EDITORIAL: The Vice President of the United States is a Moron


The Vice President of the United States is a Moron

It’s pretty darned hilarious how members of the Democratic Party lampooned the last Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States, Sarah Palin, for being a buffoon then turned around and elected to that office a person who gives new meaning to the word moron.

At a recent meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, the current U.S. Veep Joe Biden was asked by the Russian psychopath whether it wouldn’t be a good idea to let Russians waltz into the United States without visas.  First Biden said “good idea!” then he said “Mr. Prime Minister, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a real difference between being president and vice president.”

Only Joe Biden could cram so much utter stupidity into such a small space. He makes Sarah Palin look like Winston Churchill.

It’s actually hard to list all the ways Biden’s foolish utterance is wrong.

First, Biden simply accepted Putin’s offer without making a counter-proposal. He could have said something like “sure, we could do that — but first we’d need to both have competitive presidential elections and release all our political prisoners.”  Instead, his first answer was “OK Putin, whatever you say.”

Second, Biden didn’t think for a second about whether it would be good for the USA to see a flood tide of visaless Russian interlopers, or whether a significant number of Americans would want to return the favor and waltz into Russia.  Had he done so, the clueless ape would have realized how utterly ridiculous his statement was.

Third, Biden called Putin “Mr. Prime Minister.”  One must wonder what plant Joe Biden lives on. Does he really think Vladimir Putin is worthy of the term prime minister?  Can the Vice President of the United States really be so unaware of the outrageous sham Putin has perpetrated in Russian politics, ruling the country himself while using a trained seal to bark commands on his behalf?

And then finally, Biden humiliated himself by backpedaling furiously, confirming for all the world to see that even he himself knew how stupid his initial remark had been. Biden allowed himself to be played for the fool he is in front of the gawking cameras of world media by one of the world’s most odious enemies of American values.

Biden then went on to mouth some utterly vacuous platitudes about the appalling state of human rights in Russia without offering one single concrete policy of the United States to bolster such rights.  He mentioned Sergei Magnitsky and Mikhail Khodorkovsky by name, yet he didn’t even vaguely hint at any actin the U.S. might take to win them justice, or to prevent other Russians from meeting the same fate.  In light of his hilariously stupid statement above visas, no intelligent person was taking him seriously at this point anyway.

So much for the notion that Barack Obama’s government would be much smarter than John McCain’s.  Had McCain been elected, his first visit to Russia (and that of Sarah Palin) would have been far different.  The corrupt Putin kleptocracy would have been directly challenged. Open, high-level meetings with opposition leaders like Boris Nemtsov would have occurred, and tangible American support for the proponents of American values would long ago have been flowing in to every corner of Russia, which would have been booted out of the G-8 as McCain’s first official act of foreign policy.

Instead, we got the Obama “reset” and the chimp-like antics of Joe Biden. Anyone who calls that progress needs to have her head examined.

13 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Vice President of the United States is a Moron

  1. Sotos Yannopoulos

    Joe Biden an idiot? If these revelations keep coming, I don’t think my heart can stand it.

    Seriously, long known as the biggest tool in the most parochial State in the Union (Delaware), he has amused us and shamed himself by plagiarizing Niel Kinnock, shamelessly using the tragic death of his family in a car crash to secure office and “misspoken” and mispronounced on all sorts of topics.

    His one redeeming quality is that when he is talking about some domestic policy that he or his staff has actually know (or at least read) something about, he is prone to commit what some call a “Washington” Gaffe: that is when a politician accidentally tells the truth. Oone of the most recent memorable ones was that the O team intended to get rid of coal since there was no such thing as clean coal. This was done during the election, on tape, in a coal mining state!

    That is the Joy of Biden – one never knows when one is fed pap, crap, or will have the opportunity to see an ordinary event turn into squirm inducing embarrassment or a train wreck.

    p.s. in is interesting to note that some spell checks return bidet as a correction to biden.

    • Sotos! Cathy Lawrence and Bill McBee are wondering what happened to you. We’re both on Facebook if you happen to see this and want to get back to us.

  2. The Australian

    America and it’s puppets begin the war on Libya:


    Ah yes. Gaddafi broke the unspoken contract all tinpot dictators sign with the world: Rule your own country with an iron fist else we’ll come in and do it for you. If you lose your footing you are out.

    Of course the consequence of the broken contract gets painted as a humanitarian campaign to “free” Libyan people.

    Before the military action, the whole thing looked like an ordinary, unconvincing feature film. American interest is understandable; it wants to destabilize the situation in the European Economic Community (oil in America is already cheaper than in Europe. Add the cost of the cost of the influx of immigrants, increasing crime). United States has already pursued such diversion against EEC (Serbia), when there was false propaganda unleashed by the war, in which which Europe subsequently convinced itself that Serbia was the source of evil which had to be destroyed. In return, it experienced economic decline:

    – the fall of the Euro (before the military action against Serbia Euro was worth a half dollar)
    – Albanian crime masters
    – Influx drugs on EU territory

    And most hilarious things is that EC had to deal with the burning fire for America. The fire it started in the middle of it’s own apartment.

    Now the situation repeats itself. United States is once again attempting to solve it’s problems via the Allies proxy.

    Sad and pathetic. What’s more sad and pathetic that your average person living in the West can’t even analyze. Either by the virtue of being a complete zero in world politics, or simply turning a blind eye to it.

    “We are the West, we do everything better, therefore anyone else’s opinion is automatically moot”.

    Also see:


    “America’s Saudi air War.

    A plan to train Saudi air force pilots in Idaho is turning former allies into bitter enemies.

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, a Saudi pilot trained to fly in the US slammed a Boeing 757 jetliner into the Pentagon, killing more than 180 people.

    Less than a decade later, with the Middle East in a state of upheaval and following the recent arrest of a Saudi college student on bomb charges, the Pentagon is planning to bring dozens of Saudis to the US to train them to fly – and to kill.

    Last year, when moderate Muslims announced plans to build a community centre in Lower Manhattan, it created a firestorm as Republican politicians, conservative pundits, right-wing websites and survivors of September 11 lined up to assail the “Ground Zero Mosque”.

    The group 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America called the proposal “a gross insult to the memory of those who were killed on that terrible day.” While Peter Gadiel, the president of 9/11 Families for a Secure America, wrote: “The proposed mosque near the site of the 9/11 mass murder is a continuation of Islam’s violent history, which promotes destroying prior cultures and building on the ruins.”

    And you, Russophobic zombies even have the guts to say ANYTHING about Russia after this?

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL! What a pathetic, fake, two-faced, imperialistic, hypnotized by personal agenda nation you are – the United Blood Sucking States of America.

  3. Most probably they’ve had some talk on Lybia.
    Prospective Gate’s visit on Sunday seems to be in that strange number too.
    Too many “friendly” visits in real tough times in the Middle Esat makes me think there must be something behind all that (Obama – Putin/Medvedev line).

  4. The so-called “Obama” is no less stupid than Biden, and a Communist to boot. And at least Biden is an American citizen, something of which we have no evidence concerning the alleged “President”.
    Sarah Palin is the new Reagan.

  5. Regarding Lybia…Caddafi is the mad bastard, that’s for sure ! But I got into a “stuck” with following issues: (1) What’s about 30% of lybians who support him ? To kill them all ? (2) What’s about Saudians ? They have the similar dictatorship. (3) Noted really terrible “trend” in policy last years. It can be named something like “rejection of responsibility”…destroy to country under “human rights” pretext and to disapear, leaving “entlassenes” to enjoy freedom within disruption…or even charge them for “running expenses”.

    • @(1) What’s about 30% of lybians who support him ? To kill them all ?

      Are you mad? And this:

      @(2) What’s about Saudians ? They have the similar dictatorship.

      There’s no civil war in SA (not even mass protests), they’re also not a hostile country (while Gaddafi manged to antagonize even the whole Arab League, all the neighbours, and also Shiite Arabs passionatelly hate him for the disappearance of Imam Sadr).

      • Good article thanks Robert, and this passage certainly reminds me of bottom feeders like Maimoneedes/Ostap:

        Corbyn’s argument was disingenuous; if Cameron had simultaneously argued for intervening in all those places and Libya at once, he would have been accused by various Corbyns of being a crazy warmonger who wanted to fight the whole world, but if he concentrates on Libya he’s accused of being inconsistent. That is the way these people operate; they banged on about how the Iraq war was ‘illegal’ because it wasn’t supported by a UN Security Council resolution, but now that this intervention is supported by such a resolution, they’re still opposed. There is a certain type of leftist whose sole raison d’etre is to rubbish and sabotage every positive initiative that Western leaders try to take on the world stage, purely as an end in itself. Leftists of this kind are, quite simply, a scourge.

      • You are mad, Bob. 1-st of all, you pointed (by yorself) “civil war”. This presumes counterparties. Other word, sifficent number of lybians on Caddafi side ! Lybians (historically) presented by 3 major clans and few more minorn ones. So, my question was and is reasonable.

        Re saudians… My question concerns Bahrain, where saudians sent their military forces, to support local dictatorship, which is absolutely similar to Caddafi and to S.Husein (the regime present 20-30% of population, or even less). So ? Hove nothing to say – pipe down…

  6. “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” (E.Roosevelt)

  7. Author of this blog pretends to understand russian politics. Not so. Definitely russophobic, hence unbalanced critique.

    • Author of this comment pretends to understand this blog. Not so. Definitely Russophilic, hence unbalanced critique.

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