Мы сегодня в цирк поедем!

Мы сегодня в цирк поедем!
На арене нынче снова
С дрессированным Медведем
Укротитель дядя Вова.
От восторга цирк немеет!
Хохочу, держась за папу,
А Медведь рычать не смеет,
Лишь сосет потешно лапу,
Сам себя берет за шкирки,
Важно кланяется детям.
До чего забавно в цирке
С дядей Вовой и Медведем!

Today we are going to the circus!
Once again we’ll see our favorite attraction
The wonderful performing Mr. Bear*
And his fearless trainer Uncle Vova**.
We can barely stand the pleasure!
As Mr. Bear walks holding Daddy’s hand
He doesn’t dare to make a growl,
We laugh as he cutely sucks his paw
The trainer takes him by the collar,
To remind him that he needs to bow.
What fun we have at the circus
With Uncle Vova and Mr. Bear!

*The name “Medvedev” is based on Russian word for “bear”

**”Vova” is a nickname for Vladimir, as in Vladimir Putin.

This poem is based on a famous Russian nursery ryhme.

Corrections to transation are welcome, as is anyone who would like to provide a ryhming translation.

One response to “Мы сегодня в цирк поедем!


    A Russian fellow was overweight, so his doctor put him on a diet.

    ‘I want you to eat regularly for 2 days, then skip a day, then eat regularly again for 2 days then skip a day …… And repeat this procedure for 2 weeks. The next time I see you, you should have lost at least 5 pounds.’

    When the Russian guy returned, he shocked the doctor by having lost nearly 40lbs!

    ‘Why, that’s amazing!’ the doctor said, ‘Did you follow my instructions?’ The Russian guy nodded … ‘I’ll tell you though, by God, I thought I was going to drop dead on that 3rd day.’

    ‘From the hunger, you mean?’ asked the doctor.

    ‘No, from all that skipping.’

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