EDITORIAL: Russia’s Siamese Twin Idiots Come Unglued


Russia’s Siamese Twin Idiots Come Unglued

“You can say that the case has on the whole been solved.”

— Vladimir Putin, February 3, 2010

“No one has a right to make an announcement about the solution of this crime.”

— Dmitri Medvedev, February 3, 2010

The horrifically successful bombing of Russia’s Domodedovo airport has caused the idiotic Siamese twins who rule the country to come unglued.  It seems those who gave their lives at the airport did not do so in vain.

They are actually, openly contradicting each other. It’s sweet music to our ears.

The reason for this is obvious:  The Russian Kremlin is confused, bewildered and defeated by the recent terrorist attack on the Domdedovo airport in Moscow.  They failed to predict it, failed to prevent it, and by no means can they guarantee it will not happen again, bigger and far worse, next time.

They have been exposed as liars. They claimed they had “pacified” Chechnya when in fact they had inflamed it. They said terrorism was under control when in fact it was out of control.

And the attack on Domodedovo was too large — far too large — for even the ruthless engines of censorship and repression to erase from the public record.  The people of Russia learned about it, learned they were vulnerable targets everywhere, all the time, and they were shocked and terrified.

Medvedev and Putin are left mumbling like idiots, exposed as the pathetic failures they are.  Chechen warlord Dokka Umarov is openly mocking them and threatening more reprisals, and they appear powerless to stop him.

The only question now is whether the people of Russia have any character or courage or commitment to their children. Will they stand like their brothers in Egypt and demand and end to a failed regime? Or will they blithely allow the regime to continue in power until their country, once again, collapses?

11 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia’s Siamese Twin Idiots Come Unglued

  1. “The German Reichskanzlei is confused, bewildered and defeated by the recent arson attack on the Reichstag parliament building in Berlin. They failed to predict it, failed to prevent it, and by no means can they guarantee it will not happen again, bigger and far worse, next time.”


  2. “A nasty resemblance to that incident” was 911 to start a war for Iraqi oil. Much more spectacular event in any a dimension.

    • Ah, the Reichstags incident Robert was referring to enabled the Nazi Party to gain total control of Germany and led directly to WW2.
      Much the same as the FSB bombings of apartment buildings in Moscow led to the consolidation of Putins autocracy, and the deaths of around 250,000 Chechens.
      Give your brain a chance.

      • An interesting trivia regarding the Reichstag incident is that it actually could have been work of a lone communist wacko, or a larger communist conspiracy, or whatever. Which doesn’t change a thing in how the German “government” exploited it.

        (Another trivia is how the Soviets thought for some strange reason that the Reichstag is some kind of strategic political objective and needlessly spent time and men trying to capture it, instead of going to the Reichskanzlei and end the war. In reality, the building was never restored and was used only as a storage since the fire, and as a stronghold position manned by some Kriegsmarine cadets and Volksturm militia during the battle, and nothing more at all. And yes I know Zhukov was an idiot and a butcher, but anyway.)

    • Come on, 911, claiming that the Americans did their own 9/11 attacks and the Russians – the “bombings of the apartment buildings in Moscow” is paranoid.

      • Well, there is plenty of evidence the Russians did bomb those apartments.

        It’s not like Russians have much respect for human life, that of their own people or anyone else.

      • But the Russians were caught red-handed trying to bomb yet another building.

      • What is “paranoid” in a team of plainclothed Chekists being caught red-handed while planting a “dummy” bomb in another working-class paratment block in Moscow, and in whistleblowers and independent investigators being either jailed or murdered (including the radioactive poisoning of the author of ФСБ взрывает Россию by a “former” “security” agent in London)? On the other hand, no FBI agents were caught while trying to “not really” hijack a passenger airplane during the events of 9/11, and “truthers” are not dropping dead left and right.

        Maybe most telling, the US federal government also didn’t kill, wound, torture and “disappear” untold thousands of mostly Muslim American citizens in the aftermath of this, like the Russian mafia “authorities” did in the years after 1999, and in the years before 1999 too for that matter. This included destroying THOUSANDS more of apartment buildings. And this is simply answering the key question: “but could they really blow-up some buildings full of Russian citiziens”? The answer is: Yes of course. Easily – because they did just this, and they did very openly, and repeatedly. Again and again, and again, and again, leveling a village after village. City street by street, district by district, the city that was bigger then Sochi (largest in the region) was completely razed, on an apocalyptic scale not seen in an urban areas anywhere in the world since 1945.

  3. Ming the Merciless

    What everyone in the world fail to understand is why the Russkies dont expel all their muslims. They are a foreign body, hell spawn and pure poison.

    Oh! Yes! There is money still to be made for Putin & cy…that would be the only explanation for have these cuckoos in your nest…you seen what cuckoos do in a nest, right?

    You guys are blinded by your opposition to Putin…sure, he is a new Hitler,
    but the way it’s going, in fifty years, there will only be muslims left
    in Russia…in what China dont seize when it has the chance!

  4. Ming the Merciless

    And ZERO per cent of Iraqi oil money goes to the USA…

    100% of Iraqi oil money goes to Iraq…that most of it get stolen is a fact,
    but it is stolen by Iraqis, so it stay in Iraq.

    Iraqis have not paid back ONE RED CENT for their liberation from the monster Saddam Hussein.

    It was that somber cretin Bush that thought muslims where human beings worth rescuing from hell.

    Pretty stupid, I’d say!

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