EDITORIAL: Oops!!! Ouch!!!


Oops!!!  Ouch!!!

Oops!!!  Oops II!!!


Nuff said.

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  1. Oops!!!


    You are an ILLITERATE GOAT. Russia did not stop shooting satellites into space, it LOST one of the most expensive and important satellites ever made. You make Russia look like a nations of baboons. Was that your intention?

    • NASA has retired the shuttle. Good. Now, we need to shut down the entire agency completely. Profitable projects can be (and actually are) carried out by private business. It’s a waste to support the projects that are not commercially viable or create no other visible value.

    • “Oops!!!” indeed, new-sky.



      A Russian supply ship carrying cargo for the International Space Station on Wednesday failed to reach orbit shortly after blast-off, with reports saying it may have crashed into the Earth.

      The Interfax news agency quoted a source as saying it may have crashed into Siberia while RIA Novosti said it could have hit Russia’s Altai region on the border with Mongolia and China.

      • A Russian space expert said the accident should not immediately threaten the safety of the six-person crew because they had a two-to-three months supply of fuel and oxygen.

        “But considering that the (US) shuttles no longer fly, Russian mission control may decide to reduce the size of the ISS crew because of supply problem,” analyst Sergei Puzanov told Interfax.

        The news comes just weeks after the end of the US space shuttle program made Russia the world’s only link with the ISS and its alternating multinational crew.

        Russia has experienced five launch failures in the past nine months but has until now not had any recent problems with Soyuz rocket missions that fly to the ISS.

        Russia in December suffered one its most embarrassing space failures in recent times when three navigation satellites for the new Russian Glonass system crashed into the ocean off Hawaii instead of reaching orbit. Officials later admitted that a simple fuel miscalculation was to blame.

        In February, Russia then put its new Geo-IK-2 military satellite into the wrong orbit, rendering it useless for defence purposes.

        And only last week, Russia lost its new Express-AM4 digital television, telephone and Internet satellite after a failed launch from Baikonur.

        (Btw, Soviet Union / Russia’s only completed space shuttle, named Buran, was used only once before retiring(!), and was destroyed when… its hangar collapsed (!!!). Several others have been planned, but were never completed, even as construction of some of them had already started. No comment needed, hm?)

    • The link is in Spanish. What does it say

      • Nothing at all, apparently it’s a new trend among the rich Russians now to be vacationing in Catalonia and the Spanish had to hire Russian-speakers because many Russians can’t speak English.

        • Robert, rich Russians don”t spend his time in Catalonia.

          • newsky; in Germany and Austria, though, in the best hotels there, Western visitors keep cancelling the reservation, en masse, if there is ONE russian in the same hotel…. Shall we call it cultural, unsurmontable, differences that shows a total contempt and disgust for everything russian…..

      • For RV
        “Russians have a higher cultural level, they are not as noisy, happy to make a purchase AND DRINK LESS THAN BRITISH TOURISTS,” says Salas Indalecio (Indaleci Salas), board member of the Hotel Gran Palas. This is the only five-star hotel in La Pineda (la Pineda) in Vila Seca (Vila-seca). Russians occupy from 70% to 80% of the hotel. They come together and families. Among them are young and old. They are attracted by the sun and beaches but not only. They really like Barcelona, and everyone wants to visit this city. Among her favorite places to visit – Montserrat and Disneyland, which is called Port Aventura. And, of course, go shopping, buying products the best known brands in Barcelona, Reus and Salou. Perhaps that is why Russian tourists more striking than the British, who prefer to sit next to the hotel pool, and go have some fun with just the sunset.
        According to Tourism Research Foundation Costa Daurada, in the five years the share of Russian tourists in the area increased from 1.1% to the current 18%. Increasing the number of tourists went on increasing, and this year it has doubled. In absolute terms, the Russian tourists caught up with the British, though, if you take specific places such as La Pineda, the overwhelming majority of Russians there.
        “Previously, almost all came from St. Petersburg and Moscow, AND NOW COMES FROM ALL OVER RUSSIA.”
        From year to year sales and service staff, who by the nature of talks with holiday-makers, are increasingly mastering the Russian language.
        during the season of Russian tourists spend an average of 1 400 – 1600 euros. In the offseason – from 1000 to 1200 euros.

        • Thanks for the translation. So, what’s your point?

        • There was nothing about “Disneyland” in the article. And for a good reason: the only Disneyland in Europe is in Paris.

          Whoever did this translation for you (“ALL YEAR KOPIVSHIE TO LEAVE”), don’t ask them to translate anything for you again.

          Btw, more from the Russian land of absurd:

          Chechnya is to get its own version of Disneyland under plans announced by the war-battered republic’s prime minister.
          “Therefore, next year, we will launch not only a multifunctional sports centre for the Terek football club, but a Disneyland and a swimming/leisure complex,” he said in remarks broadcast by the Ekho Moskvy radio station.

          No, it was not Kadyrov. It was Sergei Abramov, in 2004. Some time later Kadyrov arranged a “car accident” for Abramov, as he stood in a way to the post of prime minister (as a stepstone for presidency-for-life), so probably this is the reason there’s still no Disneyland in Chechnya.

          • Although Disneyland is a land of fantasy and make belief, I don’t think that they are stupid enough to grant a license/franchise to that mass murderer Kadyrov.

            I mean what would they erect in “their” Disneyland? Torture Chambers, dingy cells to hold prisoners or execution rooms? So that the spectators can get some first hand experience of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the bargain. Undoubtedly the “leather whipping room” will be a big hit with all the sick in the head ‘masochists’.

            Dream on sick in the mind Kadyrov, dream on.

  2. @Bees on a Plane and other Russian airlines adventures

  3. Robert, you probably have never been to either Spain or France. I tell you a secret, but the local population problems with English or simply do not want to talk to him.

    • @I tell you a secret, but the local population problems with English or simply do not want to talk to him.

      If it’s your kind of English, no wonder.

  4. You stupid americans will never understand that we in Russia will always allow our official to take on the plane whatever they want, especially bees or even snakes. You just will never understand how to build really effective government. All our vip officials feel their potential is fully recognized, so if someone need to carry bees on the plane, he can bloody do it. Unlike in your stupid America! You are not even allowed to bring guns on the plane. How can you protect yourself on the plane if someone points gun at you? Stupid amercosy…

  5. I think we must ban all international flights because you american-imperialist bitches made us all obey your stupid rules. We can not even take our pets, like bees or bears on the plane to Amerika, well then, who needs to go there anyway. No bees, no scissors, no guns, you are bloody stupid, you think we will obey your rules? You want to rules the world with your stupid rules. But it will not work everywhere, remember it !

  6. Only those, who do nothing, never mistake.

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