Putin Carries on Hitler’s Work

The Other Russia reports:

As Russia celebrates the 66th anniversary of the Nazi’s capitulation in World War II, 83-year-old veteran Anton Karavanets describes his life like this: “I live the life of a pauper, I feel redundant in my own country, the country I once risked my life for. Yet another anniversary since the end of the Second World War is approaching, and there are fewer and fewer of us, war survivors, left.”

Despite repeated promises from the Russian government to ensure a good life for its veterans, Karavanets is not alone in his sentiments. Feeling abandoned, some have returned their medals as they literally struggle to survive in abysmal conditions.

As United Civil Front leader Garry Kasparov argues, Russia’s ruling regime has offended its veterans in the worst possible way: by essentially carrying out the work of the Third Reich.

Occupier Day
By Garry Kasparov
May 11, 2011

In Brezhnev’s time, Victory Day began to be actively used to strengthen the ideological basis of the Soviet system. Victory in the Great Patriotic War became not just a symbol to bring society together, but a central element of Soviet propaganda, justifying growing socio-economic problems and all the crimes of the Stalin era. Naturally, the real history of the Great War was sacrificed for a semi-official myth that worked to their advantage.

But for all the satirical attempts to present Brezhnev as a significant participant in military actions, that generation of ruling Soviet leaders had a direct link to the war all the same – they experienced the ordeal in one way or another. The Putin regime’s exploitation of the military theme cannot be called anything other than a tragic farce. The Soviet regime concealed its anti-Western essence with peace-loving rhetoric, and today aggressive rhetoric serves as a cover for the integration of the corrupt Russian elite into the Western financial and economic establishment.

The promises repeated year after year to fix veterans’ problems sound of mockery. There are fewer and fewer people left who took part in the Great Patriotic War, but even with the treasury overflowing with petrodollars, the government does not feel it necessary to give them the opportunity to live out their days in good conditions and give them the benefits that these people have earned by their feats. The constant assurances that apartments and cars will be provided for them conclude with the provision of pitiful rations. Those who held out under the hail of bullets from the Wehrmacht’s elite divisions are mockingly used by a government rolling in gold as a decoration for ritual presentations.

The Kremlin leaders sprawled out on their armchairs watching the Victory Day parade perhaps only symbolize the victory of a thieving regime over an entire country. Under the leadership of Putin, a former Dresden resident spy, the basic tenets of the Third Reich in regards to Russia have been carried out. The country has turned into a raw materials appendage for the civilized world, the population is defenseless before bureaucratic and police lawlessness, social infrastructure is in a pitiful state, the most talented and capable young people are breaking away to the West in search of a better life, and funds made from selling natural resources are kept in Western banks and used to develop other countries, most of all European ones.

I’d like to say that this all happened without a single shot, but this, of course, is not the case. The bloody events of October 1993, two Chechen wars, terror in the North Caucasus, and the murders of journalists and political opponents accompanied the formation of the current regime. Without question, this bloodshed is nothing compared to what happened seventy years ago. But the country that withstood the onslaught of Hitler’s tanks has turned out to be defenseless in the face of the acute forms of theft of its ruling elite.

The ostentatious renaming of the militsiya to the politsiya can also be seen as a mockery of history, as if the only thing needed to complete the picture of the occupying regime was a police element. Any illusions that it’s possible to somehow negotiate with this regime are, at a minimum, a dangerous misconception, and any sort of work for the government is collaboration. The occupying regime is not going to change as a result of work to improve it from within. It will fall only after clashing with the organized resistance of the entire population.

77 responses to “Putin Carries on Hitler’s Work

  1. Nice try, dullards. World War 2 — here we go again:

    >> But the country that withstood the onslaught of Hitler’s tanks has turned out to be defenseless in the face of the acute forms of theft of its ruling elite. >>

    Educating as always, Western bourgeois drivel about (or at least related to) World War 2. The opening part of the above pronunciamiento is totally at odds with LR’s equally ‘infallible’ assessment of just three weeks earlier: “Get it Straight: Russia Lost World War 2”. As for the concluding part, it has the smell of classic Western garbage juice; to wit, loud-mouthed slander and wishful thinking.

    Ne vous inquiétez pas, très chers Messieurs-Dames Les Russophobes. Russia suffered horribly at the hands of the Oligarchs and their psychotic Western advisors 20 years ago but has since recovered. Hence your presence on the Internet, dolts.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Today is an absolutely WONDERFUL day in Stockholm. Sunny and warm summer day. How’s it like down in the Mediterranean, Cretin?

  2. Manfreddo Limpschwanz (the impotent)

    The drivel you write is just pure communist “verbal diarrhea”, of which you suffer aplenty/badly from.

    To write anything intelligent is physically impossible for you, so just give up turd brain. Or better still get on Russia Today or Pravda.ru where you belong. But then I don’t believe that they will be naive enough to use your useless and extremely bad ruSSki propaganda.

    Now for you it’s back to the numerous translation engines found in google. Which you use and excel in, but nobody translates to find what your raving on about. Face the music comrade ‘pornographic’ , you were born with brain damage and you will die with it, as there is no known cure for it.

    By any chance are you into staring in “Blue” movies? Ah I understand that’s the reason for your pornographic name. John Holmes the II, I bet.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Not relying on any translation engines whatsoever, Boredan. If I did, grammatical inaccuracies and strange expressions (broken/pidgin language) would prevail everywhere. I do, however, resort to Google occasionally AFTER having written a full sentence to be corroborated or discouraged by the resulting number of hits obtained for that very sentence itself.

      Now, any thoughts regarding the subject proper?

    • So the thesis of Bohdan’s post:

      the impotent; The drivel you write is just pure communist “verbal diarrhea”; turd brain; bad ruSSki; you were born with brain damage and you will die with it, as there is no known cure for it.

      So who is sabotaging this blog?

      • “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” /Eleanor Roosevelt/

        It’s about you, Bohdan.

      • AT

        To answer your “So who is sabotaging this blog?” Just look in the mirror, comrade goon.

        I mean, you have the temerity to lie that you are not a communist, and yet you write all that unbelievably ridiculous praise of that oppressive system.

        Then when your stupidity is pointed out you ask for proof of where you are at fault! Remember comrade, no amount of explanation will “enlighten” a brain damaged communist goon like you. It will all be, so to speak literally, like water off a duck’s back. The damage to your grey matter is too severe and irreparable!!

        Also remember comrade that in the free world, any one that knows of a crime, and does not report it to the police, is guilty of that crime and tried as a criminal for being an accessory to the crime. So I guess all of you communists should be tried for the numerous murders committed by your beloved communist – both past and present. But then I bet that you must be proud of these huge strides, these so called achievements, by your beloved USSR and present day Russia.

        • Synopsis:

          comrade goon; you have the temerity to lie that you are not a communist; unbelievably ridiculous praise of that oppressive system; your stupidity; brain damaged communist goon. The damage to your grey matter is too severe and irreparable!! all of you communists should be tried for the numerous murders committed by your beloved communist – both past and present.


          So, who is sabotaging this blog. Erm, again, would you present any speck of evidence any of my posts were factually incorrect. Also, I consider myself an economic conservative, which is quite opposite Communism on any specter, and a social liberal, which does not quite agree with Communism either. And I’ve never “praised” the system. I just provided evidence it is not as oppressive as it is pictured. And that it delivers economic results for large swathes of population generating considerable social consensus as a result. In any case, can you really call Communist a system, which has been creating most billionaires per capita in the world. I just don’t know. If I were a Russophobe, I would lobby La Russophobe for banning you here. As I am not, feel free to litter the discussion with your insults exposing your “team” for what it is.

  3. Manfreddo Limpschwanz (the impotent)

    You keep on talking about Paul Simon. Have you ever heard of Buddy Holly and his song “Rave On.” Just like you, who raves on ad nauseum comrade.

    Just once try to say something intelligent. But then that’s an impossibility as far as you are concerned. By the way comrade ‘porno star’, we too had a magic day.

  4. It’s quite typical how the Lubyanka collective with the infantile alias manages to derail any important discussion here. So someone has analyzed the political situation in present-day Russia? Let’s have a nonsense discussion about WW2. Someone tries to discuss Russia’s genocidal policies in the North Caucasus? Let’s rant on about the US or Fidji. Etc. etc.
    Unfortunately too many people are taking the bait and help the professional diversionists by cluttering this space with silly flame wars, so it becomes difficult to find any useful information between the noisy trash.
    I won’t even be surprised if some of the “bait takers” themselves belong to the mentioned Lubyanka collective, with the task to get the flame wars going.

    Simply ignore this stuff. Don’t feed the trolls.


    • Norbert, just analyze who provides insults and derails the serious discussions here. I dare you find one rational argument in all the “Bohdan’s messages”. Like one single argument or one rational idea. Or look at any “mccusa’s” comments — for his despicable person, a “slit-eye Asian” is actually a legitimate insult, and the guy does not even conceal he is a European supremacist. Or look at Andrew, who just cannot answer any post with any different expression than “you retard”. Or “RV” who says that if you are Russian, you should “know your place”. Unless you consider those individuals as the Lubyanka team, your blame is misplaced.

      • Don’t distort my meaning. Yes, Russians must know their place. Their demands are clearly disproportionate to their importance. They forgot a not too distant time when they were begging for food assistance; they were not too proud then, were they? And they still cannot produce enough of their own food. Very high commodity prices bail them out, so they can import lots of food and consumer goods, for now. But can you guarantee that such commodity prices will remain the same forever?

        I never said that if you are a Russian you should know your place and if you German you shouldn’t. Germans have to know their place too, same goes for Americans, Japanese, Serbs, Arabs, everyone. The same applies to everybody, every nation and every person.

        • Well, finally a statement I can respect. The only factual inaccuracy is that Russia has never been begging for food, and you exaggerate the impact of the US humanitarian aid — I experienced it from the other end, and let me tell you it was another wasted and wasteful government initiative. The false claims aside, I actually agree that Russians demands are disproportionate to their importance. I just fail to see anything wrong with it. For me, its better to demand and to get more than less. Your comments about food and commodities expose your limited knowledge how the economy works, but anyhow I would even agree Russia’s present economic and political system is not sustainable in the long ter. On the other hand, it is not static and has the capacity to evolve. And then, there are two ultimate arguments: (i) in the long term, we are all dead and (ii) you lynch the blacks — i.e. the US present-day economic system is not sustainable in the long run either. Since you surprised me with a respectful and meaningful statement, I won’t resort to those, however. See how easy it is to steer the discussion onto a more productive path. But I am not holding my breath: mccusa or Andrew will show up with their “retarded sub-simians” and “slit-eye Asians” soon.

          • Hmmmm, actually AT, I only started calling you “sub-simian” after you used words like “retard”, “moron” etc.

            Your racism, hypocrisy, and general inability to have any empathy for non Russians mean you deserve such an epithet however.

            Take for example your support for Russian led ethnic cleansing in places like Georgia and Moldova, your insane belief that A) Corruption in Russia does not exist and B) Corruption is OK if it does exist, your description of all pro western former Soviet republics as “failures” (when the IMF, World Bank etc describe Georgia as a success I guess that does not register…) despite the fact that countries like Georgia, the Baltics etc have had great improvement in living standards despite having to overcome the horrendous misrule and oppression suffered at the hands of Russia over the last few centuries, all show you to be a nasty piece of work.

            Moreover your blatant racism towards non Russians is quite disgusting, your strange belief that there are no homeless in Moscow or St.Petersburg is very strange indeed, and I guess you are one of the sorts of Russian who would agree with this particular mayor….

            Russian mayor laments that he can’t hunt down the homeless
            by Andy Potts at 24/02/2011 14:24

            Russia’s homelessness problem would be swiftly resolved if only the authorities could hunt them down – with guns if possible.
            At least, that’s the view of Chita’s mayor, Anatoly Mikhalev, who has complained to deputies about the rising numbers of tramps in his city.
            And he called for greater powers to control the problem, lamenting that there is “no license to hunt the homeless”, according to Trans-Baikal news agency Zabinfo.
            His region is an area where hunting is more than just a pastime for many residents, and he appealed directly to the local enthusiasm for shooting at wildlife in outlining an extreme solution to the problem.

            Hunt them down
            Mikhalev’s dramatic solution to the problem dogging his remote Siberian outpost came as he answered questions at a meeting of the city council.
            “Unfortunately we do not have a license to shoot the homeless, and other legitimate ways of coping with them are not available today,” he said.
            And he called for an official definition of a “parasite” to be created to free up much-needed space in social shelters.

            No laws
            The mayor complained that there is no clear legal definition of homelessness, nor is it obvious who should be responsible for people in this position.
            And he argued that 90 per cent of the available social accommodation in his region was taken up by people who demanded help from society while giving nothing in return.
            He claimed that in Chita hospitals have to spend more than 17,000 roubles to give a bed to a homeless person who he believes should not be housed there.


            • Well, Andrew, you are a liar. First, I’ve never supported ethnic cleansings. I condemned the murderous Georgians inflicting ones on the Abkhazians and Ossetians. I also regretted that the Georgians became so hated, there was no way for the three people to stay in one counry. And I really welcomed the partition of Georgia, which stopped the mutual killings, ethnic cleansings etc. I also would welcome a solution where all the countries in the region are equally recognized by the international community and there be no travel, trade and other restrictions among them, which will be beneficial for every ethnicity, race and nation there. What is racist advocating peace and prospertity for multiple nations?

              Second, I provided irrefutable evidence that Georgia is an economic basket case compared to most ex-USSR country. This is especially pathetic given Georgia’s prominence within the USSR. I can also prove with hard evidence that pretty much any republic except the Baltics performed much worse than Russia economically. I’ve never said the Baltics have not been stellar performers until the outbreak of the financial crisis.

              I’ve never claimed that there was no problem with corruption in Russia or that corruption is ok. I said that corruption was a major problem in Russia. It will take time to resolve it, and I personally see positive dynamics Corruption is not ok, but Russia is doing very much better economically despite corruption, unlike Georgia who touts its now corruption free and remains an economic failure. By the way what is racist about pointing out an economic failure. Georgians who migrate to Russia become as productive, as adjusted and economically successful as the Russians.

              And I’ve never said there were no homeless in Moscow or St. Pete (what would be racist if I did, however). I stated that was common knowledge there are plenty of those in every metropolis. I, however, have exposed as noncense claims that 14% of Moscow’s population, or 2 million people in Moscow were homeless.

              I find it disgusting that you deliberately misrepresent my words. I have never done the same with respect to you. I admit that I sank to your level calling you names, which is immature and childish of me, but this is the nature of you — the trolls — you provoke the worst in your opponents. Again, I don’t mind arguing with you, but you appear just unable to do it in good faith.

          • The Mayor of the Siberian city of Chita Anatoly Michalev has suggested shooting the homeless in order to solve problems associated with them. “Unfortunately, we don’t have a license to shoot the homeless, and now there are no other ways to get rid of them,” he said, adding that vagrancy should be made into a criminal offence again, as it was in the Soviet Union. Although the mayor’s press office later apologized for the statement, it nonetheless spurred a heated debate.

            There are no official statistics as to how many people are homeless in Russia. Experts estimate that this figure is over 4.5 million and growing every year. In Russia a homeless person is called a “BOMZh” – an abbreviation of “without a certain place of residence.” Most homeless people are stereotyped as alcoholics with a criminal past, who chose this marginal lifestyle of their own free will.

            Ten or 15 years ago, this stereotype may have been true to life, but since then the portrait of the average homeless person has evolved, say independent experts from NGOs which have many years of practical experience in this field. “There are several alarming trends. Firstly, the number of homeless families has grown. Not all of these people already live on the streets, but they and their small children might be evicted at any time. Secondly, the homeless have become younger. The average age of homeless people in Russia is 25 to 40 years old – this means we can say that homeless children have grown up and become homeless adults,” said Victoria Ryzkova, a spokesperson for the St. Petersburg-based NGO Nochlezhka (Night Shelter), which focuses on the social and psychological rehabilitation of the homeless and tries to defend their rights.

            Nochlezhka’s statistics also show that the number of homeless women is growing. While in the early 2000s only ten percent of the homeless were women, the share of homeless females has risen to 30 percent and continues to grow. Moreover, following the global economic crisis the number of people forced to live on the streets because they lost their jobs has also increased. Most of the homeless in Russia don’t have any income and don’t have any documents that would allow them to get a job. “Every second homeless person lives on the streets because of family problems, including physical and psychological abuse. One in five lost their property because they were defrauded by ‘black realtors’,” Ryzkova said.


      • Norbert,

        Just ignore AT’s hysterical ravings. He is a little ignorant and obnoxious ‘commo’ liar who has big problems in differentiating fact from fiction.

        But then what can one expect, as he is a communist redneck from the Ozark mountains.

        • Bohdan, Norbert’s whole point was to ignore them.

          • Well, ignoring the facts and the statistics, you will continue to live in your imaginary world. Although, I should say, Robert, your harmless hobby of reposting 5-page articles about events that are swiftly vanishing into irrelevance shows that your interests are quite far from the realm of reality. In any case, if you read any discussions here, you will see no one in the “Russophobe” team appears to be even interested in the subject matter of the posts. Each time I provide an argument related to Russophobe’s posts, comes Andrew with his “retard” “sub-simian” comments, then mccusa with “you slit-eye Asian” scatologic remarks; then Bohdan with “all you say is a lie, you Communist comrade, but I won’t event tell you why I said so”. Look at the example where you said 14% of Moscow’s inhabitants were homeless. I have exposed this statement about 2M homeless in Moscow as inaccurate. Andrew came with (i) a bunch of pictures of homeless people from Moscow; (ii) a loony theory that 2M people live in abandoned factories around Moscow and (iii) got back to his mission impossible to somehow prove that Georgia is not an economic failure. Then cam mccusa with his remarks that Moscow is 80% Muslim, his obsession with toilets. Then Bogdan came with his “you know what, comrade Communist, what you say is lie. I won’t tell you why but it is”…

          • Robert, yes you are quite right!

            It’s just the unbelievable stupidity of those simians like AT (I’m positive that these initials stand for Abominable Trash), Maimuni and Limpdick that initiate the urge to respond to these soviet communist loving – past and present – trolls and their nauseating B/S.

            • SYNOPSIS: the unbelievable stupidity of those simians; Abominable Trash; Limpdick; communist; trolls; nauseating B/S.

              Who’s the troll?

    • Well said Norbert. You are 100% correct, as far as the Lubyanka trash is concerned.

  5. I second AT. Indeed, this blog has been taken over by the loonies – Andrew, Mccusa, Bohdan and RV – who specialize in ad hominem attacks. For example, whenever I post on any subject, Bohdan knee-jerkingly responds to me by “accusing” me of living in the Ozarks or Cyprus or whatever other geographical place that he hates. An insane asylum.

    • Admit it Maimuni you cannot say anything intelligent and the truth always hurts, does it not comrade.

      • Yep. Exactly what I said: I dare you find one thought, one single argument — for or against anything really — in Bohdan’s posts. Really, nothing except for insults, and the insults are not too original either: he just calls everyone with whom he thinks he disagrees a Communist. Why not a Zoroastrian or a Confucian, I have no idea.

      • Bohdan,

        Do you have anything substantive to share with the class, or are you here to continue your kindergarten ad hominem insults?

        • Maimuni

          Your comment “Do you have anything substantive to share with the class” is accurate as I have a lot of of substantive matter to share with the sane bloggers of LR.

          But then we get these rednecks from the Ozark mountains like you and your ‘commo’ indoctrinated cronies adding their worthless two cents worth.

    • So go away.

      • Not before exposing the Russophobes as deranged liars first.

        • Hmmm, you only expose yourself as a racist liar AT.

          First you claim to be visiting Georgia to help build its economy, then you make racist comments about non Russians.

          In one post you claim Georgians love Russia because they work there in high profile positions, then you claim they all work as toilet cleaners.

          Georgia is not considered a failure by the IMF, World Bank, UN, or the CIA for that matter. It is considered to be a developing country, making a clear effort to overcome 200 years of Russian occupation, Russian/Soviet (same thing) misrule and corruption, install democracy and rule of law, and so on.

          Georgia continues to climb in world rankings, especially those related to fighting corruption, while Russia continues to sink into filth and corruption.

          • Erm, I beg your pardon? I am doing for Georgia much more than you will ever do. Never ever in my comments I said that some nation, race or ethnicity is better or worse than others in any matters, other than our physical appearance. This is quite unlike most commenters here, e.g. mccusa using “slit-eye” as a curse or you with your the “Russian tendency of…”. Georgia is an economic failure, as it performs much worse than any country in its peer group and much has much less significance than it used to have in the USSR. Of course, you won’t find any quote from the Word Bank, the IMF or the CIA mentioning any country as a failure. However, as a rational human being, you can compare performance of different countries and to judge which one is a failure. And the fact that Georgia is an International Development Agency country is sort of an official testimony that the country is not exactly a stellar performer. Georgia may climb some rankings, but in terms of economic performance it is not going anywhere. And economic performance is, after all, the ultimate goal of fighting corruption, improving legislation etc. So what is Georgia doing has been an exercise in futility so far. But the intentions are good…

            • And, there are many prominent Georgians in Russia. Also, its probably true that, out of 10,000 Georgians leaving for Russia in search of a better life, everyone can become a Tseskaridze or a Chkhartishvili. Most of them do end up as toilet cleaners or street sweepers. Unfortunately, Georgia’s “progressive” government offered them no choice between being a toilet cleaner in Russia or an unemployed in Tbilisi.

              • I meant out of 10,000 Georgians leaving for Russia EACH YEAR in search of a better life, NOT everyone can become a Tseskaridze or a Chkhartishvili…

              • AT, what toilets in russia???a – THERE ARE NO CLEAN TOILETS IN RUSSIA. I have never seen anything that disgusting and revolting in my entire live what I saw at kursky vogzal’s toilets in central moscow – two raws of turkish toilets, twenty on each side facing each other; a whole and two feet. Only all doors of those cubicles were stolen and those pitiful russian bastards were squatting, doing their business and facing each other..for Polish People this is sophistication, russian style….

                • Oh, no the same story for the 6th time. I am sorry for the permanent damage to your brain. Well, now that Russia has all these Georgians, it will have all the country’s toilets cleaned to the ultimate degree of spotlessness. Happy now?

  6. Ming the Merciless

    Any rat de cale of Planet Mongo make more sense than the Islamo-nazi-communists that are spamming this blog.

    But since China and Russia are famous for their spamming trolls poisoning all the forums of the world with their Lenino-Mahometan and porno link garbage, it would be surprising and even suspicious if THIS comment section was not plagued by them too.

    I wonder how much Manfred, AT or Maimo are paid by Putin for their toxic thrash…what? Ten cents an hour?

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Манфред продолжить работу Путина. И Манфред принимает действительно скандально уделено!

      • Russian baboon, is your comment in serbo-croatian????

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Какое тебе до этого дело, ëб твою Пшек мать? Идти на Lycée de Merde Pure Catholique.

          • Hey russian baboon, it is of course, ‘russian sophistication’ at best in serbo-croation – there is no difference at all. Calm down, dearie, open a tin of dog food, dring some whater from the toilet and lick your b#$%^ls.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              “dring some whater” ?!?

              Quel imbécile extraordinaire, ce joli garçon.

              • Dude, though I like the way you use Russian, next time consult a living person rather than an online translator about grammar;D

                • Manfred Steifschwanz

                  Thanks, I do consult myself actually. Translation engines produce rubbish. They can be used as spellcheckers at best.

                • What am I hearing Dmitry? Are you saying that self-proclaimed linguist from Sweden actually has a poor command of the Russian language? And he is trying so hard to impress us all! Of course, it’s hard to deceive a native speaker and the whole lie may have been revealed. If so, I will be waiting for comments from native speakers of other languages, such as German or French to tell us about his command of those languages.

    • If you find anyone who can pay me for posting here, I will take the offer, Saakashvili, Obama, Putin and you included. I am afraid 10 cents won;t cut it though. Also, most of my posts contain statistics, arguments, names and figures. I dare you to quote one single Bohdan’s comment with any of those. Further, suppose I am a troll posting from Putin’s residence basement. Maybe I am Putin myself — you never know. How would these change any of my arguments or any of my statistics. Your exposing logical or factual inconsistencies in these arguments will make a difference. Exposing me as Putin or his pet troll won’t. Finally, I dare you find any single comment of mine where I praise or pledge any allegiance to Putin. Liar.

    • Islamo-Nazi-Communists! Prescious! Although your friend Robert would fall into Islamo category quite well. All he is ranting about is how the former Islamist slave traders celebrate cashing their checks from the ECHR. To listen to him, no one in Chechnya chopped heads and limbs, slit throats, bombed schools and apartment buildings, took people in theaters and hospitals hostage. Just proud folks fighting for their God-given right to rule their land.

  7. Ming the Merciless

    “Today is an absolutely WONDERFUL day in Stockholm.”
    Say limpdick…funny, he post also that he is an “Aryan” from Iran(Persia)
    His name link to this spammer’s site: http://www.paska.perse.org
    Typing your crap from in a Pasdaran’s barrack, Limpdick?

    Sawed off many necks today, sand monkey? How many gays did you hang?
    These muslim mullahs are all feces eating homos…appreciate the hypocrisy!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Hahaha, it’s plain to see you’re rather clueless than merciless just like every other disciple of Kim’s. You had better google “paska” and “perse” before troubling your precious little brain cells, mon amour!

  8. Ming the Merciless

    “Prescious”, indeed…

    Islamists, Communists and Nazis share all the same conspiracy theories,
    that the twin towers where taken down by djooz, that plutocrats concerted
    in Bilderberg to establish a “One World Government”(all run by them god damned juices, of course), that the Moon and Mars landings where all faked…etc…etc….

    Facts are that them Nazis and communists did try to conquer the world and where defeated, the Muslims went as far as the gates of Vienna and are currently invading and taking over the majority of the world countries by colossal immigration and with the help of oil money, mountains of which we are giving the sand monkeys.

    In short,
    there is no good Nazis,
    there is no good communists and
    there is no good Muslims!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Dead wrong, stupid.

      There is indeed highly convincing evidence to the contrary, even for a USian. Here goes.

      Good Nazis: Werner von Braun and Reinhard Gehlen

      Good Muslims: Haji Muhammed Suharto and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

      Good communists: Mikhail Gorbachoff and Deng Xiaoping

      To summarise: Clueless Yanks are too infested with bigotry and vainglory to grasp world affairs properly. Poor imbeciles.

    • Ming the Merciless
      “conspiracy theories,…, that the Moon and Mars landings where all faked”

      I think this guy posts from somewhere around 2050…

  9. Ming the Merciless

    “Also, most of my posts contain statistics, arguments, names and figures.”

    Statistics…fake commie crap, yes!
    Arguments…straight from Lubyanka’s agit-prop department…meh!
    Names and figures…not even fit to wipe your ass with!

    • I envy you: you live in a simple black-and-white world where you know and understand everything. You must be either very young or very stupid. Both youth and stupidity are blessings of sorts.

      • When was the last time YOU admitted you don’t understand/know everything?

        • Read my posts. Just for you, I admit that I am not sure if every Muslim is bad. I have no idea where Obama was really born. I have no idea about accuracy of any statistic, but I know that statistical numbers is the best we have and have made my judgements based on those. I don’t know who you are and what your agenda is. I don’t know how long the current regime can carry on in Russia without changing its ways. What else would you like to know that I don’t know?

        • LR, just if you could do me a favor of clarifying your position for me. If nothing else, your blog is pretty outstanding… don’t get me wrong, I guess I appreciate the value of the shock impact, and maybe the desire to somehow contribute to waking up the Russian civil society through insulting Russians into being less apathetic etc., but you rush to rescue of people who use the phrase “slit-eye Asian” as an insult on your blog or who state that “there is no good Muslims”. Is this a reflection of your life values? Or is it whoever bashes Russia is my friend, no matter what else he/she says?

          • Dude, they were friend with Taleban for years. Now they side with Saudis. They supported Laurent Kabila, they supported Franco, they supported Somoza, Suharto, Pinnochet, Trujillo and all sorts of scumbags around the world.

            And it was never personal. Never against Russia or any other country as such. It was always about money.

  10. Ming the Merciless

    In America, “communists” are also called “New Age Hippies” and they all
    vote for Barry Soetoro, AKA “Obama”, that Democrat KKK i.e. the Kannibal Keynesian from Kenya…Cannibal as his grand pappy was a Mau-Mau cannibal,
    his Keynesian principles solve everything by printing worthless money like they do in Zimbabwe and he is from Kenya as his latest birth certificate is the most obvious fraud of all times…

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Yankee drivel
      Void and trivial

      Any news on the investigation of “paska” and “perse”, by the way?

      Hints: “Kyrpä”, “Vittu”, “Kusi”

  11. “Hitler’s Work” – you say?

    “During the Nuremberg Trials, Hitler’s No. 2 man, Herrman Goering, insisted Nazi policy had been identical to U.S. policy towards Native Americans. But the holocaust in the Americas outdid the Nazi’s Final Solution many times over:’The destruction of the Indians in the Americas was far and away the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world.” – historian David E. Stannard.

    Let Putin care about them Soviet veterans in Russia. Why Russia again?
    Do have your own agenda on Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, Grenada, Panama, Serbia, Lebanon, Laos, Korea, Dominican Republic US veterans + 100.000 Black Water type “humanitarian workers” hired by the CIA/Waffen SS to do the dirty job in the name of democracy and human rights.

    Waterboarding meant for unfriendly aliens is the greatest thing invented and legalized by the US in the 21th century. Franklin & Jefferson, both could be proud of their nation.

    • rts, Whatever your stupid and farcical arguments are; nothing on this earth will change the fact that the only people on this planet, the russian slaves, would walk to the gulags like pigs to the slaughter houses WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE, ANY DIGNITY, ANY SELFRESPECT. The fact that the russians deny that it EVER happened to them and that it was inflicted upon them BY THEIR OWN RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT sat aside russians as truly subhuman.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Admittedly, your nick fits you perfectly, worthless Pshek trashbag. Yankistan is most certainly very proud of you (it definitely should be).

        • Hey russian baboon, so you dont’ deny that russians are worthless bag of sh@#$% that can be disposed off any time by their own government, spasiba, obosranye ruskiye barkhlo….

      • If we start talking about “slaughter houses, DIGNITY & ANY SELFRESPECT” I would better consider CIA secret torture prisons all across the Eastern EU. Psheks as I see them are classical stooges of the Empire compared to Romania or Lithuania ready to eat any stuff labeled “Made in USA”. American tourist visas seem to have become their national polish dream. The Afros are long waiting for white idiots to serve their needs in Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama as toilet workers and illegal “mud mixers’ operators” in those parts. Judging from his last visit to Poland Obama was absolutely right in keeping “the polish plumbers” with all their “DIGNITY & ANY SELFRESPECT” at bay.

        Last month on Frankfurt to Seoul LH712 flight I had a nice chance of talking to a Polish guy in his forties and was truly amazed at Polish irrational, obtrusive dream about getting tourist US visas. I just asked him to be more close to reality attracting his attention to the “fly over country” we’d been crossing for more than 8 hours with all its stretched for “8 hours A-340 flight” affluent wealth. I am afraid the Psheks are too late not only for Putin’s North Stream project but for both the US and Russia with Mexicans and the Chinese sitting on side bars in the foreseeable future.

        • RTS, I know you are stupid, but compare the fact that Russian inmates in Guantanamo bay desired to stay there rather than be deported to Russia where they would be tortured in “normal” prisons, and executed in “black” facilities.

          They described the “dreaded” Guantanamo as a holiday camp when compared with Russian prisons.

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_torture_and_prisoner_abuse

            Andrew, you have quite forgotten to mention about another US made health resort in your last comment on my stupidity – Abu Ghraib in Iraq with all these published images reflecting its inmates’ happy life of happy campers on one side and “moral superiority” of the US military on the other.
            If my memory serves me right once I told you not to lose the sense of realty while drinking Cahetian wine. It made Mishiko to start chewing his necktie 3 years ago right on TV screens of millions of real Georgia patriots.
            As they say in Russia – “Zakusyvat nado”, buddy.

            • Sorry moron, nasty as Abu Ghraib was, it pales in comparison with the subhuman behavior of Russians.

              CHECHNYA: Rape and torture of children in Chernokozovo ‘filtration camp’

              Posted: 23 March 2000

              Amnesty International has received disturbing testimony from a survivor of the Chernokozovo “filtration camp” that detainees, including women and children, have been raped and subjected to brutal torture.

              Amnesty International’s field researcher interviewed in Ingushetia “Musa”*, a 21-year-

              old man, who was held in the Chernokozovo camp between 16 January and 5 February. He was detained in the village of Znamenskiy, while fleeing the shelling of Grozny by bus with his mother and brother. Musa was detained with 10 other men, including two teenage boys.

              “Musa” was severely beaten and tortured several times each day during his detention. On 18 January, he was forced to walk between a “human corridor” of 20-25 masked men armed with clubs and hammers, who beat him and the other detainees as they passed. “Musa” was hit on his back with a hammer which has left him with a fractured spine.

              “Musa” witnessed a 14-year-old girl being raped by a dozen prison guards in the corridor outside the cells in which he and other detainees were held. The girl had come to visit her detained mother and for the price of 5,000 Rubles she was permitted a five-minute meeting. Her five-minute meeting became a four-day ordeal during which she was locked in a cell, beaten and repeatedly raped by guards.

              “Musa” also told Amnesty International about a 16-year-old boy called Albert, originally from the village of Davydenko, who was brought to his cell after being gang-raped and severely beaten by prison guards. One of his ears had been cut off and the guards referred to him by the female name of “Maria”. “Musa” believes that up to 10 men were raped in the camp during his 21-day detention.

              “Musa” shared a cell for one week with Andrey Babitsky, the Radio Liberty journalist.

              Among his other cell mates during his 21-day detention, were a man whose hands had been severely burnt by prison guards with cigarette lighters and a 17-year-old youth whose teeth had been sawn off with a metal file and whose lips were shredded, leaving him unable to eat, drink or speak. “Musa” estimated that 10-15 new detainees were brought to the camp each day. Among those he saw were 13-14 year-old girls.

              His freedom was eventually secured on 5 February by his mother who paid 4,000 Rubles and bought the release of two Russian prisoners of war from Chechen fighters, as demanded by the camp authorities. “Musa” and his mother escaped to Ingushetia and are currently in hiding fearing for their safety after he was identified following an interview he gave about his ordeal to the national NTV channel. According to medical doctors who examined “Musa” after his release, without urgent medical treatment he risks being paralysed for life.

              “‘Musa’s’ shocking ordeal is consistent with other reports that have emerged from the Russian “filtration camps”, despite continual denials by the Russian government to the international community and the media that torture and rape are prevalent in these camps,”

              Amnesty International said.

              “The Russian government must take immediate measures to end such appalling human rights violations and allow medical personnel and the International Committee of the Red Cross immediate and unhindered access to the detainees. ” Amnesty International stressed.


            • Well rts, here is another article about the far worse behavior of Russians in the filtration camps….

              Russia’s filtration camp policy is ‘to cripple Chechens for life’
              Captured male and female civilians tortured and raped by masked soldiers


              Russia is full of people like you who commit the worst crimes against humanity in history.

              BTW, the worst genocide of the 19th C was the one committed by Russians against the Circassians

              • Why are you still talking to “rts”?

                Do you seriosuly think you would convince some racist scum?

                You’re wasting your time. Just ignore, never read.

                • Btw, the first “filtration camps” were originally estabilished by the NKVD for their own POWs returning from the Finnish captivity after the Winter War.

                  And during and after WWII, more than 100 “filtration camps” were set up for suspected “bandits” (various nationalist guerrillas), but mostly for the surviving Soviet POWs, Soviet former forces laborers, and others.

                  In all over 4 million people went through the “filter” in the Stalin times.

          • Andrew, those russian inmates in Guantamano also used, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES, soap, toilet paper, tooth brushes, and eat excellent food – do you think they would want to switch to the dog food the staple diet of the russian army…

        • rts, nice try, obosranye ruskiy barakhlo. You missed a few details; e.g., Poland along with Finland, withstood the global crisis with flying colors. Economy is booming, and future looks good; Poland is totally integrtated into NATO and EU – the facts russian will have to accept soner rather than later. All this happened in spite of russian/kgb activities all over Poland trying to destabilize the country from within [we should never forget the misterious collapse of the Czech Government during Czech presidency caused by the leftis parties in turn manipulated by the russians. Of course, it work for a short while.
          The reality is that russia is slowly desintegrating. And, one more thing; don’t put russia in the same league as US or even China. From now on it is going to be G2

  12. May 18, 2011

    By Taras Kuzio

    The Soviet Union used to propagate the notion that dissidents were funded by Western intelligence agencies.

    Today, those same (now, post-Soviet) elites, push an updated version of this notion, by arguing that their opponents work with Western foundations and NGOs to foment democratic “revolutions.”

  13. Russian human rights worker beaten outside home

    Yesterday at 21:37 | Reuters

    MOSCOW, June 6 (Reuters) – A Russian human rights worker was treated in hospital on Monday after being beaten up in his apartment building, an attack his employer said was linked to his work.

    Bakhrom Khamroyev, who works for the leading Russian rights group Memorial, was walking into the building when a group of strangers attacked him, spraying gas in his face and beating him on the head and legs.

    Human rights groups say violence against their workers is increasing and the attackers are rarely punished.

    Khamroyev was attacked by members of the security forces in December.

    “Memorial believes the attack on Bakhrom Khamroyev was planned in advance and prepared as a trap,” Memorial said in a statement.

    Read more:


  14. About 1.5 million of polish workers has fled the country in search of better life un the western portion of EU. mcusa, you’ll agree 500 eur on the average is not very good pay. It’s OK, you call it integration in “flying colors”.

    The funny thing is this:
    — No need in “russian/kgb activities all over Poland trying to destabilize the country from within”. Russia is be blamed again?
    To sum it all up the reality is that Poland has turned into a source of cheap labor for the rest of EU. That’s about it.

  15. Russian social networking site speaks for dead soldiers


    The Ministry of Defence acknowledges that several hundred soldiers – about 500 – still die every year during peace-time.

    NGOs say that the real figure is several times higher, putting the number at 2,000-3,000 deaths per year.

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