EDITORIAL: Welcome to the Horror of Neo-Soviet Russia


Welcome to the Horror of Neo-Soviet Russia

When you click the jump, you will see an image of the leather trench coat that was worn by officers of the NKVD, the organization that became the KGB and is now the FSB (the organization has twice been required to change its name to try to ward off its disgraceful past).  The NKVD, like their successors, were responsible for  horrific crimes against the people of Russia and were a legion of goons that terrorized the country in order to support the Stalin dictatorship.  They were integral in carrying out one of the most infamous crimes against humanity in world history, the Katyn massacre in 1940 Poland.

Now have a look at the coats that have just been purchased by the FSO, the Russian version of the U.S. Secret Service, at cost of over $100,000:

Do you see any difference? We sure don’t.  And we are appalled.

Ever since this blog was founded, we have been using the term “neo-Soviet” to describe the goals and practices of proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin. At first, some ridiculed the use of this term, claiming that Russians were not stupid and could “never go back” to the dark days of Soviet dictatorship.

But in our issue today, we report on a whole group of influential Russians who have published an open letter arguing that Russia is hurtling back towards totalitarianism. Putin has revived the melody of the national anthem of the USSR, he has sought to rehabilitate Stalin, and now even the black leather overcoats are back.  We rest our case.

If the people of Russia continue their cowardly silence as these atrocities continue, then they cannot complain when the inevitable hardships of neo-Soviet brutality rain down upon them and their children. They will deserve their fate, and our outrage and contempt as that fate inevitably spills over onto the outside world, as it surely did in Soviet times.


8 responses to “EDITORIAL: Welcome to the Horror of Neo-Soviet Russia

  1. Not twice, and don’t forged the current MVD (Interior Ministry) and SVR (foreign intelligence) have also roots in the the NKVD as well!

    So, the successor and branch-out agencies of the NKVD included:

    -KI (MGB + the military intelligence GRU together for a while!)
    -FSK (in-between the KGB and the FSB!)

    Before NKVD there were also CHEKA, GPU, OGPU, GUGB…

    And still I might have forget some.

  2. I bet those brain dead ‘commo’ trolls, like A-solute T-rash, Manfreddo Limpdick, Maimuni, Dimwitry and et al will be silent on this article. In all honesty what can they say to hide the monstrous crimes committed by their beloved Chekists to ensure the survival of this evil that was the Soviet and is now the neo soviet empire that is Russia?

  3. Don’t you know their answer to this? I do. You see, the NKVD was in the old U.S.S.R. which is now defunct. And modern Russia has nothing to do with it, it’s a different country. And the fact they are going to use the same or very similar uniform is just a coincidence, except maybe some of them with highly developed sense of fashion might admit that wearing leather looks vulgar and cheesy. That’s all Bohdan, you are not going to hear anything else.

    • Wearing leather often does look vulgar and cheesy, so I find the story quite bizzare, and hopefully it will remain a yellow press story. The NKVD was in the old USSR, which is now defunct. In fact, the NKVD was in Stalin’s USSR, which became defunct in the 1950s. That’s all I am going to say. You nailed it: after all you are a thinking person too.

  4. The Byzantine tradition of permanent intrigues and fights for the power have created the secret services having few analogs in the world.From “oprichniks” of Ivan the Terrible to the NKVD ( Europeanized Romanovs`s police not counted). The enormous Russian territory makes the army watch and command the difficult task, so the secret service is the main nerv of the country. While the army`s prestige today is falling the FSB doesn`t need to invite the stuff. The weaker the government and army-the stronger the FSB. This is the Russian necessity.

  5. where can I buy one of these trench coats? They look quite stylish and modern!
    Style sure does repeat itself, I just hope history doesn’t!

  6. Der Kommissar

    So apparently wearing trench coats equates to returning to Stalinist Russia. Yep, looks legit. Well, it’s like this. You guys need to get out more. Or get a better social engineering team leader to co-ordinate this comical farce of a shilling drive, because guys? Tinfoil hats is so passe. A lot more passe than trenchcoats I might add, which quite frankly as a fashion student I have to say is cool as proverbial. That’s how I came across this charming little corner of the internet of paranoid rabies. Looking for trenchcoats for a story board. Oh and guys, I still remember the eastern block. I was born in communist Hungary. Here’s one to do your noodle in. Life there was better than for the millions of homeless in the “#1 western superpower”, the good ol’ US of A today. True story. Oh btw, what are people’s oppinions on the militerisation of the local police in that country? Seeing as unifiorms = totalitarian regimes and all. Does that mean the US is a military junta? Just wondering.

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