EDITORIAL: Get it Straight, Russia Lost World War II

Advertisement for a World War II party in Moscow. The message reads: Thank you Granddad for the victory we had!


Get it Straight, Russia Lost World War II

Three were killed.  No, four.  Wait a minute, it was seven.  No, no . . .  eight!!

You could be forgiven if you were somewhat perplexed reading the news out of the Caucasus on May 8th. Each different media outlet you turned to seemed to have a different figure for the number of “militants” and “rebels” Russia had killed in its latest confrontation, though in each case they insisted only one member of the Russian armed forces had perished in the exchange.

As you can well imagine, if you could’n’t even get the number of militants, it was pretty darned impossible to find out anything about who they were or why they had been killed.  Russians lack real information about such events, just as they lack real information about World War II, a conflict they lost but foolishly believe they won. 

The Kremlin apparently felt that offing a few “militants” on the eve of Russia’s “Victory Day” celebrations the following day, festivities upon which Russia was lavishing $43 million, was the best way of honoring Russia’s “big win” in World War II (that and snubbing the Mothers of Beslan and, of course, foiling a terror attack).  Meanwhile, Russia’s veterans continue to live in conditions of dire poverty, its draftees continue to be wantonly slaughtered in the dedovshchina meat grinder, and the Russian army continues to collapse.  Little is known about this fact in the wider Russia because Russian TV doesn’t report it, opposition politicians (who dont’ exist) don’t complain about it in the Duma, and Russian classrooms are full of only pro-Kremlin propaganda.

All of which is beside the point, because even if Russia could afford $43 million to celebrate a military victory, it didn’t win one in World War II. Russians think so only because, as with slaughtered militants, Russia simply doesn’t know the facts. It was taught about World War II by the Soviet government, the most pathologically deceptive and dishonest regime in human history, and it is now governed by a proud KGB spy who is nothing more than a product and a relic of that era.

What actually happened in World War II is really quite simple:  Imagine a boxing match in which one fighter, after being brutally pummeled, knocks out the other with a lucky punch.  A few days later, the “winner” is dead due to complications of the injuries he sustained in the fight, while the “loser” is fit as a fiddle, goes on fighting and becomes a millionaire world champion. What sort of idiot would claim the dead man won, and hold celebrations for his “victory”?

A Russian idiot, that’s who.

Today, Germany bestrides Europe like a colossus, with an economy and standard of living many times higher than Russia’s even though it has a population only half as large.  It is a leader in Europe, while Russia is a follower (if that).  And the USSR, which “won” World War II against Germany? It doesn’t even exist any longer. It collapsed and disappeared in no small part because of the devastating injuries it sustained in World War II when whole swaths of European Russia were obliterated.  Meanwhile Germany, which had been separated, is reunifed and stronger than ever.

Two issues ago, we pointed out the disgraceful behavior of Russia during the Chernobyl outrage in the 1980s. Some of the stupidest Russophile commenters claimed Russia could not be blamed for that because it involved Ukraine and the Soviet government. But if that is true, then why are Russians celebrating a “victory” in World War II that they had nothing to do with?

Russians lost World War II.  They live in poverty now because they lost it.  Germany ranks #20 for life expectancy among world nations, with Germans living to age 80 on average.  Russia ranks #135, and most Russians don’t live to see 66. Russians live on average nearly fifteen years less than Germans.  Hitler could not have planned it better.

The country Russians lived in during World War II has collapsed in infamy.  Germany ranks #19 in per capital nominal GDP, with over $40,000  per German. Russia ranks a pathetic #56, with barely more than $10,000 per Russian. Germans have four times more money per person than Russians. That’s victory? If so, we here at LR will take defeat each and every time.

These are facts nobody can dispute. Russia is much worse off in the aftermath of World War II, Germany much better off.  Germany is booming, Russia is busting and its population is literally going extinct.  The damage inflicted on Russia during World War II was simply too great for any nation to sustain.

And let’s not forget that in the early days of World War II Russians made common cause with the Nazis in a disgusting effort to carve up Europe for the Russian empire. Only when betrayed by the Nazis did Russia fight them; it actually wanted to help the Germans destroy the Western democracies.

Let’s also not forget that while winning its “victory” Russians committed untold atrocities throughout Europe which rival those of the Nazi hoards, including first and formost the unspeakable massacre at Katyn, which the Russians tried to blame on the Germans.

For all these reasons, Russian celebration of World War II is nothing but an foolish atrocity, yet another reason to view Russia as a nation not yet ready to join the community of civilized nations.

52 responses to “EDITORIAL: Get it Straight, Russia Lost World War II

  1. Well, losses were terrific, yes. But it seems to be the case for everyone who fought nazi war machine.

    Let’s look at battle of France:
    See casualities section.

    allies 360,000 dead or wounded

    So, more then 2 to 1.

    And France had one of the largest land armies, good tanks (albeit obsolete tactics).

    If we add here POWs, then allies have lost
    Total: 2,260,000 casualties. During mere weeks.

    Of 26mln russian dead, only 10 was military, and major part are POWs killed later or died from hardships in German prison-camps.
    And thats during 4 years.
    last but not the least, allies lost 2.26mln soldiers to let Hitler have Paris. Russians lost 10mln soldiers to let him have poison.

    • POWs should not be added, most were taken when the new leaders of France decided to surrender/defect. (Which was the source of many jokes for decaded to come, you know.)

      @Of 26mln russian dead, only 10 was military,

      They were not “russian dead”, they were Soviets from all republics (countries, today), that’s first and foremost, and all these statistics were changed repeatedly since 1945 and just cannot be trusted. The real figures are simply unknown.

      Oh, and a large part of them were either killed by the Soviets or otherwise not by Germans and their allies, or died of hunger and other hardships in the Soviet controlled territory (and I don’t mean from the German sieges).

  2. Russia did have a lot to gain from WWII, a war it started together with Nazi Germany. The Russians enslaved half of Europe and bled it dry for decades. Russia got industrialized and urbanized with money, technology and resources stolen from the occupied countries. Ethnic Russians were able to live an idle and relatively comfortable life (as long as they kept their heads down) on the backs of the peoples Stalin had conquered. And as for the supposed price Russia had to pay to win the war, let’s not forget that most of the fighting was in Ukraine and Belarus, not in Russia proper. Most Russians were unaffected by the war. Yes, millions of Russians died, but millions of Russians were dying before that too under Stalin, and they were starving before that during the Tsars, so no major difference, they were used to that shit.

    World War II was started by two imperialist powers (Russia and Germany) who wanted to carve up Central Europe. Ironically, these two countries ended up by being the countries that gained most from the war. I wouldn’t be singing the praises of Germany, and I sure hope it won’t “bestride Europe like a colossus” anytime soon. God help us if they do.

  3. I’ll take Germany many times before I take the CCCP, though both were evil governments intent on conquering Europe and eventually the world. God save us from such insanity.

  4. As per Boris Sokolov’s research (and many of his colleagues), the Bolsheviks lost 25 million soldiers and the total, with civilian loses, is up to 40+ million. German figures are 2.5 million soldiers. It’s 1 to 10. You call it victory – you’re a bloody idiot, or just Russian, which is the same thing.

    • The soviet russian barbarians fought the last war with 40+ million soldiers and civilians dead, to save their beloved soviet union, it means they fought and died to keep the gulags open, to have rights to be arrested, tortured, starved to death, to be devoided of any humanity, that why the russians called the last war ‘a great patriotic war’ – this is beyond barbarity and cosmic stupidity THIS IS PURE OBSCENITY…

    • I think the number of 40 million is a gross exaggeration. The USSR had large losses but it did not lose 20% of its pre-war population. I think Russians find it advantageous to declare bigger and bigger losses as time goes by, as if it were some kind of badge of honor to lose more. Just sick

    • The Soviet-Axis casualty rate is 1/1.3, not 1/10.

      • In fact, the numbers are: for the U.S.S.R., the total losses were 23.4 million persons (in the 1939 borders) and 26.6 million persons (if the territories annexed in 1939-1940 are counted as a part of the U.S.S.R.), a difference of 3.2 million. Of course, Slain caused numerous deaths in this 3.2 million group, including Ukrainian and Baltic anti-Soviet partisans and such. Of the total casualties, between 8.8 and 10.7 million were the military personnel, the rest were civilians.

        German losses were about 5.5 million soldiers and between 1.2 and 3.3 million civilians (counting Austria, ethnic Germans etc.).

        The U.S.S.R. lost the total of about 14 % of the population, Germany lost around 8 to 10 % or so. So, the ratio 1/1.3 sounds credible, or 1/2 for the soldiers only.

        A very detailed presentation of the data can be found here:


        • RV,

          Not all of these German soldiers (and civilians) were killed by the Soviets.

          Counting them as such is as stupid practice as counting all the Soviet losses as “Russian” (Russians love to do it, and also as I said all the various official Soviet casualty figures are not trustworthy at all).

      • Read
        Sokolov, B. V.The Cost of War: Human Losses for the USSR and Germany, 1939-1945” //JSMS, vol. 9, # 1, March 1996

        Sokolov, B. V.How to Calculate Human Losses during the Second World War // Journal of Slavic Military Sudies, 2009, September, Vol. 22, # 3

        It is better than living in your imaginary world, my silly Russian friend (or, rather, not…).

        • I am an American, so reserve your patronizing attitude to those who really are your silly Russian friends. Now, you gave your source, and I gave you mine. See footnote 51 in the link I have provided. It refers to official Russian numbers including those emanating from the military establishment and the Russian Academy. Since nobody before has ever claimed that the U.S.S.R. lost over 40 million people, I think my source is more reliable than yours.

          • He was talking to Runet, not you RV

          • You link goes to publications by Vadim Erlikman, and he is not a historian. He is merely a journalist. Of course, journalists derive their work from “historians”, in his particular case – Институт Военной Истории. If you don’t know what it is, I’m just wasting my time here. And if you do, then you should already know how your wiki “source” stands no ground. If you prefer (neo)-Soviet propaganda to real history, that is your right. Just make sure you stay away from places like LR, you will not find much sympathy here.

    • @German figures are 2.5 million soldiers.

      More like some 3.5 million (Eastern Front total dead, including POWs).

      (Now, just how would we classify the hundreds of thousands of Soviet citizens who died as combatants for the German side? German losses? Soviet losses? Or maybe both?)

  5. Far be it for me to say ANYTHING in favor of russia , however I
    also find it exteremely difficult to say anything encouraging about
    germany as well . True they managed to rebuild their country and established Europe’s strongest economy , but it would never have been possible without the tremendous help of the U S . Today’s Germany is a morally bancrupt country , where you find the highest
    official in the land easily bought , while still in office ( Schroeder ) by
    the corrupt Kremlin mob , to campaign on their behalf in building
    a pipe line through the North Sea . The present leader is no improvement as she is a product of soviet upbringing and hardly makes a move without consulting her Kremlin handlers . No , the
    Germany of today with it’s totaly corrupt judicial system , as evidenced by this mockery of justice perpetrated on an 91 year old
    man who was found innocent in Israel but now convicted in the land of the perpetrators for THEIR crimes . This has to be the highest form of mockery the world has ever seen . Germans everywhere should hang their head in shame , for what passes in their country as justice . They
    are the basest of cowards just as they were during the time when
    Naziizm was on the rise and there could not be found enough brave men to stop it . A strong and proud nation once , Germany , degenerated into a rabble of fat , rich , cowardly currs !

  6. Get it straight: Ceaseless Western drivel about World War 2 is an institutionalized propaganda fraud kept going by the ruling Big Bourgeoisie and its corporate media. Evidently, the chief purpose of this whole trash indoctrination campaign — allegedly “historical science” — has been to keep the West’s home constituencies forever dumbed-down, self-opinioned, and arrogant. This is trivial and, actually, quite uninteresting by itself.

    But what’s really interesting indeed is how the powers that be paint their World War 2 fairy-tales ever more in brown with each passing year. When Anglo-American imperialism launched its long since planned Cold War against the USSR in the late forties, their “curriculum” was not so divorced from reality for quite obvious reasons. The achievements of the Red Army were still recognized as was the latter’s undisputed victory over fascism. Essentially, the bourgeoisie back then was mostly swamping the West with the mantra of “Stalin = Hitler” and “Totalitarianism”. To summarise: “Yeah, the Red Army was extraordinarily brave and fought marvellously but it did so DESPITE Stalin’s leadership, not BECAUSE of it”.

    Today, as Western imperialism is losing market competitiveness and deteriorates ever faster at every level, the top priority of the story-telling ruling class here has become the disposal of all post-War social concessions and, hence, social peace; to wit, the disposal of “Western democracy” altogether. In this light, German Nazism is appreciably less problematic than is the example set by Soviet socialism. Hitler was, after all, a very Western politician, mostly aping his Anglo-American forerunners with an eye to make his country wealthy at other peoples’ expense. Land-grabbing, slave labour, torture, and brazen chauvinism are Anglo behavioural traits par excellence, if not in Europe.

    The only reason why an overall disapproval of Nazi Germany still persists in the West is because of the needs to legitimatise the Zionazi statelet.

    • Well surprise surprise, floppy is proving himself a fruit-loop….

      • Am I really sillier than mccusa? Can’t be, Randy Andy. As Jianghui pointed out, the LR team merely peddles lies and nonsense which is what decadent, parasitic Westerners even can do for a living, spoilt and with no experiences of hardship in living memory.

      • Hitler at least made his nation wealthy and stopped the Versailles treaty influence, and others from ruining it. The reason they are hated is due to radical Jewish communism and big business

    • Did the communists in West Bengal expect the drubbing they received on Friday at the hands of the upstart Trinamool Congress?

      In the gloomy headquarters of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Calcutta, the usually convivial apparatchik, Biman Basu, glumly tells us that the results were “totally unexpected”. A collective gasp goes up in the room. A slew of opinion polls, exit polls and reportage had all predicted the rout. But, no, the communists and their allies had not expected it.

      So what went so horribly wrong leading to such a debacle for a party which had ruled the state for 34 years without a break, and prided itself on reading the pulse of the people like no other party? “The opposition slogan for ushering in parivartan [change] was endorsed by the people. We didn’t understand that,” Mr Basu says. So are the communists out of touch with the people? “We have grassroots connection with people, but people didn’t open their mouths, and we couldn’t assess their stirrings for a change,” he says.

      Does that mean India’s communists are losing their touch – with the people, and the fast changing world around them? Have people stopped believing them?

      It does appear so. A few months ago, the communists announced two big ticket schemes they promised to implement if were voted to power – cheap rice at two rupees a kilogram for families earning up to 10,000 rupees a month, and free medical insurance for the poor. In many states such welfare schemes, which critics call populist, would have easily fetched votes for the party behind them. No such luck for the communists in Bengal – people simply refused to believe that they could deliver on promises.


      Communism is a dead end ideal floppy.

      Get used to it.

      • Stupid boy; posting a lengthy excerpt from a BBC article PLUS the link to it. You had better ask yourself instead, Great Western Genius, why the Western news agencies drone on about World War 2 this, Communist failure that when they preposterously proclaimed “End of History” a whole 20 years ago. Your faith is apparently more solid than that of the ruling class, ol’ chap.

        Now, it’s back to the original topic again: Why has “Stalin = Hitler” successively been phased out in favour of “Stalin worse than Hitler” for Western audiences? And why is Stalin genuinely popular in what used to be the Soviet Union? La Russophobe is far too much infested with petty bourgeois prejudice and snobbery to provide any sensible answers to suchlike questions.

        • Stalin probably was much worse than Hitler, but the “Stalin = Hitler” formula is good enough for most people, at least for me. You posts sound like slogans from Trotskyite revivalist meetings, if such exist. But seriously, do you really want to live under Communism or Socialism?

          I thought those ideas were completely discredited years ago. By the way, you hatred of the West is misdirected; the East (I presume you like it better) now is as hostile to Communist ideals as the West is. The whole world seems to have accepted those bourgeois values that you hate so much, i.e., the desire to accumulate private property, to be rich and prosperous etc.

          Perhaps, North Korea is the only exception, but for some reason it does not appear that you are in a big rush to move there. Instead, you remain in a rich bourgeois European country. I guess it’s very convenient to condemn the society and at the same time enjoy the prosperity that society provides.

          • One never ceases to be fascinated by the sweet naïveté — real or fake — which pertains to the political verbiage of the Western petty bourgeoisie.

            Listen, RV: There is obviously something “fishy” going on, since universal peace, prosperity, and happiness failed to materialise when Communism collapsed. The dissolution of the Eastern Bloc and the USSR proper didn’t by any means dampen Western imperialism’s insatiable war drive; it encouraged it immensely. And, last but not least, the end of the Cold War brought not only instant hell and squalor to the allegedly “liberated” countries; in the victorious West, social concessions are slowly but surely being dismantled along with spying, surveillance and lawlessness on the increase ever since.

            Ergo: It’s plain to see that the ruling class, to wit Big Finance, has no silly illusions whatsoever about the popularity of its “New World Order”. Unless, of course, you seriously believe NATO, IMF, and the CIA are being run by the world’s downtrodden and destotute.

            • OK, let’s assume everything is as bad as you describe. And what is your solution? A world revolution I presume? Something else? And you still evaded my very simple question: do you want to live under Communism or Socialism? Well, do you?

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                Well, I would most certainly love to see the planet free from hunger, despair, endless wars, and ecocide. As things stand, I do — seriously — think it’s about time we started speaking about “Anti-Western Democracy”. Its ideological foundation is easy enough:

                There has never existed, does not exist at present, and will never exist in the future one single regime, country, nation, or culture owing the West any apologies or compensation whatsoever.

                RV brought up the issue of living under communism specifically. And without the threat of Western wanton destruction it would most certainly come a very long way. My problem with it is its Marxist legacy. Marxism is Euro-centric in the extreme; a wholesale act of vile grovelling before the bourgeoisie and its White trash labour aristocracy. This alone proves irrefutably what utter nonsense the Left – Right “divide” really is. The fault line lies between pro- and anti-imperialists.

    • Kleine Schwaine wrote;

      “Yeah, the Red Army was extraordinarily brave and fought marvellously but it did so DESPITE Stalin’s leadership, not BECAUSE of it”.

      “Yeah, the red army had two choices either to be killed by the Germans or by the soviet political forces behind the soldiers….They move forward ‘za rodinu, za stalina didn’t they??

  7. Germany lost their sovereignty and influence and everything, so winning is not about money! Russia has gained a lot of patriotic nationalism now at its disposal more now than ever and when Europe disunity inevitably occurs soon ‘The disgusting West’ is doomed, China will have the east so agreed with Russia can take the west, when we see Iran has finished making some nuclear bombs that neutralise Israel with mutual destruction so they can fight with traditional conventional forces, thats why we are waiting for them ‘Iran’ to hurry up!! The west has had its time and now its Russia and China who need to have empires of resources and finances. La Russophobe is nonesense and peddling lies, Russia will never collapse, because its strong enduring nation even if they are poor, its the west is going to collapse we are waiting for it , will be soon! They are spoilt and dont know hardships and only strong from money thats all and the economy has fallen

  8. Pingback: Book Review: No Less Than Victory- A Novel of World War II by Jeff Shaara - Man of la Book

  9. Please , don’t proclaim Germany’s sovereinty and influence to me!
    Just look what the moscovites managed to do to the ” great german
    sovereign nation ” in just a few decades ; they build a wall and told one half to stay on one side and the other half to stay on the other and like
    good little germans they did so for forty five years . Then they
    ( the moscovites ) created a puppet government modeled on the
    ” succesful ” Kremlin model , but with german personnel , next came
    the STASI , a kind of a cross between the NKVD and GESTAPO and
    Voila ! We have the Democratic East German Republic ! In one fell
    swoop , the moscovites changed a powerful , central european
    nation , that had ambitions to rule the world , into a pathetic ,
    demoralized , impoverished , starving rabble . Moreover they
    created a ” new ” society , where neighbor informed on neighbor ,
    husband denounced wife and children informed on their parents
    and vice versa . To this day , the secret STASI archives remain
    locked away , for fear what havoc they would cause if oppened .

  10. It’s ” hordes” not “hoards” The Soviets started it. They had the largest invasion front in history, from the Black Sea to the Baltic, to invade Europe. Hitler found out and struck first. Was Stalin later killed by treacherous Jewish doctors in ” The doctors plot”?

    Read ” The Icebreaker” by Suvurov. Russians planned to invade Europe


  11. Dont have a cow everybody, Alan, (of http://www.theTrollhouse.net)
    function with the brain power of the thirty Jews hiding under his bed.

    You will find that between Manfred Von LimpSchwanz and Alan Bastard
    there is not enough light to slide a credit card.

    Stalin was in total awe of Hitler and helped him conquer Europe, despite Hitler trumpeting in “Mein Kampf” that he intended to exterminate
    all the Slavs as he planned to exterminate all the Jews, just like the Muslims proclaiming their intention to rape our grandsons and park all our grand daughters in whorehouses-harems.

  12. German used to be the tongue of the Herrenvolks…Now it’s the gobbledygook
    spoken by them limp wristed socialists living in the land of the emasculated jerries.

    When they need their females engrossed, they hire some Turkish illegal immigrant(no need to be legal to live in Germany)

    Today, nobody speak German unless they are ball less Krauts!

  13. Bulldust Ming I refer you once again to the source I stated.

    • Yes, Suvorov produced quite a bit of evidence that Stalin was preparing a stab in the back against his national-socialist ally Hitler.

  14. “Russians planned to invade Europe”

    Of course, and they did with the Ribbentrop pact. Russia supplied Hitler with fuel and supplies, plus tactical support invading Poland in sync. with Hitler.

    If Stalin wanted to attack Hitler, he would not have exterminated his officer corp…even his best General, Vlassov, had to escape to Germany.

    The allies knew of Hitler’s plans and tried and tried to warn Stalin but to no avail. When Hitler finally stabbed the monster in the back, Stalin was so shocked that he went on a three weeks drunk. When Hitler’s hordes where racing through Russia, the Red army was leaderless as Stalin was in a coma and all the generals where dead or dying in Stalin’s gulag.

    Suvorov is a nazi cretin, probably another Jewish Kapo like Zhirinovski
    and Alan here, naturally…

    Your own recommended quote, Alan:

    “A noteworthy rebuttal of Suvorov’s thesis is contained in Colonel David Glantz’s work Stumbling Colossus: The Red Army on the Eve of World War. Glantz views Suvorov’s argument as “incredible” on a variety of fronts: first, Suvorov rejects without examination classified ex-Soviet archival material, and makes highly selective picks from memoirs. Glantz points to this as a serious methodological flaw. Further, Glantz argues, Suvorov’s thesis is strongly contradicted both by ex-Soviet and German archival material, and the facts do not support the argument that the Red Army was prepared to invade Germany.[1] On the contrary, the appalling lack of readiness, poor training level, and abysmal state of deployments show that the Red Army was unprepared for static defense, much less large-scale offensive operations. Glantz’s conclusion is that “Stalin may well have been an unscrupulous tyrant, but he was not a lunatic.”

    But you cant use facts with regular nazis!

    • Your comment about General Vlassov makes no sense. In the first place, it is very unclear whether he was or wasn’t Stalin’s “best general.” I think it’s impossible to define “best general.” I am sure, there were a number of other top commanders who would have an issue with such a characterization of Gen. Vlassov.

      And in the second place Gen. Vlassov did not “escape” to Germany but was taken prisoner during actual fighting.

      • Vlasov was indeed one of the best generals of Stalin. Also one of the most humane. He was captured during one of the early offensives ordered to lift the siege of Leningrad, all of them were futile/disastrous, and for this completely forgotten in the Soviet official history.

        (Thin German lines basically stood there for YEARS, while the Soviets were in hundreds of thousands while trying to breach them, and losing thousands of tanks to the clusters of dug-in German infantry and a handful of StuGs and company of Tigers. )

  15. Russia didn’t won WWII.

    But the Soviets did won their war of 1941-45 against Germany.

    And also against Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, and of course Austria.

    While funded and armed and fed for this by the US and Britain, and supported by Poland and eventually also defecting Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary (I refuse to count the Czech Republic), and by Yugoslavia and the Western ships and aircraft.

    It was a Pyrrhic victory, but a victory nevertheless, and a very important part of the oerall allied victory in Europe.

    They then lost the Cold War (East Germany lost and won at the same time), but it was a whole different thing.

    German economics and living standards were much better in Germany than in Russia also before WWII, even during the global economic crisis that hit them especially hard, and the ruinous contributions and their economic conflict against Poland and such. They just worked so much better and drank much less, and didn’t experiment with communism (well, they did, but the “worker and peasant” states were very short-lived in Germany).

    It has nothing with winning and losing wars, Germans lost WWI just as Russians did earlier (to them, and to each other), and yet millions of people did not promptly die of hunger in Germany, like it happened in post-WWI Russia.

  16. Manfred Steifschwanz

    Please consider my humle proposal to address another highly undesirable historical fact which is much more recent and, hence, relevant — yet all but unnoticed by our beloved Western corporate media and, by extension, the little parrots of it too.

    Hint: the event took place in the summer (mid-year) of 2006 and is celebrated as an anti-imperialist victory ever since. Consequently, it should be duly “corrected”, so to speak. Forget about WW2 at long last and enjoy some Western ideological pioneering instead.

  17. Occupier Day
    May 11th, 2011

    As Russia celebrates the 66th anniversary of the Nazi’s capitulation in World War II, 83-year-old veteran Anton Karavanets describes his life like this: “I live the life of a pauper, I feel redundant in my own country, the country I once risked my life for. Yet another anniversary since the end of the Second World War is approaching, and there are fewer and fewer of us, war survivors, left.”

    Despite repeated promises from the Russian government to ensure a good life for its veterans, Karavanets is not alone in his sentiments. Feeling abandoned, some have returned their medals as they literally struggle to survive in abysmal conditions.

    As United Civil Front leader Garry Kasparov argues, Russia’s ruling regime has offended its veterans in the worst possible way: by essentially carrying out the work of the Third Reich.


  18. Idiot!

  19. Russia won the war against Germany, stupid morons like you don’t understand that they fought for the motherland not for money – they died for this. Ofcourse nowdays you greedy bastards only think about your money and your precious life.

  20. Сдохни – мразь. Мои деды не за то погибли что-бы такие как ты спокойно существовали на этой земле и писали такой бред.

    Желаю тебе, и подобных тебе особей (так как не поворачивается язык назвать Ким Зигфельд человеком или животным) – гореть в аду.

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