EDITORIAL: Kremlin Stooge, The Very Bottom of the Fetid Russophile Barrel


Kremlin Stooge, The Very Bottom of the Fetid Russophile Barrel

He is a stooge, and he is proud of it!

We here at LR have laid quite a number of invidious, smelly little Russophile bloggers in their graves.  Konstantin.  Accidental Russophile. Russia Blog. Even a queer little bird called “La Russophobe Exposed.”  So many others. We’ve seen them come, and we’ve seen them fall. And each time one does, we’ve noticed, the replacement is that much more insipid, clueless and pathetic than the one that came before — which, in context, is saying quite a lot.

Here’s a case in point:  The ever so aptly named “Kremlin Stooge.”  With this one, Russia really is scraping the absolute bottom of a very fetid barrel.

Here’s the executive summary:  Russia is losing billions and billions and billions in capital flight and foreign investment.  The response of the Kremlin Stooge:  It doesn’t matter. Russia already has more money than it knows what to do with.  Besides, America also has financial problems.

You think we’re kidding? Read on.

In Putin’s Russia, thirty billion dollars is a very considerable sum of money.

For instance, at Russia’s average wage of $3/hour, $30 billion is ten billion man-hours of work. Losing that sum is like seeing the total wages of 5 million Russian people working for an entire year flushed down the toilet.  Some people would call it a pretty damn serious problem.

Why flushed down the toilet, you ask? Because the sum in question is the amount of capital flight experienced by Russia in 2010.  And things are getting worse:  Russia saw over $20 billion in capital flight in the first quarter of this year alone.  That’s fifty billion dollars in fifteen months, over $3 billion per month.  It puts Russia on pace to nearly triple last year’s horrifying level of capital flight.  Russia is quite literally hemorrhaging money.

Now for those of you, like a certain lice-invested, ass-scratching ape we’re about to discuss, who have not yet graduated the third grade, we’ll explain what this means in simple terms:  It means that $50 billion won’t be used to build factories and create jobs and wealth in Russia, nor will it be used to create any tax revenues in Russia that could be used to build things like libraries, hospitals and schools.  It will be used for those purposes in some other country, quite possibly one that directly competes with Russia economically, perhaps even one that Russia hates and wants to destroy. What’s more, because it’s such a staggering, world-leading sum, it generates impossibly bad PR for Russia as a market, and hence a snowball effect of even more capital flight. Which is kind of why Russians have to work for $3/hour and don’t rank in the top 130 countries of the world for life expectancy.

But if you listen to one of the stupidest and most dishonest Russophile bloggers who’s yet to appear in the blogosphere, it doesn’t matter at all and anyone (however well-educated, respected or paid) who says otherwise is an idiot who should be run out of town on a rail.

This hysterically ignorant, inbred buffoon who proudly calls himself “The Kremlin Stooge” believes that since the Russian government has a large sum of cash reserves (owing to rising oil prices) it can simply inject $50 billion (well, $30 billion, because he doesn’t care to tell his “readers” about the other $20 billion — nor does he care to mention that foreign direct investment in Putin’s Russia is half what it was four years ago) into the marketplace to replace the sum it has lost in capital flight, and Russia will be none the poorer.

There’s just a few zillion small problems with this “analysis.” For instance:

  • What in the world makes this braying jackass think the government of Russia has the qualifications necessary for building its own factories and creating its own jobs?  If it can, why isn’t it doing so right now? Does Russia have too many jobs already, maybe?  Wasn’t the state system tried in a little country called the USSR, and didn’t that work out rather badly?
  • What in the world makes the witless goon think the Kremlin has any intention of injecting that kind of money into factories and jobs, even if it had the qualifications?  Has anyone in the Kremlin said so? He certainly doesn’t quote any one.
  • Has this ridiculously illiterate imbecile ever heard about Russian corruption?  Does he have any idea what would happen if the government of Russia tried to funnel 50 billion dollars into job creation?  To say the least, the money would not reach its destination.
  • Does this drunken simpleton think, even for one second, about what it means for Russia that her own businessmen are sending billions and billions of dollars overseas?  Isn’t it possible — just possible — that they know something about Russia the “The Stooge” does not? Something bad? Something very, very, very bad?
  • If the government spent its reserves on replacing capital flight, what would happen when another financial emergency came along like the stock market crash of 2008, which wiped out fully half of Russia’s reserves? Wouldn’t it be disastrous?

Examine his post for yourself, dear reader, and try to find any attempt by this ape to cite to any published authority from any economist anywhere who says that billions in capital flight means nothing if you’ve got capital reserves.  Examine his bio statement, and search in vain for any economics credentials of any kind.  Think about the total absence of any supporting material as you consider the following.

The  cretin who blogs as the Stooge (apparently “Mark Chapman”) actually thinks — yes, he says so in so many words — that he has better chops than Leon Aron of the American Enterprise Institute, one of the world’s leading experts on the Russia. Aron holds an MA and a PhD from Columbia University and was born and raised in Moscow. He’s the author of numerous books, and he’s been interviewed on 60 Minutes. Chapman, you may not be surprised to learn, doesn’t actually mention any of his own chops.   Yet it’s apparently clear beyond doubt that the “The Kremlin Stooge” knows more — much, much more — than Professor Aron, who leads Russia studies at one of the world’s most powerful and influential think tanks.

In our lead editorial today we detail reports from a journalist who really knows Russia, because she’s seen it up close and is Russian herself, describing the horrific conditions of oppressive poverty under which real Russians live out their miserable lives. Today’s issue republishes her reporting verbatim as well.  But according to this crazed, lying freak known proudly as “The Stooge,” things are pure bliss in the paradise known as Vladimir Putin’s KGB Russia and anyone who thinks otherwise … needs a long stay in a neo-Soviet mental institution.

It’s this kind of “thinking” of course that characterized the USSR and caused its downfall.  Oblivious of reality, a cadre of benighted morons went around repeating insipid, dishonest propaganda just like this year after year, ignoring the desperate problems that plagued their nation, until their entire society came crashing to an end. Those who tell the Russians they are doing great and should just keep on keepin’ on are their worst enemies.  With “friends” like these, who might as well be foreign agents, Russia will soon — once again — be obliterated.

We’d end by wondering how much of his own money “The Stooge” has pumped into Russia to replace the $50 billion that just left, seeing as how those who sent that money out are idiotic suckers just like Professor Aron, and have left a wide open window for “The Stooge” to get rich.  But asking a question like that would be thoughtful, logical and reasonable — all the things you simply can’t be when you try to communicate with Russophile scum this odious.

So we’ll just wait until this pathetic loser stumbles off in a drunken stupor into an early grave, just like all the rest.  Meanwhile, better than we could ever dream of doing, “The Stooge” will continue providing a perfect example of how very low Russia has fallen, what pathetic refuse it has left to call “friend,” and how very little time it has left before it once again collapses, as has been its pattern throughout its tawdry and pathetic history.

7 responses to “EDITORIAL: Kremlin Stooge, The Very Bottom of the Fetid Russophile Barrel

  1. You guys really deserve each other.

    Mazel tov on the tireless research, by the way. Leon Aron, as you can see from the bio to which you yourself link, has an MA and a PhD from Columbia.


    Thanks for the correction! Yes, even we underestimated the awesome and impressive credentials of this world-leading Russia scholar. You might want to drop over and point out that fact to The Stooge as well, he apparently thinks DOCTOR Aron got his credentials from a box of crackerjacks.

  2. Vlad the Impala

    Another total and utter annihilation of an unsuspecting nincompoop. You better resign up under a different stooge. You ass is well blown…!
    This dude will take months to recover from such a lashing, i am pissing myself laughing. I never had so much fun since a Kazak donkey ran off with my underpants at a desert watering hole i was swimming in near Shymkent.

  3. Glory to the Stooge!

  4. La RP … undoubtedly your analysis is closer to the truth than the other person’s. It is not only money that the rich export abroad, but their own family members … especially children. The latest, and comment on the general situation, reported here – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/8468779/Russian-tycoon-pays-ransom-to-free-kidnapped-son.html

  5. The stupid russophiliac simpleton, I believe, presented something called an argument. Why don’t you talk about his ‘argument’ rather than throwing insults, he did address quite a few points. Capital flight may be a problem (insignificant as it is) in Russia, but I don’t see the west aquiring that many jobs. In fact; Russian jobs are actually increasing, not through the construction of new factories but from the opening of businesses and utilizing informational technology, and by modernizing/expanding what we ALREADY have, I mean hell 10 years of decay have just done wonders for Russia, it’s necessary to repair these before setting out to build new things. Meanwhile in the west a new kind of decay is coming on; outsource. Investors and businessmen are leaving overseas, meanwhile you run a mass budged deficit and a multi-trillion dollar national debt. Russia doesn’t have any of that. So capital should probably be returning to Russia pretty quickly, considering the second phase of Obama’s restart (which will be focusing on economics) is coming up, and the fact that the nation’s back on its feet from the crisis… some of us aren’t. Oh and the cash reserves are, as one might put it “just in case” it IS good to have them.

  6. I used to think freedom to express one’s point of view was supposed to be one of the Western values?

    Doesn’t really look like you tolerate points of view different from yours.

  7. In fact, I’m disappointed in you, Kim. I used to think you were motivated by ethnic hatred. But that doesn’t explain your attack on Mark, who is an Anglosaxon Canadian. It turns out to be, that your motivation is a so Soviet-style propaganda-driven mindset. As I said, I’m disappointed.

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