EDITORIAL: Russia, Land of Bandits


Russia, Land of Bandits

The image above shows the dictator of Libya and the dictator of Russia flying in attack aircraft to bomb their own populations in to submission, with the Russian using a computer attack rather than an explosive. It is the work of the genius Russian cartoonist Sergei Yelkin, better known as Ellustrator, an refers to a recent massive cyber attack on the Live Journal blogging network in Russia which shut down the entire service for the better part of a day (even the blog of so-called Russian “president” Dima Medvedev was affected — interestingly, Vladimir Putin is not a blogger and was left unscathed). A few days later a massive attack was launched on the website of Novaya Gazeta, Russia’s leading opposition newspaper.  Both Anton Nosik and Alexei Navalny, the two titans of the Russian blogosphere, made it clear that the Putin Kremlin was to blame, in preparation for the rigging of the next presidential “elections.”

Mikko Hypponen, the Chief Research Officer of Internet security firm F-Secure, has said of such attacks, “Launching DDoS attacks against services like Facebook is the equivalent of bombing a TV station because you don’t like one of the newscasters.”  Most of the infamous political attacks in recent memory, including those involving Estonia and Georgia, have been organized by Russia and on a scale likely to require the presence of the Russian government.

Consistent with its malignant designs on the RuNet, last week it was announced that the Kremlin was hard at work on a new supercomputer whose sole purpose would be to scrutinize the output of Russian blogs and permit the Kremlin to pick out any offending blogger and pick him off with ease.  Lawsuits, jail, threats, murder, all are readily available weapons that the Kremlin can deploy — or it can simply cut off access as it recently did in regard to Live Journal.

It’s not just that Putin is acting like his Libyan counterpart, of course. Russia has actively supported Libya against NATO and the West from the first moments of popular insurrection.  It refused to support the broad-based coalition in the United Nations, it accused Western forces of causing massive civilian casualties without saying a word about the civilian casualties caused by the Libyan regime, it predicted Libya would defeat the West and it demanded that U.S. President Obama return his Nobel Peace Prize because he joined the coalition.

It is a sad, sick commentary on the state of Russian mentality that the Kremlin would wish to side with a Libyan dictator’s values, the values of a rogue regime condemned by the entire world, than with the mainstream values of democracy and human rights. But it is not surprising. Russians, after all, have chosen to be governed by a proud KGB spy who simply does not place any value on individual human lives or on democracy.  Given that, we will undoubtedly see Russia burst into flames just as Libya has recently done, and suffer the same ultimate fate.


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  1. The whole world knows that the next country to go in flames is Russia, only Russia’s case is the special one – it will be the civil war unparallel in its barbarity – the bloodshed of the ‘soviet’ revolution is nothing what is awaiting russia this time. Let’s watch that space and enjoy the end of the most horryfing ’empire’ in the history of mankind.

    • кто о чем, а вшивый пшек о бане.

    • Ah Mr.Mccusa! You seem to come from the same family as the ‘economist’ who’s predicted 15 of the last ZERO collapses in Russia. No matter how much your wishful-thinking effects your judgment, it doesn’t make you any more right and just because you hate Russia doesn’t mean its doomed to a bloody civil war.

  2. pupsik, dorogoy pupsik, vazmiy svoyu ruskuiu obsoranyu vanuszczuyu jopy, mongolskuyu mordu i uyezdzay v sibir , tam takiye krasivye goroda kak vorkuta, magadan, idealnyee dla roskovo govna…..

    • лети сама в Смоленск, пшекская вонючая дупа.

      • pupsik, pupsik dorogoy pupsik – peret etim kak ja pojedu v smolensk, khatszu popraszczatsa z ruskim govnom, izvenitie z pup0sikom -kazetsa shto nasz dorogoi pupsik poluczil zadaczu priamo od tovarisszczszcza pucina, spustitsa w ‘kursk’ i delat podpolnuyu, izvenitie, PODVODNUYU, rozvietku protiv amerikanskim szpionom, soldaty iz kurska vsegda zyvye – tolko zapadnaya propaganda govorit shot oni zdokhli i gniyot – za rodinu za stalina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • v Smolensk, dura, v Smolensk.

          • v Kursk, ruskye barakhlo, v Kursk

            • V Smolrensk suka ebanaja, tam dlja tebja berezu uzhe prigotovili, leti govnom po vetru.

              • V kursk, huj yebanyi, tam dla ciebia uze mesto v govnie kotorye nazywayetsa kursk – s etom gniyuszczym gavnom ruskimi matrosami…..

            • А что там в Курске то? В Смоленске для тебя хорошую березу приготовили, так что лети говном по ветру, ебенамать

              • kursk, eto symbol rossii, eto podvodnye obosranye ubornye, gdie gniot ruskiy riaby izvenitie, ‘geroye sovetskovo soyuza’ kotorye pogiblii za rodinu za stalina , ty tam nuzhen…

                • иди ты дура лесом со своим Курском, а лучше лети в Смоленск пшекская сука, с пером в жопе.

                  • idi ty, primityvnoye obosranye ruskiye barakhlo rosiya eto odnayo velykoye, obosranye ubornoye ‘kursk’ kaneszno, unikalnyi eto PODVODNYE obosranye ubornoye – poniatno vanka/vstanka???

    • По русски болтает полено!!! Помнит хорошо, видимо, его жопа русский сапог!!!

  3. I think it is a forlorn hope that the Russian people will fight back. Their history shows no evidence at all of Russians fighting for their rights or their freedom.

  4. Ron,

    Now you know why they are often referred to as “sheeple”, and why the average intelligent Russian emigrates to any other free country to escape this oppressive evil empire.

    A brain drain that Russian can ill afford.

    • you mix Russians and Malorussians, I guess. Ukro sheeple — this is a common reference.

      • Wrong as usual Pupsick – Real sick of the brain may I add, but then what’s new with you – nothing.

        • There must indeed be something, ahem, “special” about this vile Ukro emigré Bohdan, forever being drawn to people allegedly suffering brain damage. I mean, if we admit to his allegations for argument’s sake, the suspicion inevitably arises that he’s getting exactly the company he’s asking for, albeit without knowing it himself.

          • Would you like to rewrite all that mumbled trash in comprehensible English? ‘darling Stiff Dick’. Geez, little child do you rave on.

            Better still stick to some of your usual unintelligible ‘lingo’, after all it seems to come natural to you.

            And about me being drawn to vile Swedes (that is the ‘vegetable swede’ type) is only because I believe in putting them in their rightful place, as I detest foul mouthed communist stupidity, a subject that you sadly excel at.

        • Not me, you are wrong, poor retarded ukro emigre to Australia, if you allow me to call you this way.

          • Poopsick!!

            Ooh noo Poopsick, it is you that is wrong – still.

            If? as you say of me, “poor retarded ukro emigre to Australia”. What does that make of you, o’ brainless lying moskal, because I am not poor like you are, neither am I retarded like you, so I suggest stop romancing with yourself.

            Do us all a favor and crawl back into your dingy little frozen hole in that far away corner of Siberia. The bottles of somogonka are waiting to lead you back into that alcohol induced fool’s paradise, bon appetit.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Agreed. Russia’s fate was irretrievably sealed in that very Earth-shattering moment Bohdan left Ukraine for Australia.

      Vladimir Putin, if you’re reading these lines, please consider my humble piece of advice: You should offer Bohdan the post as Russia’s foreign minister at the very least. If not, I’ll resign as your faithful mouthpiece, despite all the handsome money with which you’ve rewarded me so handsomely.



      • Kleine Schwaine, ruskaya svinia, off the medication AGAIN!!!!! ?????????

        • Also, господь Владимир Владимирович, you could hardly do without an inbred, vile Pshek forever trapped in psychobabble.
          Россия нуждается в Польше основных талантов!

      • Stiff Dick,

        Your words are not worth the paper they are written on.

        I’ll even go as far as to say that your beloved V V Putin stopped reading your trash long ago. He may be stupid but he’s not that stupid.

        You chum, belong in the unemployable category! Get used to it, the sooner the better.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          What makes you think I’m using paper to post here? Du bist ein sehr blödes Arschloch, armer Bohdan.

          • I was literally speaking, by using the the English world recognized,
            expression of “putting pen to paper.” But English not being your mother language and you not having perfect command of it explains everything about you.

            As for German? und du bist eine ganz grosse blödes Arschloch, Untermensch! See I too can use that language, vogel gehirn.

            Besides, the truth always hurts! so get used to that as well. Aye gemüse.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              Deeply regret to inform you that you didn’t score any points whatsoever as the proverb in question neatly forms part of colloquial Swedish as well, word by word at that ( >> inte värt papperet de är skrivna på >> ). You swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker, and now I’ve reeled you in. Speaking of paper, the Swedish derogatory term “pappskalle” fits you perfectly. However, unlike yourself, I don’t make any silly, unsubstantiated assumptions about your prospects in the job market. Typical lack of character prevalent among the petty bourgeoisie.

  5. Hey, ruskye govno, YOU ARE INDEED OFF THE MEDICAITON, by the way, there is no need to designated a new foreign minister of russia; russia has a ‘foreign minister’ lavrov [ a.k.a Onan Onaniants – tbiliskoy ormashka] what a success story – during his ‘reign’ russia not only lost 50% of its conquered territory but now Russia proper is desintegrating – Poland [ and the rest of the civilized world] watch it with interest and total delight russia’s humiliation, russia being rejected by Asia and Europe, russia totally ignored by the USA. Here in the States, by the way, something extraordinary happened. Russia dropped from the radar overnight – NOBODY, BUT NOBODY talks about Russia – not on TV not on the radio not in the press. If there are articles about russia; they are mostly about a non-existant entity called russia with its inhuman living conditions, corruption, drugs, alcoholism and no future. Anything else new, inbred, vile but simple ruskye barakhlo forever trapped in pschobabble?????

  6. And after all those comments they yell that Russians are the biggest racists in the world (I’m not saying that there’s no racist in Russia, but I just show you that you’re being hypocrites). Yes Russia needs to be reformed, and Putin is a mudak, however forgein hate will change nothing, because hate only engendres hate.

  7. >> 1825 Modern Russian is sometimes said to begin with Pushkin.

    “Of course, I loathe my homeland from head to toe – But I was annoyed when a foreigner shares this feeling with me”. Pushkin

    • LES, you’re misinterpreting Pushkin. He didn’t literally mean he hated his homeland, he was only implying that a lot of former feelings of discontent for his country matched from the outside seem ignorant and unfounded, since foreigners lack the perspective from within that is necessary to understand a country.
      I’ll give you an example- there are times at which I truly loathe some things about my country, but all around, that’s not the case, I’m proud to be where I’m from and belong to the people that I do. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 1824-1826 Pushkin was going through a time of exile and very high disillusionment with the Russian government, especially in 1825 which was the year of the Decembrist revolt. A lot of Pushkin’s friends were Decembrists. Every politically aware man goes through a period where he really does hate his country, it’s a sad reality that exists as much for you and I now as it did for Pushkin in 1825.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Runet, another russian poet Lermontov wrote – praszczay nemytaya rossia – farewell unwashed russia – It is a perfect description of yhour’beloved’ country.

        • Good work, Mccusa, pretending to be Manfred Steifschwanz. Unfortunately for you, the green pattern to the right of your post that of Mccusa.

          How low must you feel to resort to pretending to be Manfred. He must have really made you go crazy.

        • Then, Mr.Steifshwanz, I must turn you to a quote by former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower “The German is a beast” in a letter to his wife. It describes your people as well as Lermontov’s poem describes his.

          • Having run out of any other options, our Pshek imbecile who used to call himself “mccusa” has finally resorted to hijacking my nick. Mind the colour of the pattern, where mine is blue.

            About time the bloody Pshek is banned here.

            • Hey bloodyKlaine schwaine; a banishment to Vorkuta Vorkuta perhaps – a russian equivalent of Baden Baden – or has Kolyma Kolyma more amentities like sunny beaches, beautiful climate abandon of food and above all, magnificent real estate complexes called concentrtion camps??? What a magnificent staff has russia to offer…..

          • Runet,

            Our mutual fiend Manfred “Stiffdick” – the exact English translation of his German alias, is in fact a Swede (the vegetable brain) and not German.

            I realize that the German Nazi’s committed terrible atrocities in their 12 year life span. But these horrific crimes pale into insignificance when compared to the crimes committed by the evil soviet Russian communist regime, so blindly beloved by M ‘Stiffdick’.

            You must remember that Victor’s in all wars i.e. the U.S.S.R. in the case of W.W. II, are never taken to war crimes. Only the losers, in this same war scenario, the leaders of Nazi Germany. Russia’s crimes against humanity will only come to light when this evil empire falls and is replaced by a human one willing to expose the black deeds of this terrible regime, to the world’s attention.



      Alexander Pushkin

      Why rave ye, babblers, so — ye lords of popular wonder?
      Why such anathemas against Russia do you thunder?
      What moves your idle rage? Is it Poland’s fallen pride?
      ‘T is but Slavonic kin among themselves contending,
      An ancient household strife, oft judged but still unending,
      A question which, be sure, you never can decide.

      For ages past still have contended,
      These races, though so near allied:
      And oft ‘neath Victory’s storm has bended
      Now their, and now our side.
      Which shall stand fast in such commotion
      The haughty Pole, or faithful Russ?
      And shall Slavonic streams meet in a Russian ocean? –
      Or il’t dry up? This is point for us.

      Leave us!: Your eyes are all unable
      To read our history’s bloody table;
      Strange in your sight and dark must be
      Our springs of household enmity!
      To you the Kreml and Prága’s tower
      Are voiceless all, you mark the fate
      And daring of the battle-hour
      And understand us not, but hate.

      What stirs ye?
      Is it that this nation,
      On Moscow’s flaming walls, blood-slaked and ruin-quench’d,
      Spurn’d back the insolent dictation
      Of Him before whose nod ye blenched?
      Is it that into dust we shatter’d,
      The Dagon that weigh’d down all earth so wearily,
      And our best blood so freely scatter’d,
      To buy for Europe peace and liberty?

      Ye’re bold of tongue — but hark, would ye in deed but try it
      Or is the hero, now reclined in laurelled quiet,
      Too weak to fix once more, Izmail’s red bayonet?
      Or hath the Russian Tsar ever, in vain commanded?
      Or must we meet all Europe banded?
      Have we forgot to conquer yet ?

      Or rather,shall they not, from Perm to Tauris’ fountains,’
      From the hot Colchian steppes, to Finland’s icy mountains,
      From the grey, half-shatter’d wall,
      To fair Kathay, in dotage buried
      A steely rampart, close and serried,
      Rise, Russia’s warriors, one and all?

      Then send your numbers without number,
      Your madden’d sons, your goaded slaves,
      In Russia’s plains there’s room to slumber,
      And well they’ll know their brethren’s graves!


    • “Although I personally am warmly attached to the Czar, I do not admire everything that I see around us; as a writer – I’m annoyed, as a man of prejudices – I am insulted. But I swear by my honour that for no reward in the world would I change my fatherland or have a different history than the history of our ancestors, as God gave it to us.”

      /A. S. Pushkin, 19 October 1836, Letter to P. Chaadayev/

      • It’s unclear what the context was when Pushkin wrote that letter, and context is everything. Whatever it was, it’s too bad you personally did not follow his advice. There were no rewards big enough for Pushkin to emigrate, but obviously there are some such rewards for you. Had you remained in your beloved fatherland or should you return now, at least you wouldn’t come across so hypocritical.

        Which country are you loyal to: the one you pour buckets of slime on but are remaining a resident of and reaping the benefits it provides, or the one you left, profess to love and yet are staying away from?

        • @RV:

          “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” (E.Roosevelt)

          You have a very small mind, RV… But then again, it is par for the course on this blog.

          • Maimuni you excel in lying stupidity.

            Why don’t you live what you preach. Here you are quoting Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman that cheated on her husband, a one time president of the United States: and yet you lying slime, you discuss RV.

            Show me a communist, chum!, and I’ll show you a low down liar.

          • You comment on this blog. Therefore you have a very small mind?

            Are you going to apologize for your lie about Russians apologizing for Katyn? Or do you want us to ban you from commenting on this blog, which you love so passionately that you comment more than once every day?

      • maimound, are you personally attached to the Czars? by the heaps??

  8. Manfred Steifschwanz

    There was a huge demonstration in front of the russian embassy in Warsaw to commemorate the assassination of the Polish President and 95 dignitaries – they shouted Putin – murderer, Tusk – traitor – then they went to the presidential palace – just a day before President Komorowski’s visit to moscow – the crowd asked their president to stay there. It showed how the russian perfidious manipulations and typical soviet propaganda cannot work any more. It also showed how magnificent the true democracy is.

    This is just the beginning of the unfolding of this horror instigated by putin. Poland will, eventually get the ‘black box’ and any data from the tower crucial to establish the russian guilt. The russians, and especially putin should remember that it was Poland that made the soviet ’empire’ collapse -the work hasn’t been finished yet….

    • בן כמה אתה? אפילו התובעים הפולנית דחתה את החרא הזה תיאוריה ראויה תלמיד כיתה שליש.

      • anonymouse is it arameic????

        • It’s hebrew….Of course you are not suppose to know how to read it, but an educated person should be able to at least know that’s a language and not mathematics.

          • If we are not supposed to read it, what exactly was the purpose of posting it?

          • anonymous, mccusa meant “Aramaic”

            Aramaic is a Semitic language belonging to the Afroasiatic language family (etym. language of Aram,[3] an ancient region in central Syria). Within this family, Aramaic belongs to the Semitic subfamily, and more specifically, is a part of the Northwest Semitic group of languages, which also includes Canaanite languages such as Hebrew and Phoenician. Aramaic script was widely adopted for other languages and is ancestral to both the Arabic and modern Hebrew alphabets.
            During its 3,000-year history,[4] Aramaic has served variously as a language of administration of empires and as a language of divine worship. It was the day-to-day language of Israel in the Second Temple period (539 BCE – 70 CE), was the original language of large sections of the biblical books of Daniel and Ezra, was the language spoken by Jesus, and is the main language of the Talmud.[5]
            Aramaic’s long history and diverse and widespread use has led to the development of many divergent varieties which are sometimes treated as dialects. Therefore, there is no one singular Aramaic language, but each time and place has had its own variation. Aramaic is retained as a liturgical language by certain Eastern Christian churches, in the form of Syriac, the Aramaic variety by which Eastern Christianity was diffused, whether or not those communities once spoke it or another form of Aramaic as their vernacular, but have since shifted to another language as their primary community language.
            Modern Aramaic is spoken today as a first language by many scattered, predominantly small, and largely isolated communities of differing Christian, Jewish and Mandean groups of West Asia[6]—most numerously by the Assyrians/Syriacs (also known as Chaldo-Assyrians) in the form of Assyrian Neo-Aramaic and Chaldean Neo-Aramaic and also Mandic—that have all retained use of the once dominant lingua franca despite subsequent language shifts experienced throughout the Middle East. The Aramaic languages are considered to be endangered.


            Where you get mathematics from I don’t know

    • It is with great disdain that I have to inform you, Mr. Manfred Shtiefshwartz, that it wasn’t Poland that made the Soviet ’empire’ collapse- and that the work never began. The collapse of the Soviet Union was by our choice and no one from the outside, besides the corrupt, who can be considered outsiders, had anything to do with it. We were arrogant, and it was our mistake.

      If Russian ‘manipulations’ mean anything and the power of true democracy is so strong than… hmmm… why don’t Americans protest their presidents’ visit to Russia? Your demonstrations only showed Polish fallibility to western/russophobic propaganda.

      • The soviet union chose to destroy itself – really – there is a limit even to russian stupidity -your heroic soviet proletarians, including politbureau, were humiliated, starved, and destroyed by the greatest man of the 20th century, President Reagan – BUT THE DEMISE OF USSR STARTED IN POLAND. After the collapse of the soviet paradise, russian population could only be compared to the starving people of Bangladesh or Somalia. And who took you out of this total humiliation and desperation the good old USA by simply sending to you the surplace of american food which nobody wanted – remember Bush’s chickens???….By the way, you russians are not arrogant, don’t flatter yourselves, you are primitive, perfidious, and above all, stupid russian//mongolian hordes…. By the way, if it wouldn’t suit the USA’s interest, the American president would’t travel to russia – isn’t simple to understand??

        • O rly?
          Was that how it happened?
          Here, let me open my copy of “Logic for first graders.”
          Oh crap… wanna here something?
          Russians are people; somewhat like you and I!!
          They’re like me because they can be reasonable and decent.
          They’re like you because they can just as much be “primitive, perfidious and above all, stupid horeds…” as they can be honest and respectable people. It’s a matter of personality and humanism, which I’m sure never reached you in the redneck underwoods, and is most unfortunate. Smallest russophobic violin in the world playin’ for ya, comrade.

    • little dirty pshek from usa, the “huge” demonstration in Arschaw was composed of a small crowd of clinical idiots such as you are. Psheks is not a nation. It is a diagnosis.

      • Ruskiye katsapy is not a nation, it is just a cold sh#$%^t spread all over.

        • Mr. Mccusa!
          Sorry to pull you out of Plato’s cave, which I’m sure is all cosy and russophobic but; the whole of the civilized world recognizes Russia as a sovereign state! Thats right! Right before the president of the US was about to give his “Russia is a cold sh#$%^t spread all over.” address, the KGB must’ve slipped in a disgustingly false speech in which the wise old man was eluded into recognizing Russia as a nation! And the rest of the world mistakenly followed their beacon of hope and democracy! What a tragedy… worst of all is the grief-strickenness of the civilized west of having made such a mistake that they didn’t withdraw their recognition!!
          Anyway, just thought I should bring you into the light, I mean it HAS been something like 20 years.

  9. Nothing else, but again: “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” (E.Roosevelt)

  10. It’s awesome that some people spend all their time fearing/hating Russia! I got two things to say. First, we’re hated and feared, so it’s awesome (yeah, detect some sarcasm here). Second, get a life, la russophobe ;-)

    • Your problem is that you are illiterate and lazy, like most Russians. Were you not, you’d realize that what we hate is the fact that Russians are destroying themselves and their children most particularly. By denying this, you help them to continue doing so. You are Russia’s true enemy.

      • Sorry to rain on your parade Ms. Russophobe, but I believe that by writing a comment on your blog Mr. Russia can clearly be marked ‘literate’ no?

    • Russia, don’t flatter yourself, russia is TOTALLY ignored and laughted at, as far as fear is concern, we have to add to this feeling a total contempt and disgust…

  11. The bombing of the Minsk metro is a vintage putin and russian barbarity at its best – also another step by putin to regain the territories lost over the last 25 years. This terrorist attack by putin in Minsk to take over the country is similar to the putins’s bombing of the apartment building in moscow to justify the second chechen war. The timing is also interesting; while the West is preoccupied with the Middle Eastern revolutions, Russia is taking those steps in total impunity. It is also a similar event to those of 1956. While the West was fighting Nasser during the Suez Canal crisis, instigated, by the soviets, by the way, the russian communists were slaughtering the Hungarians, again, in total impunity. This is also a new ‘strategy’ – to use the terrorist attacts as a tool to recapture those countries. Belarus from now on will be totally controlled by russia. The other means, less successful perhaps, used by russia to regain its lost ’empire’ were the wars – Georgia, the putsches – Kyrgyzystan – [by the way, the putsch in Kyrgyz Rep. ended up with the pogroms of the russian population by Kyrgyz and Uzbeks – outch…], political, economic and personal blackmail of EVERY ex-soviet republic e.g, Ukraine, Baltic States, Central Asian countries, and the rest. The long-term goal for putin is also regain the control of Central European countries. Let me give you some expamples; 2004; Poland joins the NATO, a day before the discussion and voting at the American Congress, the synagoge in Warsaw is misteriously burnt which caused an outrage of Jewish community in the USA – it took the Polish authorities rather short while to connect this event to the russian embassy. The Czech Presidency of EU. Out of the blue, M. Topolanek’s government collapsed, this was instigataed by russia and carried out by the Czech’ s leftist parties. Hungary – just before Hungary taking over the presidency of EU, the ecological ‘catastrophy’ strikes Hungary – causes of this NEVER found, followed by the barbaric onslaught on Hungary with accusation of Hungarians to be almost a nazis. For everybody who watched the pathetic performance by the leftists in the EU parlament, controlled and instigated by russians again, must be truly sick.
    The political murders is a modus operendi of russia’s ‘diplomacy’ Unssuccesful attempt to kill Prez. Yuszczenko, and slaughter of the Polish President and the 95 of the Polish elite. Prez . Kaczynski was sentenced to death for standing up to Russia and openly siding with Georgia in Ukraine. Russia, of course, mourns with Polish people and keeps repeating that it will take generations for Poland to recovered – surprise, surprise, Poland, in spite of this horrific murder, is the fastest growing economy in the whole EU, and moving forward fast. And on top of that, according to the American Geological Institute, the quantity of shale gas in Poland is enormous, double of the original assessment….While russia is busy to regain lost ‘glory’, internally, Central Asian muslims are taking over Russia. They are so successful that 80% of Moscow’s inhabitants are Muslim central asians, the army is already 50% muslim. Nevertheless, russian duma past the law to BAN the institution of President in EVERY so called Autonomous Republics. The the next ligical move to be to reopen the gulags…….

    • Mccusa,
      It is with great displeasure that I must inform you that you have failed to meet the bar for legal capacity to remain a member of any legitimate society.
      It’s with even greater displeasure that inform you that; Russia and all post-Soviet space are included, no matter what you may think of them.
      Oh wait sorry, comrade tie-eater might grant you political asylum, and I’m sure you two would have a lot to talk about! There you can rant nonsense about Russia nonstop! A madman’s heaven!

  12. Runet,
    Your quote; ‘you have failed to meet the bar for legal capacity to remain a member of any legitimate society’ is in reality the soviet/russian way of agreeing with me – thanks.

    By the way, this russian obssession with Georgian President, Mikhail Saakashvili, borders with true paranoia, why?, because the Georgian way is the ONLY way to go for ANY AND EVERY ex-soviet republic, any-autonomous republic, any territories, etc. to total independence, by joining the Western tradition of freedom, tolerance and democracy. Of course, the three last words of the previous sentence ‘freedom, tolerance and democrayc DO NOT EXIST IN THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.

    • I apologize ahead of time but I must bust your multi-lingual supremacy;
      Freedom; svaboda.
      Tolerance; terpelimosti.
      Democracy: democratiya.

      • Aw come on Runet,

        Don’t be so pedantic!! comrade , you know what mccuasa meant, it shows you up for the naive Russian you really are. And in case you don’t? I’ll help out a little so that even a simpleton will be able to comprehend! mccusa words “DO NOT EXIST IN THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.” should have included immediately thereafter the following “AS FAR AS THE OPPRESSIVE COMMUNISTIC RUSSIANS (PAST AND PRESENT) ARE CONCERNED.”

      • Runet wrote;
        I apologize ahead of time but I must bust your multi-lingual supremacy;
        Freedom; svaboda.
        Tolerance; terpelimosti.
        Democracy: democratiya.

        These three words above have a different meaning while taught to the millions of russian slaves in places like lubianka, and in the millions of soviet concentration camps….so yes, THESE THREE WORDS DON’T EXIST IN THE RUSIAN LANGUAGE….

    • @ Of course, the three last words of the previous sentence ‘freedom, tolerance and democrayc DO NOT EXIST IN THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE

      Instead, your posts show a lot of those, especially tolerance.

  13. And another thing Comrade Runet!!

    Give me, to use your ridiculous quote, a “tie-eater” any day, especially so one that has taken his nation out of that communist dung heap . Than a stealing, murdering and lying Putin, any time!!

    Seriously it just shows up your backwardness to pick on such a small, trivial and trashy item. Though it goes well with the size of your somogonka brain damaged ‘grey matter’. Does it not?

  14. The video of Mr. Saakashvili was crudely and clamsily ‘doctored’ – really 6-year old american boy would do a better job. On the contrary, the video showing mr. putin, kissing little boy’s tummy is authentic – what a speed and precisison – it show years of practice…

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