April 15, 2011 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, Land of Failure

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, Land of Liars and Morons

(3) EDITORIAL: Russia, Land of Bandits

(4)  Russia, Land of Mindless Sheep

(5)  Russia, Land of Hypocrites

(6)  Russia, Land of Extinction, Part I

(7) Russia, Land of Extinction, Part II

NOTE:  57% of Russian white-collar professionals are ready to leave the country. More than 1.25 million Russians have left the country in the last few years.  Our special issue today explains why, revolting chapter and horrifying verse.

23 responses to “April 15, 2011 — Contents

  1. Manfred Steifschwanz

    It’s plain to see that this blog has deteriorated even further — sort of an achievement, in fact — with all its three staff members suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. We can see that “Russia, Land of This”, “Russia, Land of That” constitutes the distinct, vocal tic here.

    LR = Lousy Retards


    Truth hurts, doesn’t it? Sorry, but if you can’t handle it don’t read this blog.

    The retard is you, because you cannot grasp that if the content really was insignificant then only an insane person (you?) would be commenting on it.

    You’ve either proved yourself a liar or insane. Which do you prefer?

    (By the way, do you realize your comment is absolutely lacking in any kind of independent value or substance? Is that how you lead by example, cretin? The fact that you have no blog of your own is not unnoticed, either. Have you always been such a hopeless, jealous little failure, sniping at others from the gutter? That’s sad.)

    • If this blog is so bad, you have a solution. Stop reading it and stop contributing. I don’t think anybody is making you. This free-market based solution would be perfect for you (and for those who do like to read it).

      Of course, being a sworn enemy of capitalism and of bourgeoisie, you clearly don’t like free marketplace and its methods, but do try it. Please do boycott this blog. Make yourself and the rest of us happy.

    • MS = Moskovskaya Svinia = Moscow Swine

  2. M.S. or more appropriately – “Stiff Dick” – I might as well use the equivalent English translated words – of your ridiculous alias, you little worthless piece of slime.

    Yes I am a little upset now, as I have just seen the Polish film “Katyn”, with English subtitles, made in 2007! dealing with, you mentally brain dead communist goon, the execution of approximately 22 000 Polish Army Officers, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers etc by your beloved and like minded but notoriously murdering NKVD scum! at Katyn Forrest, Gnizdovo – 19 km west of Smolensk and Starobilst, Kalinin, Kharkov and elsewhere.

    Save us your pathetic and unbelievably ridiculous lamentations about “this blog”, and return to your NKVD, cum KGB, cum FSB untermensch mentality publications where you so truly and richly belong, and instead tell us all about “Katyn”.

    PS Come on now, give us your warped view of Katyn? I just cannot wait to see your masterpiece of propaganda. I just hope it’s better then the normal trash that comes naturally to and you excel in.

    PPS It will not surprise me in the least – and I strongly suspect so – that you will ignore this reply of mine. I mean what honest and intelligent reply can you give? None what so ever, in fact an impossible task in itself!!

    • Beloved Bohdan Esquire of Unsurpassed Intellectual Tenacity,

      You can find my humble opinion on the subject under “March 26, 2011 — Contents”, posted this very morning (a reply to LES).

      • Kleine Schwaine, perhaps you can explain with your ‘unsurpassed intellectual tenacity’ the situation in russia, while russia is fighting the perpherial wars in chechnia, ingushetia, dagestan, kabarda, latvia, central asia, and terrorism in the entire country, you russians missed the little detail of your interior situation – the taking over by the muslim central asians of entire russia. Do you think that the ‘russian army’ which is already 50% will defend the interest of russian minority successfully??

        • Little pshek, you should stop your heroine injections. What is kabarda?! And what kind of war Russia has with Latvia?

          • Poopsick?

            If that’s just a ‘smidgin’ of your so called grey matter, then even going back to the textbooks will not help you!

    • Oh please, Bohdan. Stop the charade. Contrast Russia with “democratic” Ukraine. Stalin murdered 22,000 Polish military men in Katyn. And Russia keeps on apologizing for it.

      The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists exterminated more than 60,000 innocent Polish civilians (plus tens of thousands of Jewish civilians) in Volyn in 1943-44. Civilians!

      But when several Ukrainian, Jewsih and Polish human rights groups organized a private exhibit in Kiev on this tragedy, all “democratic” (i.e., anti-Russian) leaders – Yushchenko, Tymoshenko, etc – went hysterical, demanding that this exhibition be immediately closed and accusing President Yanukovych of being an “anti-Ukrainian traitor” for allowing this exhibit.

      • You’re a damned liar.

        The overwhelming majority of Russians believe they did nothing wrong in Katyn (not even when they lied and blamed it on the Nazis) and REFUSE to apologize.


        The government is the same.


        Stop lying, you damned liar.

      • Maimuni!! hallucinating still, what off the medications again.

        I’d love for you just to name/show just 5 of the times your beloved murdering communist soviet Russians goons keep “on apologizing for it”, i.e. the Katyn massacres.

        About Volyn, Wikipedia says about this, “Partisan activity started in Volyn in 1941, soon after German occupation. Partisans were involved in the Rail War campaign against German supply lines and were known for their efficiency in gathering intelligence and for sabotage. The region formed the basis of several networks and many members of the local population served with the partisans. The Poles in the area became part of the Polish Home Army, which often undertook operations with the partisan movement.

        The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) began operating in the region in 1942 and then spread to other regions of Ukraine. UPA units fought the German Army, Polish Home Army, then the Soviets for many years after World War II. Some units of this army engaged in bloody widespread actions to ethnically cleanse the region of its local Polish population. Whole Polish settlements in Volyn were massacred, and some 30,000 to 60,000 Poles were killed (Polish sources gave even higher figures) (see Massacres of Poles in Volhynia). Local Polish paramilitary units retaliated, killing around 15,000 or more local Ukrainians.”

        In January 1944 the Red Army recaptured the territory from the Nazis.”

        Also it is a fact that the NKVD killers used to dress up as UPA freedom fighters or guerrillas and commit atrocities in their name on the innocent population, so that the population would then think and blame the crimes committed on the UPA, rather than rightfully against the real perpetrators the NKVD.

        If one takes American civil war union General William Tecumseh Sherman’s often quoted 19 June, 1879 remark that “War is hell”. Sure atrocities happen on ALL SIDES. We all know – except for communist apologists like you – that what differentiates the different armies is the size and magnitude of the atrocities.

        We also know that the soviet communist Russians are inveterate liars about the facts of history, just look at the Katyn massacres which for decades they blamed on the Nazis. But let us look at the real facts of the case, baboon;

        In accordance with the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact.
        1. Germany attacked Poland on Sept 1, 1939.
        2. USSR invaded Poland on Sept 17, 1939.
        And it must be remembered that all the Polish Officers etc were dressed in winter uniforms, in preparation of the coming winter. Whereas if they had been captured by the Germans as a result of the Barbarossa campaign, which started June 22, 1941, they would have been wearing their summer uniforms and the bodies would not have decomposed that much. Neither would the dug up written diaries kept by some of the condemned cease in February 1940.

        Wikipedia tells us about Katyn that “As early as September 19, the People’s Commissar for Internal Affairs and First Rank Commissar of State Security, Lavrentiy Beria, ordered the NKVD to create the Administration for Affairs of Prisoners of War and Internees to manage Polish prisoners. The NKVD took custody of Polish prisoners from the Red Army, and proceeded to organise a network of reception centers and transit camps and arrange rail transport to prisoner-of-war camps in the western USSR. The largest camps were located at Kozelsk (Optina Monastery), Ostashkov (Stolbnyi Island on Seliger Lake near Ostashkov) and Starobelsk. Other camps were at Jukhnovo (rail station “Babynino”), Yuzhe (Talitsy), rail station “Tyotkino” (90 kilometres (56 mi) from Putyvl), Kozelshchyna, Oranki, Vologda (rail station “Zaonikeevo”) and Gryazovets.[26]
        Polish prisoners of war captured by the Red Army during the Soviet invasion of Poland.

        Kozelsk and Starobelsk were used mainly for military officers, while Ostashkov was used mainly for Polish boy scouts, gendarmes, police and prison officers. Prisoners at these camps were not exclusively military officers or members of the other groups mentioned but also included Polish intelligentsia. The approximate distribution of men throughout the camps was as follows: Kozelsk, 5,000; Ostashkov, 6,570; and Starobelsk, 4,000. They totalled 15,570 men.[9]

        Once at the camps, from October 1939 to February 1940, the Poles were subjected to lengthy interrogations and constant political agitation by NKVD officers such as Vasily Zarubin. The prisoners assumed that they would be released soon,[27] but the interviews were in effect a selection process to determine who would live and who would die.[2] According to NKVD reports, if the prisoners could not be induced to adopt a pro-Soviet attitude,[9] they were declared “hardened and uncompromising enemies of Soviet authority.”[2]

        On 5 March 1940, pursuant to a note to Stalin from Beria, four members of the Soviet Politburo – Stalin, Vyacheslav Molotov, Kliment Voroshilov and Anastas Mikoyan – signed an order to execute 25,700 Polish “nationalists and counterrevolutionaries” kept at camps and prisons in occupied western Ukraine and Belarus. ”

        Since Nazi Germany overran this region, part of which is Katyn, Russia, in 1941. And after hearing much talk by the locals about this atrocity decided in 1943 to dig in that forest, which they did and on April 13, 1943 the first mass graves were found.

        Furthermore, “Behind closed doors – W W II” reported (and it must also be taken into consideration) “that on July 30, 1941, representatives of Poland and the USSR signed an agreement that would release Poles who had been captured and incarcerated by the Soviet Union. But some prisoners were missing. When questioned in December 1941 about their whereabouts by the head of the Polish government-in-exile , General Wladyslaw Sikorski , Stalin insisted that they must have escaped. Soviet officials claimed they had no knowledge about the fate of the missing prisoners.

        When the news broke about the German discovery, the Polish government-in-exile asked the International Red Cross to conduct an independent investigation. (Red Cross findings later indicated that the Soviets were responsible for the massacre.) The Soviets, who denied culpability and blamed the killings on German forces that had overrun the region in 1941, broke diplomatic relations with the Polish government. The April 19, 1943, edition of Pravda, the official newspaper of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, accused the Polish government of striking a treacherous blow against the USSR. Stalin began to identify Polish communists , to whom he would later award positions of power in a puppet government in Poland. The Soviets also organized their own investigation of the tragedy and determined that the fault lay with Germany. But Katyn residents knew differently.”

        So Maimuni! be good enough to explain all the above facts in your warped and unreal communist manner?

        Instead, why are you so silent about the 10’s of millions that your beloved communist soviet NKVD goons murdered. You know all those innocent men, women, children and babies??

        • Wow, a 5-screener. Boredan finally seems to be catching up — possibly lining up — with the editorial staff proper at LR.

          I’ll leave the Katyn drivel for now. Western imperialism couldn’t possibly care less, so why should anýbody else? What actually does merit attention in Boredan’s above blog barf is its concluding paragraph:

          >> Instead, why are you so silent about the 10′s of millions that your beloved communist soviet NKVD goons murdered. You know all those innocent men, women, children and babies?? >>

          With due apologies to Maimonides for answering a question directed to him, here’s my reply.

          Dear Boredan, the answer to your preposterous question is simplicity itself: Even a 9-digit death toll (to wit, hundreds of millions of corpses) being attributed to Stalin’s reign (1924-1953) would look like a gaping void as compared to what Capitalism kills off in much less than a sole, frigging decade’s time. Moreover, what Western horror stories actually tell about Communism is that it kills at home in the first place. This is in very stark contrast indeed to Western practices during half a millennium.

          Last but not least: What does Boredan and his betters offer in reward for grovelling to Western imperialism? Eternal friendship or something?


          So first you lied about Russians apologizing, and now your response is to say “sure we didn’t apologize, no need to do so.”

          Your intelligence is pulp. You are incapable of acknowledging fault like a man and apolgizing, and that is subhuman.

          • AND what does M. Stiff Dick, have to offer, he who has only the one eye that is blind, no brain and whose next door neighbor is a real “arseschlo”. As usual nothing intelligent, just plain lies and stupidity, at which he excels, a la par excellence.

            Crawl back into the permafrost of Sweden, you vegetable ‘swede’ or is it turnip? Where you belong.

            Face the fact, you lying baboon – you were born an “untermensch” and you will die one. I know the truth hurts, but then and unlike you, I don’t lie!!

            You should do Sweden a real favor! pack up the small bag of your ‘worldly possessions’, like you know that trash book “Das Capital” and emigrate (via a slow boat to China) to your beloved but blind ruSSia and even more stupid (and to boot murdering) Putin and his “paradise”. I’m sure that there are a lot of vacancies in the ranks of the modern NKVD – you know the precursor of the KGB, cum FSB.

            Bon voyage you classic case of a brainless, grovelling and lying communist ratbag.

    • The ongoing armed conflict in North Carolina? Good news, indeed.

      • Ah yes, brain dead Casasa as usual.

        North Caucasus

        • Oh really, North Wild Caucasus — your homeland? Oh, I’m so sorry…

          • No pupsik, not my homeland.

            But people there and in the South Caucasus are infinitely more honest and welcoming than people to the north.

            • Relax andrew dzhaparidze. This was not my post, just look at the image on the right side. Why brain dead apes from NC accuse others in being the same?

              • ‘Dear poopsick’

                I can quite distinctly remember, it was just either prior to last year’s American independence day or the year before, that a bogger by the name of ‘Dmitry’ used to add his trash to this magic blogg! and of course he had his distinct “monoker” like we all do.

                What suddenly happened, ‘LaRussophobe’ started replying to some of my bloggs, immediately followed by an oblique attack on LR’s so called reply?? by ‘darling Dmitry’. Trouble was, that in all these cases the ‘monokers’ were Dmitry’s.

                As you are aware LR has her own and very personal ‘monoker’. This was then followed by an avalanche of such filth on this blogg on America’s Independence Day as to be really nauseating.

                No one, but no one, in their right mind would have posted such filth – except for the foul mouthed, where it comes naturally – sick Moscal mind.

                Now, and just in case you have trouble following the ‘gist’ of this explanation, Russia is world renown for its cyber hacking, pollution and disruption of computing services.

                Maybe? who knows? maybe history is starting to repeat itself on this blogg by the defacing ruSSian mentality of Putin and his cyber attack henchmen.

                Truth has to be stifled at all costs, otherwise it will, sooner or later destroy that evil empire that is current Putin’s false paradise.

  3. Kim, I promised to tell you about my blog.

    • rusentry, i.e. Євгені?

      Hope you will tell, by swearing on the holy bible; “the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God!”

      And not the official Putin propaganda lies.

      Which is it?

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