EDITORIAL: You’re a sick man, Vova!


You’re a sick man, Vova!

For us here at La Russophobe, the single most damning fact about the Russian people that anyone can point to is that they find Vladimir Zhirinovsky amusing, even sexy.  That this is possible betrays all you need to know about the fundamental corruption, the vile and odious horror, that is Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky personifies the very worst that a Russian can be.

Ignorant, crude, violent, sloppy, horrifying, disgusting, vile and worthless, Zhirinovsky is an oozing pustule of slime on the buttocks of a corrupt, malignant jackass of a country.  Naturally, Russians adore him, continually reelect him to the Duma and cover him with laurels, power and wealth.

But even by his standards, last week was a new low.

In what was perhaps Russia’s most disgraceful moment since the Russian Pope Kirill blamed the people of Haiti for bringing their earthquake on themselves, Zhirinovsky attempted to use the horrifying Japanese tsunami to attack the Japanese for daring to ask Russia to return their Kuril Islands to them and end World War II once and for all.

Babbling like a drunkard, one of Russia’s most powerful parliamentarians stated:  “In this case we do not share any islands, we offer the way to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.”

Cynics about the people of Russia though we may be, we never thought any of them, much less one of their most powerful leaders, could be capable of saying something so horrifyingly wicked and vicious.  We are genuinely appalled and embarrassed for the Russians.

In his need to lash out at Japan, a far more successful nation by any metric, it a moment of weakness beyond its control, Zhirinovsky betrays himself as pathetically weak himself, craven and utterly without human compassion.  He makes it seem as if a he leads a nation of crude apes.

Russia cannot defend its possession of the Kuril Islands. Russia does not need this territory, Japan desperately does.  Russia already holds the largest territory on the planet, yet it is not satisfied and wants more — even though Russia is not close to having the resources to properly manage its territory, so that many are living in abject poverty and barbaric conditions that cannot be called civilization.

The world ought to see from Zhirinvosky’s statement, and in the utter failure of the people of Russia to condemn it, that Russia is a nation too uncivilized to be considered a partner of any progressive country, a dangerous rogue little different from Iraq or Libya or Iran.

It ought to take warning and respond accordingly.


97 responses to “EDITORIAL: You’re a sick man, Vova!

  1. Any real russophobe understands well that Putin`s gang is not the worst possible Russian power.

    • We disagree. It would be much easier to unseat Zhirik.

    • Ben?

      With an odious paragraph, cum sentence like “Any real russophobe understands well that Putin`s gang is not the worst possible Russian power.” I just want to know what planet are you from?

      Be good enough to elaborate on your so called ‘brainwave’, by explaining what you consider to be “the worst possible Russian power.”

    • I can’t agree more, Ben. Putin is not that bad at all.
      Let’s imagine a Russian leader setting the Red Army nuclear possibilities to destroy EU/US in half an hour on an automatic mode in case of alarm.
      “God bless America ” would appear to be the right expression to make you shiver each and every day.

      • What’s wrong with destroying the US and/or the EU, may I ask? Forever waging imperialist wars all over the planet because their fat, lazy constituencies cannot stomach the challenge of having to walk. Hell, a Yank can barely move one leg past the other, even if the IQ occasionally would allow for it.

        • Hey guys you two definitely should stop wasting time talking to morons.

          • Do you have a more interesting place to argue politics?

            • Yea Maimuni!

              Try the pages of that supreme lying trash rag, pravda.ru, and et al where I’m sure you and your comrades will be welcome with open arms.

              Besides LR is far, far too intelligent for the brain dense likes of you and your communistic cohorts.

          • Dimwitry,

            Talking about morons, you’re back. What a shame!

            Did they get sick and tired of you on Pravda.ru as well? Or is it that they let you out of the Russian ‘looney bin’ on account of good behavior? Never mind, it’s just your odious nature comrade and more importantly it’s also obvious that you didn’t learn anything from your last stint here.

            Do take a bit of ‘fatherly’ advice comrade and beat it as the pages of LR are far above your level of comprehension or for that matter intelligence. For that department you will need to contact the likes of MS and et al (i.e. his beloved band of communist indoctrinated unmentionables).

            PS I’d like to say I missed you! but I don’t tell lies.

      • rts,

        Dream your wild dreams, just continue to dream on!!

        If that were the case, than your beloved dictatorial Russia would have done that long ago. But against the supreme might of the USA, it pales into insignificance – in comparison to whom it is only a third world player. And this remodeled new ‘USSR’, albeit smaller in size then the previous one, is not as stupid as you. It realizes what the consequences will be when the USA retaliates – END of midget Putin and his corrupt ruSSian mafia clan – for ever. Furthermore the likes of you, and your like minded cohorts will be out of a job, or more likely swinging from light posts, hung there by the liberated Russian citizen as a thank you for your sterling service to communism and its evil empire!

  2. This ridiculouse article about “terrible” masked Jewish nazi who was chosen by the government as the lightning rod. Russian nazies dream of hanging him on the Red Square. To the idiots I`d advice to look at the thousands of red and brown Russian websites (ask somebody to translate)

  3. Aye Ben,

    Well spoken, because one would need to be a real idiot, nay better still a real imbecile to “look at the thousands of red and brown Russian websites” – and I guess – ” (ask somebody to translate)”.

    No I’m not saying that they are all bad, as I know there must be some good, honest and genuine ones there that Vova’s murderous goon squads have not as yet caught up with and silenced them permanently. But that the clear majority must be Putin mouth pieces extolling his so called virtues, LOL.

  4. rts wrote;
    Let’s imagine a Russian leader setting the Red Army nuclear possibilities to destroy EU/US in half an hour on an automatic mode in case of alarm.
    rts, what “Red Army” I thought the red army marched from the Victory parade in 1945 at the red square DIRECTLY to the soviet gulags – did anybody survive? But seriously, dear, the first step will be to recall ‘Kursk’, the glory and pride of russian navy, which – following your way of reasoning never sunk – to all stupid russians Kursk is on a secret mission DEEP under water chasing american spies. So Kursk will be taking place in the destruction of US and EU, then of course, the fearless soviet fleet built almost half a century ago, a laughing stock of the world, and then the russian army that lost to tiny, magnificent georgia….By the way, the true danger of nuclear war is entirely internal russian problem – e.g., mayak region, czeliabinsk and magnitogorsk areas where generations of monsters are being born caused by nuclear waste. On top of that russia became a nuclear toilet of Europe where Germans and French dump their huge nuclear. rts, there no cure for stupidity…..

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Honestly, is there anybody here that really appreciates this psychobabble “à la Pshek” ? mccusa merely spouts mindless tripe learned by rote.

      • Not me. He spews out the same diatribe no matter what the topic is. All about toilets, Chinese invasion, Kursk submarine, etc…

        • maimun, tell, tell me is there anything else in russia worth mentioning except dirty toilets, chinese invasion, and kursk submarine…Sorry, I forgot skolkovo, of course, we can see the most sophisticated savants and technogical geniuses of the West moving in draws to this God forsaken place – in your dreams only. Who would resist this ‘magnificent’ country called russia where the only freedom of movement was granted to move heroin freely from afghanistan to russia, thanks to barbaric, criminal elements in russia namely; russian govenrment and russian mafiosos…

          • LOL Gostapo, I did not threaten a terrorist act against you, I just hope that as an FSB/SVR troll you get what you deserve from those your “great nation” of Russia has killed, raped, and oppressed for so long.

        • Well, talking about diatribes, when your “Swedish” friend is salivating in anticipation of the total destruction of the United States and Western Europe, I haven’t heard a single objection from you. You must approve of this, too, I guess, even though, as I recall, according to you, you are an American.

          I realize it must be his adolescent angst and the reflection of the failure to have sexual intercourse, but still… You are silent.

          • Poor wee Gostapo, you are such a pathetic individual.

            Your support for ethnic cleansing, and your support for mass murder by Russia are all well documented in the pages of LR & SWP.

            Given that you are a supporter of the people who have covered the caucasus in blood, I see nothing wrong with you getting your just desserts, and as for your being an American, I doubt it, just another one of your lies.

            • Andrew, the most important thing is that russia is drowning in its own exctrement, while slaugherining other people. This long and ugly agony of russia should be watched with interest and delight….

              • Manfred Steifschwanz

                “exctrement” — our Pshek at his wittiest.

                mccusa is certainly drowning in his own excrements. No need for Smolenskian fog there.

                • Kleine Schwaine, heroic Kursk is still fighting the americans at DEEP underwater mission – our Katsap at its wittiest….

                • Manfred, you are right. Drowning in own excrements is a better opportunity for the little pshek . And that way, he/she will contribute to the local ecology as the wood around the Smolensk airport will not be damaged.

                  • casasrasa,
                    What about, dear katsap, those rotting bodies of Kursk tragic farce – do you think their rotten bodies help the eco system???

                    • the most and worst damage for the world ecology comes from people like you, rotten useless stinky pshek.

          • Manfred Steifschwanz

            RV, you should know that Sweden is a EU member state, however pathetically insignificant and servile. Thus, I’m most definitely not being soft on my own country — least of all from a bourgeois point of view.

            • Klaine schwaine, you should have some respect for your adopted country, Sweden, [ pathetically insignificant and servile???] the Swedish taxpayers keep you warm and happy , you parasite – if you don’t like it – a transfer to russia could be arranged… You will have magnificent choices of resettlement – Kolyma, Vorkuta, Magadan – you should go back were you belong….and start your revolution against western bourgeois there…

              • Sure I’m fleecing the Swedish taxpayers every day of the year, but mccusa should be aware that they’re being splendidly rewarded for it! Just look at my skills in foreign languages (on display right here at LR), mathematics, physics, and computer science. mccusa, on the other hand, is a living trash heap whose competence is limited to the fine art of spreading foul odors.

                • MS??

                  My, my, wonders will never cease, geez child, taking your self painted portrait of yourself into perspective, you must be a communist genius? Strange but your writing forays do not support that view, not by a long shot, but then self portraits are always well colored.

                  Just remember comrade dolt, the barrier between genius and raving lunacy is a cigarette paper thin one. Once through that barrier? Bingo instant utopia (read lunacy)! What an excellent goal for you to strive for.

                  How about a superhuman effort on your part to cross that barrier, mankind will be ever thankful to you for that. Just trust me – LOL.

                  • Honestly, Bohdan: I tried in vain three times earlier this week to post a challenging problem in mathematics (challenging since it seems to be laughingly easy but is, in fact, staunchly difficult). But each time it got stuck pending the verdict from the censor ( >> Your comment is awaiting moderation >>) and then deleted. Ergo: Vulgarities and rantings are OK at LR; mathematics not so.

                    • MS,

                      Never mind, I too have problems reading and accepting your posts. They just range from the sublime to the ridiculous – honestly!

                      Just thank your lucky stars that I am not on the editorial committee, as I would delete 100% of your work. Period.

                      So look on the bright side, that by allowing some of yours through, LR is in fact being kind to you, or so I believe. You, on your part, should show gratitude for this magnificent blog rather then unwarrantably and wrongly denigrating it.

                      Failing all else and as a hint! why not go to pravda.ru and et al, I’m sure all those there will appreciate your input. In return, I honestly think, it will result in less angst and more pleasure to you. Think about it, seriously.

                      Finally, I have some problem in accepting the message you are trying to get across in the last sentence of your last paragraph as I know it to be totally false. Would you like to correctly rephrase it.

                    • Ostap Bender


                      Why are you wasting your and everybody else’s time on this specimen?

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      Ostap: Watching Bohdan going totally bonkers is, in fact, great fun! It reminds me of how excited we were back in school watching a piece of sodium being immersed in water. Granted, it’s not too sophisticated a pastime, but that applies 100% to this whole blog, doesn’t it? We’re all entitled wasting our time on the funny creatures on display here, most notably Bohdan and his yob tvayu Pshek mat buddy.

                    • Gee whiz,

                      Where did MS dig you up? or are you on a bender, Ostap! but then what’s new. Or have you run out of your supplies of somogonka and are out and about scrounging the rubbish bins for left overs. Keep it up as sooner or later you’ll find your dose; before you sober up, I hope. Otherwise you become even more unbearable, with your unbelievably ridiculous communist propaganda.

                      Do us all a favor and crawl back into your little dingy little hole in the Arctic perma frost bogs of Siberia. Where you rightly belong, you poor excuse of a pshek specimen.

                      And while crawling back do us all a favor by dragging MS back there with you. You two deserve, and can keep, each other company – lucky, lucky you (yuck).

                    • MS,

                      It’s obvious that you and your buddy have been on a somogonka ‘bender’, as both of you are prattling your usual nonsense.

                      Sleep the effects of the cheap somogonka off, you’ll have the regular headache tomorrow, but by now you must be used to them.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      Irish folklore as applied to Bohdan:

                      In Queensland’s worst city
                      Where lads aren’t so witty
                      I first got to hear silly Bohdan drone on
                      He jumped in his barrow
                      His mind dull and narrow
                      Crying insults and swearwords
                      Alive, alive, oh

                      Allegedly a globetrotter, Bohdan of course knows the melody all right.

                • MS,

                  As a so called comedian you are an utter failure, as well!

                  What can’t you think of anything sensible, instead having to plagiarize other people’s writings. What next, reciting the whole of Hitler’s Mein Kampf ?? to support your warped view of your beloved communist Russia.

                  Grow up prattling little boy, or is that an impossibility.

                  PS Stop lying ad nauseam, it’s really bad for your sick mind!! for first’s I don’t live in Queensland! AND for second’s I have all the necessary entry stamps in my passport to all the various countries I have visited.

                  PPS Do swim over to Australia where I will be only too happy to greet, meet and show you around this magic continent. When you do swim across use the northern route so that you can arrive in either the N.T. or QLD. I mean if the white pointer or tiger sharks don’t get ‘ya’, the huge salt water crocodiles will, for certain.

                  PPS Ta, ta, baboon as I’m finding corresponding with you extremely boring. Hence my last request, before I ignore you completely, is be a good little boy and tell me when you expect to arrive here in “Down under”, as I’ll be out there in a hired boat pouring buckets and buckets of ox blood into the water to ensure that, if the sharks don’t get ‘ya’, than at least the saltwater crocodiles will.

          • @RV wrote: “You must approve of this, too, I guess, even though, as I recall, according to you, you are an American.

            That’s because I don’t recall our Swedish friend salivating in anticipation of the total destruction of the United States and Western Europe. Please give me links to such posts from him.

            On the other hand, YOU never object to anything that the stupidest russophobes – Andrew, Bohdan, Mccusa – say. For example, you didn’t even object when Andrew called for my death:


            You must approve of this call for terrorism and murder, too, I guess, even though, as I recall, according to you, you are an American.

            • @”Maimoneedes”:

              1. Stick to one nickname per a website, at least.

              2. “Mccusa” is so-obviously either quite stupid or a Russian provocateur (and still stupid, but so are you). You know it, I know it. Better find some other objects of faked outrage to obsess over.

              3. Stop whining, get a life. If it’s not part of your job, that is. And no, trolling on the Internet as part of “service in a patriotic youth organisation” is not a job, and not even really any activism neither.

              • @Robert. The reason why I have to change spelling of my name is because most of my posts get later deleted by the owner, including the most innocent ones. So, I am trying to find out if my name is flagged.

                I don’t whine at all, except when my life is threatened by an insane kook. You, on the other hand, are very dedicated to your agenda of “liberating” muslim North Caucuses regions from Russia. Is this a paid job or a hobby for you?

                • So you are constantly evading bans to whine about this and also things such as non-existent “threats to your life” on the Internet, to the people who don’t care nor even like you at all. Get a life, kid.

      • kleine schwaine, I know, I know the truth about russia is painful, revolting, truly grotesque and difficult to accept. But it is reality. Little schwaine, really, Red Army destroying US and EU in half an hour, have some respect for your russian brain – isn’t it psychobabble ” a la Katsap’??

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Not really psychobabble, Pshek, as I’m not littering the forum with it. And just for your information: I’ll support whoever (Russia or not Russia) that contributes to bring Western imperialism down.

          • Little Schwaine, that Western imperialism saved russians from starvation, that Western imperialism provide ALL technology, investment, progress and sophisitcation to the third world country like russia – just in case you didn’t know. By the way, you, of course, will replace Western imperialism with russian barbarity e.g., gulags – I hope you will be the first to join the millions of slaves there. You, psychobabble Kastap need to have a brain transplant….

  5. @Russia’s most powerful parliamentarians

    Russia’s what? The Duma are now only puppets, no power (not as deputies). Vladimir “Zhirinovsky, totally not Jewish, all Jews are enemies of Russia and should be deported” Eidelshtein is just constantly putting back “show” into a “puppet show”. His job as the Kremlin court jester ever since the early 1990s is to make the most idiotic and “outrageous” statements possible, I thought it’s a common knowledge.

    • @Robert: Yes, it is common knowledge among normal people that Zhirik plays a court jester. But not among the clowns in this blog. They don’t recognize him as their more successful colleague. Must be professional jealousy.

      • And for that matter, nobody anywhere should also take “Kirill” Gundyayev seriously. He’s just a chekist who’s very much into cosplaying and pretending he’s a cleric of some kind, and for this he’s got this golden watch of his.

        It’s like calling the militsya “police” or “law enforcers”, and so on – after all Russia is not a real country and everything “official” is just a paper-thin facade for a very-well organized crime group who got hold over this vast turf.

  6. The delight and perfidy that russia reacted to the Japanese tragedy is truly revolting. Pretty soon they might regret it. It seems the russians are too stupid to realize that there will be no more second-hand japanese cars industry – the only industry in the Far East, that the whole region will be starving due to contamination of the seas. Russians simply don’t understand that…what are they – amebas???????

    • Normal Russians reacted to the Japanese tragedy exactly like the Japanese reacted to the Chernobyl disaster: with pain, compassion, and concern. There is also a threat that Vladivostok will get significant radiation.

      • maimonides, in case you don’t remember; the gerontocracy of soviet politburo sent 1 million young soviet soldiers to clean the area of chernobyl – those poor souls removed the radioactive trash with their bare hands – all million of them died the horrific deaths – and, of course, nobody in russia talk about it – it never happened……

        • Might have been a valid point had the Soviets singled out a group of Japanese for the task (as usual, it’s a total waste of time to point out the deranged, utter mendacity alongside the inappropriate context).

          • So, kleine schwaine, even you cannot deny that this barbarity took place – the old bolsheviks sent the young soviet soldiers to certain death to clean up chernobyl the soviet union’s greatest achievement.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              Mind the phrase within parentheses, Pshek-drek-what-the-heck.

              • Klaine Schwaine wrote;
                ‘Mind the phrase within parentheses, Pshek-drek-what-the-heck’
                WHAT IS THIS?? Either you should increase your medication or I strongly recommend the electric shocks….

  7. I doubt to see attempts to evaluate Zhirinovsky seriously ))) Hi is a clown ! He managed to establish and run a kind of “comedy show” in political marshes. Own (private) “party”, own onlookers (including LR, as I see)… My clapping to him for such non-trivial idea in running business !

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Agreed. Sort of a Russian Berlusconi, it seems. However, the Russians — including most notably the political establishment proper — are sensible enough to keep him away from any levers of power. EU and the US are a different matter, regrettably.

  8. Well, see this right above:

    Manfred Steifschwanz | March 20, 2011 at 5:05 pm | Reply
    What’s wrong with destroying the US and/or the EU, may I ask? Forever waging imperialist wars all over the planet because their fat, lazy constituencies cannot stomach the challenge of having to walk. Hell, a Yank can barely move one leg past the other, even if the IQ occasionally would allow for it.

    Perhaps, it’s not “salivating” but rather advocating genocide or mass murder. And if are are an American, as you claim, it’s directed against you, too.

    • Funny ! I may give my own details to him if necessary ))) with my welcome them to come for the same issue.

      • Что ты имеешь ввиду?

        • Russians like to joke by playing with words. On such a question, the answer to be: “Что имею, то ему и введу !” ))) Meantime, I mean that it would be a kind of fun for me to meet such “ferocious” net-hamster face-to-face… phisically )))

          • @Russians like to joke by playing with words. On such a question, the answer to be: “Что имею, то ему и введу !” ))) Meantime, I mean that it would be a kind of fun for me to meet such “ferocious” net-hamster face-to-face… phisically )))

            Russians also don’t use eyes in their emoticons. Probably it’s supposed to symbolise remembrance of the genetic effects of Mayak disaster on the local population.

            • @Robert: I know a bigot, similar to yourself, who makes similar gloating jokes about the effect on Japanese genetics of the American nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and of the current nuclear plant disaster.

              And yet, the Japanese and Russians cultures have produced 1000 times more great scientists and writers than your own tribe.

              • Ahem Maimuni, most Russian “science” results in wonders such as Chernobyl, or the leaking reactors of the Russian fleet.

                As for the writers, they are mediocre at best, the English, Irish, Spanish, French, and Germans, and even the Georgians, have all produced far greater writers.

                • Georgian writers?! LOL, there are NO georgian writers. Georgia is a state of THE usa.

                  • @casasa Not true. There actually exists a (half) Georgian writer:


                    Boris Akunin (Russian: Борис Акунин) is the pen name of Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili (born May 20, 1956), a Russian writer.

                    He is an essayist, literary translator and writer of detective fiction. Chkhartishvili was born in Zestafoni[1] to a Georgian father and Jewish mother, and since 1958 has lived in Moscow.[1]

                    Awards and honors

                    In 2000 Akunin was nominated for the Smirnoff-Booker Prize. In September 2000, Akunin was named Russian Writer of the Year and won the “Antibooker” prize in 2000 for his Erast Fandorin novel Coronation, or the last of the Romanovs.

                    In 2003 the British Crime Writers’ Association placed Akunin’s novel The Winter Queen on the short list for the Dagger Award in Fiction.

                    • Of course, Akunin is a great writer. But, even though he’s half Georgian by birth, he writes in Russian, lives in Russia almost all his life and is Russian citizen.

                    • So what? Almost all creative Georgians live in Moscow and speak Russian.

                    • little pshek, you better fly to Smolensk.

                  • casasrasa, really, stop drinking that disgusting russian samogon….or perhaps increase the intake….No writers in Georgia, because the Georgians have the total contempt for the russian katsaps???? It is the russian logic at its best….

              • My “own tribe”, really? And what is that? You don’t even know, and anyway I’m a “rootless cosmopilitan”. (No, I’m not Jewish.)


            • I see, You are one of the lasts “experts in genetics” from “Drittes Reich”.

    • Hmm, where does it say I want to come to the US and kill you in a terrorist act?

      What I actually said was that I hope the freedom fighters who are targeting the FSB in Moscow remember to deal with FSB sympathisers/operatives in other parts of the world, such as yourself.

      I never said anything about making an attack on you myself.

      • “FSB sympathisers/operatives” means all who do not share your mad xenophobia hate towards russians ?

      • And your “freedom fighters” are the same who kill civilians…and attacked WTC ?

        • Oh. Russian-nationalist chemistry students (according to the official version by the FSB) “are the same who kill civilians…and attacked WTC”? And if not, just whom did you mean?

          • I just asked to clarify it. Both cases civilians were in target and were killed.
            Woona to “measure skulls” to separate “humans from animals” ?

            • Дольга я бродиль срэди скаль
              Я магильку милай искаль
              Мине тэбе найты нэлегко
              Мылая моя Сулико

              Georgian writers, хее. Да, восток дело тонкое.

    • RV,

      Why do you even read “Manfred Steifschwanz”? Seriously. It’s just a troll. Even his nickname is trolling (it’s a vulgar phrase). Just ignore it and eventually it will go away.

      • Yes ,

        Steifschwanz, in German it means ‘stiff cock’.

        It’s MS little way of dreaming because in real life he actually is impotent to the level that he cannot even raise it!

        One only has to look at his articles to get a picture of his real nature. It does well with his nickname.

        • Don’t be such a dolt, Bohdan. You’re giving me a constant hard-on as do most adolescent little boys, ha!

          • MS,

            To your comment, “constant hard-on as do most adolescent little boys, ha!”, I will make an exception, and reply.

            If little boys turn you on then not only are you grossly stupid but you also are a pedophile. Totally illegal world wide, except in your sick mind!!

            In Australia, we call creeps, jerks like you “Richard Cranium”, where Richard actually stands for ‘Dick’, and Cranium – ‘Head’. Hence it actually means you are a dick-head i.e. no brains (dick and pen*s being interchangeable – soo, appropriate to your alias of Steifschwanz), i.e. no brains. And while we are on this subject I’ll bet that you wear a polar neck (U.S. – turtle neck) sweater or jumper to hide the circumcision mark around your neck!

            Do us all a favor and crawl back into the hole you call home, you sick little specimen.

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              Mon cher Monsieur,

              Comme je vous l’ai déjà indiqué auparavant, ce forum de merde dont vous êtes un des participants les plus bêtes accepte sans aucune difficulté des conneries mal embouchées n’importe quoi que ce soit. La censure ici se préoccupe plutôt de sujets “trop sophistiqués”, comme les maths.


              Votre Manfred

  9. I mean if he’s Russian Writer of the Year, he is not Georgian writer.

  10. casasrasa, kleine schwaine – potczemu v rosii vsio gryaznye i obosranye?? Why the whole russia is dirty and cover with sh#$%?? This question is being asked by EVERY foreign visitor to russia. Is there any great philosophical or strategic reason behind this – enlighten us, please. Isn’t it, by any chance, a russian orthodox priests who set up an example t- he dirtier the holier???

    • mccusa, when you go to Russia, you’d better put that mirror down in your pocket again. Alternatively, if your perception of Russia is even remotely connected to reality, my conclusion is that the Russians are being polite to you. Even a walking garbage heap on a visit should be granted the opportunity to enjoy himself!

      • kleine Schwaine, My perception of russia as well as EVERY visitor’s from the West reflects the same dirty, farcical reality. You can crudely insult everybody – it won’t change a thing. By the way, I still want to vomit if I thing about Lenin’s mummy I saw in that catacomb in front of Kremlin; by the way, do you know that lenin has jet black nails – truly revolting …

        • mccusa,

          When human flesh petrifies it goes black. Fact.

          I’ve read on more then one occasion that the Russian embalmers are having real strife with controlling the slow decay of that mass murdering father of communism, comrade V. I. Lenin.

          It is so bad that some parts of the body, hidden from public view/scrutiny, have rotted away totally and now necessitate massive doses of preservative solutions to keep further decay at bay. I’ll bet formaldehyde is one of them.

        • mccusa,

          As an after afterthought I’ll add the following on why I believe that the Russian embalmers are using formaldehyde on Lenin.

          This liquid has a very bad side effect in that it discolors the flesh, be it what may, as it is preserving the specimen. Which in effect is what is happening to Lenin, giving another problem to the embalmers to recolor the corpse, as much as possible, back to the original color.

          I don’t know if the problems about Lenin’s further decay and discoloration have been reported in the Russian propaganda newspapers but they sure have been in the western median.

          Proves that Lenin was not the god, communism tried to portray, but a mere mortal.

          • Bohdan, You are right saying ‘Proves taht Lenin was not the god, communism tried to prtray, but a mere mortal – small correction though; he was mere mortal who died of syphilis…..

  11. Casasrasa, I hit where it really hurts – Good!!!

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