EDITORIAL: Russia, Land of Failure


Russia, Land of Failure

Today we offer a special issue devoted to an extensive analysis of the myriad of ways in which Vladimir Putin’s Russia is failing and collapsing.

A good jumping-off point for this discussion would be to click the “rating Russia” category in our sidebar. There, a reader will find more than 150 posts dedicated to reporting on international scientific studies of Russian performance, each one revealing more shocking and horrifying failure than the last. Over and over and over again in the studies, conducted by respected international organizations and think-tanks of every hue, Russia ranks in the bottom quartile of the globe or worse when tested for basic criteria of civilized government and progressive business climate.

The drumbeat of failure continued last week, loud and clear.  Inflation was soaring, capital flight was roaring, and the world was reminded once again that those who govern Russia are unqualified, lacking in experience, and totally ill-equipped to manage a complex market economy.

In our last issue, we published the fifth installment in the “white paper” series authored by former first deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov.  The former first deputy prime minister documents chapter and verse how Vladimir Putin and Dima Medvedev are looting their country the bare walls, sending billions of dollars to their corrupt cronies while building for themselves golden palaces of every description as well as acquiring all manner of costly toys, from rare watches to yachts.

Meanwhile, Russia ranks a shocking 135/194 among world nations when ranked for life expectancy — that’s well into the bottom third of the planet. Russia’s position on the life-expectancy list is eerily similar to its position on lists ranking nations for corruption, democracy, and economic freedom, and it is no coincidence that this is so.  Russia’s stubborn, ignorant denial of basic freedoms and its maintenance of an archaic, despotic dictatorship is the reason Russians cannot move forward.

Instead of devoting billions to solving this problem, Russia’s so-called “leaders” choose to pocket the cash for their own personal luxuries.  It is one of the great outrages in human history.

In the past, evidence of such flagrant abuse by Russian rulers would have generated sympathy for the people of Russia, who would be seen as victims. This is no longer possible.  Russians have freely chosen to allow themselves to be governed by a clan of ape-like KGB spies, and therefore they must accept responsibility for the actions of those venal scum, and take the consequences.

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  1. You are almost a Chechenka Kim ;) Khazal yu.

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