EDITORIAL: Night Falls on Putin’s Russia


Night Falls on Putin’s Russia

If you look at a map of the world at night, Europe and the United States and Japan and even India are lit up like Christmas trees. Compare them to the vast northern swaths of Russia and to Africa, which lie in sullen darkness.  In Africa’s case, it’s because the population simply doesn’t have access to electricity.  In Russia’s case, it’s because there are no people present at all.

But the world’s population is exploding.  Experts say that “we will need to produce as much food in the next 40 years as we have in the last 8,000” in order to feed all the new mouths. Russians are doing their part to help:  Their population is expected to shrink drastically, by 15% or more, over the next few decades.  So the question is:  As Russia empties, who’s going to move in? Most likely, it will be the Chinese; but exploding Muslim populations across Russia’s southern border will also have a say.

Russia’s horrifying darkness is both literal and figurative, of course.

Last week, for instance, Boris Nemtsov appeared in court twice, once as a plaintiff and once as a defendant.  As a plaintiff, Nemtsov watched his case against Vladimir Putin for slander get thrown out of court even though Putin offered not a single shred of evidence to prove his claim that Nemtsov stole money while in office. As a defendant, he watched the same court rule against him even though his claim that oligarch Gennady Timochenko is close to Vladimir Putin can be disputed by no rational person.

Then there was Anna Chapman.  After facilitating yet another grievous Russian insult to the people of the Caucasus, fanning still higher the flames of insurrection and terror, the proud spy against the world’s most powerful country then announced she had been invited by Vladimir Putin to join his party and take a seat in Russia’s parliament.  Needless to say, Chapman’s world-famous failure and incompetence no doubt make her irresistible to the Kremlin the role of rubber stamp — that is if she doesn’t lose the stamp or the paper and can remember how they work.

Next, Russia was roiling the world of culture by insisting on holding illegally obtained art works and then refusing to circulate them in world museums out of fear that international courts would seize them, disappointing and frustrating art lovers around the world — to say nothing of outraging the rightful owners of the works.

Finally, back to the literal, Russia abolished the wrong kind of daylight savings time, the one the world wants to preserve, while implementing the one the world wants to change and plunging the country into blackness even deeper. Stunningly, the only reason the regime could offer for doing so was the convenience of cows, who are apparently more important to the Kremlin than Russia’s citizens.

No country that behaves this way can long survive.  Russia is hurtling recklessly down a path of self-destruction well-trodden already by the USSR, crushing its most productive and innovative citizens and allowing a troop of baboons to make key decisions about its future. As a result, despite existing for so many centuries Russia still lies in barbaric darkness, waiting for the final end to come.

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  1. Russian population should be between 130 and 140 million for the next decades. Why should Russia need more people anyway? Most of Russia is covered with permafrost which makes it unusable for living.

    Countries like Russia with lots of landmass and resources are better off then countries with high density of population and little resources.

    • You are an ignorant, illiterate ape mouthing idiotic Russian state propaganda you have memorized. Russia needs more babies because it doesn’t have enough productive workers to support the older people, and because it has a horrifyingly high mortality rate, making its population unstable. If things continue as the are, Russia’s population will go to zero. What’s more, Russia is mostly losing its Slavic population, meaning that the fundamental character of the country is changing, becoming Muslim.

  2. Also, a large number of Russia’s children who are homeless and considered to be “social” orphans (having at least one parent alive) are being adopted by American families unable to adopt in the USA by bureaucratic redtape.
    I fear for the unadoptable Russian children, who when they leave the orphanage take up life on the mean streets. They will provide cannon fodder for the Russian military which is not keeping its numbers up, I hear.

    • Dr. Dre,

      Those millions of russian orphants of today resamble very much those millions during the russian revolution they were called bezpryzornye. History repeats itself – Russia, indeed, is heading for another bloody civil war which will end up with final Russian’s desintegration. No wonder nobody invests in russia’s infrastructure or eny other industries other than gas and oil .

      • Love your spelling, Polish über-genius:

        “final Russian’s desintegration” (closest guess: “Russia’s final disintegration)

        “eny other industries”

        Out of the hole came a smelly Pole.

        • Do you talk about spelling because you can’t handle the substance?

          Mark Twain once said: “It’s a man with very little imagination who can only spell a word one way.” Ever heard of Huckleberry Finn?

          • Manfred Steifschwanz

            What “substance” is there really in mccusa’s hysterical, inarticulate tantrums, silly? Supposedly, your answer is either:

            a) Nobody’s a despicable idiot as long as Russia is being bad-mouthed — all contributions most welcome.


            b) That’s exactly the kind of discourse that we count as “substance” here. We at LR proudly stick to the charming paradigm which prevails among drunkards on a park bench — hooray!

            One can easily imagine how you folks would have gloated had the mere writing skills been swapped between me and mccusa. Not only is mccusa a wholesale idiot; he’s so sloppy and lazy he can’t even bother to look up words he doesn’t know how to spell. Get it?

        • kleine schwaine katsap, potczmu w rossii wsio obosranye eto kaneczno ruskaya kultura……It means why in Russian everything is covered with sh#$%^& is it a part of so called russian culture????????

        • You MS, you of all people!

          Have the brainless temerity, the unbelievably stupid audacity to question mccusa – a Pole – on his English spelling? Well that takes the cake.

          Believe me, dear darling Swedish naked ape, I got the gist of what he was saying 100%, so unlike the 100% of your propaganda that is so unreal, so nauseating and so full of soviet communist bullsh*t. Believe me moonshine, only someone missing a screw or two, or even more, would make up or believe this tripe that you excel in.

          You, poor excuse of a Swedish unter-mensch, should be ashamed of yourself to sully the good name of Sweden.

          And yes do answer in Swedish or whatever other language you pick. Who gives a sh*t – I certainly don’t.

          Into a hole crawled back a smelly Swede.

        • Keep repeating ‘Russia’s final disintegration’ over and over and keep learning chinese. By the way, being smelly is Russia’s pride and joy. It would be only appropriate to replace the double eagle on the russian flag with the picture of an excrement filled toilet in Sochi – speaking of smell -russian baracks in Poland smelled of urine, excrements, unwashed bodies and vodka for about two years after russian troops left..It is only fitting to quote Mikhail Lermontov, a great russian poet when he said ‘praszczai nemytaya rossia’ – translation – farewell unwashed russia……

  3. Hey Steifschwanz,

    I can picture your face right now, wedged in to boxing headgear two sizes too small, bright red and spitting little particles on to the screen as you type!

    Chill out man!

    It was only a couple of spelling and grammar errors!

    Prosze bardzo!

    • Ah, thanks once again Wal,

      For giving me another good laugh, must say I love your sense of humor.

      • I agree: Wal’s humous is custom-built for people like Bohdan.

        • Gee whiz Maimoronides,

          Wonders will never cease, you actually agree “Wal’s humor is custom built”. What’s the matter chum, getting jealous that no one praises your worthless soviet trash. Well take a hint, try some of your beloved, but trashy, xxxxx.ru bloggs, where you will be welcome with open arms by like minded comrades. LOL.

          • Bohdan,

            You are a man of a very unusual and very uncommon intelligence among the people capable of accessing the internet. You give pride and hope to other people suffering from your malady.

            • Maimonides,

              Gees man you really started well for a change!! until that is, you got to the word “people” and then – wait for it – and then you blew it by failing miserably with the rest of your normal untermensh style of writing.

              By the way do you realize the word “malady” refers to an unknown? Care to, in your quaint way, explain what the ‘unknown’ is?

              • Ich bin sicherlich ein Untermensch vergleich zu dir, Bohdan. I am glad you took my first sentence as a compliment. I have a great backhand, don’t I?

                What do you think the word “malady” means? Or are you saying that the nature of your malady is yet unknown?

                • Maimoronides

                  Like a true soviet parasite, you did not answer the question put to you, but instead replied with a question to a question.

                  As for the “malady” part? bad, bad habit you have is judging others by your own problems.

                  Never mind, just continue to take your regular tablet doses for “your malady”. It will improve your mental state – but sadly never, ever cure it. You must remember moonshine, brain damage is always permanent.

                  • What do you want to know?

                    By the way do you realize the word “malady” refers to an unknown? Care to, in your quaint way, explain what the ‘unknown’ is?

                    How would I know? It is you who has introduced the “unknown” into our conversation, Bohdan.

                    • I cannot but help and notice your change of spelling for your nom de plume. What you cannot even remember how you write your current alias ?? How sad.

                      Do yourself a favor and crawl back into your smelly soviet communist hole in the bog mire that is present day Russian, where you so rightfully belong with your somogonka guzzling comrades.

                      And furthermore your “How would I know” describes you down to a “T”, as you in fact know sweet ‘f**k all’.

  4. Content – just one more example of progressing asininity. Аnd same value “comments” from LR ))). The only “ignorant & illiterate ape” may have a “problem” to link the issue with population density… Thanks !

  5. By the way… 1) Good idea to lit up permafrost areas ! 2) Follow to this “logic”, Canada and Austalia are the same “bloody holes” as Russia…and even much-much worste.

  6. Do Australians and Canadians dream of emigrating to Russia?

    What has Russia achieved in the past 200 years versus Australia and Canada?

    • What was your question for ? And what is it about ? The point was about strange “logic” of the topic…and nothing else. If it’s interesting to compare “achievements” – up to you. But do not forget to eveluate a chain of historical events during this period… I’m in doubt to understand how did it happen that russians are still alive and russia is still exist as the country.

      • Simply answer the questions to the best of your ability Aborigenus.

        I’ll give you a clue, the first answer is a word and the second one is a number.

        • Wal,

          What has your Poland achieved in the past 200 years versus Russia, Australia and Canada?

          • My Poland?

            I am Australian actually.

            Could you answer my initial questions please? I will consider yours after that.

            Thank you!

            • Cowabunga ! My bloody oath ! Aussie ? I don’t beleive it ! Maybe just a newbie came to Down-under while looking for crakers…max a copule years yet. Little few years more will heal you up completely )))

        • Demagogue skill #3 ))) Substitution of the target in discussion… Not with me such basic silly tricks, Wal ! The chat was about strange “logic” of the topic. And my note says that such counties as Canada & Australia are not lit up too. I’m especially pointed that states, as they (and their citizens) are very healthy, on my point of view. So…”watch your playful fingers” )

          • Aborigenus,

            You wrote two responses: one demented, the other unintelligible. Is that also a reasonable assessment of your character?

            When you write “)))” does it mean you are laughing at what you wrote?


            • Wal, “)))” just means you have been catch on such a simple/silly demagougue trick. And you looks like a child trying to play such a game. And this is very funny.
              Concerning the other issues…And did not write any kind of “response” to you as the question was purely off-topic and demagogue trick. I wrote just a comeent/post! And my 2-nd one was for your “I am australian actually”, which was not posted not to me…and the content of it is self-explainable ))) You’re not an aussie ! You need few years more, at least, to become the same…

              • Well, Aborigenius, I may have to prove I’m an Aussie, but you sure as hell don’t need to prove you’re an idiot.

  7. Thank You for the personal view of communism from your Grand Mother and Uncle France’s experience. I was watching Television at my Mother’s house last Sunday afternoon. PBS had a film clip about a song written about what a MAN Vladimar Putin is. The film clip showed the women who sang the song. The women were attractive. The film had some scenes from Moscow at night.There were a lot of cars on the street and neon lights decorated buildings in the film of Moscow night life. The narrator stated that Moscow was “Cosmopolitan”. As I watched the film, I thought this is subliminal indoctrination of our youth, that the quality of life under Communism is good. I haven’t seen Russia portrayed as a third world economy in quite a while.

    When I see a satellite picture of the former Soviet Union at night, their are only 2 bright cities on the map, Moscow and St. Petersberg(Leningrad). I know why. But the youth of the United States probably don’t know why. They don’t have electricity available out side of Moscow or Leningrad. Our media is glorifying Communism. The media does not show how the Uncle France of communist countries live.

    I urge everyone to become politically active at the local level. Go and knock on doors. Ask voters to elect conservatives to local and state offices. I have done this and there is a positive response from Independent and Republican voters. We can take this country back, but it will take every one’s help.


    • LES,

      You are yet another LR-sized great thinker. As they say in Russia, “respect, man”!

      I would write more, but just like in Kiev, Riga, Sochi, Kaliningrad and other ex-USSR cities, my own state of California has not been introduced to electricity yet, and my candle is about to run out.

      So, when you come knocking on my doors to convert me to Republicanism, please bring me a new candle and some kind of a hand crank so that I could power my computer. And don’t worry: I know that as a Republican, you don’t believe in being charitable, so I will pay you ten times what it cost you.

      • Maimoneedes;
        Please note the major spelling error Kaliningrad should be spelled Konigsberg as a Hanseatic city, the pearl of Baltic, the home of Emmanuel Kant, one of the greatest European philosophers; which you russian stole from Germans and turned into a public toilet…

        • Ja, Ja ! All the baltic south coast belongs to Germans and was stolen from them.

          • And while your on this topic dear Aborigineanus, (got the spelling right now, chum?) you might as well add that the land St. Petersburg is built on was stolen from Sweden!!!


            • For me, the Russian language is the crucifixion of Ukraine. It is the millions of bones of Ukrainian Cossack prisoners of war, which are literally immured in the foundations of St. Petersburg, the capital of Muscovy (1703);


            • And what ? Who cares about St Petersburg and whom it was stolen from ? Does not sence for me, at all… The main issue regarding all this funny chat is: Who own it NOW ! So, your (and mccusa’s) paranoidar jerkings about this issue just reflect your personal uncouth complexes…and not a kind of real problem concerning history of a place/city.

            • Well, Bohdan, the city of Kiev was stolen from Khazars. And the southern half of Ukraine was stolen form Turks, and the natives converted into Ukrainians.

        • Hey, mccusa,

          How do you then spell “Danzig”, a great Prussian city, the pearl of Baltic, which you Poles stole from Germans and turned into a public toilet…

          How about Breslau and the rest of Silesia, which you Poles also stole from Germans and turned into another public toilet…

          When do you plan to return them to the Germans?

      • DEAR Maimoneedes,

        Your nonsensical response only proves that you are just another delusional moskal.



  8. Ja, ja ! Danzig, Szczecin, Breslau…

    • abori anus
      ja, ja ! all siberia is being retaken by Chinese peacefully, and without any resistance from russians………

      • No more than Poland is being overtaken by Arabs, mccusa.

        • Hmmm, this from the same retard (Maimoneedes/Ostap/Michael Tal) who claims there are over 1,000,000 Georgians in Russia, when official statistics put the number of Georgians at 197,934.

          • Andrew,

            As always, I find it hard to understand what you are claiming.

            1. Are you saying that somebody – Maimoneedes/Ostap/Michael Tal – claimed that at that time there were 1,000,000 Georgians living in Russia legally or illegally, without giving any citations, references or sources? Please give the link.

            2. Are you now admitting that the Russian official statistics are fully trustworthy and reliable?

            3. Are you saying that according to the Russian authorities, the total number of Georgians living – legally or illegally – in Russia is 197,934? How can they know the exact number of illegal immigrants? Are you lying? Or stupid? Or both?

            I bet there must be hundreds and hundreds of thousands of unregistered illegal Georgian immigrants in Russia.

            • No subsimian, there are 197,934 Georgians officially living in Russia.

              The Russian government estimation of Georgian “illegal” immigrants is 300,000.

              And Maimuni, I am not providing you with any link, as you are the one who posted the fabrication in the first place.

              Your constant harping on about the Soyuz and using


              Kind of outs you (not that there is any surprise there)

              • No, Andrew, you are lying again, 197,934 is the number of Georgians who had Russian citizenship in 2002.

                • International sources say that hundreds of thousands of Georgians have left their Srakatvelian paradize to live under the Russian tyranny…some sources quote up to 1.5 million…


                  • Hmmm, that article says nothing about 1.5 million AT, what it says is The diplomatic suspension means no new applications for Russian entry visas will be accepted, a blow to Georgians who have relatives in Russia or other ties there. Hundreds of thousands of Georgians live in Russia, and many ethnic Georgians in Russia are Russian citizens.

                    I mean we all know you are not very bright AT, but come on, do try harder.

                    • Maimoneedes

                      This one does:

                      Is this what you are talking about, genius:


                      * Around 1,000,000 Georgians reside in Russia as foreign workers.[57][58]

                      * According to the 2002 All-Russia Population Census, 197,934 Georgians have Russian citizenship.[59]


                      It also gives references.

                      However, it is not clear if the figure of “1,000,000 Georgians” that “reside in Russia as foreign workers” includes only those who reside legally, or also those who are there illegally.

                    • Lets see, reference 57 is a dead link, reference 58 gives this According to some estimates, more than a fifth of Georgia’s 4.4 million people work in Russia, and their families rely on the hundreds of millions of dollars in annual remittances sent home. Tyurkin said that more than half of Georgians in Russia were working illegally.

                      Meanwhile, numbers quoted by Russian officials give a much lower figure.

                      In a potentially more crippling blow, Russian lawmakers scheduled debates this week on a new bill that could bar Georgians living in Russia from wiring money home. About 300,000 Georgians live in Russia, according to Russian officials


                      Russia, in the frame of economic sanctions against Tbilisi, deported 13 Georgian citizens for not having work permits. The immigration bureau’s declaration that 300,000 Georgians live in the country illegally disturbed Georgians in Russia.


                      And the Russian census lists those Georgians as being legally resident, rather than citizens Maimuni, pity your research skills are so poor.

                    • And Maimoneedy, that census shows the 197,000 Georgians as being legally resident, not citizens.

                    • What “research skills”, Andrew? Why would I do any research on a useless topic like the number of Georgians illegally in Russia? I just looked it up on Wikipedia and then in New York Times. The New York Times says “one fifth of 4.4. million”. Your beef is with Wiki and New York Times, not me. However, you yourself always pick the largest and the most ridiculous estimates of the number of victims in Chechnya and of the number of victims of your fellow Stalin (What is it now? 70 million?) and refuse to listen to reason and logic.

                      And you always claim that the Russian official numbers are terribly wrong and can’t be trusted.
                      So, why should we trust the official Russian figures this time over the New York Times?

                • No AT, it is the number of Georgians resident legally in Russia.

              • Andrew wrote: “And Maimuni, I am not providing you with any link…

                Of course not. You almost never do.

                … as you are the one who posted the fabrication in the first place.

                What “fabrication” are you talking about? Where and when did I “post” it? What exactly did I claim? You are making even less sense than usually.

          • Andrew | March 1, 2011 at 8:19 am
            Hmmm, this from the same retard (Maimoneedes/Ostap/Michael Tal) who claims there are over 1,000,000 Georgians in Russia, when official statistics put the number of Georgians at 197,934.

            Is this what you are talking about, genius:


            * Around 1,000,000 Georgians reside in Russia as foreign workers.[57][58]

            * According to the 2002 All-Russia Population Census, 197,934 Georgians have Russian citizenship.[59]

            So, what’s your problem? You don’t understand the difference between Russian citizens and foreign workers?

            How can I help you here, Andrew? Buy you a working brain?

            • Sorry sub simian, but thats not the official Russian estimate.

              Russia estimates there are 300,000 Georgians living and working in Russia (according to some sources including the 197,000 legal residents/citizends), some racist fcuks like yourself harp on about 1,000,000 illegal immigrants, but its not true.

              In a potentially more crippling blow, Russian lawmakers scheduled debates this week on a new bill that could bar Georgians living in Russia from wiring money home. About 300,000 Georgians live in Russia, according to Russian officials, but some estimates put their number as high as 1 million. Georgia has a population of 4.4 million


              http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/687026fe-5205-11db-bce6-0000779e2340.html (Requires registration)

              Russia, in the frame of economic sanctions against Tbilisi, deported 13 Georgian citizens for not having work permits. The immigration bureau’s declaration that 300,000 Georgians live in the country illegally disturbed Georgians in Russia.


              Now I know you show a subhuman level of intelligence Maimuni, but thats no reason to pollute the internet with your drivel.

              • Andrew, do you plan to sue Wikipedia? If so – keep me posted. I’d love to come to the testimony by both you and your neuropathologist and psychiatrist.


                * Around 1,000,000 Georgians reside in Russia as foreign workers.[57][58]

                * According to the 2002 All-Russia Population Census, 197,934 Georgians have Russian citizenship.[59]

                • LOL, well Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, however, as mentioned above, the Russian Federal Government states that there are 300,000 Georgians in Russia, including the 197,o0o legally registered immigrants.

                  But never mind, we all know you are in desperate need of remedial reading classes.

              • @ Andrew:

                Sorry sub simian, but thats not the official Russian estimate.

                Since when have you suddenly started trusting the official Russian estimates, slug? Do you also trust the official Russian estimates of the number of dead in Chechnya?

                • I trust census results more than I trust wartime propaganda.

                  The articles you list say some estimates as up to a million Georgians in Russia, but the government considers those numbers to be wildly high.

                  However, members of the Russian Government have admitted that the number of deaths in Chechnya is over the 200,000 mark.

                  And you may consider me a slug if you wish, but I consider you subhuman.

              • Andrew, do you consider a spokeswoman for the Union of Georgians in Russia, who estimated that there are between 1 million and 1.5 million ethnic Georgians living in Russia, as a “racist fcuk”?


                • Exactly:


                  Part of this is down to the continued presence of a huge Georgian diaspora in Russia. A spokeswoman for the Union of Georgians in Russia estimated that there are between 1 million and 1.5 million ethnic Georgians living in the country. Many of these are well-settled professionals – the chief cardiologist of Moscow, the city’s most famous sculptor and a whole host of media personalities are all Georgian – while others are part of the legion of migrant labourers from former Soviet lands who come to Russia because salaries are higher than in their home countries.

        • :) Absolutely. Meanwhile, in the real world there are (almost) no Arabs in Poland. Most of just some 40,000 (like 1/1000 people, compared to 1/7 in Russia, that is over 100 times less) or so Muslims are non-Arabs, like Chechens, Tatars (for centuries), Turks and more recently Afghans and Pakis, oh and Slavs.

          LOL RT:

      • And what, dingbat ? I don’t care about “siberia”…and about “future of russians”, actually. And suggest you not care too much about russians ))) They survived in XIX-XX centuries, have outlived I&II WW, Hitler, Stallin, Commies…and will outlast Putin&Co 0 that’s for sure. So, do not worry so much, it will not help you to settle your usual polish “himple nation” complex…

        • Aborigenus, how dare you try to question the prowess of Polish people? Sure, they wasted many centuries trying to conquer and enslave Russians, all in vane. But they succeeded to enslave Ukrainians and Belarusans for many centuries. And they were so strong and macho in their exploitation of Ukrainians that it created such hatred, which led to continuous mutual genocides between Pole sand Ukrainians. That’s how great Poles are! And you haven’t heard the end of it. Poland will bring back these mutual genocides!

          • maimon,
            Polish people tried to make russian people free- in that respect we failed miserably; the russian bydlo decided to choose their version of ‘freedom’ the gulags, starvation, and total serfdom – we have to respect rtheir choices. By the way, if you, maimon, look at your history, you have to admit that only under the Golden Horde, russian slaves were reasonably free and happy – you should pray that your future Chinese masters will be as benevolent and tolerant toward you as the Mongols were ….

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              Poland — nation of arch-reactionary catholic Western bootlickers. Also renowned for its own petty land-grabbing desires, as was clearly demonstrated in the wake of the infamous Munich agreement in 1938. Russia and Germany should force an outright colonial administration on this, ahem, “country”, even including a ban on its ‘prszepoczszterouczsz’ language (alongside English) and complete ousting of the Vatican’s emissaries. Civilization to Poland!

              mccusa is respresentative of the Pshek trash — the worse for them.

              • Little swine,
                You did it again!, dearie – you put the mongol/russian hordes at the par with a civilized European country like Poland. By the way, Germans must be happy to be considered as ‘civilized’ as you – russian bydlo. As for your so called russian language – who speaks that f#$%ing dialect – chukczi, evenki, komi and every single nation under temporary russian control have their own language. nikot ne choczet govorit na etim sobaczym ruskim yazykie…..

          • maimon, stick to your russian, highly sophisticated activities, slaughtering your own people, we in Poland truly appreciate your barbarity inflicted on your own compatriots – russians, of course, don’t might to be slaughtered…

  9. ja, ja Moscow is 80% muslim and central asian….

    • Maybe…dos not sence too much for me. Do not like Moscow…But your post is just a sight that live in Moscow seems much-much better than at home for them.

      • aboriganus wrote:

        ‘Maybe…dos not sence too much for me.’

        Hey aboriganus, look at the mirror and ask casasas, maimonides, maimoneedes, manfred and company what the heck is wrong with your English???

    • ja, ja, in that Paris is even worse than Moscow…

    • But the way…minor but the EXAMPLE of your lie (post-to-post). 80% ? Simple googling showing following figures: russians 31%, ukranians 8%, armenian 6%, jews 5%, moldovians 3%, georgians 3%, gipsies 3%; “far east”(chinise, koreans, vietnamese) 5% ! So, if to count all the other as “mislim+central asian” the result will be about 36% (including “other – 7%”). Lie once – lie always ?

      Азербайджанцы – 14%
      Выходцы из уральских республик (татары, башкиры, чуваши) – 10%
      Выходцы с дальнего востока (корейцы, китайцы, вьетнамцы) – 5%
      Выходцы из Средней Азии (таджики, узбеки, казахи, киргизы) – 5%
      дцы с Северного Кавказа (чеченцы, дагестанцы, ингуши) – 4%

      е – 3%
      Молдаване – 3%
      Другие народы – 4%

      • Chinese, Koreans, and Vietnamese are neither Muslim nor Central Asian. Trust me. Where I live in California, they make up at least 20% of the population.

        • Some Chinese are muslims, a minority to be sure, but still there are quite a few.

          Anyway Ostap bender boy, how is the truck stop job going? It truly is amazing how you post all night, one suspects given the times of your postings that Robert is right and you are not posting from “California” but from the FSB headquaters in the lubyanka…..

  10. I think Aborigenus is a fantastic example of just how difficult puberty can be.

    • For such wrinklie dago like me, getting so from you personally (pointing eveything you have posted here recently)…it’s like a compoliment. Pipe down, my adulatory gasbag.

      • Actuallt Aboriganus, being a self confessed Greek you are not a dago, you are a wog….

        • Andrew, I used “dago” the only because Wal siad tt he is and aussie. So, pipe down, berk…

          • Wrong as usual dear “wog” Maimuni! you obscure nobody.

            In Aussie parlance the derogatory term ‘dago’ was and still is reserved for Italians! while the equally derogatory term ‘wog’ was and still is reserved for Greeks!! although I must admit that neither is used as often as they were in the 50’s and 60’s, when they were very common and resulted in many fisticuffs between the youthful utterer and recipient of the word.

            • I can confirm that the exactly the same slur (and also “wop”) was used in the United States against Italians, but both fell out of usage by now; many people under 30 would not know what these expressions mean and how offensive they are to Italians.

              However, “wog” is unknown in America, it’s probably mostly a Britishism.

              Why are we suddenly talking about Italians and Greeks?

              • PV…I can can confirm, that HUNDREDS of aussie stine seeds in in-use nowaday around the World ))) A lot of articles about the issue, made by real PHILOLOGISTS are available in e-net…Enjoy them – you can faind a lot of funny, interesting and unexpected things.

              • You are right RV, the word ‘wog’ was coined by the British. Originally it referred to people from India and Pakistan, where their passports were marked “Westernised Oriental Gentleman” by the English Customs/Immigration people. This was than shortened to the first letter of the three words i.e. WOG.

                However as Australia, than had a “white race policy” and did not allow in anyone from those countries on account of their dark complexion, this word was used by Australians for Greeks on account of their dark complexion.

            • One more wombat…Dago is from “Diego” ! So, pipe down with “italians”///

          • Aboriganus, having lived in Australia I can tell you that “dago” is used for people of Spanish origin.

            You are a fckwit, and your removal from the gene pool should be a national priority.

  11. Dear Aborigenus,

    I have to say, your combination of grade 2 grammar and spelling combined with Victorian era gibes really make for quite fascinating reading.

    Enjoy your obscurity; nobody.


  12. Bewdy, Andrew & Wal !!! Just to finalise/close this silly earbash. Term “dago” of aussie stine is for centuries, already. It’s from “diego” origilally. But after lWW (which Australians took a part of in Med? particularly) they stated call so ALL the Euromed/South Europe origin people as “DAGO” or (if abusive) as “GARLIC MUNCHER”. That terms cover portuguise, Spanish, Italians, Greeks, Croatians, Serbians, etc. And the same will prove any aussie hoon – just ask for ))) And mentioned “wog” is correct for Afromed & Middle East people or (if abusive) – for ALL the foreigners…you both – too )))
    So ? Both of you are – newbies in Down Under ! Get wise, wombats !bullshing

    • No Aborigenus, they did not.

      And the Australian (and New Zealand) forces mainly served in flanders you moron, not took a part of in Med? particularly

      BTW reject, I was born in New Zealand.

      You are an inferior example to be sure, any Australian would bash a moron like you to a pulp in seconds.

      Dago is mostly used to describe Spaniards, very occasionally Italians, but Wop is mainly used for Italians, and Wog for Greeks.

      Today ‘wog’ is most commonly used as an ethnic slur, and this has largely superseded the other slang meanings. As in British English ‘wog’ refers to dark-skinned people, but whereas in Britain it was applied to African-Caribbean and South Asian immigrants from the 1960s onwards, in Australia, which had few migrants from these regions, it was instead applied to Post World War II European migrants from Southern Europe/Southeastern Europe, particularly the Italian, Greek, Spanish, Maltese, Lebanese and Yugoslav communities in Melbourne and Sydney

      The “ethnic” character of the term “wog” came into popular usage from the 1950s and 1960s, As this was a time where many immigrants of Eastern European and Mediterranean origin who contrasted with the dominant Northern and Western European stock of the Australian population.


      Please stop trying to pretend you have any idea of Australian culture or slang, you are a useless little prat.

  13. Please, give me a schedule of the satellite flights. I promise to switch my lightings off when they are flying by, just to protest against FSB-KGB-NKVD and give you more grounds to spit at the Kremlin. But please let it be no longer than 2 min, I’m afraid of the darkness.

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