EDITORIAL: Putin Knifes the Infant RuNet


Putin Knifes the Infant RuNet

Georgia:  35

Russia: 52

If we were talking international basketball scores, those would be good numbers for Russia.  But we’re not. We’re talking Internet freedom, as analyzed by Freedom House.  The higher the score, the less the freedom.

FH reviewed Internet access among a group of 37 countries around the world, and found that Georgia ranks #12 in the group, in the top third and right behind South Korea, while Russia ranks #22, right behind Rwanda and well into the bottom half of all countries surveyed.  In the group of nations designated by FH as “partly free” only four have lower scores than Russia (including Egypt at 54 and Pakistan at 55).  The USA’s score is 13, surpassed in the group only by Estonia.

Twice as many Russian bloggers were arrested in the most recent survey period compared to the last one. Russia’s rank fell three places since the prior survey, and its score got much worse, from 49 in 2009 to 52 in 2011.

If course, it may not matter much how free or unfree Russia’s Internet is, because according to FH two-thirds of the Russian population has no Internet access at all.

But still, one can’t help but be impressed at the incredible freedom allowed in Georgia by a man, Mikheil Saakashvili, who has been demonized as a malignant dictator by Russian propaganda.  In fact, judging by Internet freedom, it’s Russia that lives under ever-increasing dictatorship.

That Georgia’s Internet is roughly twice as free as Russia’s speaks volumes for the legitimacy of the two countries’ rulers.  Putin is a scared little rat, hiding in dark places and struggling to silence his critics, because he knows their damning criticism can bring him down.  Saakashvili is a fearless lion, unafraid of Internet attacks because he knows his record is more than good enough to win him reelection.

In another one of his ridiculous, mendacious propaganda diatribes in favor of Vladimir Putin in a recent issue of the The Moscow Times, Vladimir Frolov attempts to suggest that Putin and Medvedev are just like Coke and Pepsi, two different but essentially identical forms of progress for Russia, and that choosing between them offers Russia “a healthy debate the country needs.” Even if Frolov weren’t lying, it is impossible for a nation to have a “healthy debate” when (a) Medvedev and Putin don’t actually debate and (b) the country has no base of information upon which to analyze their statements.  Therefore, the notion that Russians could make any type of informed choice even if they were going to be allowed to make one is pure nonsense.

In another editorial in today’s issue, we document the appalling backwards state of Russian education. Russia’s Internet is a reflection of the ignorance generated by it’s woeful education level.  The vast majority of Russians have no access to the Internet as a way of getting around the morons and the propaganda and the corruption that dominate the educational system, and the small faction who can access the Internet do so in constant fear of harassment and facing aggressive moves to limit content.

We are saddened and disappointed by the shameful manner in which the citizens of Russia blithely accept this fate, condemning their children to a neo-Soviet world that can only end in failure just like that of the USSR.

36 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin Knifes the Infant RuNet

  1. In addition to Putin-Medvedev “competition” the third component-the “liberal nationalist” Navalny have been thrown in. Though they say that the “national ” sphere was Putin`s one, the western “Russophobes” including American various voices boost him with ethusiasm!

  2. If there would be no internet freedom in Russia I wouldn’t be able to read this crap when I travel there, but I clearly can, and this is clearly the worst garbage to be censored.

    • Your problem is basic literacy. The Freedom House report does not say Russia has “no internet Freedom.” It says Russia is partly free, and more free than some countries studied. But less free than most, and losing freedom every day.

      Maybe you should learn to read before you start writing. Many find it works better that way.

      • Obviously you have been somehow offended by the Russians. Were you dumb enough to fall for a russian girl on one of those get a wife websites, and after spending your life savings (that came from your parents giving you allowance) on bringing her here, even she couldn’t deal with your sorry a$$. Get a life dude, move out of your parents’ basement and find something else to do. You are pathetic and need lots of psychiatrical help. Good luck with that, you poor, poor guy. Get off you patty throne and move on.


        The “La” means we’re girls, you savagely stupid imbecile.

        You’re right, we have been offended by Russians. We’re offended that they’ve chosen to rehabilitate the KGB, an institution that destroyed them, and to condemn their children to relive the horror and collapse of the USSR. You obviously hate the Russians and therefore aren’t offended by this, you enjoy watching them destroy themselves.

        Meanwhile, if we have no life what can be said about a person who merely comments on our blog, and with so much spit and venom? Think a little before you publish things others can see, you’ll look a little less foolish.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Imbecile(s): “La” is not compatible with any plural tense, hence the logical conclusion amounts to attribute your substandard “response” to one single person. Now, if French is what you’re clumsily fooling around with, then consider referring to yourself or yourselves as “Les Russophobes”. This has the additional benefit of being gender transparent, mind you.

          • You’re the imbecile. If you would simply read ABOUT LR you would clearly understand. Right there in our header, can’t miss it.

            “LES” for plural does not connote gender, that is why it is “La” you peasant.

      • Ok, I promise to read more, but for a start, not on this blog, somewhere a bit closer to reality, like AGT. Much room for improvement here.

        • You could start by reading this: “Twice as many Russian bloggers were arrested in the most recent survey period compared to the last one.”


          • Oh la Russophobe, my knees are shaking so hard, don’t know what’s more frightening, your rhetoric or OMON knocking on my door. Though people around me usually tell me to cheer up, things are not that bad. The USA has been forecasting total collapse of Russia ever well before Reagan took power. One thing they don’t want to acknowledge is that Russia’s path is not easy to predict but easy to extrapolate.

            • STALKER, total collapse is talking place, but you russian baboons are too stupid or too drunk or too high on the afghan heroir to see it. This unstoppable, inevitable and irreversible process of Russia’s drowning in its own excrements is going to be long, painful and smelly. ….

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                “Total collpase is talking place”, said the Pshek. Talk is cheap, all right. Ergo: “Pshek” does not connotate a human being; it connotates a diagnosis as was pointed out here recently.

                • That russian baboon who thinks he is swedish really needs a radical treatment in the mental hospital did you confuse Kolyma with Stockholm???

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz

                    Nej, inte vad jag vet. Hur så?

                    Korkat snack
                    Ful polack

                    • Hey russian baboon, does it mean in Swedish that you are ready for lobotomy dearie?????

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      No, it means that by your own super-duper intelligent Pshek heuristics, I’m WAAAY too smart to be of Russian descent. I’m an intelligent person, you know. Are you more clever than the average Russian? Or the average Pshek, for that matter?

                    • Manfred Stiff Dick,

                      Ooh you are funny!! you’re “I’m WAAAY too smart to be of Russian descent. I’m an intelligent person, you know.” is one of your grossest and stupidest lies of the 21st century.

                      Firstly, for anyone to support soviet communism must mean that they are a screw or two loose, upstairs.
                      Secondly, it shows that they cannot reason rationally.
                      Thirdly, it indicates that they do not have the intelligence to differentiate between fact and fiction or fantasy.
                      Fourthly, they cannot differentiate between truth and blatant lying, and,
                      Finally, they do not possess the ability to realize that they are being manipulated by an evil force whose stupidity is not as gross as their own, hence the manipulation of the weak, the stupid and the feeble.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      Ever heard of the American composer Paul Simon, Boredan? One of his most famous melodies has a Spanish title, albeit with English lyrics. Rumour has it that he had written still another verse for it but dropped that one, eventually. Anyway, here is the text:

                      I’d rather be a Russian than a Pshek
                      Yes I would
                      If I only could
                      I surely would
                      Ukrainian in Australia, what the heck
                      Never would
                      Even if I could
                      I never would

                      Take that, tired ol’ Ukro bore!

                    • Manfred Stiff Dick,

                      Your stupidity is unbelievable. Really unbelievable.

                      Your copy of Paul Simon’s words from one of his songs, proves that you cannot think anything up that is intelligent and original.

                      When the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl drifted over Sweden, 25 years ago, your brain evidently got a lethal dose that destroyed the best part of it.

                      Tell me? can you also play the guitar, as I would love to see you croak those words out to the actual tune, in your tone dead falsetto way – no doubt it will be hilarious and go hand in hand with the rest of you!!!

                      PS and while your at it send a copy to your idol, that murdering KGB spy master, V. V. Putin. He will be impressed, trust me!!! LOL.

                    • Perhaps just the opposite, in fact! I’ll be damned if it weren’t thanks to radioactive waste from Chernobyl (I was 22 years old back then) that I finally was able to acquire appreciable skills in a whole host of fields; music, mathematics, and physics being the most salient ones.

                      Yeah, I’ll be very happy indeed to fix the cover version of “El condor pása” — on one condition: mccusa and yourself join in as the soothing “angel choir”, ha! We’ll be making fortunes for decades to come :-)

                    • mccusa

                      How in hell can Manfredo Stiff Dick have a lobotomy? He has no brain to enable the surgeons to operate on.
                      The radiation that drifted from Chernobyl all the way across Sweden was courtesy of his beloved USSR.

  3. Muhahah, LaRussophobe can’t read?
    It clearly says Georgia 40, Russia 51. So in one day Russia went down a point, which is good, but Georgia went up 5 points!, holy…..

    I get the impression LaRussopbobe’s purpose is disinformation



    First of all, you are LYING. RUSSIA WENT UP THREE POINTS FROM THE LAST SURVEY, you braying jackass.

    Click to access Russia2011.pdf

    The report CLEARLY says Russia’s score in 2009 was 49 and its score in 2011 was 52. 49 is BETTER than 52, Russia became LESS FREE between 2009 and 2011. Were you drunk when you wrote that post?

    Moreover, you are quite illiterate. The focus of this post is not score or rank but the fact that Georgia’s score is FAR BETTER than Russia’s, showing Georgia is MUCH FREER than Russia and much more able to criticize government via the Internet.

    • You link shows the data from 2009, but she gave a link with the data for 2011, and there it clearly says Georgia 35, Russia 52

      • Correct. It did NOT IMPROVE, it got WORSE, by three points. Russia’s score went from 49 in 2009 to 52 in 2011. AND its rank fell significantly because it improved much less than other coutries, who are leaving Russia in the dust. Compared to other countries, Russia’s Internet is backwards and retarded. That’s the point of this post, which the ape chooses to ignore. Russia is FAR behind Georgia, and even behind RWANDA. Instead of admitting Russia has a problem and trying to get better, this creep makes excuses for failure just as was done in Soviet times, and hastens the day when Russia once again collapses.

        • My mistake, but this still does not brush off the fact that you need not forget to take your psychiatric pills, because everyone who dares to say anything on Russia different from your opinion is a “liar”. You are using the same old bolshevik tactic of pushing through one version of analysis.

          • STOKER, Forgt ‘psychiatric pills’ and simply look around you and you will see a real russia – a public toilet never cleaned….

          • You did lie, STALKER. Not only did you falsely state the facts (Russia score got WORSE from 2009 to 2011) but you ignored the point of this post, which was to COMPARE Russia and Georgia. There is HUGE GAP in freedom, which proves that Russia is lying when it says Georgia is a dictatorship. You attempted to protect one lie by telling another.

  4. lol.

    larussophobe, have you ever been to Russia? Maybe you should go here and see how people live here? And see if it is true that “The vast majority of Russians have no access to the Internet”, find at list some traces of “propaganda” about Saakashvilli. No one cares about him anymore. You will also be able to see what you call “ever-increasing dictatorship” for yourself. Also you will see if people can make ” informed choice”. Maybe after that you will be able to write something that is closer to reality.

    I’ve been working as web developer for 9 years. What is more I’ve been working for clients in other countries. And I even don’t live in Moscow. I live in Siberia. Though I lived and worked in Moscow for about 6 months. I’ve never seen the problems that you or FH are talking. And I’ve never heard from other people about these problems. There is no censorship in RuNet. Nothing is blocked here. In RuNet things are so different from what are you saying that it is just easier to say that everything that you say in this post is just not true.

    Last year and this year some people were taken to court because of distributing copyrighted content in RuNet. I won’t be surprised if they are most of those “bloggers” that are mentioned be FH. Btw, how may “bloggers” were arrested according to FH? 10? 20? 100? What a huge number for a country with the population of 142 000 000 people and tens of millions active internet users! How they were punished? Had to pay a fine of 500 dollars? Have to spent two years in prison for stealing credit card numbers? Who are these bloggers? What they were arrested for? Does FH mention that?

    As for political discussions, RuNet is full of blogs and sites where people criticize Russian politics, Putin, Medvedev and other politicians. In fact people are discussing politics everywhere just because they are concerned about what is happening in our country. Maybe you should learn the Russian language to read these blogs? At least you will be getting some original information. Not like Freedom House said that some guy said, that he has heard that somewhere in Russia somebody has written something and after that something happened.

    I totally understand that it is more interesting and easy to read the bullshit by FH and then repost it. The truth is not that “hot” and much more boring. But if you choose better and more reliable sources then at least the Russians who read your blog will not laugh at you.

    I wonder why so many people still think about Russia in terms of the Cold War? The world has changed. Russians do not hate you. And never hated. They are not going to attack you. Most of us just don’t care about you.

    If you really want to tell the TRUTH about what in general happens in Russia in your blog then please feel free to contact me via email. I might tell if some information is close to reality or not. I offer this just because most of information about Russia that I’ve read on European or American sites is biased or incomplete or wrongly interpreted. If non-Russian people call Navalny “liberal nationalist” it is really funny. If I would call him like that people here would think that I’m crazy.

    If you want just to spread rumors that don’t worry. Do what you’ve been already doing.

    • Um, OK, but you do realize that Freedom House is one of the world’s most well-respected, funded and credentialed human rights organizations, right? And you do realize that you offer ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER beyond your own undocumented claims to counter the scientific study FH has been carrying on for years now, right?

      And you do realize that in Soviet times people in Russia (Jack Reed, for instance) said EXACTLY the same things you say about how great Russia is and how it won’t attack. Then came World War II and the collapse of the USSR. Maybe you should ask the people of Georgia or Estonia or Ukraine about whether Russia will attack, before you blow out your silly stream of gas.

      Your “comment” contains absolutely no information of value, just your own ridiculous opinions. We cite FH, you cite NOTHING. And that is the story of you, and the pathetic failure known as Russia.

      To read more about WHAT RUSSIANS SAY about Internet freedom, check this out, creep:


      Then please shut your mouth. You just make Russia look like a nation of fools.

    • Andrew, I suggest you try opening this page http://www.kavkazcenter.com. I last time I checked the only way to view that website from Russia was through an anonymous proxy server or via a VPN server based outside Russia, so when you say that ‘nothing is blocked in Russia’ it simply shows that you don’t know all the facts.
      The bit about people getting prosecuted: I’m really surprised that you claim to never haver heard the case of that blogger (I think he’s from Siberia) who was prosecuted for insulting the police and local authorities in his blog.
      And just so you’ll know – I speak Russian and I live in Russia so I know what I’m talking about.
      Btw, last time I checked the statistics for Internet penetration in Russia it was at about 30% (i.e. 30% of the people surveyed (a random sample) said they used the Internet regularly at least once a week), I supposed this figure may have increased since then to maybe 40%. It’s probably higher in Moscow and Saint Petersburg but in provincial Russia people still watch TV and read the newspapers. Have you ever tried selling a Russian provincial real estate agency on the idea that they need to have a website? Most of them still operate mainly by putting classified ads in newspapers and putting up fliers at bus stops, on lamp posts and on the entrances to apartment blocks and they’re doing just fine, so far they haven’t been particularly interested in investing in websites because they don’t think it’s worth it, since the vast majority of their potential customers still don’t really use the Internet.

      Now regarding the perception of Russia abroad, you see the thing is that the Russian government has been treating its own people like s.h.i.t for centuries so over here people have come to accept this sort of treatment as normal and thus ordinary Russians are often at a complete loss as to why all those Poles, Estonians, Georgians etc are making such a fuss when the Russian government goes and treats them the exact same way it’s been treating its own population for centuries, i.e. like s.h.i.t. Well, believe it or not, mon ami, but there’s people out there, even our close neighbors who aren’t really used to being treated like s.h.i.t and naturally they get upset when the Kremlin tries to treat them like that.

      Have you ever been to the Katyn memorial? The Poles were the ones that made a big deal out of it because Stalin’s butchers murdered thousands of Polish officers there in 1940. What was the first reaction in Russia? The officials said, so what even more Russians were murdered in that forest during the purges, it’s no big deal. Well it was and still is a big deal for the Poles because in Poland, unlike Russia, they value the human life. Nowadays in the Katyn forest there are two memorials, there’s the Polish memorial which includes plaques with the name of every Polish officer that was murdered there, some even have photographs, obviously put up by the relatives who came to visit and pay their respects and then there’s the Russian memorial, just a cross with no names, I bet nobody even attempted to find out the names of the Russians that were murdered in that forest in the 1930’s, and why would they? After all people are just s.h.i.t in Russia.

  5. Ok. Again. Do you know the Russian language? Have you ever been to Russia?


    Not only do we know the Russian language, we have a whole translation section of our blog WHICH IF YOU WERE NOT SUCH A RUDE AND IGNORANT PERSON YOU WOULD ALREADY KNOW ABOUT:


    It would be nice if you took the trouble to read our blog before commenting.

    The staff currently working on LR has more than twenty years of experience living in Russia, in many different cities.

    As for Freedom House. I asked you some questions about their report to find out the facts. You are talking about the respect to them as if everyone must believe their every word. It means that either their report has no proven figures or they are very insignificant and can’t support your opinion. By the way, who funds FH? If some people fund them doesn’t it mean that FH just says what it is payed for? If they are respected for something does that mean that whatever they say is correct?


    They have published a massive report on many different countries backed up by direct research. All their sources are documented. You obviously have NOT EVEN READ THE BACKGROUND MATERIALS and don’t even know what they are. You’re an idiot.

    Who is Jack Reed? What was the problem with USSR in the Second World War? The problem that Hitler attacked it and we had to fight back?


    Jack Reed was an American who traveled to Russia and lived there with romantic ideas about Russia that proved to be false, was held prisoner by the Soviet government and died of untreated sickness. Watch the movie “Reds” to learn about him, and pull your head out of your fat Russian ass.

    All tensions between Ukraine and Russia were created artificially when Uschenko became the president. He created the image of an enemy from Russia. Now the relations are if not friendly, but at least they are not putting the blame on everything on Russia. A lot of people in Russia have relatives in Ukraine. The idea of attacking Ukraine will never find support in any significant part of Russia. The majority will be just against any attack. As for Georgia. Why so many Georgians then live in Russia if they feel any threat? Why don’t they go home if they think they must be afraid of Russia? Do you know the number of Georgians who live in Russia? Please, try to find it. How Estonia is threatened by Russia? Very interesting.

    So what or who FH cites? What sources it uses? Can you bring the numbers of arrested bloggers and what they were arrested for? That is the question. Please show the numbers. Can you support your point of view? People need to know the truth.


    Shut up you jackass. WE POSTED THE LINK to their reports. We are not going to REPUBLISH all their data, just click their link and read it yourself.

    I’ve read you article. All the people mentioned are well known in the Russian Internet. Navalny is a person who fights corruption. And he is a highly respected person. Many people believe him and support him. Anton Nosik is a well-know person as well. If you can read the Russian language you can read his comments about FH report about RuNet – http://dolboeb.livejournal.com/2053015.html
    He says actually the same as I’ve just posted. He said he doesn’t know any site that is blocked in Russia by the government. He adds that he can’t say that it was the government that attacked any online services. I repeat, he is a well known and respected person. He is an expert. He is one of those who built RuNet. He says that he can’t say that it was the attack from Kremlin. So the article that you linked lies when it says that Nosik was “blunt and clear in pointing the finger of blame for the attacks at the Kremlin” He is an oppositioner, he says that in his blog. And still he says the same as I’ve just posted. Use google translator if you can’t read the Russian language. You will be able to understand the text.



    As for the Attack on LiveJournal that you mention, surprise, surprise – the owner of this service is Russian oligarch Alexander Mamut — a friend of Putin and Medvedev and the Medvedev’s advisor. It would be so silly to attack LiveJournal if you can just ask your friend to help you with shutting down it. Right? Did you know that? The largest blog-hosting platform in Russia that is full of opposition blogs belongs to the (maybe former) President’s advisor and friend. These are the facts. You mention Rustem Agdamov. Another russian top-blogger. He is one of the journalists that are accredited to visit the events with the President. Just because he is a top-blogger. Did you know that?


    Please provide proof that the owner of LJ has said he is happy to shut it down whenever Putin asks, you lying jackass.

    Finally, the biggest surprise! President Medvedev on a meeting with top Russian bloggers on April 29. Yesterday! And among the guests are – Anton Nosik and Rustem Agdamov. http://lenta.ru/articles/2011/04/29/inet/
    (Lenta.ru – is somewhat oppositional very popular Russian news site) President meets those oppositioners that are mentioned in the article and says that he is not going to control the RuNet. Here is the post from Rustem Agdamov – http://drugoi.livejournal.com/3545520.html Here he says that it was a very friendly meeting. Very positive response from top bloggers.



    As for the plans of FSB to ban Skype, Gmail and so on – it was the personal opinion of one of their officers. He believes that it can possibly be a threat to national security. And the same or the next day FSB said that they just don’t have these plans. So the article that you linked just presents the wrong information.

    By the way, have you ever contacted the people who you are referencing in this article or you are retelling someone else’s stories? Why not ask experts about what they think about freedom of the Internet in Russia?

    You from NYC, right? And you think you know MUCH better what happens in Russia then people who live here and read and listen what you can just read after it is translated into English? Information is accessible all over the world. Tens of millions of Russians can read and discuss whatever they want in the internet. And they do that. Can you bring the example of a website that was shut down by the government in Russia for criticizing Putin or Medvedev? I would be so happy to see an example of internet censorship in Russia.



    So, I’ve asked you several questions. If we have a discussion then could you please bring facts that contradict to what I say?

    And also would you mind be polite and don’t use phrases like “shut your mouth”? I was not insulting you. Why are you insulting me? If you have arguments to support you point of view – please – present them. I’m presenting mine. And so if you think that I make Russia look like the nation of fools then you just make you country look like nation of liars.



    • The pathetic and unsuccesful attempt by the soviets to make the russian language ‘a lingua franca’ of the communist world ended up in cosmic failure. The first thing the Central Asian countries introduced was to abandon russian language. In countries of Central Europe and the Baltics russian language was used just to insult people….

  6. Ok. If you are calling me an idiot – then you are just a liar.

    You say.


    I repeat again. Nosik has NOT been saying that it was Kremlin who attacked LiveJournal. He said there is NO EVIDENCE that Kremlin has been organising any attack on the Russian Internet. Again, he said that HE DISAGREES with FH report. I’ve given you the link to his blog and the blog by Agdamov. Have you read that? Can you find where they saiy that Russian Internet is loosing freedom? Send him an email and ask him yourself what he thinks about loosing Freedom.

    Navalny raises money over the internet. Thousands of people support him financially. Does any authority attempted to stop him?

    You don’t know the Russian language. You just repeat what you are told by someone else. You’re just a tool.

    By what you’re saying you are just don’t know and don’t want to know and accept the truth. You just can’t bring any facts, only emotions and offensive language. You are a looser.



    Anton Nosik, a prominent LiveJournal blogger and former director of SUP, wrote on Snob.ru that massive attacks require considerable administrative and “financial support.” He admitted that it was hard to estimate the attack’s cost, but said the pro-Kremlin Nashi movement might be behind it because it was in the past accused — though not convicted — of hacking the blogs of opposition activists and of a cyber attack on the Estonian government’s site.


    Nosik is actually mischaracterizing Nashi, because it is STATE FUNDED, not just pro-Kremlin, and high-ranking Kremlin officials direct its activities.

    You must apologize or be banned from commenting on this blog.

    Your statement about Nosik’s comments on his blog are asinine. He does not dispute that Georgia’s Internet is less free than Russia’s, nor does he dispute that the Runet is growing less free. He doesn’t seem to have read the FH report (are you sure he speaks English well enough to do so?) because he doesn’t notice that the report DOES NOT SAY THE RUNET IS NOT FREE. It calls the RuNet “partly free” and says its score for freedom DECLINED since the last study (from 49 to 52) AND says that COMPARED TO OTHER COUNTRIES Russia is losing ground. Nosik offers ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE AT ALL to contradict FH’s conclusion other than his own personal anecdotal thoughts. Where is his own scientific study? Nowhere to be found. Your comment is highly dishonest and ignorant.

    Now you yourself admit Agdamov believes the Runet will not stay free for long. He stated: “the Internet is the last free territory — but it won’t stay that way for long.”


    Apologize or you are banned. Agdamov is by far Russia’s most powerful blogger, and HE ADMITS that the Kremlin is rapidly moving to curtain Internet freedom just as it has done in broadcast TV.

    What you say about Navalny does not even make sense. Just because Navalny has not been shut down yet does not mean he won’t be. ONLY DAYS AGO THERE WAS A MASSIVE ATTACK ON HIS WEBSITE AND IT WAS KNOCKED DOWN. Anna Politkovskaya wrote for years before she was murdered, you jackass. When will Navalny be interviewed on national TV? Allowed to run for president against Putin? Don’t hold your breath.

    • Andrew, what truth do you want LR to accept?
      The truth is that as long as the Internet remained a niche medium only accessed and used by a handful of techies the Russian government pretty much ignored it, however as soon as it started gaining momentum in Russia, there have been repeated attempts to control and regulate it. What with the recent proposal by the head of the FSB that Skype, gmail and hotmail should be banned in Russia because they use encryption algorithms that the FSB hasn’t been able to crack yet?

      Like I mentioned in another comment here, there are Internet resources that are already being blocked in Russia, one notable example is the kavkazcenter website that is blocked by most Russian main stream ISP’s, I presume on orders from the FSB.

      So the question is how can you seriously dispute the fact that the Russian government has begun cracking down on the Internet?

      Who was behind the attack on livejournal isn’t even the issue here, there have been quite a few other worrying developments in the past few years. So far most of them have been in the form of totally crazy proposals coming from various governmental agencies, like the one about banning Skype I mentioned earlier, but there were even crazier suggestions, some of them even involving banning people from accessing the Internet without special government permits. True so far these things are just being proposed and discussed in some circles, but we’re talking about people who’ve eliminated free press and independent TV in Russia so who or what is to stop them from eliminating free Internet?

      • Igor,

        In 2008 Ingushetia was actually literally cut off from the Internet (as of Ingushetia.Ru, it’s being banned repeatedly, owner and editor when shot dead – you know, Internet freedom).


        On the eve of the rally of the opposition against corruption, kidnappings and unlawful executions, planned for January 26, two Ingushetian Internet providers – the Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC) “ITT” and the Limited Liability Company (LLC) “Telecom” – have received orders today to stop the service of connecting their clients to the Internet.

        The “Ingushetia.Ru” reports that by following the order the providers have roughly breached the legislation on defence of consumers’ rights. The clients of these companies were not even explained the reason of disconnection from the Internet.

        Back in November last year these companies blocked the “Ingushetia.Ru” website, following the instruction of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic Musa Medov. The blocking is not lifted until now. Probably being afraid that people are now able to bypass the blocking, the authorities have now made up their mind to safeguard by cutting-off the Internet as a whole.

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