April 30, 2011 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Depths of Russian Poverty

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Putin in Space

(3)  EDITORIAL:  A Silly Maggot called “Kremlin Stooge”

(4)  Putin to People: Drop Dead!

(5)  A Very Russian Story

(6)  Russia’s Drinking Problem

(7)  CARTOON:  Divorce, Kremlin Style

NOTE:  Ah, Russia! In spring, a young Russian man’s thoughts turn to . . . bloody murder.

NOTE: Care to watch Dima Medvedev gettin’ jiggy with it?

NOTE:  It was bread and chicken.

5 responses to “April 30, 2011 — Contents

  1. How sad, ever so sad for that young child! mother and grand mother gone for ever. Just like that.

    There is no excuse for that level of barbarity! that brutal and barbaric murderer should be strung up by the balls until he too pays the supreme penalty.

    It will be interesting to see what “darlings’ ” “Vova” and/or “Dmitry” will do about this heinous crime as I believe there’s no extradition treaty between USA and Russia.

  2. Seven military conscripts from Dagestan landed in prison last year for forcing fellow sailors in the Baltic Fleet to spell out the word “Caucasus” with their bodies.

    The military’s top prosecutor warned in February that ethnic tensions were a main reason for hazing — acts of abuse among soldiers that are occurring at least 11 times per day in army units.

    Then a senior regional military officer broke the news that the General Staff in Moscow had banned conscripts from the North Caucasus for the spring draft, which started this month.

    The General Staff kept mum about the conscription drive Tuesday, and lower ranking military officials denied that a ban had been ordered. But officials acknowledged that many North Caucasus natives were being kept separate from other conscripts in an indication that matters are far from calm in the ranks.


    “Servicemen of various ethnic groups … attempt to impose their own rules in military communities,” Fridinsky said.

    Independent military analyst Alexander Golts blamed the ethnic tensions on a breakdown in order in the armed forces following clumsily implemented reforms aimed at establishing a corps of professional sergeants to keep order among the troops.

    The ethnic problem dates back to Soviet times, Golts said. Military officials were previously able to solve it by distributing conscripts from ethnic republics among units nationwide, thus preventing them from forming large groups, but this is becoming increasingly harder to do because their numbers are growing due to higher birthrates in the North Caucasus than the rest of Russia, he said.

    “Earlier, the demographic factor was different and ethnic Slavs prevailed within the units, but the situation is different today,” Golts said.

  3. You should take a look at this video exchange between a very brave – and very articulate – young woman student with Zhirinovsky.

    какая то демократия

    The video is on Ukraine’s TVi –


    Go to the links for April 21, 2011 where it says:

    В ефiрi – СЕРГІЙ ГОЛОВАТИЙ голова Комісії зі зміцнення демократії та утвердження верховенства права

    Click on the red hyperlink just above that.

    The exchange between the young woman and Zhirinovsky starts at 1:38 into the video.

    In typical homo sovieticus style, Zhirinovsky starts shouting and screaming and bullying.

    The young woman is not intimidated.

  4. Here is a better link to Zhirinovsky acting like a typical moronic homo sovieticus, and a brave young woman, a student, standing up to him:


    Жириновский: Путин самый лучший премьер в мире, но дома будут взрываться и дальше.

  5. LR, I am surprised you missed this –

    “Exporting Raymond” (no, I am not affiliated with or paid by the film in any way.)

    The trailer and the clips are not very long, but they are worth watching, especially about “Russia’s Hollywood.”

    They give one a brief glimpse about Russia – especially about the destination that is 10 minutes away – except for the 2-hour Maskva traffic jam.

    The costumer designer wanted the show to be about teaching fashion – because “why show real life – real life is horrible.”

    “You can hear the cancer.”


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