EDITORIAL: Medvedev the Broken Record


Medvedev the Broken Record

In our lead editorial today we comment on a fact that would be hilarious if it were not so horrifyingly tragic, namely the Kremlin’s claim that poverty is falling in Russia.  It’s not the only such instance we can point to. In fact, in Russia these days, virtually every new development falls into this category.

Take for instance the farcical utterances of so-called “president” Dima Medvedev days ago, when he roared that the army of terrorists that has been besieging Russia north to south, east to west, must immediately “surrender or be destroyed.” We would laugh openly at the utterly nonsensical pronouncements of this ridiculous, ignorant, dishonest little man if it were not for the fact that we know so many Russians will surely suffer and perish as a result of his stupidity.

Does this pathetic mouse remember at all how his overlord Vladimir Putin has been repeating this absurd mantra over and over and over again, ad nauseam, for years now?  Does he really not see how completely vacuous this statement has become, not comprehend that the terrorists are winning, are laughing at him, are setting the Caucasus region aflame?

Does he really the people of Russia are such empty-headed, craven sheep that they might take such statements seriously, and ignore the reality they see all around them every day?  Is he really able to fancy himself some sort of warrior, an intimidating superman who can cause terrorist to cower in their toilets just with a withering stare?

It’s possible. It’s possible that Russia’s government is just that unhinged, that completely disconnected from reality, just as the government was in Soviet times. This government gets no more public criticism, and has no more accountability to voters, than did the Soviet predecessor, and therefore it is not surprising that it is just as deranged, and just as big a failure.

4 responses to “EDITORIAL: Medvedev the Broken Record

  1. Owners of North Caucasus ski resorts pay “tributes” to local militants in order to shield businesses and tourists from attacks, the Russian presidential envoy in the North Caucasus said on Thursday.


  2. @It was unclear whether fighter jets or helicopters were used. Three members of Russia’s security services were also killed.

    Both. According to the official story, first “several bombs equivalent to a total of up three tonnes of TNT” were dropped on the dugout and then helicopters rockets were also fired. It’s said the dead included Umarov’s wife as well as his deputy Supyan (this one comically-looking really short old guy with a really long red beard) and a local Ingush commander Khamzat to whom the base belonged (the one from this Umarov’s video where he was introduced as the head of a suicide formation). The official 3 Russian dead were said to be 2 FSB special forces and 1 OMON.

    Also it took place in Ingushetia (the tag says “chechnya”).

  3. “Magomed Taisumov, the former deputy commander of the Vostok special battalion of Russian military intelligence, was abducted from his home in the town of Novogrozny in Chechnya on Monday,” the reports said.

    “His corpse was then found on Friday in his native village of Benoy, possibly after being subjected to severe torture,” the Kommersant and Moskovsky Komsomlets dailies reported.


    (The guy also took part in the invasion of Georgia in 2008.)

    • Robert,

      He obviously had innocent blood on his dirty hands, hence no surprise that Magomed Taisumov got what he deserved. After all if “one plays with fire, one gets burned by fire”.

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