EDITORIAL: The Wheels come Off the Putin Regime


The Wheels come Off the Putin Regime

Four stunning recent events showed how the wheels are coming off the dictatorial regime of Vladimir Putin.

First, Putin was humiliated by being denied Germany’s annual Quadriga award after international pressure forced the Germans to publicly withdraw it.

Then, a new public opinion poll revealed that Putin is becoming just as unpopular at home as he is abroad.

Then it got much worse.

Next, Putin came in for extremely intense pressure from the United States. The U.S. Senate passed a resolution demanding that Russia withdraw from Abkhazia and Ossetia, and the State Department implemented a ban on more than 60 Kremlin officials from entering the U.S. because of their complicity in the torture and murder of Sergei Magnitsky.

Finally, Putin was utterly humiliated by a brilliant bit of reporting from the Moscow Times, which showed that Putin’s efforts to discipline corrupt cops were entirely fraudulent, since the dismissed officers waltzed right back into cushy positions in the government.

The only question now is whether the craven people of Russia and the equally cowardly leaders of the NATO countries will somehow manage to find the courage to act in response to these developments, act in a meaningful way to directly challenge Putin’s authority.   The notion that Putin is an unassailably popular and/or successful leader has been shattered, and the malignant consequences of his evil regime have been exposed. But so long as Puitn is allowed to act with impunity, with only superficial gestures like Quadriga and Magnitsky to obstruct him, Putin will continue to butcher his own people and undermine world security.

If the West needed any reminding of how horrifyingly evil Putin really is, that was delivered when Putin appeared before his answer to the Hitler-Jugend, Nashi, and declared that the United States was a nation of parasites and when it was revealed that Putin’s KGB henchmen had bombed the U.S. Embassy in Georgia.  The world should have learned its lesson with the expansion of the USSR that it is not possible to wait when confronted with evil.

The world must act decisively against Putin today, or it will pay dearly for its failure tomorrow.

40 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Wheels come Off the Putin Regime

  1. Eugene Vakhovsky

    but America IS a nation of parasites. Putin is on-point as usual.


    America’s per capita GDP is FOUR TIMES HIGHER than Russia’s, which means Americans are FOUR TIMES MORE PRODUCTIVE than Russians, and their GDP is MUCH more diverse than Russia.

    Russians live off oil revenues they do not work to produce. If America is a parasite, what can you say about Russia?

    • I hope you remember this when Russia is begging for food assistance next time

    • evgeny,
      But russia IS a nation of slaves and asiatic murderes…..

      • “murderers” my retarded anglo-irish american comrade.

        • Jason, russians are not only murderers; they are born slaves who marched to the gulags WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE, like dirty animals – courtesy of their own barbaric governments they were slaughtered by millions to keep going the soviet/russian ’empire’ that can only be described as a barbaric idiocy..

    • Eugene,

      If you really care about your country, then stop breeding a nation of whores and bastards making it a world-renown sh**hole. Then come back and we’ll discuss who is parasite, who really works and who is actually sitting on an oil tube doing nothing.

      Here you go, moron:

      With more than ten times less patent applications you dare to support Putin’s ignorant claim. LR is right here: with friends like you Russia needs no enemies.

      So stop spreading your lies. Putin is a lunatic as usual.


      Profanity is not allowed on this blog, using it causes your comment to go into moderation queue and from there it is likely to be deleted.

    • bla bla bla

  2. Hey Eugene Vakhovsky, I must have missed the part of your argument where you demonstrated that America is a nation of parasites.

    I’m open minded, go ahead!

    • I’ll start:

      Lets take the fact that America, having the US dollar as the world reserve currency, has abused its privilege by inflating its supply even more than other countries, borrowed and spending to excess, and the dollars’ value has decreased. All the nations that bought trillions of US Dollars, trusting America to run it’s economy and finance properly, have now had there wealth decreased by American greed and incompetence. America also imports more than it exports, has no manufacturing, and relies on foreign countries buying it’s debt. Most of America’s prosperity is due to DEBT!

      • But you’re not really starting, because you offer ABSOLUTELY NO DOCUMENTATION OF ANY KIND for your bizarre statements.

        Were it not for American demand for oil, Russia would be bankrupt, and so would many other countries who rely on American purchases.

        The US economy is larger than the next THREE biggest GDPs COMBINED. If you think Americans are not entitled to credit for that and it is only due to debt, you are a raving psychopath.

      • I don’t think anybody was ever forced to buy U.S. bonds. China, Russia and others have invested in U.S. debt voluntarily, have they not? If they don’t like it, they are free to go to the same bond market where they bought them and to sell.

        And what do you mean “America has no manufacturing?” Some companies like GE and GM, Caterpillar and IBM, Boeing and U.S. Steel, Exxon and Motorolla would definitely disagree

        • Nobody is ever forced to feed parasytes.

          And “US workers” are heavily underpayed, and live in SE Asia.

          • Again, if Russia is unhappy, she is free to divest herself of U.S. Treasury bonds and not to invest in U.S. debt anymore. Perhaps, she will find better investments, like buying Nicaraguan or Iranian stocks or bonds.

            I don’t know what U.S. workers living in Asia are you talking about, but Boeing builds planes in Seattle and Wichita, Dow Chemical’s plants are in Michigan and DuPont’s — in Delaware. U.S. Steel’s manufacturing is in Pennsylvania and Exxon’s refineries are in Louisiana and Texas. Caterpillar is in Illinois, among other places. Of course, these and any other multinationals also conduct operations worldwide, is that’s why they are “parasites?”

            • Why so offended, RV? Of course, in the next 40 years both China, Japan, Russia and any other nation will switch from buying US bonds – becoming insecure assets.

              As to all these “industry” examples you’re talking abt, they are, sorry, pathetic. US industry was well over the border in 1965, check the tertiary sector article on WP. Now even the US agriculture went abroad. And guess what happens when the tertiary – financial – sector of the US economy starts to collapse?

              Oh, and same good old parasite argument. May I just quote instead of arguing? “[…] like many parasites, we require a willing host”. WSJ article, “Blood-sucking nation”, 7/08. Guess the nation.

              • BTW, note how the WSJ makes the same mistake you made before, claiming parasites make you feed them:))) Like if you don’t wish, you will never have any parasites, huh? Ain’t a nice assumption from the paper like WSJ?:)) And you – you could earn being an author for the WJS, RV:)

              • Dmitry, I am sure that neither you, nor RV knows what will happen in 20 years. Only mccusa knows, but no one else. For the US debt to lose its attractiveness, someone needs, at least, (i) to put in place a Central Bank of the same quality as the Fed and (ii) to ensure political stability for more than 150 years. This is not an easy task. The limits of the US ability to borrow will undoubtedly be tested, but it looks like achieving compromises and making adjustments are easier tasks than inventing a new reserve currency.

              • Boeing and DuPont are “pathetic”? Why? What’s wrong with them?

            • RV, while I agree with you that a term “parasite” should not be applied to the US economy, I suggest you should refrain from mentioning the US Steel industry next time you are talking the US economic competitive advantage. But I agree on the main point: no one forces others to invest in US debt.

              • I didn’t mean the entire steel industry which has undoubtedly shrunk since the 1950s. I only meant a specific company, U.S. Steel, which is still very much alive and is in fact quite a major steel manufacturer

                • I hope you get great value out of the money you spend to support this great company as an American tax payer. Thanks to you, it is, indeed, “very much alive and in fact quite a major steel manufacturer”.

                  • I don’t know what money I spent to support it; and I am not aware of them being bailed out lately or anything like that. But their stock of which I have some is doing reasonably well after getting out of debacle in 2008. They also pay dividends regularly. Check for yourself. The ticker is X.

                    • You pay money to protect the US market from cheap Brazilian and Ukrainian steel. I guess the logic is that the country needs at least one large steel manufacturer to be able to make the material that still has strategic military value. In any case, this is off topic. Again, unlike steel made in this country, the US currency, in my view, has clear competitive advantage vis-a-vis all others. As the supplier of the most effective currency in the world, the US creates much value for the global economy. In addition, the US does have an advantage in technology-intensive industries. Therefore, I would not agree with labelling the US economy as a parasite. Parasites are countries whose economies are dependent on government handouts, e.g. Afghanistan, Belarus and Georgia. Israel, despite its economic success, is also very much dependent on the US support. Other than that, I doubt I can name any economy that I could label as a parasite economy.

          • dymasha, And ‘Russian workers’ are hungry, drunk, living in the holes in the grounds all over chinese siberia; on their knees, as always….

  3. MCCUSA, I think you might have gone off-track somewhere along the line. This is not actually a discussion about whether Russia is a nation of murderers. Far from it in fact. It is a discussion about whether Mr Putin himself has at last been met with resistance to his corrupt government regime. Even if he has, will anything change within Russia? I am not sure it will. Putin is not a stranger to criticism from the International political community. The only way he can and will be blown off-course, is for the Russian people themselves to make a stand against his regime. Is this really going to happen?

    • Matthew Francis,
      You missed the most important point – russia is still in the process of desintegration – you can call it a ‘civil war’ in slow motion – so talking about russian people make a stand against his regime is totally irrelevant. If you think that russia can go democratic, while holding on to non russian countries, territories you must be drinking the contaminated russian samogon. I would like to see russia convincing e.g., Tatarstan, de facto an independent state, to peacefully accept russia’s control. Let’s not talk about Northern Caucasus, Chinese Siberia, or Finnish Karelie, to mantion the few…

      • Yes, mccusa likes to make predictions. A few days ago, he predicted the death of the Russian Patriarch. Now, he predicts the “desintegration of Russia”. If one could get a penny for each mccusa’s incorrect prediction one would be very rich.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Maybe mccusa is actually, shall we say, “discussing” a completely different phenomenon that only he himself is familiar with. After all, there is no such word as “desintegration” in English. Consequently, he hasn’t said a word about Russian disintegration.

  4. This is the big question Matthew because change in Russia can only come from within and with the history the country has,people there have learned to endure hardships and injustice which most of us abroad cannot even begin to understand?When will their patience finally run out?Then what will they do and what will the end result be?
    Rumours have it that Putin is still very much intending to stay in control after the elections in 2012,regardless of what his official title is of Prime Minister or President etc……

  5. Well said Martin, however some of your content needs to be ‘enlightened.’

    1. The Russians and their enslaved nations have always been bloodily suppressed throughout their long history and forced to toe the official line, be it tsarist, communist or current neo soviet run. To ensure they endure all hardships and injustices which most of us in the sane free world cannot fathom or understand, while the small leadership circle lives a life of unbelievable opulence and extravagance.

    2. Change must and will only come from the Russian ‘sheeple’ themselves. However the big ‘sixtyfour dollar’ question is when or how soon.

    3. “Rumours have it that Putin is still very much intending to stay in control after the elections in 2012,regardless of what his official title is of Prime Minister or President etc……” Rumours?? what rumours?? Just look at the facts of how he is wheeling and dealing to ensure he is “freely elected” president again. Albeit be it actually “President for Life”. Don’t believe me? well just hang on ‘kiddo’, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the final result. And as for Medvedev? forget him as he is just a useless puppet carrying out his master’s whims.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      As regards (3) above, I think Putin would sustain a jolting blow, were mccusa and Boredan to candidate. Russophobes, however, are so damn lazy they just can’t get off the computer. Typical Western petty bourgeois futility and vanity.

      • With ‘friends’ like you, ‘swedish’ russian baboon, russia doesn’t need enemies…your comments, dearlie, should be in the book on mental disorders…you never disappoint me…..

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          If I’ve done a disservice to Russia, let me know. Are you hinting here that you ARE candidating as per my advice?

  6. Once again, the comments were hijacked by trolls.

    The perhaps most symptomic part of the practice uncovered in http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/fired-police-officials-wind-up-with-cushy-jobs/441107.html is how many of them then go to Chechnya, where stealing is easier (even as the outright looting, speaking literally – as in organised pillage and mass armed robbery by so-called “police”, is now over) and where are no human rights whatsoever. Chechnya was and remains the alpha and omega of the KGB mafia “government”.

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