EDITORIAL: Russia, Land of Liars and Morons


Russia, Nation of Liars and Morons

In 1803, the United States paid the Emperor of France $15 million and purchased 828,800 square miles of land west of the Mississippi, known as the “Louisiana Territory.”  It was full of viable, fertile farmland and other freely accessible natural resources, directly linked to the existing continental United States, and it cost $0.18 per square mile.

Sixty-four years later, the United States paid the Emperor of Russia $7.2 million and purchased 586,412 square miles of territory in the extreme northwest of the North American continent, which has since become the State of Alaska.  Russia had virtually exhausted the fur trade there and, as far as was then known, the territory was absolutely useless.  The U.S. government was mocked and castigated for the “folly” it had engaged in, which cost $0.12 per square mile to indulge in.  Recently, Americans celebrated the anniversary of this transaction, which turned out OK in the end.

A hoard of idiotic, apelike Russians still complain to this day, though, that they did not get a fair deal in the purchase of Alaska. Pravda for instance recently called the deal “one of the strangest in history.” It was nothing of the kind.

In fact — as even Pravda admits — untold numbers of Russians continue to this day to ignorantly believe that their Emperor did not even sell Alaska, but merely leased it — and believe that Americans are guilty of theft for failing to return Alaska when the lease term ended.  They so believe because neither they nor their so-called “teachers”  take the trouble to actually read the contract of sale, which clearly states on its first page that the territory was being “ceded” (a magic legal word meaning permanent land transfer) and nowhere speaks about a lease term. Any number of crazed Russian lunatics, such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky, have openly proclaimed these lies as policy and demanded that America atone for its theft.

These benighted Russians fail to understand their own history, and fail to appreciate political reality as well, which both the Emperor and people of France and the Emperor of Russia knew only too well: Nothing either could do would stop a surging American population from seizing these territories one day. Therefore, it obviously made sense to affect a transaction and see a significant financial windfall.  Today, France is a buoyant, prosperous modern state with a high standard of living and long life expectancy.  Russia is a hideous mess, hanging by a thread over a horrifying chasm of absolute national collapse.

Even more disturbing than this blindness is the lemming-like manner in which Russia’s intelligentsia fails to call the country’s government to account for creating such a breathtakingly dangerous state of national ignorance.  A country this moronic and ignorant simply cannot compete against nations with more informed populations, and Russia’s failure to compete is documented everywhere you turn these days.

Russia has far more territory than any other nation on the planet, as much as the next two largest nations in the world combined.  Russia has twenty-five times more territory than France, yet it is the Russians who maintain a whole absurd mythology about America depriving it of territory and still speak about that territory’s return, not the French.  Judged comparatively, Russia was paid far, far more than its territory was worth in light of America’s prior deal with France, and there is absolutely no basis in law or finance for Russian complaint.

There is only one way to describe this behavior on Russia’s part:  naked imperialist greed and neo-Soviet idiocy.

And Alaska is not alone, of course.  In an absolutely crazed manner, Russians refuse to hand over to Japan a small chain of islands knowns as the Kurils, directly adjacent to Japan, and refuse to sign a peace treaty with Japan in regard to World War II, when Russia shamelessly stole this territory from the land-strapped Japanese.  Meanwhile, Russians continue to assert claims to Kaliningrad, a territory utterly cut off from Russia by other countries of Europe, and have aggressively seized territory in Georgia. Many Russians talk about acquiring still more territory, for instance the Crimea from Ukraine, and others dream of reconstituting the USSR.  There is no reasonable explanation for these policies. They are nothing but crude, vulgar, animalistic, wanton aggression by a country in no position to undertake such acts.

More than the people of any other nation, Russians live in a world of self-deception, illusion, ignorance and lies.  Almost totally oblivious of the true facts of even their own history, much less the facts of any other nation, Russians make judgments and policies that are wholly disconnected from reality, and therefore they always, predictably, fail.


8 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia, Land of Liars and Morons

  1. Humble thanks for this excellent article LR!!!

    You have touched a raw and painful nerve that is the facade of Russia’s ‘powers to be’ mentality – their inveterate lying, stealing, land grabbing and suppression of truth to maintain the largest evil empire in the world at all costs and by whatever means, while the average Russian sheeple, suffers all types of problems in submitting to and believing in this false grandeur that in reality is only “Potemkin” propaganda at its worst.

  2. No mention of annexing Georgian lands?

    • Actually they did mention it.

      Meanwhile, Russians continue to assert claims to Kaliningrad, a territory utterly cut off from Russia by other countries of Europe, and have aggressively seized territory in Georgia

  3. Let’s look at the bigger picture – it is, in reality, the desintegration of, now, Russia proper, as a part of the fall of so called russian empire. The ‘russian empire’ can only be compared to the mongol empire that conquered and destroyed for centuries – LOOK WERE MONGOLIA IS NOW!!! RUSSIA IS HEADING THE SAME DIRECTION…

  4. The last paragraph is pure awesomeness.

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  6. i have no surprise at russian ignorance a continued state of self denial ignorance and dishonesty
    russia really only invented two things: the atom h bomb and the aborrion machine vacuum and the hbomb was stolen from usa two trader jews and leftist jew scientists openheimer?
    russia help split the true christian church of christ the holy roman cathoilc church by the antichrist photius it’s stiil in bed with the muslims ie iran etc which helped further ruin the eastern church whsch just a version of jewish islam ined withthe corrupt dictator states

  7. i have trouble with russian and connected republics jews which is really russian, and georgian all liars denires living in imagination and disrespect for law and democracy freedom and personal property

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