EDITORIAL: The Horrifying Fangs of Russian Poverty


The Horrifying Fangs of Russian Poverty

Imagine having to live on $6.93 per day or less.

That’s all you’ve got to buy food and put a roof over your head, and to pay for transportation to and from your work, which pays you roughly $1.30 per hour. For medical expenses, entertainment, the whole shooting match.  You’ve got $0.42 per hour of each day to survive on.

Think you could do it?

If so, would you care to try it in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, where food prices jumped by 17.5 percent between June 2010 and February 2011? No? We didn’t think so.

The Putin regime is proud of the fact that between 2009 and 2010 a miniscule 0.5% of the population climbed out of “poverty” as the Putin regime defines it, which means that they started getting more than $6.93 per day to live on.  $7.00 per day, maybe even $7.50, is the luxurious new lifestyle to which they became accustomed.  In other words, one could earn double the “poverty” rate identified by the Putin regime and still be desperately poor by the standards of any civilized country.

It would be hilarious, if it were not so very tragic.

Russia has been furiously burning through its savings in a frantic effort to insulate Russians from the horrific pain being inflicted upon them by the fangs of their failed national economic policy. The Russian reserve fund decreased a stunning 50 percent over the last year, having reached $26 billion by March 1 compared with $59 billion in March 2010.  The government is about to increase pensions by 10.3 percent, with a total of 20 billion rubles ($700 million) being set aside in the Pension Fund’s budget. Where is this money coming from? It is coming from in Kremlin’s increasingly limited savings, and from borrowing and debt. And it isn’t nearly enough to keep Russians from being decimated by poverty.

Russia does not rank in the top 130 nations of the world for average life expectancy, and its population continues to shrink dramatically year after year.  The reason is obvious:   Crippling, brutalizing Russian poverty. Russians, quite simply, can’t afford to live longer.  The wanton savagery of the Russian Kremlin building gilded palaces for its occupants while the vast majority of the population languishes in the most extreme poverty is nothing more than the hallmark of Russian history, a practice of sheer contempt for the population that has characterized Russian rulers for time out of mind.

The Russians who stand idly by watching this abuse take place, who condemn their children to repeat it, deserve this misery.

54 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Horrifying Fangs of Russian Poverty

  1. So! what has changed since the days of the czars of old, then through the oppressive communist years under Stalin and now Putin. Not much I dare say.

    The people lived and continue to live like oppressed slaves in total subversiveness. How thrilling, while it is a well known fact that Russian ploy is to hire people like MS, OB and Maimuni to comment favorable about their government policies on news bloggs and forums.

  2. If you want to imagine how to survive on $6.93 in Russia, you also have to imagine that prices are much lower. Otherwise, it’s a meaningless mind trick. Most Russians do not have to pay for education, healthcare or even housing. Public transport is cheap and relatively good in most cities. Food is much cheaper than what you’d pay in the US. Everything is cheaper outside of Moscow. Yes, they spend a bigger proportion of their incomes on food, no question about it. Despite this low income, they also somehow manage to flood the sea resorts in Turkey, Egypt, and Thailand every year.

    • Actually Jacob, you have just proven conclusively you don’t have any idea what you are talking about.

      In order to get help at a hospital that is supposedly free in Russia, you are required to make under the table bribes/payments to the staff, you are also required in most cases to pay for any drugs, syringes, and “rental” for the equipment.

      It is the same in Russia’s schools.

      • ….Andjey, and how/which source from you getting your “ideas” about the matter you try to discuss the issue ? from LR ? I see a lot of russians coming here for holidays and vacations ! I saw a lot of the them in Montenegro, in Italy, in Germany, in Spain, in Greece…everythere! And they are not a kind of “new russians” idiots, as it was recently – just 10 years ago. They’re very-very usual…

        • Lets see Aborigenus, I know you are not too bright, but you could at least learn to read.

          By the way, I have seen plenty of African (Nigerian, etc) and Chinese tourists in New Zealand and Europe, but it does not mean that the majority of their fellow citizens don’t live in abject poverty, and suffer from massive state corruption.


          Wednesday, June 27, 2007

          When Karen Papiyants lost his leg in a road accident last year, his medical nightmare was only beginning.
          Although like any Russian he was entitled to free treatment, he says the doctors strongly suggested he pay $4,500 into their St. Petersburg hospital’s bank account, or be deprived proper care — and perhaps not even survive.
          Faced with that choice, the 37-year-old truck driver’s relatives scrambled to scrape together the money. But Papiyants said that didn’t stop the nursing staff from leaving him unattended for most of the night and giving him painkillers only after he screamed in agony.
          “It’s nothing but blackmail and extortion on the part of doctors,” Papiyants said.
          In theory Russians are supposed to receive free basic medical care. But patients and experts say doctors, nurses and surgeons routinely demand payments — even bribes — from those they treat. And critics say the practice persists despite Russia’s booming economy and its decision to spend billions to improve the health care system.
          Medical care in Russia is among the worst in the industrialized world. A 2000 World Health Organization report ranked Russia’s health system 130th out of 191 countries, on a par with nations such as Peru and Honduras.


          Russia’s outdated healthcare mired in corruption
          March 16, 2008|Alex Rodriguez | Chicago Tribune
          Healthcare is supposed to be free in Russia, but Russians know that every hospital has its under-the-table price list.

          That’s why the family of Khazerya Ziyayetdinova, a 70-year-old woman suffering from severe bedsores, brought cash every time they visited her at Hospital 67 in Moscow. To have Ziyayetdinova recover in a room instead of the hallway, relatives slipped an orderly $300. They paid nurses $20 to give injections, change bedpans and unclog catheters. Every chat with Ziyayetdinova’s doctor cost $40.


    • Jacob wrote;

      ‘Most Russians do not have to pay for education, healthcare or even housing.’

      Would you pay for russian healthcare and corrupted witch-doctors, let me give you an example of ‘magnificent’ healthcare performance – truly success russian style – at Lame Horse fire in Perm out of 150 victims NONE of them was saved – NOT A SINGLE ONE…CONGRATULATION BARBARIC RASSIA…I wouldn’t pay for the russian housing [ziemlankas without electricity, running water or gas] either….

  3. If you want a meaningful statistic take a look at the latest edition of CIA World Fact Book. (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/rs.html) The Russian economy section states that the purchasing power power adjusted per capita income $15,900 (2010 est.). The PPP figure takes into account the price differences between Russian and US market goods. So to be fair, you’d have to the question about imagining living on $15,900/365days dollars per day. The answer is $43 per day. I could easily live on that much money even in the USA. Perhaps not in New York or San Francisco Bay area. What about a small college town in Indiana or Arizona? Absolutely..

    • “CIA” is not a kind of “trustable” sources… It’s about the same as KGB )))

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about. CIA World Factbook is a reputable source that has been used by academics and general public for years.

        If you don’t like it that CIA was the source, look up Russian PPP-adjusted GPD per capita from other source. Ok. I will help.


        The wikipedia article lists two additional numbers. $15,807 which was provided by IMF and $18,963 provided by the world bank. The first number is within $100 from the CIA figure. The second one is bigger by over $2000 than the CIA figure.

    • Yakub or Yakov, you don’t need any meaninful stataistics – just look around yourself and you will see the sh#$%^t called russia – just pure 18th century….got the idea katsap????

  4. The comments from Aboriganus and Jacob, not surprisingly, are beyond obscenity – the whole world knows that 80% of russians live all over siberia in the wholes in the ground, with no electricity, gas or running water, starved, cold, and totally forgotten by the own government. There was recently a documentary made by French TV showed on US TV – they interviewed people who eat meat ONCE a year, if they are lucky. Those people looked like walking dead – for God’s sake face reality and help your own brothers and sisters to become human again…..

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Notre bon vieux Pchèque imbécile = Le monde entier. Quelle charmante surprise, hein?

    • I am not sure where you got all that nonsense. For starters, over 80% of Russian population lives west of Urals. I can show you a TV show made in the US, showing people in LA and San Francisco eating food out of trash bins. It doesn’t mean that all or majority of Californians are poor.

  5. Kleine Schwaine, katsap imbecile. Surprise, surprise; another vulgar insult – this is, of course, your primitive way to agree with me. I know, I know it is difficult to accept Russia’s reality. … You should leave that ‘primitive’ country called Sweden and move to your Russian paradise….

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Non, je choisirais plutôt la Pologne — un pays entièrement plein de trous de cul. Quel plaisir pour mon Steifschwanz!

      • Kleine Schawine, ‘ruskkye barakhlo’ is not allowed to enter Poland – you should know this by now…..

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Now our Pshek is REALLY making progress: “Kleine Schawine”, adding permutation to misspelling.

          Has Putin never been to Arschau, by the way?

          • kleine schwaine or ‘ ruskaya svinia’ wrote
            ‘Has Putin never been to Arschau, by the way?’

            Apparently Monsieur Putain WAS in Warsaw, his visit, unfortunately, went unnoticed by 40 million inhabitants of Poland.. Let’s be fair, Monsieur Putain had made more successful visits in the past; e.g., a romantic week with Prince Albert of Monaco [the most charming bisexual of Europe] at Khanty Mhanty or Salhamanty – somewhere in Siberia, several successful years in East Germany; where on top of his heavy responsibility as resident kgb, he managed to rape little german boys on regular basis… Didn’t he visit the only friend of russia – the island of Nauru – a place without a capital city.. So, as we can see, one successful visit after the other for our little [ 5.2″] Monsieur Putain…

      • Hey LR, I know you have angelic patience, but for how long are you going to tolerate this piece of human refuse? He keeps posting in languages other than English, in intentional and deliberate violation of the rules, so that most of us cannot read that.

        Isn’t now the time to show him the door so he would go to some French language blog and impress real French speakers

        • RV,

          I can understand why you are so outraged at people who can speak more than one language. But have you ever considered the possibility that you don’t have to read everything posted here? Is your pay conditioned on your reading everything?

          • I speak two languages, and I am outraged not because somebody is multilingual. The purpose of the language is to communicate ideas not show off. This is an English language blog; what is the purpose of posting in French or German?

            • Have you tried using Google Translate?

              • Well, considering the repeated errors you make in your posts Mr “I am in the top 1% of US taxpayers”, maybe you should try Google Chrome, it has an excellent spell checker……

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          RV, dear: Chief Execrable Offal Zigfeld shows off that way too — what’s the word “La” being used for, may I ask?

          • There is a little difference — this is HER property

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              …and a big difference as well: Kim possesses no language skills whatsoever, not even in Russian. Oh, sorry: She actually does a fairly good job when it comes to throwing vile, noisy tantrums. In this respect, Hitler and Mussolini seem to be her true forerunners.

              • This is an English language blog. Not French, not German, not multilingual, but English. Many people here cannot read comments in any other language. Why is it so hard to understand?

                Maybe these English-only speakers are morons, maybe they have low language skills, but the blog is designed that way. If these people are below you, you are free to leave and to associate only with those who are multi-lingual. If you do that, you are not going to be missed.

                If this is your way of getting a girl (or maybe a boy?), you are not going to impress anybody to finally lose your virginity with. Just use our old capitalist way — get a cool car such as Porsche or Ferrari; it may be used if you can’t afford a new one (I bet you can’t). It always works.

        • RV! About MS and Ostap the BENDER of truth, I agree with you 100%!!

          And as they are two excellent examples of ruSSophile brain damaged wasted spaces, I strongly suggest that you not waste your good time on either of these two jerks, by replying to them.

          No one, but no one in their right mind can convince me otherwise, that these two ‘likes of untermensch mentality’ are on the payroll of their beloved V.V. Putin. Who undoubtedly is scraping the ‘pits’ in paying them for their garbage – of extremely useless and bad quality – that they dream up.

          The big difference between; on the one side LR, you and me and “them” on the other side, is that we live in the honest real world, while they exist in a twisted and unreal world, devoid of all truth.

          Freedom of speech has sadly one major drawback in that it allows this right to communist liars to express their unbelievable propaganda. Whereas if LR, you and me did this in their beloved ruSSia the results would undoubtedly be;

          1. LR forcibly closed and its owner and staff rotting away in a cold GULAG cell.
          2. You and me having the ‘pleasure’ of a visit by one of Putin’s numerous murdering thug quads to break or mangle our fingers, brains and bodies. Or,
          3. Fatal results for either or both of us to ensure our total silence in spreading the truth about the Evil Empire that is present day ruSSia!!!

  6. The Australian

    I just came back from Bali and the entire lower Bali (Seminyak, Kuta) is FULL of Russians. 60% Russian tourists, the rest from the rest of the world.

    Ordinary Russians who have “marketing manager” or whatever jobs in Russia. Talked to many of them. They live just fine.

    LR blog is some kind of lunacy; it has no reflection of the truth whatsoever.

    • The Australian

      I must add that most people I met weren’t from Moscow or St.Petersburg but from regional cities such as Perm, Rostov, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok or whatever

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Shhh… You don’t post such pieces of information on this forum.

        • Cruel attack of the Putinista bots!

        • Even the list of the regional cities suggests the guy is just another KGB crook out there, while a honest civilized person shouldn’t know all that, yay!

          • Manfred Steifschwanz

            No, no: Those Russians were either

            a) FSB staff with an explicit commitment amounting to fooling gullible Western tourists


            b) just a flat-out lie/fantasy altogether

            For information on Russian life, please consult our affable Pshek here!

            • Klaine schwaine, little russian pig, don’t flatter yourself, NOBODY gives a sh$%^&t about russian/mongolian hordes, hungry, dirty, drunk and on afghan heroin but still playing ‘a global power’ – what a performance.

              By the way, ‘the whole’ world [it means Russia minus the rest of the world, apparently with russian money] ‘celebrating’ that poor little gagarin – the first men in space… I thought the first was a dog, but I digress…]. Dearie, let me share this beautiful story with you, I am sure you would apprecite it. When gagarin visited Poland the Polish ‘adoring’ public was in shock – bednashka gagarin arrived covered with bruises, cuts and black eye – apparently when twenty kgb men were pushing him into the rocket the poor yurasha was resisting like hell, so the kbg men – molodcy – had to wack him unconscient over the head with, what else, hummer and sickle….

    • Listen mate! let’s get one thing straight.

      Bali is world known for its gentle, quiet, clean and CHEAP cost of living standards!! And is also world known for the volume of Australians that travel there for their holidays. In fact many, many of my Aussie friends who go there on a regular basis have ever mentioned about the large number of Russian tourists (that by your word are supposed to go there). And I have two friends that travel there every year. After all it is nearly in our northern area, back yard.

      Of the numerous times I have traveled overseas, have I come across Russian tourists, i.e. all four of them, only the once and that was in Singapore.

      Out of curiosity, do you speak and understand Russian, or did you surmise that they were Russians?

      As a parting comment, if you really are an Australian? be good enough to tell me that the following really mean?
      1 “Sheila is a sand groper”, and
      2 “He is a banana bender”??

      • Sand-groper – a native of the arid region of Western Australia.
        Banana bender – an inhabitant of Queensland.

        • Maimuni!

          You only got part of it right, chum! furthermore you did not answer the questions fully. Reread the sentences to comprehend what is being asked and then and only then reply.

          In the meantime back to kindergarten for you, to learn some more.

          Is “Australian” another one of your many aliases?

          • Oops, the word “The” should be in front of ‘Australian’.

          • Bohdan, you shouldn’t ask any of your adversaries to go “back to kindergarten”. That’s right where we’ll find you, dolt. By the way, now it’s time for today’s ditty, little kids.

            Brother Bohdan, Brother Bohdan
            Are you nuts? Are you nuts?
            Brawling like a monkey
            Thinking like a donkey
            You are out, you are out

          • No, Bohdanchik, I have nothing to do with the person named “Australian” nor with Australia. But given that it took me less than 30 seconds to look up the meaning of the terms “sand groper” and “banana bender”, you are greatly overestimating your ability to stomp your opponents, child.

            • I knew that you got your reply out of some source on the internet! hence the fact that you were “up sh*t creek with no paddle in your canoe” with your reply.

              Your answer was only 25% right, Maimuni – so try the internet again, as your reasoning and learning powers to be leave a lot to be desired.

              But I must admit that you are heaps smarter then that Swedish foul mouthed reject who calls himself “stiff dick” in some foreign language, where after all a ‘dick’ has one eye that is blind, a head that has no brains and his best and closest neighbor is an arse hole. Explains him superbly? Does it not??

              • I am sorry, Bohdanchik, but I am not interested in solving your Australian puzzles. I will let LES, MCCUSA or some of your other friends figure them out. The only Australian question I care about is: has the AFL season started yet, and are the Kangaroos going to have yet another bad year?

                • Ah Maimuni
                  As usual you have made a dismal liar of yourself.

                  Firstly my original blogg was to “the Australian”, but you could not help yourself, you just had to shove your ridiculous snout into what was addressed to someone else. Then when I pointed out that you were wrong in the majority of your reply, you back pedaled with ‘I am not interested in solving your Australian puzzles.’ Make up your little bird brain as to whether you are coming or going – as you cannot do both at the same time!!

                  Back to picking those Kalamata olives for you, in the burning hot sun of Cyprus.

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz

                    As we all know in these educated circles, Russia is on the verge of collapse. Bohdan, for his part, seems to be “post-collapse” by a long shot. Hence, if Bohdan is sort of setting the template for Russia here, Moscow will be one big street brawl.

                    Bohdan is below contempt, mind my words.

                  • Bohdanchik, I googled your Australian slang and in 30 seconds found definitions:

                    Sand-groper – a native of the arid region of Western Australia.
                    Banana bender – an inhabitant of Queensland.

                    Then your phrase 1 “Sheila is a sand groper” means “This woman is from the arid region of Western Australia”.

                    and 2 “He is a banana bender” means “He is from Queensland.”

                    You now tell me that this is not what you want. You want something else but you won’t tell us what. A translation into one of the Aboriginal languages?

                    • Well, well, well Maimonides! wonders will never cease.

                      At last you are nearly 100% right, the correct answers being;
                      Phrase 1 “Sheila is a sand groper” means “She is a Western Australian”, and
                      Phrase 2 “He is a banana bender” means “He is a Queenslander.”

                      In other words;
                      Sand groper = Western Australia, and NOT “arid area of” Western Australia.
                      Banana bender = Queensland

  7. http://kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2011/04/03/14011.shtml

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,Dokka Umarov is still alive! The dirty russian Kremlin-bandits celebrated his death too early again! One week Putin and his mafia celebrated Umarov´s death in an alleged airstrike,but in reality Umarov was far away,LOL!

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

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