EDITORIAL: Russia, Babbling


Russia, Babbling

Last week yet another Russian satellite tumbled out of orbit, becoming just one more chapter in the humiliating tragicomedy that is Russia’s effort to leave the planet earth.  The culprit? According to Russia the satellite was bought down by American spies.

And those darned old spies had a busy week, because according to Russia’s president Dima Medvedev they were also busy practicing how to unseat the clan of KGB spies who prowl the Kremlin.  The practice session occurred in Libya, where American spies were working hard to unseat the legitimate and beloved leader Mr. Qadaffi.

Meanwhile, the heroic Kremlin strode boldly to Qadaffi’s defense, telling the world to stand by and watch while the maniac slaughtered tens of thousands of citizens or else Russia was going to get plenty mad.  It’s the same thing Russia has been saying about the lunatics in Iran for some time now.

And to cap it all off, a major pro-Kremlin party was held in honor of International Women’s Day in Moscow, and the featured entertainment turned out to be . . . strippers.

Russia’s aggressive support for one of the world’s most malignant dictators can surprise nobody.  Russians seem almost proud that their only allies are a rogues gallery of international pariahs from Venezuela to Iran, and they appear willing to risk their own credibility and even their own lives to protect their beloved friends from the outside world.

This reckless, clearly insane attitude is the hallmark of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. So insulated and oblivious is the Putin dictatorship after cutting itself off from objective media reporting and opposition politics, that it has lost touch with reality in manner eerily similar to what happened in the USSR. Plagued by failure at every turn because of its lack of qualifications,  Russia’s “leaders” have no hesitation in blaming their own mistakes on the “evil Americans.”  Left utterly alone and shunned by every respectable nation on the planet, and not powerful enough to collect “friends” at gunpoint the way the USSR used to do, Russia’s “leaders” feel themselves free to associate with any type of criminal enterprise that will give them the time of day.

Needless to say, a country run by leaders this obviously insane cannot long endure.

One response to “EDITORIAL: Russia, Babbling

  1. Oh no, look who’s talking! With brothels packed with teenagers just blocks away from the Capitol Hill, this journalist is speaking out loud about rights of women in Russia. Lol

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