EDITORIAL: Barack Obama, Traitor to his Country


Barack Obama, Traitor to his Country

On August 2, 2011, ITAR-TASS published an interview between its CEO Mikhail Gusman, appointed to his job by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin because ITAR-TASS is the Kremlin’s official newswire mouthpiece, and U.S. President Barack Obama.

In it, Obama stated:

I think it’s important for us to look back over the last two years and see the enormous progress we’ve made. I started talking about reset when I was still a candidate for President, and immediately reached out to President Medvedev as soon as I was elected. And we have been I think extraordinarily successful partners in moving towards reset.

Reading this statement, there is only one conclusion that a thoughtful, well-informed Russia watcher can come to: Obama is a liar and a traitor to his country who must be immediately impeached and removed from office.

Obama’s outrageous lie was book-ended, thank heavens, by two pieces of truly brilliant reporting from the Washington Times and its reporter Eli Lake.

First, on July 27th Lake published a heroic leak of a classified report by two anonymous U.S. “officials.”  The report was published and discussed with members of Congress more than six months ago, and unequivocally concludes that Russian security forces were responsible for bombing the U.S. Embassy in September 2010, well after Medvedev had been “elected” president. Is that what Obama was referring to when he mention he and Medevedev were “extraordinarily successful partners”?  If so, Obama should spend the rest of his life in prison.

Then, on August 4th, Lake published an broader account of the brutal acts of harassment and intimidation being visited upon U.S. diplomats in Russia.  The report concludes that during the Obama administration Russia has stepped up such barbaric behavior and increasingly targeted human rights officials.  It makes it clear that U.S. intelligence officials believe the September bombing in Georgia was part and parcel of this campaign of terror, and that the Obama administration has been hiding the facts from the American people in order to protect its propaganda campaign regarding the success of the “reset” policy that Obama tried to hype when speaking to ITAR-TASS.

Putin’s KGB operatives have falsely accused an American diplomat of child rape. They  have arranged that U.S. foreign service officers “have come home to find jewelry rearranged, cigarette butts stubbed out on the kitchen table, defecations in the bathroom, and break-ins with nothing of value stolen” and that “visiting congressional staff on official delegations have complained of having their hotel rooms broken into and seeing their things rearranged.”  And they have even gone so far as to use explosive devices that could have killed Americans and their families abroad.

Obama has not only stood silent in the face of these outrageous attacks on his own people, has not merely aggressively sought to cover them up, but he has lied to the American people and the world, claiming that he has made huge progress in transforming relations with Russia on friendly terms.  In our last issue, we published a lengthy scholarly analysis showing how Obama has utterly abandoned American interests in regard to Russia and is placing American national security in direct jeopardy.

Obama was recently faced with a stark choice to make. The U.S. Senate passed a resolution condemning Russian aggression in Georgia and demanding that Russia remove its military occupation forces from Abkhazia and Ossetia.   Meanwhile, Russia’s so-called “president” Dima Medvedev issued a proclamation blaming the United States for the conflict.   Who does Obama agree with, the U.S. Senate or the Russian president?

From all appearances, Obama will choose the Russians.  He will chose his pal Medvedev, with whom he happily munched cheeseburgers and whom he praised on Russian state-sponsored TV, rather than the U.S. Senate even though his own party has a majority in that body.

This is what America now has for “leadership.”  A coward and a traitor. For the first time in U.S. history, under his rule, America’s credit rating has been downgraded.  Debt is rising, unemployment is not falling, and American values are under siege in Russia without anything like a proper defense.

Obama must go.

37 responses to “EDITORIAL: Barack Obama, Traitor to his Country

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  2. I cannot for the life of me see BO (call ‘it’ body odor or bum odor, or whatever?) being reelected, the real beauty of having free elections where the voter has the final say. He will be a one term wonder noted for his stupidity and craven fawning to an evil empire, led by a proud KGB spymaster, V. V. Putin, soon to crown himself “President for Life”.

    His blindness and stupidity are unbelievable and goes beyond belief. Points that history will judge him on, in due course.

  3. you loved Bush though right Bohdan?

    • We certainly didn’t. He was a scum-sucking traitor on Russia too! He’s the one who “looked in Putin’s eyes and glimpsed his soul and found him trustworthy” and who hosted a known Russian war criminal at the White House. That is what makes Obama’s actions so outrageous, becasuse while claiming to reset American relations and oppose Bush, what he actually did was to go even further down the road of appeasement than Bush had ever dreamed of doing. You didn’t see Bush munch burgers with Russia’s sham president, and Bush tried to implement missile defense while Obama unilaterally repealed it.

    • Which Bush? Be more specific troll.

      Let me help you dear simpleton! If you mean the last Bush then it only proves your stupidity, because he was a scum sucking imbecile of a traitor – where he must have got his stupidity from his mother (i.e. Barbara), right jon?

      However, if you are referring to his father, then I admired (as opposed to your “loved”) him for standing up to the communist scum. Got that finally right troll jon!

  4. David A. Merkel, who served as deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs in 2008 and 2009, said he had seen an escalation in these kinds of direct actions starting in the last two years of the George W. Bush administration.

    So Bush shares much of the blame too – too bad the clown who runs this site can’t read articles past the headlines.

  5. I find your phobia of everything Russian highly amusing.
    Especially since it is pretty much the only commercially successful and “politically correct” form of xenophobia as anyone vocal about his/hers bias against any group will be automatically stigmatized and dismissed as a bigot.

    Anyway, there is no tangible evidence proving that the US Embassy attempted bombing in Georgia was executed or sanctioned by Russian government. But somehow these vague unsubstantiated rumours are taken as fact. True believers, like Fox Mulder, are always hunting the shadows of their own inadequacy.

    Because if one looks at fact, current US is #1 murderer of civilians in at least 3 armed conflicts around the world. But off course, muslims are not counted as humans so the point is moot, or is it?

    • If you find allegations from the highest levels of the US security establishment that Russia bombed the US Embassy in Georgia to be funny, you are a true pschopath, and a damned scary one.

      There is plenty of proof, and anyone who looks around the Internet can easily find it. The reporting from the Washington Times relies on very highly placed sources. The Russian government is dominated by ruthless killers, and your willingness to dismiss the possibilty that they could have authorized this in the wake of incidents like the Litvinenko killing is simply ludicrous.

      You are merely a Kremlin stooge, voicing the Kremlin’s propganda unquestioningly.

      Our view about Russians are based solely on documented fact. They have chosen to be ruled by a proud KGB spy who hates the USA and all it stands for. We have every right to be afraid of that, and your suggestion that we do not is the statement of a madman.

      • 1) Umm, I have here allegations from the highest levels of the US political establishment, that the US president and the party behind him are traitors to the nation. Should I expect a revolt in the US anytime soon?

        2) There was plenty of proof in the internets that the end of times had to come in 2007. They had highly reputable sources, and, unlike the US press here, were confident enough to name their sources. So, should I consider Hillary an angel, or a demon since 2007?

        3) Would a person voicing Kremlin propaganda consciously still be a stooge? Can a stooge voice the US propaganda? What if a communist stooge starts voicing the US propaganda, does he become a stooge?

        4) Saakashvili and Yuschenko – still commies’ stooges or our son of a b#$%ch’es?

        5) What exactly is your “documented fact” about Russians? Could you by chance use the internets as a source to find, say, one more documented fact to base your view on?

        • Doubleslashforwardperson

          1:Yes, look for the revolt if Obama escapes treason charges until November 2012.

          2: What internets were you reading?

          3: Yes, there are a lot of American communist stooges. In fact, they dominate its media and politics.

          4: They both sound better than Pootiepoot right now, so I don’t care.

          5: You can look up Alexander Solshenitsyn, or Yakhov Smirnov to be funny, but I favor “The Long Walk” by Slavomir Rawicz.

  6. Jon,

    You asked your question, he answered it, and you have chosen to ignore the answer with another bout of name-calling. Clearly you are nothing but a troll with nothing constructive to back up your “comments”/trolling.

    Too bad.

    • If you think that holding intimidating military parades makes a country a “Great Power” as you put it, you are very much mistaken. But Russia can organize a goose-stepping world championship and certainly win at least silver. I think North Koreans are better at that.

  7. Anton (I`m Russian)

    B.O. is not a trator he is a clever, sensible politician, master politician. Just Russia is a Great Power and he factually recognise it. It is very exellent behavior and it is very well for USA!

    • 14 more months and we get rid of President Obama. There is no way he is going to be re-elected. His performance in office is just shameful. It pains and bothers me to no end that, as a life long registered Democrat, I have to say this, but such is the bitter truth. LR’s assertions are correct, except I see no grounds for impeachment.

      • Doubleslashforwardperson

        There’s plenty of grounds for annulment if you look a little deeper. He shouldn’t have gotten a second minute to be considered for candidacy.

        • As I said, President Obama’s performance is deeply disappointing and embarrassing, we agree on that. I also think he is not going to be re-elected if the situation in 14 months will be like what I see today. But I thin he will serve out his term, there is nothing he can be impeached for. Poor management and unfitness for the office are no grounds for impeachment.

    • anton i am russian – great power – in your dreams dear soviet/russian retard – russia is going through a ‘slow motion civil war’ I can see countries like Tatarstan, de facto independent state, run by moderate muslims and dealing with russian orthodix, buddist, catholic minorities in a civilized manner, should stay much longer under the moscow’s control. Russia is heading for the full blown bloody civil war in the near future…

  8. Anton (I`m Russian)

    You can see who stay behind pr. Medvedev. He is pr. of China and B.O. is a conscious about this fact.

  9. Jaana (I'm Finnish)

    We all here in Europe love the USA, but you should get rid of that f*cking chicken Mr. Barack Obama. ruSSia is still nowadays a very poor, corrupted country with fascists with a pedophile leader (162 cm) called Putler, corrupted shithole who is doomed to repeat the fate of the uSSr – sooner or later.

    Mr. Ronald Reagan was the greatest and we think the USA needs a president like him.

    • I second that, Jaana.

      Ronnie voted 11 times to increase taxes, raked the record budget deficit, and created largest bureaucracy – the Veterans’ Affairs. But even he looks like a much more reasonable politician compared to current conservative extremists. I almost miss him, i never thought i would.

      • Mind telling us what in the world your mindless gibberish has to do with RUSSIA? This blog is about RUSSIA, you fungus-brained ape.

        • This post is about so-called “Traitor Obama” and Jaana’s comment was about the virtues of Ronnie Reagan which aren’t Russian.
          Are you on the rag again?

          • Steeldong,

            With sick comments like “Are you on the rag again”, you are just showing that you are the average foul mouthed muscali drunkard. Have another big swig of your somogonka in the hole in the ground that is your filthy abode

            Better still swagger back to those trash rags, pravda.ru or russia today, where your filthy mouthed sick humor will be appreciated by like minded drunks.

  10. Almost without exception the comments on this issue are the products of very diseased minds. There is absolutely no question that the oligarchs who rule both Russia and the USA are scum of the most primitive sort – whoever would elevate one over the other is simply playing pathetic evil little mind games with themselves and whoever is silly enough to give their mind-farts credibility.

  11. Soetoro AKA “Obama” cannot be a traitor, since he is not an American citizen: he is a British subject due to his putative “father” and an Indonesian citizen, due to his adoptive one.
    He faithfully executes the mission for which he was sent, which is to destroy the United States and advance the interests of its enemies.

    • Knock it off. I think this issue has been beaten to death, but there is nothing to discuss anymore, after he has produced his complete birth certificate.

  12. . The man who claims the birth certificate of one Barrack Hussein Obama is most likely a “Festival Baby,” a KGB sleeper agent activated by Putin as payback for CIA recruit Gorbachev.

    How did it come about? We have to go back to the Cold War and a book called “The FBI-KGB War,” where a retired FBI counterintelligence agent describes in great detail the LEGAL work of the KGB First Directorate in America. Those of you who were in college at the time probably saw a recurring ad in your paper that went: GET PAID FOR READING NEWSPAPERS. You were told that you would be working for a private detective agency which specialized in missing persons. You read the obituary pages, looking for people who died young, far from home and family. The agency then would go to their places of birth and obtain copies of their birth certificates under the pretense of wanting to hire the persons for jobs which require background checks.

    Now an office which records births in one state does not get information on death in another state, much less country. The born person is considered alive by default. The copy of the birth certificate was then assigned to a Soviet spy in Canada, who was of approximately the same age and description. He used it to enter the US, obtain a driver’s license, a job, and eventually a security clearance that required one to be a natural-born citizen of the US.

    Now about the Festival Babies. This is the moniker given to a demographic group of half-black children born to Moscow prostitutes, and fathered by African and Caribbean delegates to the 1957 Moscow Festival of Youth and Students. Two years later, when the Patrice Lumumba Friendship University opened in Moscow, the moniker “Festival Babies” (Deti Festivalya) was continued upon halfblood children born after 1958. A halfblood baby whose real name we do not know was born sometime around then (The date does not have to match the American birth certificate exactly, since a 49 year-old man looks pretty much like a 46 year-old).

    There was no place in Russia for the Festival Babies. Their prostitute mommies dumped them into Detdomy, a soviet version of orphanages, where life for Black children was beyond hell (Obama mentions being severely bullied in childhood). But the Communist Party Central Committee found a use for them. They created a special program for preparing the Festival Babies for KGB service in countries where they had to blend into a nonwhite population. One of these Festival Babies was given the identity of one Barrack Hussein Obama, born in Hawaii shortly after it achieved statehood. Hence a genuine birth certificate, another dead person’s Social Security number, no mention of a driver’s license, no records from college and postgraduate work (A student of Occidental could automatically study at Columbia School of International Affairs under an exchange program, and could go on to any Ivy League school. And no questions could be asked under the Affirmative Action law).

  13. Clear thinking people have trouble understanding how Obama thinks. Well, he thinks like a liberal, and here is how they think:


    1. All outcome for an individual or nation can be no better or worse than any other.
    2. If an outcome is found to be better, then they must have cheated.
    3. If an outcome is found to be worse, then they must have been victimized.
    4. The amount a victim lashes out is directly proportional to the victimization. It is the cheater that is doing the victimizing.

    Use this logic to arrive at the same decisions as a liberal. Or you could just think clearly then take the opposite.

    Since Russia is a bad boy, it must have been victimized by the West. So Russia is the victim, and it is the West that is really bad.

    You can see that America is in bigger trouble than you might have thought with Obama in charge. George Bush was merely a bad president, but Obama will be a catastrophic president.

  14. has anyone here noticed what obama has been doing to us in the past 3 and a half years? anyone??

  15. Obama is clearly a traitor, and a large list of his crimes is posted on the ‘Patriot or Traitor’ website: http://www.patriotortraitor.com

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