EDITORIAL: Bulgaria Educates Russia


Bulgaria Educates Russia

We could hardly help squealing with delight late last month when Bulgaria gave Russia a lesson by painting a Soviet war statue, shown above, so that the Soviet soldiers looked like American superheros (Wolverine, Superman and Captain America, for instance), as shown below.

The repainting came just in the time for the 70th anniversary of Germany’s attack on Russia in World War II.

Russians screamed and howled in its predictable and impotent manner, but for months before the supposedly sacred monument had been fronted by a skateboarders’ half-pipe, and Russians had said and done nothing.

Russians were 0nce again confronted by the cold fact that they have burned their bridges all across Eastern Europe, and now watch powerlessly as all these nations drift into the Western fold and embrace American values, rejecting Russia and all it stands for. Many of these nations have joined NATO and the EU.

Russians claim “victory” in World War II even though the Germans killed nearly 40 million Soviet citizens and of all men born in the Soviet Union between 1921 and 1923, only 3 percent survived.  So, what Russia actually should be doing is mourning a horrific loss and failure.  But as is so often the case with Russians, they do exactly the opposite of what they should be doing.

It is the height of irony that Russians complain about the West failing to give them due credit for their “victory.”  Not only do Russians give the West no credit whatsoever, but they teach their children they “won” a war that resulted in total devastation and national collapse.

40 responses to “EDITORIAL: Bulgaria Educates Russia

  1. I wish they would do that here in Riga!

    • There is a lot of nazy In riga! Used to be slaves of Hitler, Cowards,haha!

      • Funny how so many more Russians served Hitler, such as the Hiwi….

        • Or Vlassov’s army, which was made up of thousands – yes thousands – of Russians (i.e. ex P.O.W.’s) in Nazi Germany’s service.

          The Soviets kept a very low key about this Russian army in the service of Nazi Germany. Although after the war they did hang Vlassov and several of his senior staff as a ‘thank you for your sterling service to the Nazi regime.’

      • “nazy”?

      • Che, do I have to remind you that the russian slaves marched from the so called ‘victory parade’ in moscow in 1945 DIRECTLY to the gulags of the soviet union WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE. Russians are truly the bag of sh#$%t that can be discarded by anybody. Russians lives are cheap indeed. So dear che che che, the ony thing you should do is to remove forceably ALL russians from all baltic states and move them where the russians belong in the gulags.

  2. Is good art, good humor.

    Aga, best candidates in Riga are them at victory monument base.

  3. There is still the better solution for all ‘soviet monuments’ to the ‘glory of the soviet army’ that infested ex satellite-countries of Central Europe; sell them for cash to russia – then putin government would be able to gradually replace the DOG FOOD that russian army is being fed with, with the very basic staple diet of potatoes and cabbage…

  4. ف٤رابؤتلببييلتثححجج٩٩٥ق٢بلتننااا

  5. U all forced to s___ck American co___ck! Nice!

    • Speaking from experience el commandante comrade Che???

      Wink, wink, nudge, nudge – say no more. I understand.

  6. I re-iterate: Ceaseless Western drivel about World War 2 is an institutionalized propaganda fraud kept going by the ruling Big Bourgeoisie and its corporate media. Evidently, the chief purpose of this whole trash indoctrination campaign — allegedly “historical science” — has been to keep the West’s home constituencies forever dumbed-down, self-opinioned, and arrogant.

    But for all noisy, mendacious Western revisionist tripe, it’s actually not the past but the future which constitutes the REAL source of conflict. And be aware too, dear readership, that it’s our very contemporary reality that puts matters into perspective properly. To fully understand the role assigned by the powers that be to their perpetuated drivel about World War 2 — especially their painting it ever more in brown with each passing year — here goes:

    As far as capitalism — especially decaying, parasitic Western capitalism — is concerned, German Nazism is appreciably less problematic than is the example set by Soviet socialism. Hitler was, after all, a very Western politician, mostly aping his Anglo-American forerunners with an eye to make his country wealthy at other peoples’ expense. Land-grabbing, enslavement, torture, genocide, and racist chauvinism are Anglo behavioural traits par excellence, albeit against non-European peoples and cultures only (arguably, Ireland could be cited as the exception that proves the rule).

    The only reason why an overall disapproval of Nazi Germany still persists in the West is because of the needs to defend the existence of the Zionazi statelet.

    • Are you saying Hitler was no different from, say Churchill? According to you, England and the U.S., on the one hand, and Hitler, on the other, followed the same course. As you put it, that course was “land-grabbing, enslavement, torture, genocide, and racist chauvinism.” So, if Hitler and the West were the same, why did Churchill went to war against Germany (and Hitler against the United States)? Or do you deny these well known facts? Why couldn’t Hitler and the West achieve some accommodation if they has the same goals of “land-grabbing, enslavement, torture, genocide, and racist chauvinism.”

      By the way,is the last paragraph of your diatribe in the nature of Holocaust-denying or merely a reflection of your general anti-Semitism. Pray tell, many of us would like to know.

      • Don’t hold your breath for an intelligent answer RV, as I doubt that you will get a reply, if at all.

        You can imagine what a scrambled heap of B/S his upstairs department is, for him to believe that propaganda he vomits out ad nauseum. He missed out on his true calling of being on Dr J. Goebbels propaganda ministry – just imagine – to this day no one would know that Nazi Germany had lost the war or that the holocaust had actually happened.

        He sadly lacks in logical thinking, and hence is prone to brainwashing, classic cases in all communist indoctrinated vegetables. Also you have to remember he is a “Swede.”

        • Sad, isn’t it? Europe is full of American military cemeteries, and these ultra-leftists are still telling us that Anglo-American goals were essentially the same as those of Hitler.

      • Dead right, RV: Hitler was no different from Churchill. Or more to the pont: The British Empire was no different from Nazi Germany. I usually refrain from inserting “famous quotations” into my own texts as the habit of doing so tends to end up in endless, hollow shouting far too often. But the nature of British imperialism (and one of its more prominent figureheads) is too strong a case in point to be overlooked. Churchill’s German counterpart is remarkably perspicacious as he mocks the falsehoods of the German Professoriat of the early 20th century:

        >> The talk about the ‘peaceful economic’ conquest of the world was possibly the greatest nonsense which has ever been exalted to be a guiding principle of state policy. What made this nonsense even worse was that its proponents did not hesitate to call upon England as a crown witness for the possibility of such an achievement /…/ England, in particular, should have been recognized as the striking refutation of this theory; for no people has ever with greater brutality better prepared its economic conquests with the sword, and later ruthlessly defended them than the English nation. >>

        As for Churchill, he participated passionately in colonial slaughters, most notably in Africa, and he had a burning hatred for and contempt of Britain’s hapless subjects in India. Last but not least, to cheer up the Russophobes, let it be known too that Churchill was in charge of a White contingent that tried to capture Murmansk back in Russia’s civil war. Its military tactics were indistinguishable from those of Cecil Rhodes and Adolf Hitler.

        So, in short, the accusation of “Holocaust denial” is on the Western petty bourgeoisie and its reactionary world outlook.

        • Manfred, your retardation is all too apparent.

          “. Land-grabbing, enslavement, torture, genocide, and racist chauvinism are Anglo behavioural traits par excellence, albeit against non-European peoples and cultures only”

          What about Russian “land grabbing, torture, genocide and racist chauvinism” which were committed against all non Russian peoples in the Russian empire, and later in the Soviet Union, and of course even today?

        • I think you have really made it very clear who you are.

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  8. Russian nationalist

    1) “Bulgaria gave Russia a lesson…” A lesson in what? Tasteless pranks? I grew up in Central Russia where we had many German WWII graveyards. It never occurred to anybody to vandalise the graves of the German soldiers. I think it’s obvious to any normal person but not to the Russophobe.
    2) “Not only do Russians give the West no credit whatsoever, but they teach their children they “won” a war …” It’s a ridiculous statement. Russian history textbooks tell the stories of the “second front”, Anglo-American lend lease etc. They teach children that it was our common victory. If you quote on some stupid Stalin-lovers then I don’t see a lot of differences between them and the Russophobe.

    • Were there really German military graveyards in the Soviet times?

      Just some token cemetaries for the sake of the eternal fraternal friendship with East Germany, I presume. And/or paid by West Germany.

      Oh, here is some statistics (from 2000):

      Russia has a total of 89 cemeteries for foreign soldiers, containing the remains of an estimated 400,000 people, according to a Reuters report on Monday.

      Not much. But of course even millions of Soviet soldiers were never properly buried (that is in marked graves). I mean, to this day. There was never a state-organised effort do it, even for these who were killed near Moscow.

      But then again, there was also stuff like that (and I mean Germans, but not soldiers, and buried, but in a mass grave which was hidden all the time until recently): http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/jan/13/mass-grave-poland-german-war

      • Russian nationalist

        As a boy I saw German military cemeteries in Tambov region. I don’t know how many of them were scattered across the USSR.
        I hate hypocrisy of the Putin’s junta too. They cry for Soviet monuments abroad when tens of thousands of the Russian soldiers are still not properly buried in Russia itself. (By the way there are a lot of people in Russia who during their spare time look for the remains of those who are still unburied (both Germans and Russians) and push authorities to bury them.)
        The way they deal with few veterans of the WWII who are still alive is appalling. No wonder veterans post their military decorations to Putin.
        But! What does Putin’s junta have to do with millions of Russians who were killed in Eastern Europe fighting the Nazis?

        • The number is rather in millions. Tens of thousands goes for the Moscow region alone. I think a cost of one annual Victory Day tank parade would be probably enough to find most of them and bury them with honors, using the same soldiers to dig instead of practicing goose-stepping:

          But another thing is how the 3 million murdered Red Army POWs are almost completely forgotten. About the enormity of this crime: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2010/oct/21/secondworldwar-russia – and the comments are full of people who jump to defend Stalin, for some reason, because this is apparently the most important thing to do when a rare article in the British press remembers the genocide of Soviet POWs.

          • Russian nationalist

            I haven’t noticed that the British public is somehow pro-Stalin. What I see here is that the commentators try to differentiate between Hitler’s intension for purposeful annihilation of the Russian and Ukrainian population (since Ukraine and Western Russia were supposed to be included into the Reich) and Stalin’s famine created by his policies to accumulate as much grains as possible and then sell it abroad in exchange for American aid with the industrialisation. I personally think that no any considerations could justify Stalin. Moreover, as it turned out all those sacrifices had been made in vain. The Germans crushed the Stalin’s pre-war army during first three months of the war.

    • If your point 2) is true, you better explain it to this ridiculous Manfred. When the whole world knows that England and the United States were allied against Hitler, he calls this propaganda of “Western petty bourgeoisie” and so on. According to him, the truth was that the “British Empire was no different from Nazi Germany.” Perhaps, a line or two coming from you will have a better educational value — I think it will be more difficult to say that a Russian nationalist is a Western propagandist

      • Dobn’t you really see the guy is either:
        -or trolling?

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Wrong, RV: The Western petty bourgeoisie doesn’t fabricate Western propaganda; the ruling class does. The petty bourgeoisie parrots this propaganda — the intended result all along. Consequently, the whole world EXCEPT the Western petty bourgeoisie knows that the Anglo-American practice of conquest, plunder, and outright genocide not only postdates but also predates that of Nazi Germany by a VERY long way.

        Opposing Hitler doesn’t imply opposng White supremacy and Imperialist privilege, mind you. And a Russian nationalist could well be a Western bootlicker. Russia wavers between Eurocentrism and internationalism.

    • A lesson in how Russia has burned her bridges in Eastern Europe, how she is impotent to halt their march into the West.

    • The lesson is very simply, russian nationalist, get the f#@$% out of Europe,take with you the testeless russian monuments which are the source of the crudest jokes about russia all over europe; your place is east of the Ural mountains. Whoops, I think the east of ural is already chinese. Russia was rejected by Asia and Europe, and TOTALLY ignored and humiliated by the USA. Here in the Sates, russia is called kleptocratic, barbarian murderous asiatic country. I am sure, russian nationalist, you agree with this assessment of your country…..

      • Russian nationalist

        It’s very strange that such a passionate person like you hasn’t noticed that the Soviet troops got out of Eastern Europe two decades ago. Don’t you think you are a little bit late with your calls? Moreover, I can’t get what Russia has in common with the USSR. As we say in Russian “a holy place is never empty”. So, I hope the artistic taste of the American troops who replaced Soviets in the Eastern Europe now is better. Can’t be sure though.
        You are absolutely correct. “Russian government” is a laughing stock now. The only reservation is that it’s not a RUSSIAN government.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Congrats, but we already know which kind of school you graduated from, Pshek. Don’t blame the Russians for your own worthless, spineless character.

        It’s quite evident that Russia could easily shut the fat, ugly mouths of mccusa et al by flexing her muscles, but the Russian government is way smarter. Western imperialism is hopelessly entrenched in its ludicrous unending “War on Terror”, having to feed and entertain a completely unproductive and parasitic domestic populace simply in order to preserve social peace. This is utterly untenable.

        Thus, Putin doesn’t have to take on any Western imbeciles (of whatever descent). These will have to be dealt with by Western imperialism itself. In short: Civil war between parasitic classes. An absolute must-see!

      • “Here in the Sates, russia is called kleptocratic, barbarian murderous asiatic country.” – Here in the Russia, USA is called… Im sure you know…

  9. “Extraordinarily imaginative Hitler led to the fact that he underestimated the power of the well-known Soviet power. Hitler claimed that the motorization of ground and air forces, opens up new prospects for success, which can not be compared with the prospects available anywhere once the Swedish king Charles XII and Napoleon. He argued that we can count on is that if successful the first attack against the enemy of his Soviet state system would collapse. He hoped further that the Russian people accept the idea of ​​then National Socialism. But when the war started, many things happened that prevented this turn. The mistreatment of the population of the occupied areas by the higher Party bodies, the desire of Hitler to disband the Russian Empire and Germany attach to a large part of Russian territory – all united under the banner of all the Russian Stalin. They fought against foreign invaders for “Mother Russia”. – Heinz Wilhelm Guderian

    The victory for the Russian one for all, we do not stand up for the price (words from song). We are proud of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who gave their lives for us. Only the Russian soldiers before a battle could give all his grocery store to local civilians, because the know – from the fight they did not return.
    One of my grandfathers participated in the battles at Stalingrad and Kursk. Wounded, but returned to live in 1945. In his words he does not understand how the survivors, because the said goodbye the family and his life when he went to that terrible war. And about that war I tell my children’s not from textbooks, but what told my heroic grandfather. And they talked a lot.

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  11. random visitor

    seriously, you should respect the sacrifice of millions of russians who fought to defeat nazism.

  12. random visitor

    why do not you talk about what U.S.A. did in Vietnam? I’ll give you a clue,,, agent orange, napalm .. ooops,,,I forgot….. u.s.a., with its fancy superheroes is the birthplace of democracy, right?

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