EDITORIAL: Russia Stuffs her Face with American Eats


Russia Stuffs her Face with American Eats

One of the most utterly hilarious lies we have heard about the people of Russia is that their taste in food is much better than that of Americans, that they have no interest in American fast food.

How odd, then, to see major stories in both the New York Times and the Moscow Times reporting on the explosive growth of American fast-food franchises in Russia.  Subway is poised to overtake McDonald’s in Russia, the MT reports, and it’s not because of lo-cal or vegetarian dining options like those popularized by spokesperson Jared Fogel in the USA.  Nope, from Subway Russians demand only sandwiches packed with fatty sausages and other meats.

The extent of Russia’s passion for American junk food is truly breathtaking, as is the extent of Russia’s hypocrisy and mendacity on the subject.

In fact, the NYT reports, Russians are so pathologically obsessed with American eats that they are prepared to pay much, much more for them than Americans do.  Though household income is $43,539 on average in the United States and a mere $7,276 in Russia, Russians pay $8.92 on average for a fast-food meal while Americans pay just $6.50.  Russians, in other words, pay one-third more in nominal terms than Americans, and since they have six times less income in relative terms they pay double what Americans do to scrarf down a burger.

The NYT reports:  “A large “the works” pizza at Papa John’s in the company’s home base of Louisville, Ky., for example, costs $14, compared with $21.62 for the same pizza in Moscow.”  Russians have six times less available money than Americans but pay nearly $6 more per pizza to eat the same food. Now that is some greasy grub love!!

The notion that Russians are somehow “above” eating American fast food is, of course, nothing but an embarrassing, hilarious relic of Soviet times – just like Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin himself.  In Soviet times, all sorts of ridiculous lies could freely circulate and be publicly stated because, like the infamous Emperor with his “new clothes,” Russia had no real flow of information and no public introspection.

But now, things are quite different. Now, when offered the opportunity to eat American junk food, Russians grab it and nobody can say otherwise.  The myth is utterly exploded. Similarly, long gone is the myth that Russians were the helpless, innocent victims of the Soviet regime. Given the chance, Russians freely allowed a proud KGB spy to take power and strip away their liberty. Russians were complicit in the Soviet atrocity, not its victims.

7 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia Stuffs her Face with American Eats

  1. ‘Subway’ is pretty same s**t. As to alternatives, I’d mention Teremok pancakes.


    Please STOP violating our clearly published rules and trying to publish profanity on our blog, you are only proving our point about how utterly vulgar Russians are.

    You suggest an alternative, but Russians ignore you. That is the point of this article, you illiterate idiot. And good luck finding Teremok in Paris or New York! Russians can’t do what Americans do, and you live in a world of denial.

  2. I think all fast food tastes bad except for Popeyes’ Chicken. Give the Russians Popeyes’ and they’ll hand every bit of Russia over for more of that spicy chicken. :D

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  4. Dude your an idiot…first off its a world wide phenomenon, mcdonalds and KFCs sprout all over the world.

    Second when you compare the average wage of Russian to a denizen of Moscow you fail. Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

    Anyway whats this obsession with hating on Russians? IDK if you looked in the mirror lately, but USA is a caricature of crony capitalism, fed by corporate welfare. A little stuck in the past?

    • Well, dude, THAT’S THE POINT!!! Russian wage and income are a TINY FRACTION of what Americans earns BUT THEIR COST OF LIVING IS HIGHER. What kind of life does that tell you Russians are living compared to Americans? Is it any wonder Russians don’t rank in the top 100 nations of the world for life expectancy?

      That is what this blog is about: The TOTAL FAILURE of the Russian government, which gives the people of Russia LOW incomes and HIGH cost of living. If you think it’s so great to live that way, why not move there? Going to?

  5. wow. I wonder if you had a Russian Exboyfriend that dumped you on your behind? Why hate Russians so much? If you don’t like them, stay away and do something more productive with your life other than creating this pointless blog. How about a volunteer job at a soup kitchen or something?

    • Wow, I wonder if you had an blogger ex-girlfriend who dumped you on your behind. Why do you hate our blog so much? Is it because you’re not nearly clever or talented enough to make a blog yourself?

      By the way, this editorial is merely restating facts reported by two major publications. Do you think they, too, were jilted? Is that really the only reason you can think of why an American would criticize a country that is run by a proud KGB spy? Do you think AT ALL before you spout your utterly pointless gibberish, not responding in ANY WAY to the substance of this article, and adopting EXACTLY the same tone of hatred you purport to criticize? THINK ABOUT IT: WHY IS IT OK FOR YOU TO HATE US BUT NOT FOR US TO HATE RUSSIA?? D’OH!!

      You are an illiterate, spineless, idiot. If this blog is waste of time, what is COMMENTING on it, you IMBECILE? Shouldn’t you be the one looking for the job in a soup kitchen?

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