EDITORIAL: Russia — Drunk, Uncivilized, Reckless and Suicidal


Russia, Uncivilized, Reckless and Suicidal

Russia has the ninth highest murder rate on this planet, higher than any other major industrialized nation.  No other nation in the world has a higher divorce rate.  Only only four nations drink more alcohol.  By contrast, Russia doesn’t even rank in the top 125 nations of the world for life expectancy.

If a person showed this kind of absolute, grim and dismal failure, a psychiatrist would no doubt classify him as a suicide risk.    Indeed, Russia seems to be, for all the world, an entire nation hellbent on suicide — and indeed only five countries on this planet have people more likely to commit suicide than Russians.

Many intelligent people would suggest that there is a direct connection between Russia’s place in the world’s top ten for murder, suicide and divorce and its top-ten position for alcohol abuse.  Certainly, the Russian government sees it that way.  For this reason the Kremlin has launched a policy of open warfare with alcohol, dramatically increasing taxes on both vodka and beer (a drink which, until recently, Russia classified as a “food”).

But the notion that Russia can solve its problem of alcohol abuse using brute force measures like taxation is abject nonsense.

It can no more do so than it can address its population crisis by bribing women to have babies.  The only way that Russian society can become healthier is for Russians to forthrightly address their myriad social ills and change their country into one that people don’t feel the need to escape from by abusing alcohol and committing suicide.

Unfortunately, no such thing can happen in Russia under the country’s current leadership.  Ruled by a clan of proud KBG spies, Russia simply does not have the ability for introspection and self-analysis.  These spies know that they cannot afford to allow real information in the hands of the people, much less can they give people the ability to do something with that information.  Such freedom would mean the certain loss of the regime’s power, since the regime’s failed polices would immediately be seen as responsible for Russia’s problems and reformed.

So Russia goes on rushing down the path to self-destruction.

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