EDITORIAL: Russia Eliminates


Russia Eliminates

Daylight savings time.

Valentine’s Day.

Luke Harding.

What do these three things have in common? They were all banned last week in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.  Illegal. No more. That’s it. That’s right, banned. In so-called “democratic” Russia.

What’s next?  Only God knows the answer to that question, dear reader.  Just try to make sure it’s not you.

What is Russia thinking? Is it thinking at all? Are these crude, ape-like acts the result of Russians being oblivious of their own recent history, to the extent that Russians have forgotten the dangers of behaving like a nation of lunatics?

What do Russians expect the world to make of its ejection of one of the world’s leading Russia correspondents?  They they don’t want to know the truth about themselves, and don’t want anyone else to know it either?  That their failure so sweeping and profound that their only possible response is to eliminate anyone who dares to talk about it? Isn’t that the same strategy that was tried in Soviet times, to such disastrous effect, ultimately resulting in the collapse and destruction of the entire nation?

Does Russia’s absolute dictator, Vladimir Putin, really believe — again, just like his Soviet ancestors — that he can simply wipe out international holidays, and time itself, by personal edict?  Is he communicating this bizarre notion to local leaders as well, and to citizens, such that they must understand that citizens have no independent existence, that the state gives them the right to live?

Why do Russians fear Valentine’s Day, a holiday beloved around the world and as innocuous as a flower? What sort of penalty are they prepared to impose against those who dare to celebrate it?

How can Russians imagine that daylight savings time, embraced by the entire globe, is somehow dangerous to Russia? Do they think it is a nefarious foreign plot to somehow bring down and hold back Russian success?

Aren’t Russians at all afraid that the rest of the world, viewing these barbaric acts by their government, will decide Russia is a nation of vulgar cretins who cannot be taken seriously, who are not civilized, who can only be the target of laughter, derision and ultimately complete exclusion from the tribunals of important countries?  Don’t Russians know how totally the Soviet Union had been relegated in this way, and don’t they remember of the horrific consequences of that isolation?

Russia is rapidly crystallizing as a neo-Soviet state in its final form.  It has recklessly given unlimited, unquestioned power to a gang of thugs who are now revealing themselves to be no different than the Soviet thugs who drove the country into the ground.  It is a horrifying spectacle, and we are appalled and outraged that Russians would betray their children and their grandparents in this foolhardy, self-destructive manner.


11 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia Eliminates

  1. Actually only “Official festivities for St. Valentine’s Day were banned in the Belgorod region by the local governor”. Kadyrov does more absurd ukazes “laws” on a weekly basis, sometime between torturing prisoners in his private prisons and abusing endangered species in his private zoos.

  2. How can Russians imagine that daylight savings time, embraced by the entire globe

    Well, not the entire globe, but close enough. This move by Putin reminds me of how Russia marks the changing of the seasons. In the rest of the world, spring , summer, fall and winter equinoxes fall roughly on the 21st of March, June, September and December respectively. In Russia the seasons change on the first of these months.

    How arrogant is that? Mr. Putin, the world does not run on Russian time. Stop trying to change things that you have no control over.

  3. Here is another gem: http://focus.ua/foreign/170467

    nothing new here but still funny

  4. Ming the Merciless

    These time manipulation are for general CONVENIENCE!!!

    In Newfoundland, they even have a HALF HOUR difference.
    In the Canadian Arctic, we had an hour change every flying hour…inconvenient for us pilots(we used Zulu time) but a good thing for everyone else,(we are talking about a few dozen people!)

    Soooo, the neo-soviets are back to form, inconveniencing EVERYBODY!!!

    Way to go, Vlad the Impaler!!!


  5. Ming the Merciless

    Yes, it’s Bela Lugosi’s chin…

    Vladimir the chinless dictator look more true to form with a chin.
    Bela was a man, Vlad is a fag!

  6. Medvedev’s decision to eliminate Daylight Savings Time is indeed sinister. With the Daylight Savings Time, it gets dark at around 3pm in December in most of Russia. Without the Daylight Savings Time, it will get dark only at 4pm. This will allow the damn Russians to get 16% more daylight and sunlight in their lives. This will lead to fewer suicides and better mood among Russians. Soon their demographics may improve. And what will they do with their better demographics? Like usual, they will invade America, enslave Black people and steal land from the native Americans, like they did in the 18th and 19th century!

    Those damn Russians! How dare they eliminate the Daylight Savings Time without a written permission from the US government or at least from the owner of this blog!

  7. Author enchanting debil.Ne stop write more. Russian is not enough. Thy gay stories.

  8. You guys really funny. Does you have nothing to do, except muddle some facts from foreighn country?

    1. Valentine’s Day.
    It is catholic religious holyday. It is very few catholics in Russia. The orthodox religious tradition have it`s own holyday “Peter and Favronia”. What for we need two analogous holydays? More: the “Valentine’s Day” was forbidden in only one region – Belgorodskij (that means one of 83). Local governior is very adherent to orthodox religion and now he is laughing-stock for all country.

    2. Daylight savings time. That is Medveded`s personal initiative. Surely you should be happy with his policy.

    3. Luke Harding. Who cares? Thousands foreighn journalists here. Walking in flocks. Luke Harding can write about Russia while sitting home. Like you do. It do not restrict your creativity or objectivity.

  9. Author you are able to cheer up. Laughed heartily. With best regards from Russia.

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