March 18, 2011 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, Drowning

(2)  EDITORIAL: Russia, Babbling

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Sean Guillory, Damnable Liar

(4)  At last, they Come for Putin

(5)  Putin Speeds Russia’s Ruin

(6) Yegiazaryan Lashes out at Putin

64 responses to “March 18, 2011 — Contents

  1. For once a valid target in Moscow, I hope it’s a trend to continue.

    Bomb goes off outside Moscow FSB academy

    • And so it does – it’s a campaign now.

      Two bombs were detonated in the entrance hall of a residential building for employees of Russia’s Federal Security Service in north Moscow

      • Good, I cannot think of more legitimate targets than the scum of the FSB.

        Hopefully they will start targeting FSB sympathisers such as Maimoneedes/Ostap as well.

        • Geez Andy, cool it off. Assassinating anyone over writing stuff on the Internet?

          (unless they’re FSB personnel, but I think they’re just some Nashists)

          What a twist:

          [Ultranationalist] Chemistry Students Linked to FSB Blasts

          Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov claimed responsibility for the first blast, but Interfax reported Saturday that investigators doubt the claim.

          (Of course Umarov’s taking responsibility for every blast in Moscow, including all the provocations. Somehow, all the media are taking it seriously whenever it’s said to be a “suicide bombing”. Oh, and he’s not a “Chechen rebel leader” now at all.)

        • Andrew wrote: “Hopefully they will start targeting FSB sympathisers such as Maimoneedes/Ostap as well.

          You have reached such levels of desperation and insanity that you now make terrorist death threats, Andrew? We in USA take such threats very seriously. It is a severe crime here. It is also an obligation for American citizens to report all terrorist threats to the authorities. I may be required to report your death threat to FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. I hope that the Georgian anti-terrorist authorities have enough information about you – a mentally handicapped plumber from New Zealand named Andrew working for a construction company in Tbilisi – to find you if needed. In the meantime, please stay away from me.

          • @I may be required to report your death threat to FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

            And why not to the FSB and Kadyrov’s department of Sharia enforcement? They are a little bit closer to Georgia, would be probably much more sympathic on your plight.

            • @Robert

              Why? Because I live in USA, and FSB and “Kadyrov’s department of Sharia enforcement” have no way of protecting US cities form terrorist acts. This job lies with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Terrorism is the number one concern here in USA. And it would not be the first time that the US authorities would have to worry about Islamic terrorism coming from Georgia. As you recall, one of the main reasons that the US Secretary of State Powell gave for the invasion of Iraq were the Al Qaeda and Chechen terrorists freely living and operating in the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia. As I recall, Powell said that they too were planning terrorist attacks on Russians, just like Andrew here:


              ‘A Policy of Evasion and Deception’

              Wednesday, February 5, 2003

              Following is the full text of U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell’s speech to the United Nations on Iraq.
              We also know that Zarqawi’s colleagues have been active in the Pankisi Gorge, Georgia and in Chechnya, Russia. The plotting to which they are linked is not mere chatter. Members of Zarqawi’s network say their goal was to kill Russians with toxins.

              • Just because “you live in USA” does not mean you can’t give some info to the “security organs” of the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Chechnya in case they invade Georgia again.

                And hey, didn’t I tell you everything you’d need to know about Powell’s 2002 BS when you were hiding behind another nickname?

                • @ Robert:

                  I really don’t know what you want from me. I live in USA. Andrew is crazy enough to come to here and kill me and my family. I have contacted the US authorities to protect us. Why do you want me to contact “the security organs of the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Chechnya in case they invade Georgia again”? How is that going to protect my family in USA from Andrew?

                  • It’s called “the USA” (I guess you’d know if you really lived there).

                    • First of all, you, Robert, have given a lot of minutes of amusement over your bad English, but I saw it beneath my dignity to make fun of you.

                      Second, we all (except Andrew) try to minimize space here by using shorthand. “USA” is shorthand for “the United States of America”.

                      Third, given that you have nothing to say except make fun of my short hand, I clearly win this debate.

                      Fourth, your thinking that every American citizen living in America speaks perfect English, confirms me that you’ve never visited our country and have a warped impression about it. No wonder you are so vociferous in demanding that American soldiers should be sent to wars to die for your causes.

                    • LOL Oh Maimuni, you are too funny.

                      Besides, if I was of a mind to kill you (and I am not), it would just be you, not your family, I am not a Russian after all.

                      Your family have been punished enough simply by having to have spent time with you.

                      Poor wee things must need counselling by now.

                    • Andrew, when you detonate your bomb, there is no way to assure that you murder only me and no other people. That’s why terrorism is more severely punished than murder.

                    • larussophobe

                      Is it? We can name lots of ordinary murderers who have been executed in the US. How many terrorists have been?

                    • What bomb Maimuni? Are you making unsubstantiated slanders again?

                      Damn your wife had a lucky escape when she ditched you.

                      So did your kids.

          • I just feel the world would be a better place without you Gostapo.

            Anyone who supports mass murder, ethnic cleansing, and also defends the red holocaust the way you do is not going to be missed.

            And it wasn’t a threat retard, I was just hoping that you meet your just desserts at the hands of those targeting your beloved neo-fascist FSB.

            You certainly are a touchy little wanker Gostapo.

            BTW, I get on quite well with the US Embassy staff here, and they are not known for being even remotely sympathetic to scum like you.

            Maybe I should report your subversive activities on behalf of the SVR and FSB to the FBI and homeland security, after all, if you are a “Russian Jewish” immigrant in the top 1% of taxpayers in the US, who is divorced, and frequently travels back to Russia they should not have too much trouble in outing you.


          • And why would I want to stay away from you when I get so much enjoyment from upsetting you?

            • Ha ha pederast “Andrew” aka Givi from sraka-tvelo!!!

              • Hi Ostap, finally snapped have you? LOL

                • Andrew,

                  Don’t you just ‘love’ these brain dead ‘commos’ – our mutual fiend – Maimuni is a classic case.

                  I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the FBI, and et al. already have a large dossier on him and his lame irresponsible communist ravings. Let him go to them! it will only be another nail in his coffin for early extradition to some third world country – where he so richly deserves to be.

                  And as for ‘pupsik’, a classic foul mouthed – nyet kultura – Russian buffoon, who probably in real life is a toilet cleaner in the Lubianka.

                  What distasteful else? Enough said for both!!

                  • Manfred Steifschwanz

                    Nothing to say about me, eh? Anyway, Maimonides’ postings really make the LR team and its hangers-on look like a bunch of you-know-what (I have said it many times before).

                    More specifically, the main impression one gets by visiting this “very special forum” is that of having stumbled onto some abandoned, smelly garbage dump with leftovers from the Cold War. Back in those days, plain liars such as Robert, Andrew, Bohdan, and even outright imbeciles such as mccusa were in fact in stable demand. Launching smear campaigns and slanders against the USSR were a highly dependable — and amazingly easy — career opportunity.

                    In short: The pathetic fools we know as “LR” have obviously failed to note that absolutely nobody in the upper echelons of bourgeois society cares about them anymore. The Muslims have long since replaced the Russians as fair game. About time to catch up, eh?

                    • Ah MS !

                      It was on purpose that I did not rattle your pig’s slops bucket. Although I knew that you would come a running ‘squealing’ at the top volume of your big fat, foul and lying mouth.

                      I am positive that your mother must have, at birth, left you laying too long in the freezing Arctic Swedish snow resulting in permanent damage to the grey matter. How else?

                      About the communist propaganda trash and lies that you excel in so much, only someone with brain damage would believe it!! Keep it up comrade, Putin will be proud.

                      Have you ever tried science fiction writing as a form of earning your living honestly? try it, as that is your most definite strong point, i.e. fantasy.

                      For your warped mentality, Robert, Andrew, mccusa and myself do not lie – PERIOD! And while on the subject of “lies”, well you would most definitely know all about that as your life is one big lie.

                      Finally your preposterous (read lying) comment that “The pathetic fools we know as “LR” have obviously failed to note that absolutely nobody in the upper echelons of bourgeois society cares about them anymore.” is just normal pure trash in the MS tradition. If you don’t like them, then don’t read them, vamoose, buzz off – i.e. just go to some rubbish rag like “” and et al, where you will be a big hit, surrounded by like minded apes. You lucky you!!

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      Cher petit Bohdan, temps à dormir. Au dodo, et plus vite que ça!

  2. The Invaders without Masks is a book based on a document from the archives of the NKVD, the Soviet police agency.

    Read more:

  3. In an interview with RFE/RL, Gannushkina, a leading member of the rights group Memorial, said Chechen asylum seekers face an unforgiving bureaucratic environment in the EU. And far too many, she says, are being forced to return home, where they face persecution.

    Since 2003, refugees from Russia have become the third-largest group of asylum seekers in the EU. And roughly one-third of these are ethnic Chechens, most of whom enter the union via Poland.

    Critics say that in recent years, Poland has decided to send an increasing number of Chechen asylum seekers home, arguing that the danger for them there has subsided considerably.

    Gannushkina disputes this logic, noting that torture, kidnapping, and disappearances remain the norm in Chechnya under the region’s authoritarian leader, Ramzan Kadyrov.

    “This is the situation in Chechnya: Anyone can be threatened if they don’t obey the system,” she says. “This totalitarian society is very difficult for those who have been living in Europe a long time already, especially for young people. For someone who went away at the age of 12, to come back to this situation is, honestly speaking, impossible.

    • Refusals to grant residence permits by Norway to refugees from Northern Caucasus are politically motivated. This was stated by Usam Baisaev, a human rights defender and a member of the Human Rights Centre (HRC) “Memorial”.

      “A half-blind refugee was brought to the map and offered to show something in it. It can be qualified as cruel treatment. 95 percent of asylum applicants in Norway from Northern Caucasus – not only Chechens – are rejected. It’s a simple absurdity to suspect that almost hundred percent of people are liars,” said the “Memorial” representative.

      He told the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent about the grounds for rejections: “The reasons are truly cynical. For example, a refugee who complains of persecution on religious grounds may be told: look, but in Chechnya president introduces the Sharia law, go there… They may reject a man, whose brother was killed… They say, yes, we believe that your brother was killed, but you were not,” said the rights defender.

  4. Blood for oil:

    Gaddafi urges Russia, China, India: invest in Libya oil

    Russia and China, which are both veto-wielding members of the U.N. Security Council, have so far opposed a proposal to impose a no-fly zone over Libya.

    • Foreign military intervention in Libya is inadmissible in any form, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

      Thousands of people have been killed in Libya since the first protesters began demanding the end of Gaddafi’s 42-year rule in mid-February.

      • At the same time, “Russia’s Envoy to NATO”, Dmitry Rogozin publicily admits the invasion of Georgia was “of course” a “war crime” and an “illegal intervention”.

        RT: Would unilateral invasion by NATO be a war crime?
        DR: Of course. Any invasion would, be it an initiative of NATO as a whole, or of any NATO member state. If an action is not authorized by the UN, it is an illegal intervention.

        • Of course, like the war in Iraq and in many other places around the world.

          • Why should USA and NATO abide by UN’s rules? NATO is doing well, thank you. US taxpayers alone spend on its military and its wars more than the rest of the World combined. And UK and France taxpayers each spend more than Russia. Each.

            Might makes right. Waiting for authorization from UN is for losers. That’s why everybody in the world loves USA and its wise, peaceful and democratic foreign policy… Except for those deranged Germans and Frenchies. They just envy Americans.

            • Hello? Those “Frenchies” are leading the world in the push for Libyan no-fly zone (now more like a no-drive zone) and it’s the Americans who are dragging their feet this time, waiting for the problem to quietly go away. Does not belong into your “Yankee militarist-imperialist warmongering pig-dogs” narrative? I’m sorry.

              Libya Is a Problem from Hell

              The weak American response pales in comparison with countries such as France — which has recognized Libya’s revolutionary council as the country’s legitimate government and has contemplated airstrikes — and even the Arab League, which endorsed a no-fly zone over the weekend.


              • @Robert What gave you the idea that I was talking about Libya? Have you ever heard of Iraq?

                • Of course I “heard about Iraq”. Libyan rebels also did, as they say things like “bring Bush” or “West take our oil” (so stereotypical).

                  And they obviously mean W the Cowboy, and not his father’s infamous (at least once, now strangely almost-forgotten by most commentators) inaction in Iraq in 1991:

                  Ominous deja vu as Saddam’s victims watch Gaddafi

                  A survivor of the failed 1991 uprising against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Saidi knows what it feels like to believe the international community will help you overthrow a dictator, only to find your town abandoned to merciless revenge.

                  “Of all the news from other Arab countries, Libya is the one that is most moving for me. It is as if it was copied and pasted from Iraq,” he says.

                • Also obviously we were talking about Libya because you responded to the thread about Libya and the destructive Russian influence.

                  • No, we weren’t. You yourself changed the subject from Libya to Rogozin, NATO and aggressions:


                    Robert | March 14, 2011 at 8:22 am | Reply

                    At the same time, “Russia’s Envoy to NATO”, Dmitry Rogozin publicily admits the invasion of Georgia was “of course” a “war crime” and an “illegal intervention”.
                    RT: Would unilateral invasion by NATO be a war crime?
                    DR: Of course. Any invasion would, be it an initiative of NATO as a whole, or of any NATO member state. If an action is not authorized by the UN, it is an illegal intervention.

                  • Well, Robert is right, Russia was committing an aggression, an illegal intervention, and a war crime.

                    Not to mention documented ethnic cleansing.

                    Robert was simply pointing out Russian hypocrisy, nothing wrong with that.

                • And also another analogy, and another Western abandonment – or actually two of them. Fareed Zakaria:


                  Some worry that if we arm the rebels, things might turn out the way they did in Afghanistan, where the freedom fighters became Islamic jihadists and turned their sights on us. But that’s not really what happened. After the Soviet defeat, the U.S. abandoned Afghanistan, leaving it open to Islamic jihadists backed by the Pakistani military. The better analogy is to Chechnya, where as the civil war continued, the rebels became more radical and Islamic fundamentalists jumped into the fight and soon became its leaders. The best way to prevent al-Qaeda from turning Libya into an area of strength would be to have the fighting end — with Gaddafi’s defeat. So let’s help the Libyan opposition do it.

            • Thats funny Gostapo, over on SWP you claimed to support the US war on terror, can’t make up your mind?

              I happen to be on the side of the USA in this war
              Comment by Ostap Bender — March 10, 2011 @ 3:23 am


              Or were you just lying again?

              • Вонючий пидор.

              • Wow Gostapo, am I supposed to be impressed or intimidated?

                Once again, answer the question, are you opposed to US military efforts to fight terrorism, or are you supportive?

                Make up your mind.

                • To fight what?! Do you mean “to spark terrorism”? The number of terrorists will double after the US bombing of Lybia.

  5. So it appears it’s game over for the Libyan freedom fighters, all what is left for the world is to watch and see how many people are going to be slaughtered as Gaddafi takes revenge. The surprising coalition of France, Britain and the entire freakin’ Arab League has lost to the coalition of Russia and Germany, thanks to Obama’s administration.

    The only difference between them is Russians and Germans are trading the Libyan blood for oil, while Obama lost even this and gained… I’m not sure exactly. He’s got his Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing already, he can’t get another for doing nothing, can he?

    The Obama Doctrine

    I’m completely sickened.

    • I reckon this bad Body Odor jerk, B. O., will do down in history as the most gutless and ineffectual US President that ever was!!! Hell man he puts the likes of Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon, or for that matter the last Bush to shame, does it not.

      He is good with meaningless words and nothing else. Doesn’t say much for the mentality of the voters that voted him in, or does it?

      • A quote that I like:

        The next day, Obama issued a televised statement, condemning the “violence” in Libya without identifying its author by name. He did indulge in a bit of liberal nostalgia, by offering a bromide about how the whole “world is watching.” Indeed, watching, but doing little. Which is exactly the way Gadhafi likes it. When Gadhafi’s son gave an “interview” on Libyan TV warning that the country would be drenched in blood and that the family would fight to “the last bullet,” a US government official responded, “We are analysing the speech of Seif al-Islam Gadhafi to see what possibilities it contains for meaningful reform.” That search should work out as well as O.J.’s hunt for the real killers. The most unfathomable part: Obama’s reaction made it seem as if America was more eager to oust a 30-year ally than do the same to a 40-year enemy, whose cruelty dwarfs anything we saw from Mubarak. Harshness toward friends and conciliation toward enemies is an indecipherable policy from any angle.

        • Robert,

          Out of curiosity, why do you consider the discussion of Soviet Russia in WWII to be out of bounds for this blog, while your own discussions of all things Muslim – including Libya and Obama’s attitude towards Libya – to be relevant? Is this La Russophobe blog or La Islamophile or La Libyaphobe or La Obamaphobe blog?

          If you want to bash Obama, why don’t you go to some Glenn Beck site or something?

          And, btw, both our retarded Australian “friend” Bohdan and you, Robert (whatever your nationality is), should lay off of bashing our American President while demanding that we, Americans, must send our soldiers and our money to fight your dirty causes for you. Why don’t you fight your own wars using your own soldiers.

          • Thats rich coming from someone like you who has obviously never served the US, and who spends his days serving the interests of Russia.

            Take for example your claims that the SVR agents arrested in the US while operating illegally were innocent civilians, even after they were welcomed as heroes by Putin and awarded state honors.

            I have forwarded your posts to the Legal attache (FBI Station Chief) at the US Embassy who is a friend of mine, he was most annoyed by your support for Russian state espionage, and your support of Russian sponsored terror.

            Have fun Gostapo.

  6. FT special series of articles on the Russian killing zones:

    The Islamic Republic of Chechnya
    Why is the Kremlin-imposed leader of this republic sounding so much like the militants he’s meant to be cracking down on?
    BY TOM PARFITT | MARCH 15, 2011

    A Fear of Three Letters
    Traveling through Ingushetia, a republic where people are more frightened of Russia’s shadowy security forces than the Islamist militants.
    BY TOM PARFITT | MARCH 7, 2011

    The Secret History of Beslan
    From the outside, the violence in the Caucasus looks like a religious war or an independence struggle. In this installment from a monthlong travel diary, our correspondent finds that in North Ossetia, ethnic tension adds a deadly twist.
    BY TOM PARFITT | MARCH 1, 2011

    Islamists on Trial
    On a monthlong trip through Russia’s bloody southern republics, our correspondent visits a nearly deserted courtroom looking for hints as to why the violence here has taken on a new level of viciousness.

    Blood Relations
    The families of suspected Islamist guerrillas in the North Caucasus have always faced harassment from Russian security forces. Now a shadowy vigilante group has started targeting them as well.

    Sword or Samovar
    The first installment from a monthlong journey through Russia’s killing zone.

    • The Secret History of Beslan

      Alan Tskhurbayev, a popular Ossetian blogger whose post on the minaret controversy attracted a flood of comments, said the issue played to wider prejudices than purely anti-Islamic sentiment. “The problem is not just interreligious; it is, of course, inter-national; that is, Ossetian-Ingush.”

      He added: “Many people in Ossetia are ready to put the words Islam, Ingush, and terrorist in a single chain. Equally, I’m sure that in Ingushetia just as many think of Ossetians only as ‘the fighters who murdered us.'”

      And indeed, the Ingush still nurse their pain over Prigorodny. The Ingush allege that Ossetian fighters slit the throats of civilians, raped women, and fed Ingush corpses to pigs — accusations now difficult to corroborate.

      Magomed Amirkhanov, an Ingush I know, was kidnapped with his semiparalyzed father by Ossetian irregulars in 1992 and held captive with scores of other civilians for 14 days before being released. “I’m not in favor of terrorism,” he told me in 2008. “But the Ossetians never talk about how we were driven from our burning homes, how we were killed and beaten.”

      Timur Akiyev, an Ingush human rights advocate, said the Kremlin attitude toward Prigorodny has been one of “total neglect” — a strategic error that only plays into the hands of the militants. “The boyeviki use facts to get their recruits,” he said. “Here they can say, ‘Look, your people were forced out of their homes and then forbidden from returning. You are a Russian citizen, but the government does not protect you.'”

  7. Two law enforcement officers killed in Russia south
    Today at 16:58 | Associated Press MAKHACHKALA, Russia (AP) — Two law enforcement officers have been shot and killed in Russia’s restive southern province of Dagestan.

    Read more:

  8. Why would you “make fun” of my bad English? I never claimed to live in the the USA (or England for that matter). Why I know you’re lying when claiming to live “in USA”? Because you don’t even know how to say the country’s name. You’d make an even worse Russian spy than “Anna Chapman”.

    • OK, Robert. You may think that I don’t live in (the) USA. Or, as you reverently call it, “the the USA”.

      • Gostapo, you are digging yourself in further and further, any and all native speakers will say “The USA”, and watch any US program it will be “the US” or “the USA”, read any article, it is “The US” or “The USA”.

        You simply are a retard Maimuni, this reminds me of the time you claimed a Russian soldier was not a Russian despite the fact that he was wearing a Russian uniform, had the Russian Land Forces badge on his lapel, was described as a Russian soldier who was taking part in the illegal Russian invasion of Georgia, all because your strange inbuilt gaydar said he could not possibly be Russian.

        You enjoy being wrong don’t you.

        • No, not sick, I would just like to see your particular self dealt with in the same way that you think it is OK to treat those wishing to escape the virus of Russian imperialism are treated.

          You seem to think it is OK for Russian vermin such as yourself to kill, rape, murder, commit ethnic cleansing and genocide, but not alright for the victims of Russia to fight back.

          And once again, you can’t argue the facts can you bender boy?

          And how about an apology for your lies regards those SVR agents, you know, the ones you consider “innocent civilians arrested for speaking Russian” when in fact they are decorated SVR staff.

          You also have an unfortunate habit of referring to everyone who disagrees with you as a Nazi, which is a bit rich given you come from a country and culture (Russian) which made the Nazi’s heinous crimes pale in comparison with the horrors of the red holocaust.

  9. Oh and Gostapo, try and get a life, I mean there must be someone out there who can put up with you, just like Putin and Medvedev found each other…..

  10. MS, untermensch:

    Bravo, for once in your little unimportant life, you have been 100% honest with your comment “given your level of intelligence and maturity overall.”

    Just proves that Andrew leaves you for dead in that Department! and it is delightful to read it from your lips, bravo again comrade!

    Now go on and mouth off in some foreign lingo. Who cares I certainly don’t!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      Again: What’s keeping invincible little Übermensch Bohdan from taking on the Kremlin? Sheer laziness?

      • MS,

        Come off the grass (i.e.marijuana) little boy! you are sick, sick and really sick in the head to make such unbelievably stupid comments as you just did.

        Any sane person would realize that for a single person to attempt to take on the evil Kremlin would only indicate that he is an imbecile or just out of a straight jacket or the lunatic asylum.

        In the meantime, I’ll leave the destruction of your beloved but really sick Kremlin to your stupidity at which you are doing a sterling job!!
        Besides a power, a real power may I add, like the United States for America, could also do it but at what terrible cost to human lives.

        Reading your above comments I now realize that you are actually stupider, crazier and more dangerous than I originally gave you credit for. My god you really are demented beyond all belief, what next.

        Come to think of it comparing you to apes is a real insult to the latter.

      • Kleine Schwaine, taking on Kremlin – don’t flatter yourself, the world is letting russia rot – there no need for any intervention……

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      It’s unintentionally funny indeed when the censor of the day at LR deletes my postings, but not fast enough to keep others from replying to them. Might be a good idea to delete aforesaid replies as well, since otherwise the specific message inherent in any of my deleted postings becomes fairly evident.

      • MS,

        Face the music, I’ll bet that you are a leech on the Swedish welfare system, that is you are unemployable and on unemployment benefits, hence this is why you have all the time in the world to make up all that trash of fantasy, that is your trademark.

        Wake up and emigrate from your loath-full Sweden to your beloved ruSSia, before it’s too late and even they have waken up to your true (read – useless) nature. Remember in the old USSR, people who did not work were officially called, “parasites of the USSR” and jailed for that – where they were forced to work to better the largest concentration camp complex in the world – you know that Soviet hellhole mincing machine, built on lies and forced labor called (your beloved) USSR.

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