraine, the USSR collapsed like a house of cards. Without Ukraine there was (and is) no Russian Empire, just a “Federation” unable to gain the respect it still craves from the international community. Returning Ukraine to the fold is among the highest priorities of the Russian leadership today.

      Since the collapse of the USSR, Russia has re-launched intense efforts to suppress Ukrainian identity and language – “the voice of Ukraine’s soul” – by directly and indirectly buying up newspapers, magazines, book publishers and bookstores, as well as radio and television stations, and even movie studios.

      Investments in Ukrainian industries and the business infrastructure (banks, insurance companies, and so on) have tied Ukrainian companies to their Russian counterparts. Politicians are routinely bought to legislate against anything that supports Ukrainian identity and for anything that brings Ukraine closer to dependence on Russia. Incredibly, until April 2008, the head of the State Committee on Archives in Ukraine was a leading member of the Communist Party, which has always denied the Holodomor.

      Russia still casts a long shadow on Ukraine far beyond the media and archives.

      Those who cannot be persuaded to be “reasonable” still often end up dead.

      Some are killed in car “accidents” (Yaroslav Lesiv, 1991; Viacheslav Chornovil, 1999; Oleksandr Yemets, 2001), some are shot (Vadym Hetman, 1998); some are killed with the old-fashioned hammer in the head (Hryhorii Vaskovych, 2002; Ivan Havdyda 2002). [16] Others simply disappear (Mykhailo Boichyshyn, 1998) or end up imprisoned (Yulia Tymoshenko, 2001) or poisoned (Mykhailo Ratushny, 1998; Viktor Yushchenko, 2004).

      Holodomor scholar James Mace died in Kyiv in 2004. Long aware that his work had earned him enemies in Russia, a week before his death he e-mailed fellow Holodomor researchers in the United States, telling them he feared for his life and warning them to be careful. [17]

      The Moscow Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is heavily funded by Russia, regularly organizes pro-Russian demonstrations. Russians living in the Crimea (including many virulently anti-Ukrainian retired military types) are a persistent fifth column performing on command as suits Russia’s needs at any given time. Other well financed propaganda efforts are aimed at urging Ukrainians to stay away from the European Union and to fear NATO

  2. Hryshchenko called a ‘Moscow moskal’ at World Forum of Ukrainians

    Today at 12:44 | Interfax-Ukraine

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostiantyn Hryschenko’s speech in the hall of Opera and Ballet Theater, where the Fifth World Forum of Ukrainians in Kyiv is being held, was interrupted by one forum participant: “Ukrainians! How long will we listen to this Moscow moskal?”

    Read more:

  3. LR, Oops!
    I’m shocked how quickly LES provided a link that disproves all your previous words and articles.

    • Nope. Wrong again. It is the moskali in Ukraine that are lying and causing the problems – as usual.

      • National Black Ribbon Day -August 23, 2011

        UCC supports Black Ribbon Day Commemorations

        TORONTO, ONTARIO – The Central and Eastern European Council of Canada, representing nearly 4 million Canadians of European heritage, has announced plans to commemorate National Black Ribbon Day on August 23rd, 2011 in cities across Canada.

        Evening ecumenical services are planned in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Montreal. In each city, all communities will be invited to a central place of worship.

        For details regarding planned services, please click here: BRD Ecumenical Services.

        In November 2009, a resolution declaring Black Ribbon Day, August 23, an annual day of remembrance for the victims of Communism and Nazism in Europe was unanimously passed by Canada’s Parliament.

  4. This is shocking indeed, but if you were a man-pig like I am, you would not be too upset because of this photo. In fact, it is rather entertaining… nice ass.

    But seriously, Femen are nice girls and nobody have a right to rape them or beat them but look “accidentally” at their ass, why not? You are just not a man, you would never truly appreciate it. But thank you for this image!

    P.S. I can’t imagine girls in UK or USA protesting like Femen. It was especially funny when Femen protested against sex-tourism in Ukrain, after their protest, I am sure numbers of sex tourists increased significantly. I personally was never aware of such a “problem” before I saw these naked girls protesting. Now I am aware and so many other men are aware too…

    (please don’t delete my comment, I actually really love your website and I am not russian agent, it’s just I could not control myself, it is so funny picture and Femen – they are something…)

    P.P.S. Well, I must admit Femen is quite effective bringing their messages. Regarding the picture – only in Ukraine… LOL.

    • So you feel it is just fine for a police officer to pull down the pants of a young female criminal suspect he is arresting to check out her butt, while she is being held by another officer and totally unable to defend herself?

      Presumably, you’d have no problem if he raped her, either, while other officers held her down?

      See, this is why people in civilized countries in general, and LR in particular, don’t respect Russia or take it seriously or listen to its concerns. Because, to them, it seems to be a nation of baboons.

      By the way, did you know that one Russian woman is murdered by her husband every forty minutes in Russia?

  5. On the other hand, look how tenderly policeman at the top hugs her… like a princess…

  6. I think these policeman did not regret their career choice…

  7. Well I guess such jokes aren’t funny at all, just forget about asses and stuff like this for a moment, I’m not a big fan of Femen personally, for me they are just a bunch of clowns using feminist agenda to draw attention to themselves and their protests are nothing but a vaudeville however, looking at such pictures makes me ashamed of my country, or to be more precise of the regime ruling it now, cuz let’s face it that’s a sheer outrages barbarity, nobody even a clowness with a nice ass, well I’m not an expert on the matter, but I’ll rely on your expertize in this area, Maksik, deserves such a treatment. It makes me puke, Ukraine is really sinking into dictatorship, our authorities aren’t having any qualms about their trampling human dignity being seen by the World everybody

  8. Full story is here:
    Couldn’t found anything can proof that “gestapo” was “pilling down pants” from her… It’s provocation, where the counter party has nothing to do, because ALL steps can be taken are disadvantageous in-advance…
    Tell me about a country where exactly the same (stripteasing fem gets onto the police car) can be hadled somehow else ))) It’s a kind of stupidity to munch the case such a way.

  9. “I can’t imagine girls in UK or USA protesting like Femen.”

    Ummm – in the UK and USA, women – and people- have rights – which are enforced.

    In Ukraine, there are no rights – except for Yanukonvikt and his sovok mafia.

    The Ukrainian constitution clearly sets forth a right to a jury trial – but they have done absolutely nothing to implement jury trials. Tymoshenko asked for a jury trial – and got stupid sovok blank stares in return.

    Femen are about the only people in Ukraine who have the spine, the courage, the guts, the intelligence, the brains, to stand up for Ukraine. They told Putler to go back to Russia to his little mistress.

    In this particular case, they were making the point, during Tymoshenko’s stalinist show trial, that the police vans and jails are just are also open (вільна каса – referring to an open check-out) for Yanukonvikt and his sovok mafia.

    In Ukraine there is supposed to be free speech and freedom of assembly to protest – yet the police goons attacked these 2 girls, who were holding signs and protesting peacably. They were on top of a police van – but that was harming noone.

    • ““I can’t imagine girls in UK or USA protesting like Femen.”

      Ummm – in the UK and USA, women – and people- have rights – which are enforced.’

      Say, you have a right to *not* protest with your boobs naked. If you violate this right, you get arrested. That’s what they call defending your rights.

  10. Voice of America:

    Ukraine does not want to be ‘Little Russia’

    Over at the white columned Ukrainian foreign ministry, when the VOA camera is turned off, a Ukrainian diplomat turns on his Russian counterparts, calling them condescending, bullying, and trapped in the past. The way Russians try to sell a customs union, he says, is to spell out the economic punishments if Ukraine does not join. No mention of the upside. Read the story here.

    Read more:

  11. No judges free at Pechersky Court to hear case against Femen activists

    four activists had removed the prefix ‘in’ from a floral display reading “20 Years of Independence” changing it to “20 Years of Dependence”.

    Read more:

  12. When a government throws a member of the opposition into jail for corruption, in a country rife with corruption on all levels, citizens are reminded of just how vulnerable they are.


    A far cry from 1991, when even members of parliament took public transportation and all the flags were red.

    Ms. Dyczok is an associate professor of history and political science at the University of Western Ontario, a fellow at the University of Toronto’s Jacyk Programme for the Study of Ukraine and an adjunct professor at the National University of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. She has authored three books and is currently in Kyiv on a research trip.

  13. Really sad Julia did not become president. Think she would do as perfect as Mishiko does…

  14. 700 people got arrested in NY during a non-violent protest against the failing state economic policy, and the big business running the country.

    Still it’s Femen we discuss here. How cute.

  15. Hot

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