EDITORIAL: Putin Spits on Russia


Putin Spits on Russia

The most outrageous and repulsive feature of the USSR was its brazen, naked contempt for its own citizens. It tortured and murdered them with reckless abandon and it lied to them as if they were idiotic children.  Proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin, a decrepit relic of the USSR, is continuing that tradition with relish.

Last week, Putin’s lies to his countrymen, and his open contempt for their intelligence, reached a new low.  Putin went scuba diving in the Black Sea and, within seconds of sticking his head under the water, purported to find two ancient Greek jars that had supposedly lain there for many centuries, in two feet of water.  In planting the jars, Putin’s minions were so lazy and stupid that they did not even try to make the jars look like they had been under water for hundreds of years, and they were not satisfied to have Putin “find” just one. Oh no, it had to be two.

Nikolai Uskov, historian and editor of GQ, stated: “Putin came out of the sea with clean but slightly broken jugs from IKEA. It was comical.”  Comical to have the leader of your country lie to you in a manner which clearly suggests the thinks you are an idiot? To pose shamelessly in front of cameras holding shards of pottery he knew perfectly well had been planted for him to find so that he could lie to the people of his country about doing so? We’d choose another word for such behavior.

Moscow Times columnist Victor Davidoff commented:  “A veritable choir of archeologists noted that the area had been combed for almost 75 years, and finding something there — especially something lying on the surface of the sand — is simply impossible.”  Not only was Putin unabashed to claim credit for this find, he had no problem misleading all of Russian history, making it seem that ancient Greeks plied Russian waters.

That’s not surprising, of course, because Putin has been assiduously seeking to rewrite all of Russian history from his first day in office.  Russian history textbooks are now, as a matter of official policy, full of the same type of ridiculous lies with which they were permeated in Soviet times.

Another example of Putin’s raw, savage hatred for his own people can be seen in his treatment of St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko.   In a new low for Russian “democracy,” Putin is moving Matvienko into the Federation Council to become his puppet leader in that body by means of an election so shamelessly rigged that it is clearly no different in any way from the “elections” that took place in the USSR.  Putin has even gone so far as to seize tens of thousands of copies of a newspaper published by a legal opposition party because they criticized the election gambit.  Putin is literally telling Russians that they are not even allowed to consider voting for anyone other than his preferred candidate because their judgment cannot be trusted, only his.

As in Soviet times, this kind of government does not make sense. If Russia is indeed a nation of lemmings who are incapable of achieving even the most basic level of success without government guidance, then Russia as a nation is doomed just as was the USSR.  By acting as they are doing, Russia’s leaders are telling the world that Russia is a hopeless failure, and that it is only a matter of time before the country destroys itself.

15 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin Spits on Russia

  1. There were really some Greek colonies in the northern shores of Black Sea.

    Anyway, my scenario for the next televised stunt:

    1. It’s a hot and timed day in forested areas of Dagestan. A gunship helicopter flies overhead. Half-naked, serious-looking Putin and his posse enter the woods. He is strapped with hand grenades and wielding a machine gun in his hands and a large hunting knife (like one of those he has personally presented to his henchmen during the razing of Grozny:
    http://articles.cnn.com/2000-01-01/world/russia.chechnya.02_1_chechen-rebels-russian-troops-grozny?_s=PM:WORLD ) in his teeth, wearing a red bandana on his balding head and an ammunition belt across his depilated chest, a small white armband on his mighty arm. The machine gun is big, especially given Putin’s very small frame. “It’s nearly as big as his penis”, a helpful subtitle explains. The concerned announcer whispers to the camera: “it’s a very dangerous part of our Russian republic, believed to be especially infested by the bandit underground and their foreign mercenaries, remember: the National Leader does this for you”.

    2. 2 minutes pass in an increasingly unbearable tension. Suddenly… Gunshots! Explosions! Screams!

    3. After 5 minutes since has has vanished, smiling Putin emerges from the woods, to the blasting tune of Soviet-era military music modernised with the use of his own own rap lyrics (“Afghan heroin, it’ bad for you okay, my son”), now armed with an automatic rifle. He raises his left hand, showing off a necklace of ears. Fade to black.

    • BTW, according to the UNODC’s Afghanistan Opium Survey 2010,

      1) In 2000, Taliban introduced a ban on opium production in Afghanistan.
      2) In 2001, opium poppy was cultivated on 8,000 ha.
      3) In 2010, after nine years of Afghanistan being externally governed by US, opium poppy was cultivated on 123,000 ha.

      4) US-governed Afghanistan in 2010 produces 15 times more opium poppy than Taliban-governed Afghanistan in 2001 did.

      The question is: why does the US fight coke cultivation in Latin America and sponsors and protects opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan?

      P.S. Most of this heroin is sold not in Russia. It is sold in the EU – France, Britain, Germany. Poland. In the last decade, the number of cocaine users in the EU has doubled, from 2 million in 1998 to 4.1 million in 2008. http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/frontpage/2010/June/drug-use-is-shifting-towards-new-drugs-and-new-markets.html?ref=fs3

      P.P.S. Georgia, as well as Kosovo, the major transit country for heroin coming to the EU. Georgia being “perhaps the main channel”, even the US State Dept noticed: http://www.journal-neo.com/ru/node/5005

      • Actually Russia has the highest rate of Heroin consumption in the world.

        The UN’s new “World Drug Report 2010” shows that while Afghanistan remains the world’s largest opium producer, it is neighboring countries like Iran, Pakistan, and the former Soviet republics of Central Asia where a majority of the world’s opium is consumed.

        Afghanistan continues to account for 90 percent of the world’s illicit opium and heroin production, and its neighbors for 60 percent of the global consumption.

        By weight, users in those nearby countries consume more than twice as much opium per year as the as the rest of the world, at 600 tons to 340 tons.

        In fact, although there are an estimated 4 million opium users worldwide, the UNODC says most usage is concentrated in Asia where there has been a long tradition of use compared to the West.

        The study also estimates that Russia is the country with the highest national level of heroin consumption — even though there are a higher number of heroin users in China.

        BTW, the actual state department report blames Russian occupied areas of Abkhazia and South Ossetia for the overwhelming majority of drug trafficking through Georgia, particularly corrupt Russian officials in those provinces.


        There is no point in posting Russian news sources that criticize Georgia D-tard.

        Once again you show your subsimian intellect.

        • “Georgia… “a major transit corridor”, according to the U.S. Department of State’s annual International Narcotics Control Strategy Report covering 2010.”

          “A long haul cargo trucks … major means for drug smuggling through Georgia”, …in “2009 law enforcement agencies in European countries have intercepted seven to eight tons … passed through Georgia.”

          “visa-free agreement with Iran” …”40 percent of Afghan opiates pass through Iran” … “invite traffickers to try the ‘new’ route”, “absence of a detailed specific anti-drug national action plan”,

          “lack of systemic drug preventive measures… treatment …with little or no attention given to social rehabilitation,… Information …inadequate, statistics …limited and unreliable”, “national legislation does not conform to UN … requirements.””

          Pray answer just one question, how can a drug-transporting truck move from Iran to Ukraine through Georgia, yet *not* cross “non-occupied” Mishist-controlled areas?

          • Well, the report also states that the overwhelming majority of Heroin passes through Russia, how is that possible?

            Russia also has the highest number of Heroin users in the world….

            I never said there was not transit through Georgia, but as the report clearly states, the Russian controlled “black holes” of Abkhazia and South Ossetia are used by Russian mafia and corrupt Russian officials as transit points.

  2. The Russian military is a major player in the heroin transport & load-protection in its transit through Russia, and to the hordes of new Russian addicts. The military uses its many roadblocks near border areas to extort huge sums from heroin smugglers, they are in it up to their eyeballs.

    • John, you’re projecting US Army’s traditions on Russian military. This is wrong.

      • Nope Dtard, the Russian military and MVD have a long tradition of drug smuggling, as well as rape, murder, looting and genocide. Not to mention illegal traffiking of weapons, people, etc etc etc.

        Tajikistan: Heroin Busts Tie Russian Military To Drug Trade

        Central Asia: Charges Link Russian Military To Drug Trade

        The Drug Trade in Contemporary Russia
        The complicity of security personnel in the trade is especially
        problematic. Besides military personnel, the police, border guards and the
        customs service — possibly the most corrupted part of Russian law
        enforcement — are all deeply involved in the burgeoning drug trade.
        Although arrests have been made, these are almost always limited to the
        lowest links of the drug chain and not enough effort has been made to
        target those involved in higher level operations.

        Click to access Louise_Shelley.pdf

  3. Another ‘picture of mr. putin in action’- no frontal nudity this time – quelle dommage….

  4. Thank you for he article. Something that I have picked up on is that the KGB has been working overtime on their disinformation about “Russia”. They are again trying to convince the world that “Russia” is an ancient civilization. I even saw fake maps appearing in wiki recently also.

    This is the reason why they are massively involved in their humomgous disinformation campain:

    Medvedev suggested that Ukraine together to mark 1150 years of Russian statehood


    Read more:


  5. If those so called artifacts had in fact been underwater for all that time, one would think that they would have some sort of water algae attached to them.

    But looking at the cleanliness of them, it would not surprise me in the least if they had recently been “planted” underwater for Vova himself to ‘discover’ them miraculously at a later date. Only a brain damaged KGB, etc stukach would believe such naive propaganda!

    What next in your propaganda make belief of your greatness ‘O’ great fuehrer of all the mother ruSSias? The KGB’s Disinformation Department taught ‘ya’ well Vova? or was it the Stasi?? Eh comrade!

    • This is a propaganda stunt, of course. Reminds me of a glorious picture of Chairman Mao going for a swim in the River Yellow (with many underwater divers supporting him underneath). The divers were of course concealed and invisible to an observer.

  6. No, that was the Yangtse not the Yellow. My mistake. But here is a wonderful video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN1P2DHE26g

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