Ah, Russia! A Photo Essay

A photo essay, courtesy of LR reader MCUSA:

You think horse should be used here, stupid foreigner? Ha! Russian laugh at you!

THIS is what you do with horse!!

You think this is high door, stupid foreigner? Ha! Russian laugh at you!

Now THAT is high door!!

You think it it is dangerous car, stupid foreigner? Ha! Russian laugh at you!

Now THAT is dangerous car!

Their motto is to serve beer and protect pretzels (or it would be, if Russians had pretzels).

Another lovely day on the Russian Riviera.

Does stupid foreigner want to know why? Russian never tell! State secret! If tell, have to kill! Ha!

Amerika is very poor country. Very few windows have staircases. In Russia, all windows have!! Very useful if neket girl eenside. Ha!

Stupid foreigner think this crooked window! Ha! Russian laugh!

Now THAT is a crooked window!! (Yes, that sign does say Department of Buildings. What about it??)

The slogan on the wall above the endless rows of vodka bottles and cigarettes, and above the smiling family with small children reads: This is our favorite store!

Stupid foreigner thinks this is funny way to lock car. Smart Russians sees real reason why it is funny, this Russian thinks somebody want to steal this car!!

13 responses to “Ah, Russia! A Photo Essay

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  2. Manfred Steifschwanz

    mccusa: It might be difficult for imbeciles of non-Western descent to understand this, but here’s a most sincere piece of advice at your disposal, Pshek.

    In order tto get your point across to Western imbeciles, you must adapt to whatever rubbish they’re perfectly accustomed to see and hear from their Corporate Media cesspits. Your supposedly “awesome” pictures will not work one single Westerner (imbecile or not) into sharing a Pshek’s anti-Russian psychosis or even ridicule. Instead, what you really should have done in order to be persuasive, amounts to proving the widespread sympathies for communism and Stalin along with expressions of anti-American hatred plus, of course, Russian anti-Semitism. Such messages will be instantly gratified and may even render you rich and famous.

  3. These pictures from Russia, dearie, were all over the USA, I just thought it would be appropriate to educate the rest of the world about the russian reality and give more details about the ‘global power’ status of Russia.

    By the way, the article in the Moscow News, May 19, 2011, had a very interesting article; according to the whistleblower, by the name of Matveev, a major in the Russian army in Vladivostock area, the russian army is being fed with the DOG FOOD, e.g., Belka i Strelka, and Bim – the most popular name on the Russian market. Are the ‘ruskaya djerzava’ going to upgrade the training of the russian recruits by adding ‘sit stay, roll over and play dead’ commands……Wooof, Wooof….

    • http://www.rferl.org/content/russian_troops_fed_dog_food/24180388.html

      Thats right, here is the link about the dog food being fed to Russian Interior Ministry troops….

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      And your point is what, exactly? For your information, dog food is common among poor pensioners here in Sweden, so the “Super-Duper-Mega Sensation” you thought you were revealing about the Russian army matters very little, if at all. And it becomes silly beyond laughable if your intent was to bang on the anti-Russian war drums — indeed the very ideological core behind this “extraordinarily special forum”.

      Again: Western imbeciles might have been all ears had you alluded to Bogeyman Stalin, anti-Semitism and suchlike crap. You botched it, as you always do, Pshek.

      • Now floppy, I think your impotence is getting to you.

        This is a case of an oil rich nation that pretends to be civilized feeding military and police troops with dog food.

        Of course as the saying goes, if you are not a Communist before you are 21 you have no heart, if you are a communist after 21, you have no brain.

        I personally think you have no brain whatsoever.

        • Well said Andrew!

          It would not surprise me in the least if this imbecile is on his regular doses of his beloved ‘Mary Juana’ self rolled cigarettes.

          You ‘gotta be high’ to write the drivel he dreams up. But then it only proves what an idiot one has to be to believe in that communist sh*t, in the first place.

          The greatest murdering machine in the world, communism, that minced people in the 10’s of millions and he, Manfred Limpschwanz
          thinks it’s the ‘cream of his eye’ and an answer to the evils of capitalism? Man that’s sick, really sick.

      • Kleine Schwaine wrote;
        “And your point is what, exactly’
        My point is very simple; Everybody on this planet thought that russia couldn’t go further than that in humiliating itself. Apparently I was mistaken. Your comment above reflects, of course, the attitude of an average Swede, who, on daily basis spit at Western imbeciles, including Sweden, denounces democracy, tolerance and decency – how can anybody react to this – perhasp wooof, wooof will do……..

  4. English Russia has lots of hilarious / shocking pictures (and videos).

  5. 1) All of those pictures are taken from some fun photo sites (like http://fishki.net/)
    2) I’m afraid, half of them have nothing to do with Russia at all. :)

  6. These are the idiots like PolenoMCUSA disgrace to Poland for the whole world. Some pictures are fotoshop. The other is not from Russia. For example – a picture of a curved windows – curtains weigh not vertically against the laws of physics. People in a special form drinking beer – there is no such uniform in Russia.

    • Yes, many are photoshopped. They are works of some Russian artist and are meant to be works of satirical art, not reality.

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